OCWFED.com Presents Riot



The scene opens in a hotel dining room somewhere in Denver as Paul Pugh and Mugen are taking afternoon tea. A table of cakes, pastries and all manners of delight are laid out in front of them as they chat away.

Mugen: Milk in your tea?

Pugh: ...and sugar.

Mugen: In tea? You people are crazy.

Pugh raises an eyebrow

Pugh: Mugen we people are not crazy. We people invented tea.

Mugen raises his own eyebrow

Mugen: Invented tea? You know I’m asian right? Your tea comes from us.

Pugh: Mugen let us not quibble over the tea. We’ve got greater matters to discuss.

Mugen places his fine china cup on the table in front of them

Mugen: Tonight?

Pugh looks at Mugen intently before emptying his teacup down on the floor next to him. Several hotel staff members rush to clean up the mess as Pugh nonchalantly refills his cup.

Pugh: Milk please?

Mugen passes him the milk and Pugh gratefully accepts before pouring it into his brew. He then garnishes with a spoonful or two of sugar.

Pugh: Tonight is the night.

A woman has crouched down in front of Pugh and is diligently cleaning the carpet next to him. Pugh taps her on the shoulder, pulls her top down and pours scalding hot tea over her chest.

Pugh: Invoice me for her chest. Mugen. Come.

Pugh gets to his feet, sweeps his cloak(did i mention he’s wearing a cloak? He’s wearing a cloak) and puts three fingers in the air as the woman screams in pain. Her colleagues rush to her aid as Pugh leaves the room. Mugen, sensing he’s been outdone in the heel stakes grabs a hold of the table and launches it into the air, sending cupcakes and danish’s sprawling across the fine white rug. He hauls ass out into the lobby attempting to catch up with Kid Ego as hotel security arrives on the scene.



Live from Denver , Colorado!


Good evening ladies and germs, its time for another exciting edition of whatever the day is RIOT!


Umm... We'll find out what that is later... firstly, lets go here.



As the music fades to silence your OCW Champion retrieves a microphone from the monkey at ringside before gracing the canvas with his godly aura. Cody spins around showing off the new look and the gilded belt around his waist. A Cheshire grin spreads across your OCW Champion’s face as he lifts the microphone up to speak.

Cody Storm:
 "What's wrong?"

Your champion speaks as if talking to children. The crowd responds with resounding disapproval.

Cody Storm:
 "Did somebody not get what they wanted?"

The crowd continues to boo.

Cody Storm:
 "Mmm… yes… I need your tears! They quench my thirst!"

Your champion is met with even more boos.

Cody Storm:
 “Welcome to Hell ladies and gentlemen! I will be your tour guide: Son of God and YOUR OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Cody Storm! And might I say, I’m so, very, very excited to be here leading you all on this wonderful journey!"

Cody Storm: "There will be happiness, mostly for me; sadness, pretty much everyone else’s; and tears. Oh yes the tears! They may end up being tears of boredom, but they will flow you can be sure of that.” 

Cody Storm: "Yup, I'm going to be all over this show like white on rice, but I'm going to burn the rice because you people don't deserve nice things."

The boo’s rain down, without a doubt the loudest reaction Storm has drawn in his entire career. 

Cody Storm:
 “Because I am YOUR World Heavyweight Champion. Whether you like it or not. I know, you all DIDN’T want me in this company. You DIDN’T want to see a PURE wrestler hold the company in his hands like this. You DIDN’T want Cody Storm! It hurts you. I can see it in your children's eyes."

Cody Storm: "Let me tell you, you weren’t alone. Let’s face facts OCW, I’m the LEAST influential man to hold this title in YEARS. Crazy right? Sure there was roadblock after roadblock after roadblock, but despite all that, despite all you people, and despite all those idiots in the back, here I am. Your World Champion."

Cody Storm: "Thats right. Despite all the stupid "mind games" and all the complaining and ridicule, here I stand at the top of the mountain, looking down and pissing on each and every one of you. You tried to run me out, but I'm still here. Because I'm the best. And this is my place."

The crowd boos.

Cody Storm:
 "And I've always been the best. Since day one. Ever wonder why I wasn't on Ambition? Because I was better than them. I didn't have to toil away in developmental because I was the cream of the crop that rose to the top."

