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Newark, NJ
Prudential Center



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to RIOT 381!

Last week we saw a new NA champion crowned..Pugh retired, Father Jacob's Family sent a message to Cody, Raze got kidnapped, the Romans invaded....

So much went on, not to mention the Leonheart memorial.

Shhh..don't say his name, I heard if you look into a mirror and say his name 3 times, he un-retires...and nobody wants that!








The camera pans to the announce team.



It's real!!

It's damn real!!




 The arena lights dim down as The Glitch Mob’s Can’t Kill Us begins to rumble over the PA system. The remaining members of C4, the Undisputed Lord of the Lariat, the newly crowned North American Champion, walks out first, his title slung over his shoulder, with the One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, walking out on his flank. The two men are dressed sharply in tailored suits, and despite a bit of Mugen displaying his new title to the crowd, they move toward the ring with a clear purpose.

As they enter the ring, Mugen takes the time to pose on the turnbuckles with the North American championship raised over his head. Minio claps along, gesturing graciously toward Mugen as a portion of the crowd begins to cheer the Pughslayer on. Minio gestures for a mic, and while it is still generously booed, the action doesn’t turn the entire crowd on him for the first time in months. Mugen paces the ring as Minio leans against the ropes on the hard camera side. He looks around at some of the fans before staring into the camera.

Bobby Minio:
 When I arrived in the OCW, C4 was one thing. A vehicle of Paul Pugh’s vision. It was a guided missile with a dictator’s finger on the button, and we followed, we marched in step to the beat of HIS drum and that got old pretty goddamn fast.

Some of the crowd begins to cheer, at least cheering the message, probably not the man. Minio takes a moment to let that sink in. He tries not to show it, but he appreciates it.

Bobby Minio: He made some promises, promises that were only made true in his downfall. A World Champion was supposed to lead us, and… well, you know the rest. When he had to admit that his “underboss” was actually at his level, that his “right hand man” was his equal, he turned on his friend and he took a powder. One day, I hope to be able to show Mugen that I am on his level, consistently night to night… and I’m going to work my ass off to reach that goal, and the best part is, I know when that night comes, Mugen will handle it with a touch of class. I wish I could have said the same for our old friend.

Mugen nods with a strong confidence before the two men bump fists. Minio turns back to the camera, firing up again.

Bobby Minio: We just… we operated C4 in the skewed vision of a man that is no longer employed by the OCW… and starting tonight, right this very second, C4 turns a page, and the vision changes drastically. However. We’re not here for your approval, and we’re certainly not here for your forgiveness. We’re here to set the record straight, and what you choose to think or say or do about C4 from here on out, well that’s your revolution. Long live the revolution.

With a short pause, Minio thumps his fist over his chest. He turns to Mugen, handing the mic over to the North American Champion.

Minio: Pughslayer, you’re up.

Mugen smirks as he nods at Minio and takes the mic from him. He looks at the crowd, where pockets of "You Deserve It" chants are breaking out from the crowd. Mugen smiles at the words and acknowledges them.

Mugen: Yea, I kinda do. 7 years ya know. 7 years of being in this company, albeit a few years were spent back in Japan honing my craft again. And in these 7 years I have had to babysit a drunk tag partner, work with a dreadlocked hooligan with an odd fashion sense, look after a neandrethal who now seems to have found God. OH TESTIFY

Mugen immediately holds his fist out towards Minio and they fist bump.

Mugen: THEN after all that, I thought all of the insolence and mediocrity was over when an old friend of mine, Paul Pugh got me to join his vision of C4. 

Some boos start raining down at the mention of Pugh.

Mugen: Now now, people do some stupid things in this world. Not everybody can be as smart as yours truly. Isn't that right brother? Bump me.

Mugen quickly spins around towards Minio and fist bumps him again. Some laughs break out in the crowd.

Mugen: So finally, after 7 years. THIS title right here is my crowning moment. I should have been the first North American champion when this title was brought back. Now, I will be it's last champion. I will hold this title forever. FOREVER. So, for those who believed in me, thank you. For those who doubted, take a look at this. 

Mugen slaps the title belt on his shoulder and starts to move closer to the ringside camera. Mugen looks intently in the camera.

Mugen: C4 Over Everything. 

And at that moment The Glitch Mob’s Can’t Kill Us comes back on the PA system as the two remaining members of C4 fist bump again in solidarity. A slight mix of cheers and boos come from the crowd as Minio and Mugen begin to exit the ring.


We've just gotten word that Molly could not be found backstage for her match coming up next!

Could this mean...?



Molly vs Legion vs Jessica



Truth be told..I don't usually care for the bombshells, but this..this is really getting interesting.

Boobies, Violence, more boobies..what's not to love?



The scene opens with A.C. Cobra in the rookie locker room putting on his attire. His WL9 Cobra attire hangs from his locker. He's putting on his knee pads as Eli walks in.

A.C. quickly stands up and is on guard. Eli get's close to Cobra and is now eye to eye.

A.C. Cobra- Well the mute monster decides to interrupt me during my wind down time. What's purpose any way? You walk around as Trance lap dog when you can join me Luke and the commander.............

Before A.C. can finish his sentence Eli begins to sniff A.C.

A.C. Cobra
- Hey man we having a match. If you want a gay wrestler Austin Lee is somewhere in never never land. 

After Eli is done sniffing Cobra he slowly backs away. A big grin comes across his face. He cracks his knuckles and points to his wrist signaling an imaginary watch letting AC know it's time for the match. 

Eli closes the locker room door. Luke Funetes is revealed standing behind the door. The camera quickly pans to A.C. who begins to roll his eyes. Camera then pans back to Luke and zooms in.

Luke Funetes-Cmon!!

The scene fades