OCWFED.com Presents Riot





Live from San Di-ago , California!


Good evening ladies and germs, its time for another exciting edition of Thur... Friday... Riot!

Thanks for ruining my night Scaggs.

Let's take it to the ring



Madeline Osiris, Tiberius Dupree's newly sponsored Bombshell hands him a mic from a nearby ring hand. He smiles at her and then admires the audience in attendance. Once the mix of cheers and chants die down puts the mic to his face.

Dupree: Thank you, thank you, your beautiful too. No really you are, even the guy over there wearing the extra large C4 shirt and funny looking mask.

The camera pans in closer to a frail white man in the front row, as everyone boos the hideous man. Madeline whispers something in Tibby's ear.

Dupree: Oh sorry that's not a mask, that's your face.

He leans on the ropes toward the smark looking fan.

Dupree: At least you got one thing going for you, you match your shirt, eh.

The fans give a calculated HaHa, Tibby cracks his classic half smile as he struts around the ring.

Dupree: How rude of me, ladies and gentleman, this is the beautiful, and wonderful Madeline Osiris.

A moderate applause for his sponsored Bombshell, she poses for the crowd.

Dupree: I will be honest with you all, I was pretty apprehensive about the whole Sponsor-A-Bombshell idea. But now...now I feel like it was a blessing from the man upstairs himself, no not the father of Slam Slam, but the real one.

Dupree: When Mugen turned the tables on me and shaved my gorgeous mane at Chill Faktor, I thought I'd never get back the perfect balance of outer Betterness and inner Betterness. That was until Madeline over here worked her magic, not only is she a skilled beautician she's also an outstanding wrestler and overall great person.

Dupree: Pato told me there's always a few precious stones amidst the debris of life, and she's living proof of that belief... Lindsay Rothschild may be dirtier than a after-wipe in a smut film but she has an eye for talent. 

He twists the curl hanging from his new hairdo and winks at Madeline.

Dupree: What did I come out here to say again?

Tibby looks at Maddy, she just glares at him, instantly he remembers.

Dupree: Oh yeah, the OMG Valentine's Day Bash! 

He expects the crowd to get excited, they don't.

Dupree: Look, We're going to have live performances by Louis of One Direction, and of course Minami, Matsuda's unbelievably untalented pop singer girlfriend. Tons of food, games, prizes and of course dancing...Grey Swayze get down and Dirty Dancing!

He does a disco taunt, making sure his thrust don't split his skinny jeans.

Dupree: Log onto OCWFED dot com, slash OMG for all the details, because you ain't partied till you've partied the OMG way...

Dupree: Anyway, I want you all to enjoy the show, make sure you boo and throw things at anyone who disrespects your Betterness. And if you see Mugen or Pugh, make sure you throw large things at them, like chairs...or people.

Tibby begins to wave to the fans and make his way out the ring but stops before exiting.

Dupree: Maybe I should act like I'm clumsy and drop the mic, that's the cool thing to do right?

He acts like he's going to drop the mic, instead places it softly in the center of the mat. He then makes completely sure it's going to stay there as the camera pans to ringside.


The camera pans to the announce team.


A bash!

Nobody go to that party... I COMMAND THEE

Move on!


Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D. is walking through the back hallway with two of her studious assistants. Her Bombshell Initiative has been quite successful in recent weeks, except for Anna Mosity winning the OCW Bombshell Championship. As she makes her way around a corner she runs into Cherese Lee-Storm, the wife of the Son of God.

Dr. Rothschild:
 Mrs. Cherese Lee Storm, just the woman I was looking for.

Cherese: Is that right? 

Cherese gives Lindsay a stern glare.

Dr. Rothschild:
 I wanted to inform you of your match tonight.

Cherese: What match? I don't work for you. I don't work here at all.

Dr. Rothschild: I don't see a vistor's or a VIP pass hanging around your neck. Just because your someone's wife doesn't give you the right to walk around here and do as you please.

Cherese: I'm here with my husband, he's The Son of God. That gives me the right to do exactly just that.

Dr. Rothschild: I don't see your husband, I just see you: a unemployed woman walking the halls of this great company.

