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Just a few short hours before the first Riot of the season kicks off we are inside the medical office of Dr. Peter Fitzenwell, a pricey neurosurgeon located here in Chicago. Dr. Fitz is a pudgy looking man with a pig face and glasses too small for his large brown eyes. His red suspenders and ultra shiny shoes make him look even more clowish to the naked eye.

As the camera pans around the office it immediately focuses on Tiberius Octavian Dupree. The Baron of Betterness looks agitated and upset as he barges into Dr. Fitz's private office. Dr. Fitz's secretary is a half step behind TIbby trying to stop him from entering. Dr. Fitz nearly falls over in his large chair, but he keeps his composure as Tibby slams a folder on the desk and begins to ramble.


Dr. Fitz: What?! Who in God's name are you.... Mindy who is this man?!

The under qualified and highly attractive secretary just shrugs her shoulders.

Dupree: Your the best neurosurgeon in Chicago right?! Peter Fitzenwell, I need you to fix me right now!

Dr. Fitz straightens his shoulders and tie, slicks back his comb over, attempting to look more professional.

Dr. Fitz: First of all sir, you need to make an appointment with Mindy here, and we can discuss your problem in a more civil manner.

Tibby looks like he's about to explode in rage, then he takes a few deep breaths before collapsing in the chair behind him in despair and exhaustion.

Dupree: I'm dying doc....dying... no one will listen to me, no matter how much I attempt to pay them or how much I threaten their insignifigant lives with my betterness. No one will listen...

Tibby suddenly twitches twice, like he's receiving a instant shock of electricity. Dr. Fitz nods to Mindy, who smacks her gum, twirls her hair closes the door behind her.

Dupree: I can't stop this incessant twitching, I'm sick of it...sick of it (twitch). Betterness can never be flawed, never...you hear me never!

He palms both his hand and begins sobbing like a battered housewife. Dr. Fitz walks from behind his desk to lean on the other side and begins to talk.

Dr. Fitz: It'll be alright son, what's your problem and I see what I can do for you.

Through weeping hands Tibby mumbles.

Dupree: You...You...Promise?

Dr. Fitz rolls his eyes and replies.

Dr. Fitz: I promise son, just stop cry...

Before Dr. Fitz could finish his sentence, Tibby immediately drops the crying act and puts on his business face. A clever ruse to get the doctor's full attention.

Dupree: Let's be honest you didn't see tears in my eyes, you saw dollar signs. I'm not one of your ailing patients or some mundane who wandered in off the street, I'm pure betterness made of flesh and bone... I have money and a problem, you have the solution.

Dupree: I need to get rid of this....(twitch) so I can focus on being better at being better...

Tibby points to the folder on the desk, Dr. Fitz raises an eyebrow picks up the folder, then quickly scans through the pages inside. Less than sixty seconds pass before he replies.

Dr. Fitz: So you were shocked repeatedly by your bodyguard on live television? That must have been quite embarrassing...

Dupree gives him a look of pure bitterness and disdain. Dr. Fitz just snorts and continues.

Dr. Fitz: It says here that the damage to your nervous system was very minor. You shouldn't have the slightest imbalance whatsoever, not after the first 24 hours at least. It also says your able to return to your duties as a professional wrestler whenever you desire.

Dupree: Do I look fine to you? Can you explain this stupid twitch then, because I make the word perfection seem like a false understatement on a daily basis... and if I can't explain it no one can...

Dupree: And if I didn't twitch every 2 freaking minutes, I'd perform the damn surgery myself!

Dr. Fitz: Did you completed 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, a year of general surgery and 4 years of otolaryngology training, and pass the American Board of Otolaryngology exam?

Dupree: No of course not, I was born with the omnipotence of betterness, no need for an overpriced education nurtured by the imperfections of simple mundanes.

Dr. Fitz rolls his eyes again as Tibby looks at himself in the reflective glass of a nearby mirror.

Dr. Fitz: I don't think you need a neurosurgeon son, I think you need a brain surgeon. To be honest I don't think he'd be able to help you either. Your quite a delusional young man, you twitch may be related to a psychotic break of some kind.

Dupree: I knew you'd call me crazy just like the rest of those quacks. I get nearly shocked to death in front of the whole damn world and I'm the one who's crazy...

Tibby gets up from the desk, twitches again as he stares in the doctor's face.

Dupree: If I didn't have important business to attend to I'd strangle with your snazzy little suspenders till you passed out from your own stupidity, just like I did the last doctor who called me delusional.

Dr. Fitz gulps as Tibby cracks his classic makes and leaves his office.

Dr. Fitz:
 What a drama queen...


Live from CHICAGO


Good Evening Ladies and Germs...Welcome to OCW Riot... the start of a new era live from Chicago!

