OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The Xtron flickers on as the camera is seen trying to focus somewhere up in the rafters of the arena, it zooms and pans along the walkways, and up and down the lighting rigs and ladders used by the ring crew when assembling the sets and stages, eventually it catches focus of a dimly lit, flickering light, it zooms in to the familiar half masked face of the living legend himself, the mighty Cut-Throat, he is sat, with only the small glow from a lantern lighting his face, and the small screen of the cell phone that he pillaged last week, his trusty sack is placed down beside him, as he sits, muttering to himself.

Cut-Throat : Damn infernal machine, how am I supposed to spread the Legend in only 140 characters!! 

He slams the phone onto the ground, and looks at the sack, as if it just spoke to him.

Cut-Throat : Ye be right!! 

He picks up the phone again and begins to type away.

Cut-Throat : And...send.


Just then a voice can be heard shouting, and footsteps heard coming towards Cut-Throat's position. As Cut-Throat looks up at the approaching man, the man with the endless mouth, the One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, stands with a look of determination. In his hand, the now rotting remains of the fish that Cut-Throat had leveled Minio with on Riot one week prior.

Bobby Minio: I believe this belongs to you... and I'm here to give it back to it's rightful owner. First, I want to ask, where do you get off? Do you know who I am?! Do you have any idea who I run with?! Who do you think you a-"

Cut-Throat: I be Cut-Throat!! The mighty great white shark of the 7 seas!! And who be ye?

Minio's eyes squint in annoyance at the interruption of his rant. He pauses for a moment, before leaning forward, an index finger coming up to point at himself.

Bobby Minio: I am the newest member of C4. I am the maestro of the mic. I am Mr. Thursday Night. I am the REALNESS. I am the One Man Revolution! I am Bobby F***king Minio!

Cut-Throat: Bobby Minnow? Minnow as in 'little fish'? 

Again, Minio is caught almost speechless in his frustration with the pirate across from him. He points towards Cut-Throat, lifting the putrid fish up slightly with his other hand as he references it.

Bobby Minio: No. I'm not going to be twisted around by your water-brained crazy talk. You're not going to sit here and talk me in circles with your nutter logic. Drop the pirate crap because this is about to get REAL. I'm going to shove your first mate here right down your goddamned throat until it gets REAL hard for you to talk, and REAL hard for you to breath!

Minio begins to step forward, raising the fish toward Cut-Throat, but before he closes the distance between the two, Cut-Throat's voice stops Minio in his tracks.

Cut-Throat: Listen here 'little fish'...Ye either be having brains the size of your name sake, or it infact be ye that is the crazy one, accosting a man ye know nothing about.

Cut-Throat: Let me ask ye a question 'little fish'...How do ye plan on hitting something ye cannot see?

He blows out the lantern sending them both into complete darkness, after a few moments of what sounds like scuffling, the lantern springs to life again, and the shadowy figure of Cut-Throat can be seen standing holding the dead fish, just as Bobby goes to speak, Cut-Throat slaps him across the cheek with the foul smelling fish corpse.

Cut-Throat : I challenge thee to a duel!!

He hops backwards and reaches out for something he can use as a weapon, Bobby, having no clue what he has gotten himself into, does the same.

Bobby manages to grab a mop, just as Cut-Throat lunges forwards towards him with a broom!

Cut-Throat : ON GUARD!!


Live from Oklahoma City , Oklahoma.


Are they in the rafters?


Kinda my line



The Good Doctor grabs a mic from the approaching ring hand. She pushes up the frames of her designer glasses and clears her throat.

Dr. Rothschild: Your probably all wondering why I'm we're an official's uniform...

The fans boo, and chant nasty things.

Dr. Rothschild: While I on the other hand ponder if any of you have ever had an intelligent thought born of your own fruition.

The few fans that understand boo. The others boo just because the smart ones did so.

Dr. Rothschild:
 But that's not really relevant at this present moment. The reason I am wearing this uniform is because I plan to officiate the upcoming OCW Bombshell Championship Match.

Again they boo accordingly.

Dr. Rothschild:
 With the recent exploits and unsavory behavior of Eerie Sunshine and Anna Mosity, known to many of you as Betty Ford, the time has come for some proper order. 

Dr. Rothschild:
 When I started the Bombshell Initiative, I envisioned bringing intelligent, strong and tough minded women to the forefront of OCW. To have their faces side by side with such great performers as our World Champion Cody Storm.

This time I think their booing the champ.

Dr. Rothschild: That dream can still come to pass, but only if there is order and stability within the Bombshell Division. So tonight, with my superior intellect, deft decision making and aptitude for fairness I promise to restore harmony to my Bombshell Initiative. 

She politely hands the mic back to the ring hand and calls for the bell to start the match.



We're doing this now right?

Looks like it...




Anna Mosity(c) vs Amazing Pine


Tobin Frost enters the arena and before he can even do anything Lexington Walker approaches him.

Lex: It’s been 7 days since I’ve talked to you Tobin. I don’t like that, I don’t go 7 hours between checking in with my clients. Now I’ll admit it… maybe aligning yourself with Cody wasn’t the best idea. He’s proven to be a slime ball. But lately you’ve been a bit of a wuss yourself. 

Tobin glares but doesn't say anything. 

Lex: I didn’t sign you to be this indecisive fool that you’ve been the last few weeks. I signed you to be the man who finally let loose. The monster who bashed Jacob Trance with a chair and took him to task to become North American Champion. Not this man now that seems to be suppressing wolf that lies within. I’m here to get you to the promise land. That promise land lies 100 miles from your hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area at Wrestlution. But you did to let go and unleash the monster inside if you’re going to get there. 

Tobin: The monster is there... but I’m not just going out there to hurt people Lex. That’s not me. I don’t take short cuts, I earn everything that I get. I’m not going to compromise beliefs. If someone deserves to get the monster then they get it…

Tobin stands in Lex’s face.

 Now if you'll excuse me Lexington I need to go talk to Sean.

Tobin leaves as Lex glares at Tobin.

Lex: I need to push him over the edge.

Lex gets a sinister look over his face as the scene cuts to black.