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Live from Charlotte, North Carolina


Molly is sitting in the corner smoking while Matsumoto is drinking .Molly offers Matsumoto a pull and he pushes it away

Matsumoto : 
Woman I number one contender for tag team titles .......... always!Must keep focus !

Molly giggles and falls off chair

Molly : 
Well I'm the bombshell queen and smoking hasn't messed with my mind at all .

Matsumoto : Always number one ...............

pauses and looks replay of Leon winning the hardcore title from last week's Riot .Then he takes another drink

Matsumoto : 
Always number one contender hardcore title !


Good Evening Ladies and Germs... we are live in Charlotte, North Carolina for tonights episode of OCW Riot. I'm Charles Scaggs, here at ringside with my broadcast partner Al Poling... and partner - tonight is shaping up good

Good, bad, indifferent. Lets watch Leon lose his title

Not just yet, but thats coming up later on tonight. Lets take it backstage to the Clark Effect with Tobin Frost.




The camera pans in to a make shift interview room somewhere in the arena. There, on separate couches, sits Stacy Clarke with “T-Plex” Tobin Frost. Tobin, for the first time in recent memory, is dressed in a grey suit, white polo, and blue tie. This is a big departure from the typical Tobin Frost sweat suit that he tends to wear every time he’s not in the ring. 

Stacy: Thank you for joining me here on The Clarke Effect, with me today is former Television Champion and current Rookie of the Year Tobin Frost. Thanks for sitting her with me today Tobin.

Tobin: No problem Stacy, I’m happy to be here.

Stacy: I have to ask what is going on with the suit. It’s not your typical style but I like it. Is that a product of your apprenticeship with Nate Ortiz.

Tobin: Yes Stacy it is. He’s just be talking to me about my presentation as a whole along with my ring work. There is a time for me to be in my sweats, but there is also a time where I need to look professional. More than anything it’s to show the kids how they should be dressing in certain environments.

Stacy: Interesting, can you elaborate more on your relationship with Nate?

Tobin: Basically it’s like this. I was stuck in a bit of a rut getting down on myself and on a path becoming a man that I wouldn’t be proud to be. Just when I was going to reach my breaking point he put his hand out to help me out. He’s become an advisor for me as I continue my career, he’s done and seen it all, and he’s a great resource for me to get where I want to be.

Stacy: What’s one piece of advice that he’s given you that you can share right now.

Tobin: Hmm, I guess he’s taught me that even in defeat you can learn a great deal about yourself. It’s easy to be happy and content when things are going well. But it’s the true test of your character when things get hard. It is these times that really separate the men from the boys.

Stacy: Alright Tobin, we are going to switch topics now. I have to know what the deal is with you talking to yourself.

Tobin: It’s just one of those things that I do to keep myself calm. You see throughout my life the only person I’ve ever had to count on and confide in was myself. I didn’t have that person who I could spill my heart out to. It may seem crazy but talking to myself keeps me sane. In all honesty Nate’s been the first person in a really long time that I’ve been able to talk to trust that they weren’t going to turn around and stab me in the back.

Stacy: Well Tobin, now is the portion of the interview where I will ask you some fan questions. The first one is how often do you workout and what do you eat?

Tobin: Well I work out Monday-Friday two times a day. I take Saturday and Sunday off to recover. As far as my diet it’s no fast foods, mainly consisting of veggies, chicken, fish, and brown rice. I’ll cheat with a steak every once in a while.

Stacy: What is your favorite match you’ve had in OCW?

Tobin: I think it has to be Wrestlution. Even though it hurts me in my gut to thing about it. I know I gave my absolute best in that match but it was just not to be on that night. The fact that we garnered Match of the Night honors for that match shows that my peers and the fans alike feel that we put on one hell of a contest.

Stacy: Ok Tobin last question. What is next for Tobin Frost?

Tobin: Stacy I don’t know what’s next for me. I’ve said it time and time again that I want to become OCW Champion and make it to the Hall of Fame. That’s going to take years of hard work and I have the time. All I can do is train and put down whoever is put in front of me. That’s the goal now and until the time I finally hang up my boots. So for now what’s next is Summercide and Jame Rose. He’s a former Tag Team champion, and I plan on giving him hell and positioning myself for a bigger contest at September 2 Remember.

Stacy: Well thank you for this interview Tobin. Is there anything you would like to say before we end this interview.

Tobin: I just want to say that I plan to give it my all every time I step between those ropes. I plan to represent the best of OCW, both in and outside of the ring. I’m the Human T-Plex Machine. I am Tobin Frost.

The scene fades to a shot of Tobin and Stacy.


The camera pans to the announce team.


Tobin bringing the intensity there - a future OCW Champion?

I would love for that to be the case Scaggs - but the guy is boring. Boring. Grey. Awful. Mediocre. I'm going to coin "I'm Tobin Frost'd" when its boring out here. You dig?

That's highly disrespectful...


We find ourselves backstage where Paul Pugh is standing around deep in conversation with somebody out of the camera shot. He's holding the World Title in his hand and wildly waving a hand

Pugh: So you see Justin... That's how I became World Champion...

The man off camera mumbles something

Pugh: and would you like to know why I'm World Champion?

A member of the production team interupts Pugh

Production Jeff: Sorry Mr Pugh, you're up after the next match...

Pugh looks at Jeff, aghast

Pugh: Do you mind? I'm regaling Justin Raze here with stories from the trenches

Pugh points towards the man off camera as our view also turns. Standing in front of Pugh is a man - somebody who we've never seen before. One thing is for certain however, he definitely isn't Justin Raze

Jeff: That's not Justin Raze sir...

Pugh double takes at Jeff

Pugh: Of course it is. Look at him. Awful tattoos, generic dog tag, an unquenchable desire to be in the same place as the World Champion... some sort of... is that a gauntlet watch?

Pugh grabs the mans watch

Pugh: Casio. Its a Casio. So who the hell are you?

Before the man can answer Pugh interupts him

Pugh: Nevermind, I've got business to attend to... John... take me to the ring

Jeff: Jeff... Its Jeff.

Pugh: I don't care, lets go insult Mugen on live TV



Lacey vs Molly



Jim Black stands in the back with K.Dangelo

Jim Black : 
It's Jim Black with The Alpha K.Dangelo !Tonight you go against the current North American champion and long time rival Jacob Trance ,what are your thoughts going into the match ?

K.Dangelo : 
Yeah Trance is really catching me at the wrong time .I've been having personal issues away from the ring and thanks to Mania I've learned to channel that into what I do in the ring .

Jim Black : What about your ex stable mate Sean McGee as ref ?

K.Dangelo : There is no love loss between us but I think he's more focused on getting his title back than our beef . Let's just say this Jim I'm in a very ultra violent mood and Trance and possibly McGee could be in some serious trouble !