A new era... an old era... they're all the same to me

Sure they are Al... lets take it to the ring and our new CEO LEONHEART!




Leonheart motions for a microphone and one of the camera crew member quickly scurries to for fill this request. Leonheart looks at the crowd with a big grin on his face.

Leonheart: “Welcome to Riot, New Look, same great taste!”

The crowd boo at the new self proclaimed figurehead of power, and his lame joke.

Leonheart: This is all very similar, but instead of talking about a new era, instead of making promises of change, instead of going through the motions time and time, and time again about how "I will shake things up" How I am going to change the landscape of OCW. I am just going to let my actions speak for me. 

The Xtron cues back into OCW's past as the "Authority Figure" Montage plays with Various entities in Power from Geomon, to Gregory Kael, to Alex Robinson, To Leonheart, to Vic Vimes to Richard Blood, and Even to Mr.Sensation.

Leonheart: We've been through this haven't we? Someone shows up and has to "Explain". Did I really get Mr.Sensation thrown in jail? Why did I assault Guy Fausto. What does this mean?

Leonheart: And then I spend a month "Screwing" over those people in the back until they rally together and defeat the "Big Bad". Not this time. I am not here to do what's best for OCW, what's best for "Business" hell what's best for the locker room, I am here to do what is right.

 Look at the state of affairs in this company lately, we had a nerd bent on world domination, a tiny man who is too cool for school, a man who thinks he is a god damned dinosaur, a stoic man with the personality of a dead frog...I take that back dead frogs are kind of rad. 

Leonheart: 2 men who should be in prison for every foreseeable crime under the sun, A tubby champion who has made the North American Division as exciting as a trip to the library. 

Leonheart: A guy whose greatest accomplishment is beating another guy who talks about himself in the 3rd person, another guys who's greater accomplishment is talking to some jackass in the skybox...


Leonheart: And the biggest disgrace of all, a man whom I nurtured, and cultivated from his primordial being into a primal leviathan of chaos and destruction, is now nothing more than a chunky hipster.

Leonheart: And to add to this mix we have my constituents in Cerberus. One man who put on a promise ring and promised celibacy until he is champion, and another whose head is stuck so far up his rear end, it's changing the color of his hair.

Leonheart: And let's not forget our World Champion, the very example of what happens when you do not use a condom.

The crowd boos

Leonheart: But the cherry on top of this mismanaged sundae is non other than a lunatic who despite trying to destroy this company, despite trying to physically harm his talent, is some how revered by you people. That same man who carried a foam rubber shark with him who he actually named. The same man who took a multimillion dollar company and almost ran into the ground. The biggest, most inept, absentee father this business has ever seen.

Leonheart: But yet, I am the bad guy? I don't blame any of the people I just spoke about, they cannot help themselves. They were never given the tools to succeed. You don't get angry at a shark for trying to eat you. A shark is a killing machine, a Shark is an APEX PREDATOR. OCW is filled with sharks. But you know what happens to a shark when you cut off its fins?

Leonheart: It sinks to the bottom of the ocean and dies. OCW is at the bottom of the ocean.

The crowd begin to booo even louder until they’re interrupted by 80s Arena Rock.The OCW World Champion Paul Pugh wanders out onto the stage area and falls to his knees, placing the World Title belt in front of him and soakin up the adoration of the Chicago crowd. He quickly dives to his feet, and sprints into the ringside area, sliding into the ring and walking straight past Leonheart who shakes his head before jumping to the second rope and holding up the Championship for the fan's photo op. Pugh climbs down off the turnbuckle, never taking his eyes off of Leonheart as he puts the World Championship over his shoulder, walking over to Leonheart as he does so. He stops in front of the new "Boss", looks him up and down and takes a deep breath.

Pugh:…Shut up.

The crowd pops as Pugh starts addressing the crowd, ignoring Leonheart.

Pugh: All day I’ve been thinking about what I’m gonna say when I get out here… how I’m going to come back a returning Champion, how I’m going to ask what on earth happened at the Nine Year Anniversary… How I’m going to… and then I’m told… I need to wait.

He shakes his head

Pugh: So I ask why!… and what a surprise.

Pugh turns to Leon.

Pugh:…I’m saying surprise ironically Leon. You’ve been out here 2 minutes and I’m already sick of the sight of you… so who the hell knows what these fans are thinking… but that’s not why I’m here. Riot has been the Leon show a thousand times before… but not tonight. Tonight I’m taking what’s mine.

Leon shakes his head at Pugh, and mouths something to him, before Pugh continues

Pugh: Too many times… I’ve been hijacked… been told “hey not tonight Pugh”. See, at first, I understood. I understood why David Jackson had to beat me in 4 minutes… I understood why I couldn’t be in the Chamber for Team OCW… I even understood when I was told my first title defense as World Champion was going to be the “Co” Main Event of Summercide. But tonight… Screw understanding. Screw “The greater good”… and screw you.

