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Live from Memphis


Good Evening Ladies and Germs... welcome to Memphis for tonight's 351st episode of OCW Riot!

Its an awful night for wrestling Scaggs... they ruined OCW. YOU RUINED IT

Pull yourself together partner... its time for our new World Champion.





Your new OCW World Champion stands in the centre of the ring as the adulation of the capacity crowd rains down on him. Clearly enjoying the moment, Pugh cracks a huge smile, and leans up against the ropes, trying to conduct further cheers from the fans. A PUGH PUGH PUGH chant starts up as Pugh unhooks the title belt from his waist and hoists it above his head. He then summons a production technician over, asking for a microphone.

As the crowd anticipate him speaking, Pugh drops to the floor and places the title belt on the floor with him, leaning it against the strap, so the faceplate faces him as he sits cross legged on the canvas.

Pugh: … Eight. Years.

Pugh pauses as he looks deep into the centre plate of the most coveted championship in e-wrestling.

Pugh: Eight Years of struggle… adversity… tough training, even tougher breaks… and finally. It came true…

The crowd bring another Pugh chant forth as he continues to speak

Pugh: Not a wish, a dream… no it was a destiny. See, the second I laced up my first pair of boots and wandered into this place that I call home

He points to the four sides of the ring

Pugh: … I knew I would one day be on top of the wrestling world. An unwavering self-confidence… bordering on the insane – an ego…

He pauses and tries to illicit a “Hey Kid Ego” singalong from the crowd

Pugh: …like nobody else. Why though? Why am I so special? What makes me the chosen one? What makes me the World Champion? Shall I let you in on a little secret? The answer is simple… the Ego. The Ego… The Ego.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why does he keep saying ego? I have absolutely no idea, but I’m the World Champion, I don’t have to make sense…

Pugh grins a huge grin as he checks his reflection in the title belt again.

Pugh: So after years of telling you all how good I am – finally I’m recognised. Finally I got what I deserved. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t some trip. This isn’t me raging against the machine. This is me thanking each and every one of you for helping me on this journey… You guys – my Pugh Crew… my Egomaniacs… This title win was for you…

The crowd pop big for Pugh’s dedication to them

Pugh: Now – onto business. Dimsmore.

Pugh hops up to his feet, seizes the title belt from the floor and slings it over his shoulder.

Pugh: I know you’re back there… watching – waiting. Know this. I’m ready for you – Always ready for you. No matter what you’ve got planned… I will be prepared and I will retain this. See Dimsmore… hell – everybody else back there…

Pugh turns to face the stage

Pugh: Matsuda… Dupree… Trance… McGee… Storm… Leonheart… KD’Angelo… whoever else has designs on my beautiful Championship – consider this your notice. Consider this me setting a line in the sand. No matter who you are – no matter what you think you can do, you step over this line – you challenge me for my title… and you will fall to me. You will fall because you are not as talented in this ring… you’re not as charismatic on this microphone… you’re not as OVER WITH THESE FANS as yours truly… you will fall. Crumble under my boot. Collapse under my Ego.

Pugh looks directly into the camera

Pugh: …so whoever wants it… you know exactly where I’ll be – in this ring, stealing the show, running my mouth and looking fantastic doing it. I am Kid Ego… the king of the mountain and the reason every single person bought a ticket tonight… and I’m waiting for you if you think you’ve got what it takes.

???: Oh really…

Pugh turns back towards the stage area where a shrill voice has interrupted him. As a camera zooms in, we see the Amazing Ari Brookstone casually sashaying onto the stage, flanked by his men, Mugen and KD.

Ari: Mr Pugh… If I may be so bold as to remind you of something. Less than two weeks ago, you found yourself on the end of a… shall we say “pasting” at the hands of my client Mugen. As far as I’m concerned Mr Pugh… that gives us certain rights – leverage if you will…

Pugh immediately shakes his head

Pugh: …I’ll give you a hand here, because we’re already running over. Is it Mugen or KD that thinks they can beat me?

Ari: Oh contraire Mr Pugh… I’m not here to thrust Mugen at you just yet – see, I’m a man who enjoys a wager… how about you Mr Pugh?

