OCWFED.com Presents Riot




New York, New York
Madison Square Garden



The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to RIOT 380!

And what a show we follow!! Wrestlution 9 could be, COULD be the best show I've ever seen....Romans, African dancers, Pirates, Godzilla!! And that's not even any of the wrestlers!!

It was a hell of a show! But the train continues to the next stop tonight!!

But first, please bow your heads.


The arena descends into total darkness, as the capacity crowd begin to snap precious moments of pitch blackness with the help of there camera phones a spotlight hits the ramp as each and ever current OCW Superstar marches out at the top of the ramp. Enemies and Allies are elbow to elbow as the top of the ramp is filled with OCW Superstar after superstar.

As the crowd cheers another spotlight hits the ring and a shadowy figure stands alone. As he raises the microphone the lights in the arena turn on and it is none other than Our Hero, the CEO of CEO's, The Grand Puba of Online Championship Wrestling, Mr.Sensation. Joined as always by his super dangerous and totally tubular partner in crime The Grand Lord Marshal Sharkington, aka Lord MFking SHARK! He stand in the ring with a stand covered

As Our Hero grabs the microphone he begins to pace around the ring his Brown Coat (tm) flowing in the gentle arena breeze, an Organ begins to play. 

Our Hero: Dearly departed, we are gathered here today to pay tribute to a great man. And by Great man I mean, a no good, double crossing, dastardly walking talking, vagina. A no good nic if you will!

Our Hero pulls the tarp off of the stand to reveal

Our Hero: And now if you will please bow your heads for a moment of silence!

Gong - The camera pans around the arena as the crowd is going wild.

Gong - Our Hero keeps his head down as the crowd is still cheering.

Gong - By the third gong Our Hero has had enough. 

The Arena loud speak blares

 As Our Hero Superkicks the Wreath! The Crowd goes wild as Our Hero proceeds to pick up the wreath and deliver a Samoan Drop!. Not content he runs to the rope and drops a royal knee on the Wreath! The crowd is loving it before he picks it up tears it in half and throws it into the crowd!

As quickly as it came Our Hero adjusts himself and calms himself down.

Our Hero: 

Our Hero: Now that that horse **** is out of the way!

Our Hero: I can say with confidence, FINALLY!!!

Our Hero: DADDY IS.....HOME!!!!!

The Crowd Cheers!

Our Hero: 
Now if you all can take a look at the top of the ramp you will see what remains of the OCW Roster. I want you to get a good luck at these men and women, because some of them will not be here next week!

The Crowd Boos!

Our Hero: The fact is that after Wrestlution 9, quite possibly the best Wrestlution in our 9 year history a truth dawned on me!

Our Hero: We are in for some changes! You see even though some of you wont be here those that remain must carry the torch moving forward. All I ever heard before I was sent away was, "When Am I Getting My Shot". Well be careful what you wish for! As I look up the ramp at each and every one of you I see infinite potential. But just because I see it doesn't mean that you do.

Our Hero: Look at someone like Bobby Minio who has talked his way into the spotlight. Tonight he goes one on one with the OCW WORLD CHAMPION, on our 380th Episode Bobby Minio can make history!

Our Hero: We are no longer in the Golden Era, or the Ambition Era, we are in the NEXT GENERATION ERA. This is your era to define as you wish. So I ask that you simply show me why you deserve to be here. 

Our Hero: You no longer have the luxury of having Matsuda to carry a show for you. You are no longer afforded the luxury of having the security of Paul Pugh to move us along. Hell you don't even have the privilege of Betterness to keep things popping.

Our Hero: What you do have however is an opportunity. An opportunity like no other to pick up the ball and run with it. But know that if you choose to walk with the ball I will personally knee cap you, and then beat you to death with the ball.

Our Hero: Which brings me to my final point. Over the course of last year the delicate, lenient hand of Leonheart has made you all soft in the center. 

Our Hero: I'm back and that means one things, all eyes will be on you. If you cannot take the heat, I want you to step forward turn to your left and get the **** out of my building. I ain't got time for soft shoe Cis Gendered, panty waists.

