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(Pre-Recorded from Earlier In the Day)
We find our OCW Bombshell Champion, Jessica Jessie at the mall with her "bestie" and opponent at Chill Faktor, Molly. Jessica is happily flipping through racks of clothes at the store looking at options for a possible Costume Battle or a Bikini Battle. Molly on the other hand seems very unenthusiastic about shopping and is trying to pretend to be just as enthusiastic as her friend.

Jessica: What do you think about this bestie?

Jessica holds up a generic "French Maid Outfit"

Molly: I think you would look like a French Whore

Jessica: Thank you! Wait......that's a good thing right?

Molly stares at her blankly and just shakes off the ridiculous comment. Jessica moves on to the next rack of clothes as she finds another gem, a nurse outfit.

Jessica: Oh this would be good! I love nurses.

Molly: Why's that?

Jessica: Wellllll, the last time I hurt my ankle at the gym, this really nice guy nurse said I was diagnosed with a tumor in.....mmm....what was that word he used.......OH! My gluteus maximus. He brought out this fancy looking video camera machine and fixed me right up when he scanned my gluteus maximus with it.

Molly: Oh.....come on....you know that he just played you.

Jessica: What do you mean? I'm not a video game. 

Molly: I mean, you were tricked by him.

Jessica: No I wasn't, he's only a nurse, not a magician. Look, he even took me out to dinner. I had to pay but he said he would pay me back later.

Molly: Has he paid you?

Jessica: Not yet........bestie have I been....played?

At that moment another familiar voice from nearby chimes in the conversation.

???: Girl, you still being played. Believe that

The camera pans over to show the former Bombshell champion Kat who has also been shopping for potential outfits.

Kat: That nurse played you. And this "bestie" of yours is playing you too.

Molly: Hey, this is a conversation between me and her. You stay out.

Kat: I can do what I want sista, don't you tell me what to do.

Kat and Molly get in each others faces. Jessica tries to separate the two but she is shoved out of nowhere by Anna Mosity who wasn't really shopping for a new outfit but saw the other Bombshells and decided that her presence was needed. Jessica is on the floor with costumes that have fallen on top of her.

Jessica: What was that for you meanie?

Anna: This was just the beginning. I'm going to break your neck at Chill Faktor.

Molly: Let's get the hell out of here bestie.

Molly reaches over to Jessica and picks her up off the floor. The two walk away making faces at Kat & Anna Mosity. The scene fades to black.


Live from Portland , Oregon!


Welcome LADIES AND GENTLEMAN TO OCW RIOT! THURSDAY NIGHT and we are live from Portland, Oregon!

Live? Let's not insult the people Scaggs!

You should probably stop talking then...




We immediately spin around to the X-Tron where a shaky Skype feed is being piped into the arena. Through the Minecraft-esqe blockery we hear a voice pierce the feedback.

???: 4G my ass… who do these people think they are? Can they see me?

As the scene starts to become clearer we catch a flash of bleached hair and a face of pure thunder

Pugh: Just hurry the frig up! You’re holding up the show. If I’m not there for that main event I will hold you personal… GREETINGS OCW UNIVERSE… It is I. King Ego. Your OCW Champion!

The crowd boo in unison as a stressed looking Pugh joins us live via Oregon’s awful AT&T coverage

Pugh: Fear not minions – I’ll be with you shortly, a little traffic around the… what is this hell hole called? Portwood? Portland… area is keeping me at bay. In the interim, please direct all your fury in the direction of my underboss. My left hand foot – Mugen. Enjoy the show! I’ll see you in the main event!

Pugh’s feed is replaced by a Skype logo, which is in turn replaced by an OCW logo as we roll on with the show.


The camera pans to the announce team.



I hope he makes it in time, C1 doesn't have the same ring

Let's watch something else...


*Marvelous Austin Lee slides out of the ring walking over to the ringside table picking up a microphone. Pausing as he smiles down at the microphone then looking out into the crowd. Walking back to the ring as he tosses the microphone inside then turning around and looking over at the announcers table. Marvelous pulls his phone out of his pocket as he walks over to the announcers table, leaning down as he poses next to the logo on the table and taking a picture of himself with the OCW Riot Logo. Laughing as he starts typing on his phone as he rolls back into the ring picking up the microphone as he keeps typing on his phone.* 

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Talking to himself* Description Marvelous Debut, #modern day Sports Entertainer #Rookie_Sensation #Most Interesting Man #Bad Apple From the Big Apple …. Posting and done. 