Pugh points directly into Leon’s face and leaves his pointing finger 

Pugh: Not tonight, and never again. You might be the CEO,The Boss, or whatever other stupid code, acronym, position, title you want to call yourself. But I can wipe my ass with what you say. 

Pugh: I am the Champion of this company. I’m the man who busts his hump every single night for the good of these people… and tonight its about me. About how at 9 Year, in the match of my life… the ring collapsed. The wrestling ring, belonging to the biggest wrestling company in the world collapsed… Do you know why it collapsed Leon?

Leonheart: No, but I am sure you're going to cry about it.

 So if you don’t know why it collapsed… and I don’t know why it collapsed… why did it collapse? I’ve stood in hundreds of rings in hundreds of places and never once have I had the ring fall from under me… a seemingly innocuous wrestling move that I’ve taken loads of times before, sometimes from bigger dudes than Patolomai. So why now? See, I want to believe it’s a twist of fate… an accident, poor workmanship… except when I was on a stretcher being taken out of the arena… I’m told somebody sabotaged the ring. Somebody.

Pugh is getting angrier as Leon remains calm

Pugh: So I rack my brains… who hates me enough to cripple me? Long list right? Wrong. One guy. You.

He points in Leon’s face again as he says said it

Pugh: You don’t like me… and since we’re in a new era… why wouldn’t you want a new Champion? But you know I’ve got a way of coming out on top despite the odds… so you had to make sure. Injure me… Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

Leon shakes his head again

Leonheart: Paul....when I was a child, I played as a child.

Leonheart points to Pugh.

Leonheart: When I became a man, I put away childish things.

Leonheart points to the World Championship.

The crowd lets out a roaring "OHHHHHHHHH"

Pugh's eyes light up like wild fire as he goes nose to nose with the new Boss. Leonheart continues to be unphased.

I might be a child, but you my friend are a bitch!

The crowd explodes in cheers for Pugh's rebuttal.

Pugh: As much as it pains you, in your heart of hearts you know that I’m the guy. I sell the shirts, the Foam Fingers, the EGO Brand ONSIES! by the barrel, I consistently get the best Gabe Seltzer ratings… The TV ratings… I’m everything this company needs in a Champion… I’m everything you never were.

Leonhearts ears prick up at this comment.

Leonheart:Why are you making this about me and you? Are you that jaded? I can understand the jealousy. While I was trailblazing, and taking down legends, you where washing cars, in Jersey. When I was breaking records, you were going 30 minutes with fat guys in the armory. I get it, you are the champion, you are THE AIR QUOTES "MAN".

Leonheart: But lets talk about reality, lets talk about facts. it took you 6 years to get anywhere?

Pugh: I’m better than you…

 Alright fine… if you’re better than me. Prove it… Tonight. You vs…

A skinny boy in the front row can be heard chanting “Matsuda- Call My Name”.

Pugh: Don’t try and sweep this under the rug… You need to do something about your saboteur or I will.

One thing at a time, right now you need to worry about your opponent tonight, the tiny man who thinks he is too cool for school. Matsuda!

Pugh gets in Leon’s face

Pugh: It’s only just beginning.

“Kid Ego” hits as Pugh turns around and begins to walk out of the ring, checking himself and turning around, expecting the “surprising” LKO, but it doesn’t come. Pugh spits some gum into the air and swats it into the direction of Leon, who dodges it, and brushes off his lapel as we fade to commercial.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Woah! Almost fireworks there on the first show... and Pugh vs Matsuda to boot!

Matsuda will break his neck. THEN NEW CHAMPION BWAHAHAHAH

Umm... Justin Raze vs Irving is next!

As Raze stands in the ring, he looks around the audience, soaking in much of the cheering but also the boos that are heard throughout the arena.

Raze: Last season, may opportunities came my way....and I didn't have exactly have a good outcome on any of them last year. I didn't walk away with any championships but many contenderships that turned into, as you guessed it, no championships.

Light applause is heard throughout the arena, a few cheers mixed with a few boos.

Raze: Yeah, I know, not exactly a great season but, hey, what can you do but try your best every time your in this ring.

Raze: Anyway though, tonight is the beginning of season 9 for OCW and what I would like to call a fresh start.

Raze: This is a fresh start for a new beginning in my career, an opportunity to show that I'm not a low carder but should be in the main event!

A few claps are spread out through the audience, barely detectable, and almost silent

Raze: Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe a guy that hasn't exactly had much of career yet and is still pretty new to OCW but people have defied the odds before and that's what I'm going to do this year!

