OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The camera takes us to the sight of Drago Cesar, sitting down and holding his cell phone in his hand. With a cheesy smile, he introduces himself.

Drago Cesar: Ladies and gentle man, welcome to very special episode of Drago Cesar's Beastly Adventures! This time, Drago will answer YOUR question using new technology, the Twatter! Let's get started! This question come from @CSMark420:

"Why is your English so bad? Get the "a"s and the "an"s right foreigner! #AskDrago"

Drago chuckles a bit, scratching his head before answering.

Drago Cesar: Well, I'm sorry if my English no perfect! Is because I was not born or raise here like many people. But hopefully it will get better later. I mean, come on man! A? An? Same thing! Next question from @HIMOMICANTWEET:

"How long have you been hunting animals for? I'd like to get some tips on capturing tigers! #AskDrago"

I have been doing this for very long time, more time than I can remember! I would share all my tips with you, but my time is very limited. I will share with you most important tip however. The absolute most important thing you need to know is to keep the element of surprise! If the animal does not see you, you are in perfect position to go in and capture the beast! Hopefully you do not do cruel things to the animals, because if you do.......I will be there. Next question! This one is from @TheBaconatorSupreme: 

"Why are you in OCW hunting for King Tyga? The guy's......not really a tiger, you know. #AskDrago"

Drago looks around a bit, and moves in closer for the camera.

Drago Cesar: I know more than you think I know. This cat is VERY rare breed, not many people know about this! I will save him from the clutches of evil trainer, and bring him back home! Last question, from @2Pr04u:

"What kind of a net do you use? #AskDrago"

Drago puts his index finger on his mouth.

Drago Cesar:Ssssshhhhhhh, is BIG secret. I'm use super secret ingredient in net, is be very effective! Just ask the guy who suffered because of the net couple weeks back! I'm put net on him, he go to sleep. Is be prototype net, but is best quality net in this business. Ok, that is last question for tonight! Thank you so much for questions, I will continue to hunt for tiger! Wait, what was that?

Drago stops himself as he hears a loud growling noise. He looks around and sees nothing, which confuses him.

Drago Cesar: I'm no understand, what is this? Maybe tiger be here.......

Cameraman: Uh, my bad Drago, I kinda haven't ate much since yesterday. Sorry about that.

Drago shakes his head.

Drago Cesar: You never do this again. You trick me, think we have real tiger close. Silly cameraman.

Drago and the cameraman walk off as the segment fades to black.



Live from Wichita , Kansas!


Good evening ladies and germs, its time for another long ass edition of RIOT!

Jesus its been a week already?

Of course it has! TIME FOR THE CHAMPION



Riot begins the same way that it ended last week, with Your OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Cody Storm, standing in the middle of the ring, only this time, he's standing alone. The fans fill the arena with their boo's, yet they don't seem to be weighing on Storm at all. They only quiet down when he raises the microphone in his hand up to speak.

Cody Storm:
 "For the past seven days I've been hearing nothing but comments like: "some fighting champ." and "hypocrite" and questions about who those masked men were. It seems you all want some answers. Would you like some answers? Huh?"

The crowd starts a "we want answers" chant because they're so damn witty.

Cody Storm:
 "It's a simple answer really, all of this happened because of you all."

The fans realize that Storm is pinning Tobin Frost getting screwed over on them. They don't like that one bit and they let their World Champion know it.

Cody Storm:

Cody's voice thunders out around the arena and again the crowd is silent.

Cody Storm:
 "I did this for you! The least you can do is hear me out! I'm bringing change to OCW. I'm bringing change to the wrestling industry in general. The days of these BS backstage maneuvers and the politicking, the days of people getting where they are based on who they know and not what they can do in this ring, they're on their way out. And it's because you all deserve better than that. You deserve a better product than that, and I'm going to give it to you!" 

Cody Storm: "Last week had to happen that way because anything else, any completion of that match win or lose would be to undermine that mission. Any completion of that match would have been to passively accept that people can pull fast ones and get away with it. Rothschild usurped power last week and forced me into a match with only her personal opinion of me to warrant such an abrupt match making. That is unacceptable."

Cody Storm: "You ask what's going on, and I can only tell you bits and pieces. But I can tell you that this is what I was meant to do. This is why The Son of God is here on Earth. This is the mission of the new age. You want to know who those men are? Well too bad, I can't tell you. You can't know yet! Know that this is bigger than me. Know that this is bigger than OCW. And know that this is all for you."

