OCWFED.com Presents Riot






Cut-Throat retrieves a mic off the announcer, and places himself down in the center of the ring, legs crossed, and leans his left forearm on his left knee, he takes a big sigh of breath, and twists his beard tail between his fingers, seemingly agitated, he addresses his audience.

Cut-Throat : To whom it may concern, the powers that be, the 'greater good' , the port masters, and anybody else within the range of my voice....

Cut-Throat : Why do ye continue to provide shelter for the HMS Matsuda?

He scratches his head.

Cut-Throat : Why do ye continue to allow her to dock in your ports?

Cut-Throat : I have searched high, and I have searched low, yet she continues to allude me...she be like a ghost ship.

Cut-Throat : If ye continue to aid and abet me bounty, Ye will learn a sharp lesson of the Legend that ye does not yet know, ye will beg the goddess Calypso herself to show mercy on ye souls.

He again scratches his head.

Cut-Throat : But even she will not be able to save ye...All I want is me treasure and I shall be on my merry.

Cut-Throat : I will sink EVERY ship in this fleet if I have to...the Queen of the jungle, HRH Reckless, and your military class Man o' War are already down in Davy Jones.

Cut-Throat : The paper is fresh, the ink be wet, and the Legend be waiting to continue...yet ye lubbers continue to extend the chase...Possibly thinking that ole Cut-Throat be giving up on his treasure hunt....

He hops to his feet.

Cut-Throat : But what ye fail to realize is that Cut-Throat is so tenacious..that he once watched the entire Godfather trilogy in one sitting, and didn't take a single bathroom break!!! THE LEGEND CONTINUES!!!

Cut-Throat : Discontinue your assistance of the HMS Matsuda....prepare the crows to feast, reinforce the gallows, pay your silver to the ferryman, and hoist the colors high..the Legend is in full sail.


Just then The Xtron Flickers on!


Bobby Minio: ... The 'HMS Matsuda', how cute. Really, CT, you're adorable. All we need now is someone else coming out here inflating the ego of that horse's ass! Now he's a battleship! Next we can have some dummy come out here dressed as an astronaut saying 'Suda is a phantom planet!' No, his head is the only super sized object floating around in orbit!

The fans boo Minio, with a variety of chants ringing out across the crowd such as "JOB-BY! JOB-BY!", "HOIST THE COLORS! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP*" and "SUDA'S GONNA KILL YOU!". Minio no sells the crowd's offense.

Bobby Minio: You've run around here babbling all about Matsuda and his titles, you dragged me into some grab ass goose chase last week and you walk me into front row seats to watch your senseless stunts. Great buddy, you're using ME to get over... what are you, OMG's fifth Beatle?! Enough! It's time for us to have a come to Jesus meeting, and I mean Jesus not Hey Zeus.

Bobby Minio: You don't get to wander into this company and badger that jackass into giving you a title shot!

There is a huge wave of boos, the crowd does not appreciate the irony of Minio's statement. He looks around with a furrowed brow before addressing the crowd.

Bobby Minio: NO! You have to trick him into giving you a title shot! You can read all about this strategy in my upcoming autobiography "Wrestling with Egos"!

He turns his attention back toward Cut-Throat, who had been patiently waiting for Minio to let out all of his hot air with a grin on his face.

Bobby Minio: You're looking at the THREE TIME! THREE TIME! THREE TIME! Ex Division number one contender! Anyone who strolls into the OCW and thinks they're going to take a shot at that title needs a WAKE UP CALL! The Ex Division... it is the last embodiment of the Ambition era left standing. I'm going to rip it from Matsuda's claws and finish what I started, burying the Ambition era once and for all!

A chant of "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" breaks out.

Bobby Minio: You're right. I can't bury the Ambition era, because it's already dead and buried! My colleagues and I in the C4 movement killed it weeks ago when the Rightful World Champion, Paul Pugh, fed a vicious interpretation of the Dragon Shout to Perez Hilton's BFF, 'Tibby' Dupree! Now, my mission in the interim, to put an end to the pretenders like 'Captain Cut-Throat' up there!

Minio begins babbling out Cut-Throat quotes with a dismissive and mocking tone.

Bobby Minio: 'Yaaaagghhh, hoist de colors! Yaggghhh the legend conti-' OH SHUT THE HELL UP! You have another SIX MONTHS before "Talk Like a Pirate" day! Spare us your LARPing, Peter Pan!

Bobby Minio: REALNESS is in the ring now. It is time for you to take off that stupid mask, drop the dumb-ass gimmick, and start getting REA-

Cut-Throat takes a quick step towards Bobby and places a gnarled and grubby finger over Bobby's lip's, silencing him and startling him at the same time.