Raze: This is the year that Justin Raze becomes the dominant in this ring! Not Parker Stevens, not Paul Pugh, not even that Cody Storm! No! It's Justin's year!

The crowd stirred by his determination and confidence begin to rise to their feet and beginning chanting 'RAZE, RAZE, RAZE'.

Raze: This year isn't a matter of if but a year of....when.

Raze: When....will Dimsmore walk away from that walking STD factory and actually win a title with his Future Investment Contract?

Raze: When...will Roofus finally snap and murder Tiberius..sorry...TIBBY in his sleep?

Raze: When...will Parker Stevens finally step in this ring with me and give the OCW universe and the OCW locker room the match they have been wanting to see since I have joined this business?(lol)

Raze: When...and this is a big when!

Raze: When...will Pauline the pedophile finally get rid of his child molester inner self and stop hanging out in bathrooms?

Raze: These are some questions that we all want answered but will have to wait this year to probably see. After all, it's only the first episode of Riot, can't give you guys every thing in one night, can we?

Raze: And finally...there is one question left...

The crowd leans forward in their seats, waiting to hear what question is coming next. 

Raze: When...will Justin Raze become a champion this year?!? I think sooner is better than later, don't you!!!!

The crowd erupts at Raze's statement, cheering for Raze, starting the chant, 'CHAMP, CHAMP, CHAMP'!


"Hit him harder Seth!"

Raze vs Irving


A black Range Rover enters the parking garage of the United Center . As it comes to a stop in front of the locker room entrance the back door opens . BUFFNESS exits the truck wearing some Jordan Brand sweat pants with a pair of matching Jordan 5's . Jim Black makes his way over towards McGee to ask him some questions .

Black - McG .... I mean BUFFNESS can I get a few words with you ?

BUFFNESS - Make this quick ... cant you see I'm busy !

BUFFNESS has one of his massive arms around the waist of a very attractive almond skinned lady and in the other hand he is holding a can of BUFF BLASTER .

Black - You have a match with one of your old stable mates tonight ... any thoughts ?

McGee takes a very large swig of his drink and turns to the camera .

BUFFNESS - Yeah I have a thought about about my match with K.D. ....

McGee sits his can of BUFF BLASTER on the roundness of his female companion . Jim stares as the can sits perfectly upright as BUFFNESS speaks .

BUFFNESS - Tonight K.D. is going to get the beating of his ....

BUFFNESS stops talking and stares at Jim Black as he is still focused on the can .

BUFFNESS - Jim this interview is over .

McGee snatches his drink back up as Jim seems to have snapped out his dream state . They push by Mr. Black as the scene fades .


*Cameras cut back from commercial break as we get a quick glimpse of the live audience. As everyone is cheering, and awaiting for the next match we see 6 different security men are slowly walking toward the ringside from backstage. Just when all of a sudden the cameras are shown Vincent Valmont is seen sitting near ringside in a seat, and eating popcorn.

The security guards are slowly asking Valmont something that can't be caught on camera. Minutes later the audio can finally be received, and things get heated between Valmont, and the guards.*

Valmont:"What the hell!! I'm being escorted out of the building? For what reasons??"

Guard#1:"Mr. Valmont, by the order of the general manager, and ocw management together have permanently banned you from all OCW arenas, and shows."

Valmont:"When did this crap just come into effect? I wasn't told I was banned?"

Guard#2:"Just moments ago, Mr. Valmont. It was made official by management. We was ordered to come down here, and escort you out of the building without any problems."

*Valmont smiles as he pulls out a OCW Riot ticket from his pocket.*

Valmont:"It seems like I'm not going anywhere. I bought a ticket, and my ass is staying still. For tonight only I'm just a simple minded fan. I have no rules, and no personal agenda. I'm just here to have fun"

Guard#1:"I'm sorry to inform you, but that ticket is invalid. While banned you wasn't allowed to be sold that ticket, and therefore will still have to be escorted away from the building."

Guard:#3:" We apologize, but that's the rules. We just enforce them, we don't make them up. We understand you bought a ticket, but the rules are rules. They can't be broken all the time. So can you kindly let us do our jobs so no further actions can be taken?"

*Valmont is shown re-thinking whether to stay, or to fight his way out of the building. It apperas he sees the guards are holding tazers, and multiple handcuffs in prevention of any attack from himself. So he calmly agrees to leave as the guards leap over the barricade to escort Vincent Valmont through the audience, and toward the exit. Just when the cameras begin to fade off the guards, and Valmont.*

Valmont:"I promise you this... you can tell your bosses that this isn't the last time they will see me. I will be back, and I promise you I'm going to get what I want!"

*The cameras fade back to commercial break as the guards continue to escort Valmont out of the building in handcuffs.*