With that Cody stands in the middle of the ring staring back at the fans around the arena that are all looking at him as the camera pans elsewhere. 


The camera pans to the announce team.


Change is coming I'm told.

Its coming, trust me.

Lets take it elsewhere


The scene opens in a busy restaurant, there are diners seated everywhere enjoying their meals, and nice relaxing music being piped around the establishment, when in walks a man dressed in unusual attire for such a classy place, his eyes darting high and low, searching for something, he makes his way over to a table where a young couple are eating

Cut-Throat : Excuse me good people, but have ye seen my bounty anywhere around these waters?

The 2 diners look up from their meal and are greeted by a grubby man, with a half-mask over his head, and a long coat that has been hand stitched together

Male Diner : Excuse me?

Cut-Throat : I be looking for the 'HMS Matsuda'....I heard rumors she docks on these shores.

Cut-Throat begins to again cast his eyes around the restaurant, every turn he makes wafts a slight smell of stale rum and dirt in the direction of the diners, slowly putting them off their meals

Male Diner : I have no idea what you are talking about, now could you kindly leave us in peace to finish what's left of our meals.

Cut-Throat : Are ye sure ye haven't seen it? Pale yellow bodywork, magnificent black sails..carrying the richest bounty in all of OCW.

Female Diner : No we haven't, we have no idea what this OCW is that you talk about, this is a restaurant, not the sea, or a dock, and there are no ships around here.

She looks at the male diner

Female Diner : Lloyd, please just give him some spare change so he will go away and I can enjoy the rest of my shark fin soup in peace.

Cut-Throat's eyes widen immediately

Cut-Throat [shouting]: SHARK!! SHARK!! 

Without any warning, Cut-Throat jumps up onto the couple's table, slamming both feet down at once, causing the couples meals to fly everywhere.


A waiter approaches the table and begins to tug at the base of Cut-Throat's jacket

Waiter : Sir, what the hell do you think you are doing? Get off this table and leave this establishment immediately, before I call security.

Cut-Throat looks down at the man, and then at the startled couple who's table he is mounted on, and slowly hops down.

Cut-Throat : My apologies, force of habit..the nightmares never stop...they never go away.

A chef rings a bell and shouts out to a deliveryman in the background

Chef : 1 order for delivery for a 'Mr.Emperor Matsuda'.

Cut-Throat again jumps ontop of the table, but this time he pulls out a huge extendable spyglass and points it at the deliveryman, watching as the deliveryman leaves the building

Cut-Throat [shouting] : THAR SHE BLOWS!!!!



Cut-Throat begins to hop from table to table, heading for the exit, knocking people's meals everywhere in the process, before he leaves, he turns to face the young couple

Cut-Throat : A word of warning to ye, if ye has the lobster, make sure it be properly docile...the pincers be the tool of the devil himself.

He pulls open his coat exposing his bare chest to the couple, he moves aside some of his chest hair to expose an ugly looking scar, just off centre to the left of his chest

Cut-Throat : Cut-Throat used to have 3 nipples! ....The Legend continues!!!

Without another word, he turns and runs out of the restaraunt, leaving pretty much everyone in the establishment scratching their heads at what the hell they just all witnessed

The waiter turns and shrugs his shoulders 

Suddenly one of the doors bangs open and Cut-Throat's head pops into view

Cut-Throat : HOIST THE COLORS!!!

The door slams shut as the scene fades.



Lacey Love vs Jessica Jessie


The RIOT concession stands are utterly packed, a blockbuster show complete with blockbuster burgers and high quality hotdogs are being dished out and served up by catering staff. As the crowd munch their way through their meals a bush inches closer and closer to the grill and small, grubby hands snatch a few away.

The bush, inconspicuously, of course, starts to waddle off down the hall to freedom an s the camera follows at a distance, it makes it's way past the locker room area and quietly the door opens as Jacob Trance, in full ring gear, wearing his tinfoil title wanders out, a can of gasoline in hand. He begins to follow the bush, having been watching it's antics on a backstage monitor. He breaks into a run and cracks the gas can over the shrubbery prompting a squeal of pain as the midget, code named Little Dagger, falls prone onto the floor.

The dishelved Jacob seizes his prey and drags him off by one leg, trailing him behind as he heads down a flight of stairs, spare hand clutching at his gas can.