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The camera turns to the parking lot area of tonight's arena as a 2014 edition of the Cadillac CTS pulls up and nabs a parking space. The front passenger door opens up and out steps Cherese Lee-Storm. She closes the door and stands next to the door for ten seconds or so. She positions her hands on her hips looking at the car expectantly, but nothing seems to be happening. She opens her door back up and bends over into the car talking to whoever's behind the wheel. 

Cherese Lee-Storm:
 "Well, are you coming or what?"

The camera moves behind Cherese to get a view inside the vehicle, and to no one's surprise reveals Cody Storm is the cause of the hold-up. However, he's reclined his seat and doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. He sits up as his wife grabs his attention.

Cody Storm:
 "I'm not going anywhere." 

Cherese Lee-Storm: "What do you mean you're not going anywhere? You mean you're just going to sit in the car? Shouldn't you be, I don't know, excited or something?" 

Cody Storm: "There's no time to be excited right now."

Cherese Lee-Storm: "You're finally getting what you wanted, why are you always such a kill joy? Come on, I'm not sitting out here all night!" 

She makes a play to grab Cody's arm and drag him out of the car through the passenger door, but Cody's got more than just a few pounds on her so it's to no avail.

Cody Storm:
 "I'm not going in there until my match is up. All that's in there for me right now is a whole bunch of questioning if I'm lucky, and a two on one assault from C-4 if I'm not. I'm not going to be distracted, and I'm certainly not going to be screwed out of what I've waited so long for when I can practically taste it." 

Cherese Lee-Storm: "Ok.... ok, we'll stay in the car. I'm just going to run in and grab a couple bottles of water, and I'll come back." 

Cody reclines his seat back as Cherese walks towards the building entrance. 

Cody Storm:
 "One way or another, everything's going to change tonight..."



Live from Grand Junction , Colorado!


Good evening ladies and germs, its time for another exciting edition of Thursday Riot!

Yada Yada Scaggs. Time is money. Lets do this

Lets start with Leonheart



The camera pans to the centre of the ring where our acting CEO, Leonheart is standing. The ring is surrounded by guards in Riot gear. Leonheart is not in a good mood as he paces back and forth. With the microphone under his arm he is rubbing his temples as if to massage the pain away. The crowd booing isn't helping the situation as Leonheart stops in the middle of the ring grabs the microphone from under his arm and begins to speak with a very belittling demeanor.

Leonheart: “I pay people a lot of money to do a job.”

Leon looks at his security force.

Leonheart: “I give you all incredibly simple orders. And you let a woman, a WOMAN! Humiliate you! 

Leonheart: Please reminds me why I pay you simpletons at all?

Most of Leons security detail look at the floor


Leonheart points to the fans. 

Leonheart: “I AM LITERALLY 

Leonheart proceeds to spin in a 360 degrees as he points in every direction.


The crowd begin to chant for their hero but they are being censored out.

Leonheart: “It’s good to see some people are doing their jobs right now.

Leon again looks at his security force.

Leonheart: “I am talking about the people back in the production truck just so you don’t get confused, because we all know how easily you wonderful human beings are easy to befuddle.”

Leonheart: “Once again Riot is on lockdown and everyone is on high alert. Especially when we have a championship match later tonight.”

The fans boooooooooooooo.

Leonheart: “You don’t want to see that match?”

The fans shout NO

Leonheart: WELL I DON'T CARE!

Leonheart: The crowd boos!

Leonheart: You can be sour all you like but the fact is profits are still up and since a championship match was announced we have sold more tickets and are now sold out for tonight. I said it at the clash; I don’t do this for you people. I don’t even do this for me. I do this because it’s the right thing to do!”

Leonheart: “You can boo all you want but everyone wants to see this match tonight. That’s why I have employed more people on tonight! People that mean business."

Leonheart: "The guys you might have saw in the parking lots and at the entrance to this arena tonight. They are going to make sure no intruders get into this building. They are armed and will shoot if provoked! That's right... I CALLED IN THE ARMY!!!”

