OCWFED.com Presents Riot




Live from Cleveland, Ohio


Good Evening Ladies and Germs...We are live in Cleveland OHIO for tonight's 360th edition of OCW Riot! I'm Charles Scaggs at ringside with Al Poling and Al... we're kicking off the show with our acting CEO.

Acting. Self Appointed. Bring back Fausto!

Lets take it to the ring.




The new acting CEO Leonheart, is standing by waiting for his interview with none other than Stacy Clark. 

Stacy Clark: “Ladies and gentlemen. Standing with me at this time is our acting Leader of OCW THE BOSS, Leonheart.”

Stacy Clark: “Leon, you instituted a no violence policy between C4 and OMG. Last week all hell still broke loose as the OCW world champion Paul Pugh delivered a low blow to Patolomai. This caused members of C4 and OMG to rush down to the ring where another brawl almost began. This is now the 3rd week in a row that O.M.G and C4 have caused chaos. I have to ask do you feel you are losing control.

Leonheart looks at Stacy, he shakes his head in disapproval at the question.

Leonheart: “I am not sure what show you were watching last week Stacy, but I have complete control over this show. The World Champion of OCW Paul Pugh, whom should stand as a testament to the values of this company, a man who should stand as a the mighty pillar that holds OCW in position, chose to put his own EGO ahead of what is the right thing to do.

Leonheart: And as I said last week he will be dealt with accordingly.”

Leonheart: “As such tonight, Paul Pugh will have to take on, Sean McGee. 

Leonheart: In addition The Son of God, Cody Storm can come out to that ring and accompany Sean McGee if he so chooses. C4 on the other hand are banned from ringside.”

Stacy Clark: “What if they do get involved?”

Leonheart: “It's really quite simple without mystifying things too much. If C4 or OMG get involved in this match Paul Pugh will be Stripped of the OCW World Championship. And that's not all, every member of C4 and OMG will then be barred from ever competing for the OCW World Championship.“

The Crowd Roars in disapproval!

Leonheart: You boo me when you should Boo C4 and OMG for disrespecting me, this company and most of all each and every one of you!

The Crowd continues to boo!

Leonheart: “Now are you going to keep asking me questions about C4 and OMG or are we going to talk about some of the new talent I have acquired in OCW, more talent that I have signed in one week that what Guy Fausto did in his tenure of acting CEO.”

Leonheart: “Bobby Minio has made quite a first impression and right now he is more talked about on social media than our current Champions. That says a lot and tonight. Bobby Minio finally has his in ring debut.”

The Crowd Cheers!

Stacy Clark: “I can’t argue with you there Leon, word on the street is Bobby Minio isn’t the only person you have hired.” 

Leonheart: “It seems word gets out fast.”

Leonheart: “I said I was going to bring change and that is exactly what I am doing. I could stand here all night Stacy and talk about this though. I said a couple of weeks ago that I was going to let my actions speak. You just like everyone else will have to see just exactly what I have in store.”



The camera pans to the announce team.


Banned from ringside! Will Pugh have what it takes to overcome BUFFNESS?

Yes he will Scaggs. He is the World Champion of this World. No juiced up mohawked ruffian will stop him.

Well we'll see later on.

Arnaud pulls up in stretch limo. The limo driver walks to his door but Arnaud waves him off .He leans back ,then his assistant and pours him a drink .She then passes him some paper work .He looks at it nods his head then his assistant points as El Espado walks by .He whispers to her then she rolls down the window and motions him over .

Assistant : 
Excuse me El Espado , Mr.Arnaud would like to make you a offer you couldn't possibly turn down .We know you are the OcW Light Heavyweight champion and you have a very bright future .We would like to make a investment .Now if you willing to look at this contract .

El Espado immediately backs up .

El Espado : 
I'm sorry ma'am and Mr.Arnaud but I'm really not interested .It is a very nice contract but I'm really not interested .I do appreciate the offer but ..........

Arnaud holds up hand and cuts off El Espado .He then points up and his assistant rolls up the window. El Espado looks in amazement ,laughs and walks away. His assistant starts writing when K.Dangelo's new 2014 black challenger pulls up. Arnaud looks with a smile on his face. His assistant pulls out another contract. They roll down the window again. K.Dangelo notices Arnaud sitting in the car and walks over. He walks over and waves at Arnaud's assistant then reaches in and shakes Arnaud's hand .

K.Dangelo : 
Hi guys wsup .

Arnaud's assistant pulls K.Dangelo over and whispers in his ear .He starts smiling then suddenly his facial expression changes .He starts walking away from the limo.

K.Dangelo : 
I'm sorry but I can't do that anymore .The anger has subsided and not a mercenary for hire anymore .I gotta go ,I'll talk with you later.

Arnaud stomps then throws the contract to the floor board .His assistant pours him another drink and he drinks it down fast .Then Matsumoto walks up .They both look at each other and shrug their shoulders .The assistant motions him over and shows him a piece of paper .He looks at it then balls it up and throws it on the ground

Matsumoto : 
I do it for free ! 

He then walks away . Arnaud motions to the driver to leave .

I... What... Um...

I thought Arnaud was dead?

He's stronger than death Al. Stronger than... than death.



Not Rosie O'Donnell

Bobby Minio vs Lucky O'Donnell



Not only is she beautiful and quite dangerous, but she's also the most BUSTA FREE Bombshell on the roster. Felicia Anna-Cruz Escobar better known as FACE by her A-Team affiliates sits at a table in a small diner not too far from where Riot is taking place.

The expression on her face is cold and business like as the camera pans towards the entrance of the diner. A poorly disguised Tiberius Octavian Dupree enters wearing a large canvas hat, trench coat and shades, he's also handcuffed to a decent sized plastic briefcase. He approaches the table FACE sits at cautiously, circling the room twice with his eyes, twitches once then sits down.

Dupree: I don't like when plans get changed last minute, it's disrespectful to my Betterness. Why isn't the old man here?

Felicia just stares at him coldly for nearly a minute before answering, watching him twitch.

FACE: Cuz it ain't Dunny's style to body no broad in broad day, so he sent me.

Tibby sends back a cold look of his own, the whole situation is very awkward.

Dupree: At least I found out your a cynical bitch on the first date, eh? (Twitch)

He cracks his classic half smile.

FACE: Is that the paper?

Tibby grabs a local Cleveland newspaper off the adjacent table and slides it towards her.

Dupree: Here you can have it, it's 2013, I use the internet.

FACE isn't amused, picks up the paper and tosses it at Tibby's face, he swats it down insync with a twitch.

Dupree: Okay, Okay. Holiday special or not, you guys are freaking expensive. But before I hand you 'the paper', you have to promise me something.

FACE: Only promise I'm makin', is guttin' you like a f**kin' fish if you keep runnin' yo' mouf.

Dupree: Fine! Fine! (Twitch) I just gotta hope Nani doesn't find out who sold his limited edition poke'mon cards for some quick cash.

Tibby unfastens the handcuffs hooked to the briefcase and slides it FACE's way under the table. She quickly picks it up and walks out as if this whole conversation never happened. Tibby beckons a waitress as the screen fades.