OCWFED.com Presents Riot





Live from Fresno, Californi-yay


Good Evening Ladies and Germs... Tonight's Riot comes to you from Fresno, California and Al... we've got a few massive matches tonight!






The scene fades in and the all too familiar Stacey Clark is seen standing next to current OCW superstar, Justin Raze.

Clark: I'm here with Justin Raze to get his views following an unforeseen ending to the Hardcore Title Match at Summercide. Justin, your thoughts?

Raze: Well, it didn't end the way I wanted it to end because as everyone can see, I'm not holding the Hardcore Championship.

Raze: To me, Harrison got lucky.

Clark: And..why do you say that?

Raze smiles for a moment, looks down at the ground, and then back at Stacey. 

Raze: Did you see how easy the belt came down? One tug! That was it! It seemed like the match had just started and then just a couple of minutes later they were raising Harrison's hand in victory!

Raze: However...I'm not going to let it get to me. Harrison unfortunately won the match fair and square and as much as I don't like him I will say congratulations to him out of mutual respect. He has hardly been here that long and he is already holding his first title.

Clark: The title that you have had now four shots at and have still failed to obtain?

Raze looks a bit agitated at this statement but then quickly smiles again.

Raze: Why yes Stacey, I have had four shots at this belt and obviously, it's not my time to hold this belt. Who knows if it may ever be?

Raze: Anyway Stacey I have to cut this interview short. I need to go talk to someone with a bit of...ego.

Raze turns around and heads down the hallway, leaving a confused look on Clark's face.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Raze looking intense there

Four shots? Jesus. He should quit now

That's highly disrespectful...


The scene opens up as the door opens to the Cerberus locker room, the place that the seem to spend pretty much their entire lives in. Cody Storm comes walking through the threshold not looking too pleased, presumably still lit up about what happened last Sunday. He's unceremoniously greeted by BUFFNESS.

BUFFNESS: "Would you look around that waist! I don't see anything gold like resting there. I wonder what that's about?"

Cody Storm: "And yours is so much better looking? Lose to the guy that should never have gotten close to the title again? Nice job BRO! At least I can honestly say I wasn't beaten, the ref screwed me!"

BUFFNESS: "I didn't lose, I simply realized that SummerCide wasn't the right time or place for winning back the North American Championship. And you're right, you didn't lose, and you were screwed.... screwed by Leon's antics and lack of focus. He put the match at risk so many times to get at the man that powerbombed him at 'Lution. You're never going to win with a partner like that."

Cody gives Sean a bewildered look as Sean walks on past him saying as he exits...

BUFFNESS: "Just think about it, you'll see what I'm talkin' about."



Lightheavyweight TOURNEY

Espado vs Ace Angel vs

Hiro Masayoshi



Matsumoto sitting at hotel getting his shoulders and feet massaged . He then kicks the girl off his feet and yells *

Matsumoto : 
Bottle !!!!

* She runs over and grabs a glass and a bottle of wine .He looks at her and smiles then throws the glass at her .She ducks and the glass smashes against the wall .*

Matsumoto : 
I said bottle stupid American woman ! Leave !

* She cries and runs out of the room .He opens the bottle and takes a swallow then points to the tv . The other girl walks over and turns on the tv and Riot is on .He then throws the bottle at the tv .He then points at another bottle .*

Matsumoto : 
Riot ! Hardcore ! That guy ! Always number one contender !

The girl walks over and sits in his lap *

Girl : 
You want the hardcore title daddy ?

*He pulls her closer licks neck then bites her .*

Matsumoto : 
No pain game strong style !