Cody pauses and leaves the ring, approaching a little boy and his father, who appeared to be upset with his OCW Champion.

Cody Storm:
 “Are you sad little boy? Was my music the only thing you liked about me? Do you want to go home because of how I'm reacting to your stupid face? How about you grow up and come find me after. I'll still be Your Champion." 

He finally leaves the boy be and moves to another child. The former child is now in tears.

Cody Storm:
 “And YOU. You look like a young hot shot! Are you going to get mad at me because you can talk for days but suck in the ring?"

Cody returns to the ring.

Cody Storm:
 "You all just want to be coddled. You want me to put my kid gloves on and go easy on you so that you can ‘get over’. You’re not good enough to win on your own and you’re blaming me for that. Don’t ask me to step down my game. Here's a novel idea: DON'T SUCK AT WRESTLING.

Cody Storm: “Things are going to be different OCW, because I’m a different kind of World Champion. I’m a supremely confident World Champion.”

Cody removes the World title from his waist and bends down at an exaggeratedly slow rate placing the World Championship flat in the center of the ring. He walks away from it stepping out of the ring, walking towards the barricade and the fans.

Cody Storm:
 “See this? I can even leave my championship unprotected in the ring because I KNOW no one in the back has the guts to take it from me. No one can take it from me.”

The boo’s get louder with some fans even choosing to take this time to head to the concessions stand despite holding fully loaded snack packs in their hands. Cody jumps up pointing his finger at them excitedly.

Cody Storm:
 “See! I told everyone I could get the fans out of their seats and on their feet!”

Cody makes a move to keep pace with the fans in the front row that have to walk around to get to the concessions stand, he gets in the face of the nearest group. 

Cody Storm:
 “I’M NOT HERE TO ENTERTAIN YOU! I don’t need to come out here and make a fool of myself. I don't need a stupid catchphrase. Do you know what my gimmick is? I’m the guy who was destined to win this title, and hold it for a long, long, time.”

Cody leaves the group of deserters and begins circling the outside of the ring. He throws the “\m/” sign at the crowd.

Cody Storm: 
“THIS MEANS NOTHING! This is a sign of FAILURE, a sign of NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH! It’s hard work holding someone down, and in the end after years of hard work and maximum effort they realize their efforts were in vain! All the bullshit didn’t work OCW! All of the mind games, all of the backstabbing and shit talking! It doesn’t even faze me! I AM YOUR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!” 

Cody climbs the stairs getting back into the ring, standing in the center above his title which is still lying on the mat.

Cody Storm:
 “I wanted it all and I TOOK it all, and now I’m giving the locker room a chance to get it back. Who’s going to put The Son of God back in his place at the bottom of the card where he ‘deserves to be’?”

The fans that were heading to the concession stand stop in their tracks, some even walking back to their seats, in anticipation of someone coming out to put a violent end to all of this.

Cody Storm:

Cody waits around for someone, but after a couple of seconds with interrupting theme music, no sign of life from any of the many entrances around the arena, he bends over to pick his World Championship back up letting out a triumphant sigh as he wraps it back up around his waist.

Cody Storm:
 “That’s what I thought.”

Your OCW Champion drops the microphone with a loud pop, and mouths the word "Slam" as his music begins to play, and we go to commercial.


The camera pans to the announce team.



It's like the Jewish ghost of 2008 Leonheart. May he rest in pieces.

Oh lord.


King Tyga is seen chatting with an interviewer backstage, far in the distance. Suddenly, a safari hat is seen rising up from the bottom of the camera's view. The figure stands upright and it is revealed to be none other than OCW's resident animal hunter, Drago Cesar.

Drago Cesar: Oh hello my friends! Welcome to new episode of Drago Cesar's Beastly Adventures! People think my show be cancel, oh no no no......Drago have new opportunity with OCW, they give me cameraman, I make it show. No problem, is easy! Tonight we look at one of biggest beast of OCW, this cat is so big, Drago need take extra precaution! But don't worry, he is down the hall and trying to talk with interviewer....Come on, tiger never speak English! Ok, let's see where this beast is.

