OCWFED.com Presents Riot



We're taken to the city, as the cameraman starts recording Drago Cesar walking down the streets. Drago notices that the cameraman is recording, then he starts talking.

Drago Cesar: This, my friends......is the city! Full of much excitement! I'm be raised here, and I know everything about this place. I'm meet so many people over the years, from loyal fans to irritating people who keep asking about my English! But also I'm like it to restock on my equipment, this place has shops that give me good price for supplies.

Drago notices someone looking at him with googly eyes from a distance. Drago smiles and greets him.

Drago Cesar: Oh, hello my friend! How are you?

Drago extends his hand for a handshake as the stranger keeps staring at him with googly eyes as he passes by Drago, then he shouts something at him.

Stranger: Weird ass!

Drago stops in his tracks and looks confused.

Drago Cesar: I'm just say hi to people and they just look at me like I'm alien or something!

Cameraman: Well, it might have to do with the fact that you are wearing your whole hunter getup, Drago.

Drago Cesar: Who care? Like a wise man say, it is what's outside that counts, not the inside!

Cameraman: ....Whatever you say man.

Drago keeps walking down until he stops in his tracks yet again, this time due to the sight in front of him. A zoo......

Drago Cesar: What in the Zeus is this abomination?!?!?!

Cameraman: It's a zoo, Drago.

Drago Cesar: No.....This is not zoo. It is prison for poor animals! Look at that gorilla over there, my goodness, he is miserable!

The cameraman zooms in past the gates to find a gorilla sitting down, leisurely picking its nose, removing some mucus from it, staring at the tiny piece of mucus, and then devouring it. Drago walks up to the guy guarding the gate.

Drago Cesar: You let me in right now! This animals are in serious danger!

Security Guard: ...Sir, the zoo's closed at the moment. Please come back tomorrow if you want to visit.


Security Guard: Sir, I'm going to ask you to leave. If you refuse to cooperate, I will make you leave.

Drago Cesar: I-I-I.....Ok, fine.

Drago angrily walks toward the cameraman.

Drago Cesar: Get my tranquilizer rifle, I'm need to settle this the Drago way. We're going to wait until there is not many people around, then we strike and get the gorilla!

Cameraman: Are you sure this is a good idea, Drago?

Drago Cesar: No, but it is worth a shot, right?

The cameraman sighs as the feed abruptly cuts to black.



Live from St Louis, Missouri!


Good evening ladies and germs, its time for another edition of RIOT!

Live from snakeman country!

We're most definitely not live... TO THE RING!



Riot heads to the ring where Your World Heavyweight Champion is standing with the OCW World Heavyweight Title slung over his shoulder and a microhpone in his hand. 

Cody Storm:
 "Now anyone who saw the end of the main event last week knows that we've got a new challenger entering the arena! But I'll get to that in a second here, first lets talk about tonight. Lets talk about Cody Storm V Jacob Trance IV. Lets talk about how all everyone's had to say about it is 'oh boy, here we go again. Storm/Trance 1000'. But lets be honest, you're all going to tune in. Why? Because it makes for a damn good match."

Cody Storm: "And even if you're not going to tune in, I'm still getting to go out there, do what I love to do and compete to dominate this ring like only the Champion can. And I don't need an audience for that as long as the record books show it." 

The crowd boo's but is silenced as The Champion's challenger, K.Dangelo steps out onto the ramp. 

Cody Storm:
 "Oh good, our next order of business."

Cody may have started to talk but K.D.'s not stopping, he continues making his way to the ring.

Cody Storm:
 "You think it's any coincidence that you're getting this shot now K.D.? That after nearly ten years in OCW you're finally getting a one on one championship opportunity, one that you so richly deserve after years of beating people from one edge of the world to the other?

K.D. is now in the ring standing face to face with his Road to Glory opponent. Storm actually has to look up to speak to K.D., that's not something we're used to seeing.

Cody Storm:
 "It's no coincidence big man. It's the new way of things. You do well in this ring, you get what the main events, the shots, because that's what makes sense. That's the way things are supposed to be done. And that's the way that Online Championship Wrestling will be run as long as I am the World Heavyweight Champion. And so I really mean for the end of all time." 