Our Hero: If you got no ****** heart you need to leave right now. I promise I wont seek to sue you for breach of contract.

Our Hero: I look out and I see a bright future but I also see uncertainty. This is your moment, this is your time, this is your chance. Are you going to prove the nay sayers right or are you going to shatter the glass ceiling? 

Our Hero raises both his arms up high as if to cradle the world!

Our Hero: Here we are now, ENTERTAIN US!

The Camera fades! As we cut to commercial



The camera pans to the announce team.



Rot In Pieces...er..I mean Rest In Peace Leon.

Our Hero means business!!




Scene opens up in a dive in bar where the lights are low and the music is playing old school tunes off the jukebox. Looking around there only seems to be 3 patrons in the bar and one of them is Reckless Kid Luke Fuentes.

 Another one barkeep.

Slamming down his shot glass, the bartender picks up the bottle of Uncle Jack and pours another one. Wipes down the counter and continues on with his work around the bar.

He tricked me you know, He told me not to touch him. I trusted him! I helped him out when no one else would! And he went and screwed me over!

Barkeep: You alright there buddy? Need a friend?

RK: No I don't need a friend! I need another shot!

Barkeep: But I just poured you....

Luke picks up his glass and shoots it down, slamming his glass on the counter again. Bartender pours him another.

If you don't mind me asking? Who are you talking about?

RK: Jookie! I'm talking about Jookie! Didn't you watch Wrestlution?!

Barkeep: Umm no. I was working the night shift.

RK: Yeah well that a-hole Jookie! Blind sided me and tricked me to help him in the ring and boom! He hits me with his finisher and pins. 1..2..3. Guy or die? guy or die? guy or die? What the hell does that mean anyway c'mon?

Barkeep: I believe it means...

RK: Dude it was a rhetorical question. I don't give a damn what it means. All I care about is getting Jookie back. Payback is a bitch! and that is what Jookie is! Yeah, you pinned me. Yeah you won the match. Enjoy your victory for now cause next time we meet up in the ring.

Luke finishes the last of his shot and slams the glass down breaking it on impact. Barkeep jumps back to avoid the broken glass.

You will see why they call me Reckless c'mon!!

Bar doors burst open and in comes AC COBRA looking around the bar.

AC: Luke there you are! I've been looking for you. We've got our match tonight and you're here getting drunk?

RK: Why didn't you just call me?

AC: I've been calling you, check your phone!

If you were calling me I would've heard it....

Checking his phone, Luke see's that he has 5 missed calls from Cobra. 

 O my bad c'mon. Well barkeep looks like I've gotta go. Great talk though.

Pulling money out of his wallet, Luke throws down some money as AC and RK walk out of the bar and head toward the arena. scene fades



Zafyra vs Jackie Blackfoot



What a way to kick off the show!! Al, why are you under your desk??

Is it over? Did we survive??



The scene opens with A.C. Cobra and Luke Funetes in their locker room as the yhave no made it to the arena. The camera zooms in on A.C. who has a serious look on his face. Luke is standing behind him with his arms folded as A.C. begins to speak.

A.C. stands up and turns towards Luke.

A.C. Cobra
- This is the second time we've been thrown together in an match. Regardless of tonight remember the task set at hand.

A.C. places his hands on Luke shoulder.

A.C. Cobra- Thanks for what you did at Wrestlution. Looks like we won't be worrying about that clown ass deer hunter anymore. Listen I wanted to talk about tonight.

Luke grabs his chin and begins to speak.

Luke Funetes
- Cmon! Don't sweat it we stick together. Ya about tonight what if?

A.C. cuts Luke off.

A.C. Cobra- Don't worry about that at all. If me and you some how gets matched up don't back down! When where not watching ourselves commander is. One false move and is over.

Cobra takes his index finger and slices it across his neck. Signaling the seriousness of the situation.

Luke Funetes-Cmon! Me and you got this commander is the all seeing eye and I want him to focus on us tonight. Let's come up strong and do this for Rebelution!

A.C. walks past Luke. As he reaches the door he turns around. He looks Luke and nods at him then leaves the room.

Scene fades.