The crowd laugh at this nonsense. One row of the crowd start to call Leon a pussy upon further inspection it is clear these aren't the actual military but more like hired guns, the types of people you would find on the back of a Soldier of Fortune or Craiglist. Most if not all armed with hand held, close and long distance tazers. One of these geniuses is also swinging a pair of bolos as if to wrangle a wild boar or perhaps a strip mall hooker.

Leonheart: “That's right I called in the army. I did it because it’s what is right. Just like what I am about to do is right.”

Leonheart: “SECURITY!!!”

Leonheart points to the group in the crowd that were name calling him. Including a family with 2 children ages 9 and 10.

Leonheart: “I want you to remove these people from my building. I won't have such disrespect. I apologize on behalf of these people.”

As the Children get carted off out of the arena they begin to cry. Leonheart looks back and seems to immediatly regret his decision.

Leonheart: Cease right now!

Leonheart walks over to the group of people being taken out of the building more specfically to the crying children. Leonheart lowers his voice as not to frighten the kids.

Leonheart: Hey lil dudes don't cry! It's going to be all right.

The children start to make there way back towards there seat as Leonheart extends his arm to block them.

Leonheart: I didn't say you could come back I said stop crying, if your parents raised you better you guys could have watched Paul Pugh get destroyed by Cody Storm, now get out!

The Father of the children turns beet red as he makes his way to Leonheart, but to no avail he is instantly restrained as Leonheart puts up his fists and starts shadow boxing!

Leonheart: Now ain't the time to relive your youth old man, GET OUT OF my building before something bad happens to you. 

The father begins to yell more obscenities at Leonheart in front of his children no less!

Leonheart: What kind of piece of trash swears in front of his children, you know what let this moron go he wants to get sued and lose his house trying to insult me so be it. Cmon Father of 2 come and be famous!

The guards look at Leonheart who reassures them. They release the Father who makes a B Line for the OCW acting CEO. just as he is about to reach Leonheart he crumples to the floor. The crowd roars in disapproval as we pan out and see the man being tazered by Leonheart's security, as the children cry watching there father in a heap being tazed Leonheart smiles.

Leonheart: Self Defense!

The crowd boos

Leonheart: Seriously thou get them out of here!

Leonheart: “Now I'm going to my private suite and I plan to enjoy the rest of the night uninterrupted. If anyone thinks about ruining this show tonight, just remember…”

Leonheart: “This is my world and you’re all just paying rent.”

Leonheart drops the microphone, he begins to laugh but no one at all finds him funny. Leonheart leaves the ring and goes backstage with his security force.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Leon talks too much.

He really does Scaggs. He really does.

Lets have a match




KD'Angelo vs Bedlam


The camera walks through a door to show King Tyga striking a punching bag, making sure to take careful aim before hitting a hard chop or kick. Around him are his own enlistment of personal trainers, each focusing closely on King Tyga's every move and strike. Stacy Clark walks in front of the camera and taps on the shoulders of one of the trainers who quickly steps aside for her.

Stacy Clark :
Mr. Tyga, can I ask you a few questions?

King Tyga strikes a few more times before grabbing the bag and headbutting it with a force that causes the part of the ceiling that's holding the anchor to crack. King Tyga turns as he looks at the interviewer in the eyes before turning his eyes to the camera. He waits a moment before nodding his head and stepping out from in between his assistants, grabbing a towel from one of them and then standing tall beside interviewer.

Stacy Clark : Great. Well, after an impressive showing at The Clash, you are not booked in a match for tonight. How do you feel?

King Tyga takes his towel and rubs around his mouth a bit before slinging it over his shoulder. He takes a deep breath before speaking.