Drago peeks down the hallway to see the interviewer standing alone, just about ready to leave. Flabbergasted, Drago looks in every direction to make sure that King Tyga didn't pass him. In a rage, he quickly sprints up to the interviewer and starts yelling at him.

Drago Cesar: WHY YOU LET HIM GET AWAY?!?!?!

Interviewer: I'm....sorry?

Drago Cesar: You let big tiger cat talk to you and he run away to his evil lair. You know how much more danger this place be because of you? This big mothercat run around and eat everyone, I'm no risk it! This beast should be in the zoo, so little kids and moms can look at it and say "Wowwowweewow, this one big cat! Oh look, Mr. Drago Cesar capture him and save world! Thank you Mr. Drago!" You are- UGH!

Drago angrily reaches for one of his pockets in his trusty safari vest and pulls out a tiny net, similar to the one he used in the last episode. He puts it up in the interviewer's face.

Drago Cesar: You know what is this?

Interviewer: It looks like a tiny net to me.

Drago Cesar: This net......is most powerful net in history of entire world. Not many people get out of this. You think you can survive the net?

Interviewer: Thanks but no tha-

Just then, Drago tosses the net into the interviewer's face, causing the man to struggle for his life! The man grunts and groans as he attempts to get out of the clutches of the net, but he soon falls over and passes out due to the might of the net. Drago removes the net while the man is passed out and motions for the cameraman to run along with him.



Betty Ford vs Molly & Jackie Blackfoot


The camera opens on the backstage area. The same forgettable white bricks walling endless hallways. As the camera pans, a Colorado Avalanche logo can be seen on one wall, the only indicator that this arena is any different from the others we see week after week. In an instant, The One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, walks into frame. He's moving with a purpose, a determination, somewhere in particular. The camera man jumps into step to follow the former Hardcore Champion and Ex Division challenger on his path.

The camera follows Minio around a corner, and he continues a few feet before stopping dead in his tracks. His head is still facing forward as the camera pans around to his right side, facing the left wall. Minio's head turns to the left smoothly in time with the pan of the camera, as it becomes apparent where he had been walking with such direction. The OMG Locker room. He turns his head to face the camera, the door way with the OMG logo serving as his backdrop.

Bobby Minio: "I arrived in OCW months ago, full of hope. I was overflowing with optimism. See, for nine years of my life I felt like the most unlucky man in Pro Wrestling. I suffered for nine long years as just another casualty of the wars we have in the ring..."

Bobby Minio: "...and then my luck changed. I went symptom free for a year, I had somehow overcome the same concussion that MULTIPLE doctors told me would end my career. I had a feeling deep down, that it was not over. It wasn't even close to over. So when my luck seemed to change, I bought into that concept. Hook. Line. Sinker. I bought in to this STUPID idea that luck even existed."

His head drops for a second, he shakes it, as if he's shaking the very concept off of his shoulder.

Bobby Minio: "I believed that luck was dictating my fate. Little did I know... You see, I've learned in my time here in OCW, that LUCK has NOTHING to do with my fate, or my direction, or my success... Luck is a four letter word that suckers use to placate themselves into believing the world is fair, opportunities come to those that wait, and that there is a cosmic purpose."

Bobby Minio: "For years, I thought that a concussion was my biggest enemy, but since I've arrived here in the OCW, I met an old friend... the pencil. Oh yes, my life long rival! THE PENCIL."

He mimes scribbling something into an open book with a handicapped look on his face.

Bobby Minio: "Allow me to put on my tinfoil hat for a moment..."

Minio reaches his left hand into the pocket on his hoodie, producing an actual hat made of folded tinfoil. He gingerly places it on his head.

Bobby Minio: "Ah, there we go."

Bobby Minio: "Now... when I got here, I knew that things were going to be hard. I had a lot of time away from the ring, and getting myself back to competitive shape, well that proved to be just as hard as it's looked, but I wasn't given any chance to get my bearings here. Unfortunately, I did not arrive in the days of 'Ambition', where emerging talents were pitted against emerging talents as a means of proving their worth and improving their skill set. No, I've been handed to the likes of man mountain KD, Bedlam, Sherwood, Matsuda, Tobin Frost, and now, Dimsmore."