Cody throws a smile Dangelo's way, but he's not softening up any. In his usual Angry Black Man way K.D. abruptly grabs the microhpone from Your World Heavyweight Champion causing Storm to stagger back a few steps out of surprise. 

 "Listen Sissy!"

The crowd pops as Cody yells 'WHAT?!' at K.D. but makes no move to silence him.

 "Don't try and make this out to be some great accomplishment of your reign as champion. This is something that OCW has owed me for a long time, and you just happen to be the one that will be standing across the ring from me when I finally win that title belt."

As opposed to starting a fight over the microphone in K.D.'s hands, Cody grabs the microhpone from the ring attendant that's being handed to him through the ropes.

Cody Storm:
 "I won't lie, you have earned it. But you've had it coming for quite some time now and this didn't just happen. This happened because I'm Cody Storm, and I know I can beat anyone and everyone. So I'm not running from you or shooting down your deserved title shot like I'm sure all the champions before me have done. You're going to get yours."

K.Dangelo: "You're just another sinner for me to rackup and punish."

Cody lays his championship down between the two of them. 

Cody Storm:
 "Correction: I'm THE Sinner! And when you step across this line this Sunday and you try to take MY championship you'll find out just what that means." 

Cody gives Dangelo a little wink, and Dangelo being the homophobe that he is goes to clothesline The Champ's head from his shoulders, but Storm ducks the clothesline and in the same motion grabs his Championship from the mat and slides out of the ring. He walks backwards up the ramp with his arms outstretched in the style of a crucifix as the crowd boo's the sacreligious stance and K.D. seethes in the ring.


The camera pans to the announce team.


I don't think we can do that on TV

We can, we just have to pixelate it... right?

...and we're moving on.


???: Are you freaking kidding me?

We find ourselves backstage outside the Bombshell locker room where we hear the shrill voice of one Brandi Hostyle, who seems to be pissy over this weeks match card.

Brandi: I mean, freaking SERIOUSLY? This is like, totally unfair. Super uncool!

The crowd braces itself.

Brandi: This sucks!

The crowd pops for Ms. Melancholy's catchphrase as she is met by Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D. TLDR.

Lindsay: And what, pray tell, "sucks" about you having a match tonight? Weren't you complaining LAST week about not getting booked?

Brandi: Oh. Em. Gee! You just don't understand! You'd never understand!

Lindsay: Enlighten me.

Brandi: This sucks! I go a month without being booked, which sucks, then I show up in St. Louis, Missouri, which sucks, and I have a match, which doesn't suck, but its a triple threat! 

Brandi: That. Totally. Sucks!

Lindsay: I can't. I just… can't…

Lindsay lets out a frustrated sigh and proceeds to leave the scene as it fades.



Brandi Hostyle vs Amazing Pine vs Queen Anne Morgan


The camera walks into the locker room where two voices can be heard arguing back and forth. As the shot clears it shows Tobin Frost having a spirited conversation with Lexington Walker.

 So this is what you had in mind to sign me huh? Dangle out the opportunity to fight for the OCW championship. And right when it is there you snatch it away from me. Now I’m left with nothing but defending my North American Championship against god knows who tonight. All the while I’m still under contract with you.

Lexington looks offended and angry himself at the situation.

Lexington: That’s not how I do business Tobin. I do what’s best for my clients and this isn’t what’s best for you or for me. I would have been the consultant and manager to the simultaneous OCW/North American Champion after Sunday. But that misguided fool Leonhart snatched that chance away. I’m just as upset as you are about this whole situation.

Tobin: You know I feel like people are starting to take my kindness as weakness or something. They think I’m someone that can just be walked over and pushed aside. Time and time again I’ve been over look when it comes to the top prize. I’m done… done with all of it.

Tobin gets up and starts pacing around, thinking about what he should do next.

 What can I do to help Tobin?

Tobin glares at Lexington.

 You said together we could do great things. You get a cut of my check to handle situations just like this one. But you are standing here sulking just like I am. 

Lexington: Well you know there is one thing we could do that no one expects. I suggested it last week but you shot it down.

Tobin: You know what Lex, screw it. Set up the meeting…

Lexington gets a big grin on his face and the two exit the locker room off to some meeting.