Dr. Rothschild: Now I'm giving you more respect then you probably deserve by allowing you to compete against one of my top Bombshells. I could be demanding you to clean the urinals in the men's bathroom. Or better yet, I could have you removed from the building in handcuffs for trespassing.

Cherese is about two seconds from ripping Lindsays face off, but Lindsay's two assistants step closer.

 Fine, I'll fight one of your man-bitches, not because I have to, but because I really need to punch something right now.

Dr. Rothschild: Great, your facing the former Bombshell Champion, KAT. Maybe you can end her undefeated singles streak.

Cherese doesn't answer. Instead she barges through the two assistants around the corner. Lindsay stops her with a few words as she leaves.

Dr. Rothschild:
 Oh, and Mrs. Storm, please inform your husband that his sponsored Bombshell is the lovely Miss Eerie Sunshine. 

Lindsay smiles as a livid Cherese storms off down the hall.



Cherese Lee Storm vs KAT


*The camera panning over as the locker room door bust open as Charisma by WASP plays as Marvelous Austin Lee comes walking into Reckless Kids locker room sporting his brand new “TO MARVELOUS TO BE HOLLYWOOD” reaching up as he pulls his marvelous stunner shades off and hooking them to his shirt before cutting his theme music off on his phone. *

Marvelous Austin Lee: thank you, thank you please hold the applause the rookie sensation, The Crown Prince of New York, The Bad Apple from the Big Apple, The only true undefeated Rookie in OCW when it comes to competing against men who are neither wearing a mask to hide they are illegal or a beard to cover up their chipmunk cheeks. #EWO #That Young Entertaining Kid #SO Amazing #Half Man Half Amazing #Your Moms Favorite Entertainer.

Marvelous Austin Lee: Now Bobby I know you are a busy man getting ready for your match. I know you got those butterflies flying around in your stomach seeing how you know deep down you never could be a true entertainer like yours truly. *Pointing at himself and running his hands through his marvelous hair.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: But have no fear AC Cobra that is why I stopped here after that instant classic match of pure sports entertainment that I just put on, so I could give you some pointers to help a brother out you know so you don’t become one of those *using air quotes* ”Wrastlers” who walks around with those weird singlets on with the one strap and hell even some stupid chain.

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Looking over at Reckless Kid who does not look entertained the least bit by Austin being in his locker room.* So tonight kid I want you to show me what you got and I want to see you entertain me son. 

*Marvelous Austin Lee pulls his marvelous stunner shades off of his shirt and sliding them back on and hitting his own theme music again as he walks out of Reckless Kids locker room.*

Just as Marvelous Austin Lee leaves Reckless Kid Luke Fuentes locker room. Luke turns to Bobby as he begins to walk out of the locker room grabbing his chains.

RK: Is he trying to get under my skin c'mon?

Minio: Haha I guess so.

RK: That's funny c'mon.

shutting the door behind him walking down the hallway RK notices a poster on a door. When he gets closer to it. He begins to realize its a poster of Marvelous Austin Lee posing infront of a picture of him posing.

RK: Wow, what a douche. 

Luke stares at it for a second. Thinks to himself.

RK: Well might as well welcome him with a Reckless welcoming a la c'mon!

Luke runs off camera for a few seconds as the sounds of doors opening and closing are heard off camera. Then the sounds stop and there's a slight pause of slience. Then bamn! A loud smack is heard. Then wham! Another one. Before the camerman can realize what the sound is. An object comes flying across the lens slamming against the poster with bits of yolk ricocheting back onto the lens.

The cameraman quickly wipes off the yolk just RK comes back into the shot.

RK: Hahaha now that's show business c'mon. As for you Tobin.....Actually Ive got nothing. You're some what unimportant. I don't know how you made it here in OCW. You're actually quite boring. I haven't really paid attention toward you or our match. And you know what. I really don't care. I feel that this match has no relevance to my goal that I will reach here in OCW. 
Win or lose I'm moving foward. Tobin you're mediocre. Infact get this camera outta here. I'm down with this.

Shoving the camera away Luke begins to walk down the way with the camera fading away.