Bobby Minio: "and Matsuda, the walking ID monster himself, manipulated me into a match that unified more titles under his hand. That's right, I was stupid enough to add to the back patting of an ego that's so inflated it's liable to float away!"

He had worked himself up on the last note so much that his tinfoil hat had slipped forward, which Minio quickly adjusted back to it's steady position.

Bobby Minio: "Someone up there has concerned themselves with holding back a man of untapped and unlimited potential."

Bobby Minio: "I'm not THAT dumb. I know that when a man strolls in and starts telling the world he's going to change it, that's a push, and the world pushes back. The last few months of my time in the OCW? That has been the OCW pushing back. I don't care if it's some ghost rotting away in a cell upstate or a spineless turd who has to march out armed guards every time he makes a public address, SOMEONE, in the OCW, is doing everything in their power to push me away."

Bobby Minio: "I get booked to wrestle Mr. Medicore Muscle himself, Tobin Frost, days after Matsuda attempted to MURDER me in front of his screaming sycophants. I get booked to wrestle another OMG SUCK UP, Dimsmore, just a week after that. I know what you're doing, booker man, I've seen this strategy before... and tonight, I watch it blow up in your stupid face."

Bobby Minio: "The truth is, you will have to KILL ME to get rid of me. I'll smile my way through Black Racks, and I'll kick out of Super Tobin Bombs until my goddamned legs fall off! I'll have my skull bounced off of ladders and suffer second degree burns from flaming tables until I'm a pile of dust in that friggin' ring!"

He slows down his voice, his intensity focuses to a steady forceful voice.

Bobby Minio: "and do you know why?"

Bobby Minio: "Because the only thing more dangerous than a man on a mission is a man with a point. You sit here in OCW, you laud these silver platter clacking, lazy underachievers back here in their kitted out locker room, you obsess over your own past and your own history and you ignore the talent that is clearly drawing the blueprints for the next years of this promotion. You're high on your own fumes, OCW, and I'm putting an end to that starting TONIGHT."

Bobby Minio: "OMG continues to ride the waves of the Ambition Era. Breaking News dummies, the Ambition Era is OVER. Tonight, as I punish Dimsmore in front of a fanbase that marks out for OMG and settles for less night after night, I'll usher in a new era. A new attitude... one of Reckless Abandon."

Bobby Minio: "Look around at this place. It's a goddamned mess! Leonheart, and that soap on a rope carrying, state issued pillow biting bottom bitch before him have run the OCW into the ground! A saltine in a singlet is running around with the belt! Matsuda is collecting titles like it's his FU**ING STAMP COLLECTION! OMG shows up night after night, they kick their feet up doing as little as possible and this company holds them up on it's shoulders like children. ENOUGH."

His anger reaches it's boiling point as he turns, spitting a thick and phlegmy gobber right onto the OMG logo on the door. He turns back to the camera seething.

Bobby Minio: "What do you do when I begin to break your toys, OCW? What will you do when I begin taking your toys away from you? Will you kick and scream? Will you tell Mommy and Daddy? Who will you run to when no one is left on the table?"

He takes a moment to collect himself. He turns to watch his spit rolling down the door, leaving a disgusting snail trail across the OMG name.

Bobby Minio: "Dimsmore, tonight you pay for the sins of your OMG family. When you wake up, after you've blacked out from the pain, I want you to personally thank your friend Matsuda and the rest of the OMG boys. Reality check, Dimsy. Your privileges finally have a price, and tonight, you pay."

Minio takes a deep breath, then forces a cold stare down through the camera into the hearts of every viewer.

Bobby Minio: "Tonight, justice gets lasik. Tonight I begin a campaign to make OMG pay for every single opportunity they have been handed. Tonight, Dimsmore is the soap box. He's the podium that I stand at to usher in the new era."

He rips the tinfoil hat from his head, crumpling it up in his hands into a ball that he quickly wings at the camera. He grabs the camera, pulling it uncomfortably close to his face.


As quickly as he had pressed himself into frame, he shoves the camera back, storming off down the hall. The camera adjusts itself, and begins fading out as a production assistant runs in from off camera and begins frantically wiping the spit off of OMG's door.