Cut-Throat : Shhh little fish, shhh, ye gums be flapping more than your gills.

Bobby slaps his finger away and spits onto the mat in disgust.

Cut-Throat : Firstly, I never once claimed to be a Captain, the Legend of Cut-Throat transcends all nautical ranks, secondly, I don't recall asking for any 'title shots' as ye put it....I don't ask, I TAKE...it's kind of me whole philosiphy..

Cut-Throat : Ye know, pirate and all [he prods himself in the chest] ...'take what ye want...hold nothing back'.

Cut-Throat : And thirdly, why are ye bragging about being a '3 time number 1 contender'....doesn't that just mean that ye lost 3 times? Ye are a 3 time loser...loser....loser.

The arena break out into fits of laughter.

Cut-Throat : Here little fish, let me give ye a hug, it can't be easy knowing that the most successful thing ye has done in your legacy is lose.

Cut-Throat opens his arms wide and motions with his hands for Bobby to step closer and embrace him, this just infuriates bobby even more, who takes a step backwards.

Cut-Throat : Fine little fish, if ye won't come to me, I will come to




Cut-Throat looks down at the unconscious Bobby.

He reaches into his inside jacket pocket and pulls out what looks to be a rolled up flag, he unravels it, revealing it to be a large black flag with 'Wrestlution 9' written down the middle of it, he drapes it over Bobby, covering his entire body like a mortician draping a sheet over a dead body.

He kneels down next to the body.

Cut-Throat : Oh 'little fish'..I warned I did, I warned ye.

Cut-Throat : But still those gums continue to flap in the breeze.

He shakes his head.

Cut-Throat : Ye want yourself written in legend, immortalized in ink, paper, stone. hearts , and minds...

Cut-Throat : Every man has a path...but this path not be for ye.....Ye forced your way into pirate business, and for that your soul shall reap the punishment.

Cut-Throat : For in the largest port of them all...Ye shall now sink the deepest.

Cut-Throat : Ye claim me to be false, but, 'little fish', let me ask ye this....

He pulls a small dagger from his jacket pocket.

Cut-Throat : If you prick us, do we not bleed?

He pokes the dagger into his thumb, causing a small stream of blood to drip out.

Cut-Throat : If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

He lets out a hearty laugh.

Cut-Throat : If you poison us, do we not die?

He reaches out and takes hold of a corner of the flag, and peels it back off Bobby's face, folding it just below the neck.

Cut-Throat : And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge...

He smears his bleeding thumb over Bobby's forehead, in the shape of an 'X' , and then gets to his feet and hoists his right fist high in the air as the show fades to commercial.



The camera pans to the announce team.


What a start to the show, and we haven't even had a match yet?

After that Will Bobby even be able to compete? Welcome to Riot!



Rebecca MK vs Traci Touchdown


The camera pans to the announce team.



These ladies can go!

The scene opens with Luke Funetes and A.C. Cobra walking out there locker room. The two begin walking towards the ring for there match.

They stop in the middle of them walking and take notice of an OCW sponsored poster.

Luke Funetes- A.C. take a look at this cmon.

A.C. squints his eyes and begins to read the poster. It's a picture of Tony The Tiger inside of an missing ad.

A.C. Cobra- "Missing help find King Tyga". Poster for this guy but not Rebelution what a joke.

Luke Funetes- Hell yeah need to be a picture of me beating that clown Bobby senseless.

A.C. looks at Luke confused.

A.C. Cobra
-Woah easy there. What's your deal......

In the middle of A.C. talking his phone begins to ring.

Luke Funetes- You going to get that?

A.C. pulls the phone out his pocket then looks at it and place it back in his pocket.

A.C. Cobra- It can wait for now. Where was I oh yes. Tonight don't get hung up on getting revenge vs Bobby. He called me a clown this has nothing to do with you two.

Luke cuts Cobra off.

Luke Funetes- It has everything to do with me and him. He sold out cmon.

A.C. nods his head.

A.C. Cobra- That he did my friend he took the path that least resistance in joining C4. Either way stay focus on the task at hand. Don't make this personal tonight not tonight.

Luke nods. Luke then stop walking and pauses.

Luke Funetes- A.C.?

A.C. stops walking and turns around.

A.C. Cobra-
What's up?

Luke Funetes
- What the hell does A.C. stand for?

A.C. Cobra
- Well it stands for....

Just as A.C. is about to speak a young lady comes into the scene which appears tobe working for the tv crew.

??-Are you Rebelution?

Both men look at each other then nod.

A.C. Cobra- Yep that's us!

??-Ok your match up next get out there.

A.C. follows the lady towards the backstage. Luke still stands there and the camera pans to him.

Luke Funetes- CMON!

Scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.


They are ready!