OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.


Welcome to A Special Edition of Riot!


The camera pans backstage to the acting CEO Leonheart who is with security.

Leonheart: “I want you on this exit and I want you over on the west exit. Go on, get going.”

Security move as Leon makes his way up the hallway making sure the arena is secure. He then makes his way to the stage.

“My World” hits the arena as Leonheart makes his ways down the ramp into the ring. The boos seem even louder than ever but Leonheart doesn’t seem to be concerned about that. He has much bigger things on his mind.

Leonheart: “Tonight we are on general lock down, if anyone see’s any suspicious activity then you are to report to any member of my security team, who you can see that are all situated at anyone of the exits. They have those orange high visibility jackets on and a lot of them are fat so they are not hard to find.”

The crowd begin to shout no, over and over. Leonheart is displeased.

Leonheart: “Anyone in the back is to report to me, anyone and I mean anyone that tries to help this man that I will not name.”

“JCS” chants start to begin.

Leonheart: “If I see anyone of you helping this man out. I will fire you right on the spot. I will remove your life essence, I will make your children wish they were never put on this earth! Do I make myself clear? I have eyes in every corner watching your every move.

Leonheart: “For those who cooperate your faith will be rewarded!.

The “JCS?” chants are getting louder. You can’t even hear Leon talk anymore.

Leonheart: “Your hero’s right here.”

Leonheart: I don't need some stupid shark, or a mental disorder, I don't need RAGE, I don't even need stupid catch phrases! Can't you people understand that!

The crowd boo at Leonheart.

Leonheart: “I am OCW’s hero, everything, EVERYTHING, I do for this company isn't to benefit me, no! No! it is for you all because it is the RIGHT thing to do!

Before Leon can say another word. LORD SHARK chants now start. Leonheart is furious and finally loses it.

Leonheart: “HOW DARE YOU!”


The crowd now riled up begins a SENSATION Chant as Leonheart loses it.


Leonheart: Cut it!

Leonheart makes a cut mic signal to the crowd. The sound truck can't respond fast enough as the crowd gets progressively louder.


Nothing seems to happen as the fans are still chanting for a one Mr Sensation. A furious Leonheart leaves the ring and makes his way into the back with the fans chanting for their hero… Mr Sensation.

As Leon is just about to hit the top of the gorilla position the camera dims and Xtron flickers on eerily. Leon stop dead in his tracks.


As the movie clip comes to a conclusion the camera pans to a small room as the camera slowly pans out we notice the perfered mascot of he who shall not be named. As the camera pans out further we notice that THE LORD has something stuck between his jaws. As the view comes into focus we see Lord Shark holding a Hammer in his mouth. The screen statics out for a moment before shutting off.

The camera pans to Leonheart who is shaking some what he quickly brushes off his fear and power walks to the production truck with a new found purpose!

Leon looks on the verge of an emotional breakdown!

This is awful, who would allow such horrific images to be put on display for the OCW audience. Wont someone think of the children!


This is a pre-recorded segment from 30 seconds ago because the time space continuum moves at a different pace when Pure Betterness is involved. A similar scenario as a few weeks back when Madeline Osiris officially became Tiberius Dupree's sponsored bombshell, we are outside the OMG locker room.

Dupree: Now try to move your legs, so I can do this....

Madeline screeches.

Madeline: Oww that hurts! Did you need to put your hand in there?

Dupree: Because now I can do this...

They both grunt in unison.

Instead of Matsuda standing outside the locker room listening to what sounds like a sexual encounter taking place it's the politely pudgy Patolomai. Holding a perfectly packed plate from the catering area he looks directly into the camera as if to question the audience about entering.

He pauses for a second then lightly knocks on the door, he hears a man's voice instructing in to enter. He slowly eases the door open trying not to be a sexual deviant like the majority of the roster.

Dupree: Pato, why in God's name did you knock?

Tibby has Madeline in a version of the Black Widow submission hold, it looks quite awkward. Their obviously not having sex AGAIN but warming up for their mix tag match later tonight against Mugen and Molly.

Broken whispers are often just the whaling wind my friend.

Dupree: I hear ya...I hear ya.

Not really hearing him Tibby pulls tighter on the hold.

Dupree: Now do you know how to get out?

Pato looks at the two then his plate and immediately walks to his portion of the locker room to chow down. Maddy reverses the hold into a Kerplowski Klutch as the camera fades.


The camera pans to the announce team.


That was hilarious!

One day the door is going to open and it's not going to be very PG!




Heavenly Kai vs Queen Ann Morgan


The camera pans to the announce team.


A brutal affair!

Pretty and mean!

*the camera fades into the New York skyline showing off different landmarks throughout New York then slowly cutting away to Manhattan as Trisha Waldrop is standing outside of a luxury apartment building.*

Trisha Waldrop: This is Trisha Waldrop, and welcome to I Your Crib. Where we take a look at how superstars of OCW live when they aren't on the road. Today we are here in Manhattan New York to check out his .....

*Trish turns around as a Uhaul begins to back up towards her as she just stares not sure whats going on as the truck stops just a few feet from her. *

Trisha Waldrop: *slowly turning around sighing as she looks back at the camera* Only in New York could be doing a interview and have someone almost run you over. Lets take that again from the start.

*Trisha starts her into again only to be interupted as a man exits the uhual truck walking around to the back and unlocking it and opening the back as the sound of Charisma by WASP is heard as Marvelous Austin Lee is standing in the back of the truck wearing his marvelous cape with his custom made sunglasses and custom "Keep Calm and Marvelous On" Shirt. Playing his own theme music as he steps down doing a quick spin and bowing to the camera.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: #2Marvelous4school #2Marvelous 2 be pre recored #undefeated sensation #Cherese LEE storms favorite entertainer. Yes i know trisha your little show just got a huge ratings boost simply because of the entertainment factor that the true undefeated rookie franchise brings to the television screen.

Trisha Waldrop: Undefeated? you haven't even won a match yet.

Marvelous Austin Lee: Do not question the king of entertainment what he says is the truth. I have never been beat inside that OCW ring. This is why you are sent out for the in ya crib you obviously dont know anything about sports entertaining or you would know that from reading the OCW handbook i have yet to be beat unlike that scum Reckless child, who will continue to fail and be mediocre if he does not continue with the Marvelous Austin Lee school of "Wrastling"

Marvelous Austin Lee: Now that i have enlighten your un-marvelous mind lets head up and show the people my new penthouse.

*Marvelous Austin Lee cuts his theme music back on as he walks off towards the building and inside as Trisha just stares on not sure of what to make of Marvelous Austin Lee as the camera fades to black.*

The camera pans to the announce team.


Oh Brother can this guy be anymore full of himself!

You will show the proper respect!