OCWFED.com Presents Riot



(Pre-recorded footage)
The footage starts off in a magnificent hotel lobby in downtown Denver. We suddenly hear a familiar voice speak off camera 

???: Seriously? This is your grand plan to get back at him?

The camera turns to reveal that it is OCW bombshell Molly dressed in an unfamiliar looking Japanese schoolgirl outfit.

Molly: You really think this is gonna work?

???: Sure it will

The camera pans towards the second familiar off camera voice to reveal the Lord of the Lariat himself, Mugen. He is wearing large "hater blocker" sunglasses along with a fur coat reminiscent of a certain other....

Mugen: Come on, all these people here can't tell the difference between us and them as long as we have the distinguishing features. We all look the same to them.

Molly: Now thats just racist

Mugen: You still want to go through with this or not? I'll buy you fun yums from that dispensary down the street as promised.

Molly: Fine....

Mugen and Molly in their new outfits walk up to the hotel lobby desk. The hotel clerk immediately jumps up in excitement.

Clerk: Oh my god. Aren't you the great OCW wrestler Matsuda and his girlfriend Minami?

Mugen looks at Molly with a big grin on his face as she rolls her eyes.

Mugen: Why yes I am, great to meet a fan. Hey I have a favor to ask. I seem to be locked out of the OMG penthouse suite, could you make me another key card?

Clerk: Why of course!

The Clerk works on his computer for a few moments before he hands over a new keycard to "Matsuda".

Mugen: Thank you so much!

Clerk: Can I just ask for one favor? Can I get your autograph sir?

Mugen: Sure!

Mugen signs a piece of paper with a big M and illegible scribbles afterwards for "Mugen". The duo walk away from the overly excited hotel Clerk. The camera follows Mugen and Molly into the elevator and all the way up to the top floor of the hotel.

Molly: Aren't you worried that somebody is in the room?

Mugen: No, because we saw everybody leave the hotel already except sleeping Beauty.

The two walk towards the large suite doors and open the doors and sneak around. As Mugen predicted, Tiberius Dupree is found sleeping face first in his pillow. Mugen and Molly sneak into the bathroom and begin searching for something.

Molly: Found it!

Mugen: You sure you got his bottle?

Molly: Just read the freaking label.

Molly points at a bottle of shampoo with the label "Herbal Betterness". Mugen laughs as he pulls out a small purple liquid bottle with Chinese characters and crossbones on the label. He pours the liquid into the shampoo bottle as the two pranksters giggle at their scheme. The two put the bottle where they found it and sneak out of the room.

Mugen: That will show him.

The scene fades to black as the duo enter the elevator


Live from Denver, COLORADAHHHH


Welcome LADIES AND GENTLEMAN TO OCW RIOT! We are live for the first time in 2014 and we're in DENVER COLORADO!

It is cold as balls up here. Lets hurry this along, I can't feel my hands.

Lets start something!




Leon is seen pacing back and forth in his office obviously annoyed from the tail end of 2013.

Leonheart: These children refused to comply with the simplest of orders. Add to that effect that geriatric manic is sending me threats in poorly worded letter form. 

Leonheart lets out a sigh.

Leonheart: Why are my orders being taken so lightly? Don't these people understand the things I do I do not for me, not for them, but because they are the right things to do. It is seemingly baffling that these...these FOOLS cannot grasp the simplest of concepts. 

Leonheart looks over to a sheet on a clipboard labled "Chill Faktor 2014". Leonheart picks up the board and looks it over.

Leonheart: I will give these people something to remember, a throwback, a relic to a simpler time when people did what they where told, and when the OCW Fans could actually make a difference. That will surely drive some sense into these ungrateful maggots.

Leonheart continues to pace back and forth when the phone rings. Leonheart stops dead in his tracks. As the phone continues to ring.


Leonheart slowly motions to the phone before he stops himself.