King Tyga :
Me siento triste y feliz. Triste porque incluso después de ser dado una oportunidad mucho mayor para probarme a mí mismo, e incluso mantener mi propio voto de la eliminación de los dos hombres, siento que tal vez yo no valgo tanto como yo debería ser a las autoridades y que no me dio una coincidir porque no me probara a mí mismo. Pero al mismo tiempo, me siento felicidad porque a lo mejor están pensando, planeando, trabajando en algo grande para mí. También me permite más tiempo para instalarse, ponerse cómodo, y un plan de por dónde empezar hundirse los dientes.
(I feel both sad and happy. Sad because even after being given a much bigger chance to prove myself, and even keeping my own vow of eliminating both men, I feel that maybe I am not worth as much as I should be to the authorities and they didn't give me a match because I didn't prove myself. But at the same time, I feel happiness because maybe they are thinking, planning, working on something big for me. It also allows me more time to settle in, get comfortable, and plan where to begin sinking my teeth.)

Stacy nods her head, not able to understand what was said without the subtitles. However, she continues asking his questions.

Stacy Clark : Right. Well, at The Clash we heard you speak just moments before the match saying "A new big cat is running the jungle and he doesn't share his pride land." Can you explain what that means?

King Tyga : Lo que esto significa? Su sencillo de lo que significa. Usted ve, para llegar a ninguna parte en este negocio tienes que ser capaz de mantener su propia y usted no puede compartir su protagonismo con nadie. Campeón o no, el invicto o no, carismático o no, nadie se le permite ser capaz de comparar a usted. No deben ser capaces de mirar a usted como una persona fácil de convencer y si lo hacen, no deben dejar que los dejan en sus propios pies. Usted tiene que hacer todas las situaciones posibles que estás en un lado positivo para usted, si usted va a poner fin a una copia de seguridad en el fondo del barril.
(What that means? Its simple what it means. You see, to get anywhere in this business you have to be able to hold your own and you can't share your spotlight with anyone. Champion or not, undefeated or not, charismatic or not, no one is allowed to be able to compare to you. They should not be able to look at you as a pushover and if they do, you should not let them leave on their own two feet. You have to make every possible situation you're in a plus side for you, otherwise you're going to end back up in the bottom of the barrel.)

Once more Stacy nods her head, this time as if trying to understand what was said before she moves on.

Stacy Clark : Is there anything you're hoping for nex. . .

The screen cuts out before she can finish, sending us to a black screen which is soon followed by a voice.


The feed cuts to a jungle, filled with wildlife crawling about and feeding on other wildlife and plants. when suddenly a face appears right in front of the camera, which frightens both the cameraman and Drago.

Drago Cesar : Oh ho ho, hello people! This is Drago Cesar coming from inner jungle of South Africa to bring you special sneak peek at new program: Drago Cesar's Beastly Adventures! What? You never know Drago is one with animals? Hey my friends, I am animal lover! But I am also....Animal hunter. So we will hunt a big cat today, using my huge net and hunting skill! Ok, see that big kitty over there? Uh huh, he big mothercat. I'm no like it him, he scary. Watch and learn, my friends.

Drago slowly creeps up to a nearby Bengal Tiger, "big" net in hand (although it's really just a small net about the size of his hand). He turns around and whispers at the cameraman to get closer. Drago gets behind the tiger and throws the net at him, which covers his face! Drago gets excited, but then the tiger shakes off the net and goes along its merry way. Drago gets a little frustrated, takes the net again and tosses it at the tiger, covering his face again. The tiger looks to be a little agitated as it turns toward Drago and his camera team. Drago freezes in place, with a look as if he's really uncertain as to what he's actually doing. The tiger seems to be even angrier and looks to charge at Drago, but then turns toward the cameraman and lunges toward him, which screws around with the camera, eventually cutting the feed. Several screams are heard, as well as tearing sounds. After a few moments, the screaming dies down, then Drago speaks again, trying to catch his breath.

Drago Cesar : Ok.......Maybe we need new strategy. We get him next time, I'm promise!

? ? ? : YOU CAN WATCH ALL THIS AND MORE COMING TO A STATION NEAR YOU!! Because Drago is likely to get fired after this.

With that, the scenery changes into the next segment.