*Sliding his phone back into his pocket.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Clearing his throat as he walks towards the ropes leaning along the top rope as he looks out into the camera.* Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce myself to you. I am New York’s Favorite Son, The best thing to ever come out of the Empire State, The Bad Apple from the Big Apple, Mr too sweet to be sour, The Master of the BRAINBUSTAHH!!! The Man*pointing to himself* The Myth*looking down as he laughs* The Rookie Sensation, The one and only “Modern Day Sports Entertainer" Marvelous Austin Lee.

*Walking over to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the 2nd rope and throwing his hands in the air to the crowd, only to receive no response.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *Still Standing on the 2nd rope* Thank you all, thank you I know this truly is and amazing moment for all of you to experience the debut of the Marvelous one, but please keep it down.

*Jumping off the 2nd rope as he walks back to the middle of the ring. Pulling his shirt off as he pulls a sharpie out of his pocket and signing the shirt before throwing it into the crowd.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: See what a guy I am I even give the short off my back and sign it so one of you wrastling fan who are so stupid you can’t even get a real job and have to sell stuff from a hard working entertainer like myself. Now don’t say I never did nothing for you bunch of inbreeds so sit down and shut up and take a look at what a man really looks like.

Marvelous Austin Lee: You see unlike one of those stupid wrastlers all of you cheer for I actually look like I belong in this ring, I actually look like I belong in front of the camera. 

*Reaching up and pulling his sunglasses off and holding them.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: I mean look at me *posing to the camera* the perfect body to be a sports entertainer, the perfect tan, the perfect hair and damn look at this smile*pointing up to his face as he smiles to the camera. Austin holds his smile for a second then sliding his sunglasses back onto his face.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: Ladies and gentlemen you see that’s what makes me different I am not no stupid fake wrastler I am the one and only Modern Day Sports Entertainer. 
*pausing as the crowd starts to boo*

Marvelous Austin Lee: DON’T YOU BOO ME! *starting to pace around as he puts his hands up over his ears as the booing gets louder* DON’T YOU BOO ME!! *speeding up as he keeps pacing around the ring kicking the bottom rope *

*Raising the microphone slowly to his mouth as the booing starts to die down only for it to build back up soon as he goes to talk.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: DAMNIT DO NOT BOO ME!! *jumping up and down throwing a fit in the middle of the ring. Stomping around as he slams the microphone on the ground as he reaches up covering his ears as he leaves the ring heading up the ramp.*

Marvelous Austin Lee: *still covering his ears* DO NOT BOO ME!! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!! DON’T BOO ME!!! 

*Austin makes his way back up the rest of the ramp as the camera fades to black.*




Anna Mosity vs Jackie Blackfoot/Madeline Osiris


We're standing in the interview area with Stacey Clark and Lucky O'Donnell. The energetic ginger can barely contain himself as he constantly stays in motion. Stacey pays him no mind, after dealing with various OCW talents over the years, she's gotten quite used to a little crazy.

Stacey: Tonight you face the reigning Ex-Division Champion Matsuda, how well are you prepared for this match up?

The Red Tornado talks annoyingly fast, with a thick Strabane accent.

Lucky: WellyaknowStacey-memum alwaysay-feed da muc-inda morn-eat da muc fa lon'. Sayeahyeah, I reidh.

Stacey: Um okay, I'm taking that as a yes. So next question, what is your strategy headed into this contest?

Lucky: Gachrud Girl! Gachrud! 

Stacey: I'm sorry. what was that?

???: He said everything. He's bringing everything

Lucky gives a respective nod to a stout black man no taller than himself, no it's not KD, or BUFFNESS, or The A-Team, or T-Plex or even That Guy, but a fresh obsidian neanderthal for the masses.

Stacey: Excuse me, and who are you?

Lucky: P-P-Powa naisiun

???: You can call me Power Nation.

For once it looks like Stacey is having a good night, not just grabbing one exclusive interview, but two simultaneously. 

Stacey: Since your both new to the Ex-Division scene, how do you plan to make a name for yourselves?

Lucky: Adh-Haha-Luck It! Luck It! Luck it!

Slightly disturbed Stacey takes a step away from Lucky and towards Nation.

Stacey: Mr. Nation.

With an hard look on his face he glares at Stacey.

Power Nation: Please-it's just Power Nation. Listen Ms. Clark- I'm not here to steal Lucky's spotlight or anyone's for that matter. I'm not here for the glory or the gold. I'm here because I love to wrestle, it's what I was born to do. 

His squeaky voice doesn't match his muscular frame

Power Nation: Understand when you have that kind of mentality, you go out there and put everything on the line- no matter what. That's what Power Nation brings to the Ex-Division and OCW as a whole. 

Stacey: Your quite intense...

She blushes a bit before composing herself.

Stacey: Well thank you gentlemen, good luck to you both.

Lucky: Luck It, Luck It, Sayeah!

The camera fades with Stacey shaking her head.