The Digital Answering Service begins to play:

:Hello!, you have reached the Office of Leon "Kennedy" Hart acting Chief Operating Officer of Online Championship Wrestling Corporation. If you would like to leave a message you can at any time:

Leonheart stares at the red light of the phone. He hears a click and an automated voice plays over the Machine.

:This is :MOURNINGWOOD PENITENTIARY: with a message from :INMATE NUMBER 1-3-3-7 You will not be charged for this call:

A grainy voice begins to speak.

Voice: If only I could cause you the pain you've caused me.....

Leonheart eases closer into the phone.

Voice: (Long drawn out Sigh)

Voice: This won't be vengeance.......

Voice: Revenge is not a valid motive, its an emotional response.......

Voice: This won't be vengeance......

Leonheart eases in further.

Voice: This will be....

Voice: Punishment.

The phone clicks and the answering service beeps to signify the message has concluded. Leonheart goes pale as he slumps unto the couch. The Camera fades as he drops his clip board.


The camera pans to the announce team.



Thats what he said Charlie!

Let's move on!

We cut to the backstage area where we find the acting Director of Bombshell Operations, the intelligently beautiful Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D. in her brand new office in pristine condition and wonderfully organization per her own request. 

The Yale graduate, enjoying a nice cup of hot tea on this cold winter evening, is on her cellphone, slowly turning back and forth in her spinning office chair. 

Lindsay: Yes, Mrs. Ortiz, my New Bombshell Initiative went swimmingly as promised. Yes, the crowd loved them. I know! Jill Pine! Of course it took a BRILLIANT mind such as my own for this company to FINALLY get a Pine under contract.

One of Lindsay's personal assistant peeks his head into the office, mouthing a few inaudible words before bowing out. Lindsay nods, before turning her attention back to the phone call.

Lindsay: Well alright now, ma'am, lovely talking with you as always but I have a very important meeting to attend… you know how work is! Bye-bye!

Lindsay ends the call and motions for her guest to make her way in, revealing none other than the incomparable Bombshell Champion, Jessica Jessie, who stumbles onto the scene making googly eyes at one of Lindsay's bodyguards.

Lindsay: Ah, yes. Ms. Jessie. Have a seat. We have important matters to discuss.

Jessica completely ignores the chair positioned in front of the desk and has a seat on the ground Indian style. Lindsay requests that the cameras leave and the door is closed as the scene fades.




Bombshell Battlefest!



A bonfire burns in the cold city air, feeding the homeless with flames of warmth. Huddled together for survival, they represent the very high of endurance. Night after night, day after day. Amongst them stands Johnny Phoenix, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, even his feet are bare. His head is bowed, the homeless gathered around him. In a glorious moment of video editing the homeless people disappear, leaving nought but their empty clothes on the ground as Johnny raises his head.

Johnny Phoenix
: "Carry on... Don't mind the people who gave everything and left themselves with nothing... Carry on living in your protected little Neverland, unseeing, unknowing of what is waiting around you. How long do you think your country, your empire can last? All great empires crumbled to the ground, no matter how powerful the foundations... First comes worry, then panic, and then chaos."

Johnny reaches into his pockets and digs out a cigarette. He promptly lights it and takes a long drag.

Johnny Phoenix:
 "Chaos and bedlam, madness, could be the same... Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but refuse. They cling to the realm, or love, or the gods…illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is. But they’ll never know this. Not until it’s too late"

Johnny takes another drag.

Johnny Phoenix: "You know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? Well, it works both ways. These peoples were damned by those they truest and now their lives are ending one moment at a time, that was until I set them free. I showed them not to be ashamed of dying with scars, not to feel useless, that whilst they're unwanted, they are still needed. They don't need to live for days were the rises simply to humiliate them. The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly but maybe self improvement isn't that answer, maybe it's self destruction..."

Johnny flicks the still burning cigarette into the fire, a smile on his face.

Johnny Phoenix:
 "I'll destroy all the beauty in this world for one simple reason, I can never have it."