Pugh: I’ve been known to…

Ari giggles a little

Ari: Well of course you have… So would you like a little flutter… as they say on the other side of the pond?

Pugh: I’m listening…

Ari: …now Sir… as Hardcore Champion, you referred to yourself as a “fighting champion”… I presume this is still the case?

Pugh: Naturally…

Ari: So… here’s my idea… You have a match with Mr Tobin Frost this evening… a handsome man in an even handsomer singlet if I may say… nevertheless, you have this match… My idea – if you are able to win this match… My client Mr KD’Angelo will face you at Summercide for the World Title…

Pugh smiles

Pugh: Ha… Lemme guess… if I lose, Mugen gets a title match?

Ari shoots a dagger at Pugh

Ari: You’re very rude Mr Pugh… do you know that? As I was saying… however… if you’re unable to win against Mr Frost… then my friend Mugen gets a chance at your title…

Pugh: …and you think I’m going to agree to this?

Ari: See Sir… you’re something of an egomaniac… you calling yourself a “Fighting Champion” smacks of desperation to impress people – you can’t help yourself. A few minutes ago, you basically offered an open challenge… so consider it accepted… but the fun part is… by whom?

Ari nods as Mugen and KD look on

Pugh: You know what Ari? I like your balls…

Ari puts his hand to his mouth, aghast

Pugh: …you’re right – I’m a fighting Champion. Consider your challenge… challenges accepted. KD – I look forward to breaking your skull open at Summercide, because there is no way I’m losing to Tobin tonight…

Ari: …excellent… Mr Mugen… Mr KD… we have work to do  - Mr Pugh… good luck in your match tonight.

He smiles

Ari: You’ll need it.

The scene fades as Pugh’s music plays around the arena


The camera pans to the announce team.


Huge news there to kick off Riot.

I like that Ari guy... him and his boys are ok by me

I'm sure they are... but I think we need to take it backstage.

The scene starts backstage with OCW Backstage Interviewer Stacy Clarke preparing for her next interview. All of a sudden we hear a loud yelling from around the corner....


The camera turns to the corner as we see an overly excited Molly running around with an OCW World Heavyweight Championship replica belt. The replica belt is barely recognizable as it has been painted completely in blue and splattered with glitter all over it. Molly starts dancing in a circle around Stacy as she continues to lift the belt up and down.


Stacy: Um, Molly, you are aware that you did not win last week. Correct?

Molly: Oh are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure I won out there.

Stacy: Unless I was watching a different match, I'm pretty sure you were pinned, 1-2-3.

Molly: Reaaaaaaally? Because I'm pretty sure I won for being most awesomest bombshell in all of OCW.

Molly starts dancing again. Suddenly the lights for the interview area are flickering on and off.


The camera turns around to reveal that Matsumoto has been standing next to the light fixtures, turning them on and off. Molly takes out a pair of glowsticks from her pockets and cracks them open. She hands one to an extremely confused Stacy Clarke. 


Molly continues to chant "PARTY" as she starts dancing away from the interview area. The scene fades away as we see Molly getting prepared for her matchup tonight.



Odessa Ebony vs Molly



This segment was previously recorded early Tuesday morning. We are inside OCW Headquarters in NYC. With just 2 days removed from Riot 350 the place is as hectic as ever. Also with Summercide on the horizon everyone in the building is extremely busy. There's not even small talk going on in the lobby or Starbucks coffe shop located inside the facility.

Office clerks, managers and all sorts of personel scurry about as Roofus Ruckusington The THOID stands a mist the chaos. Not too far from Roofus is the former OCW Champion, Tiberius Dupree. His hair is all disheveled, and his "FREE MY HERO" shirt is stained with what looks like mustard (again). He also appears to be wearing a pair of identical left dress shoes and his slacks have a slight tears near the ankles. 

Roofus goes to retrieve his employer before security gets a hold of him. Roofus somehow lures the deranged Tibby to the elevator. They now occupy a lift with an attractive blonde woman on her iphone, and older gentleman texting away on a classic blackberry. It's not long before Tibby has an outburst...

Dupree: What floor is he on?! Answer me lady...huh?! What floor damn floor is he on?!

As Tibby gets in the woman's face, as Roofus tries to intercede.

Roofus: Roothus so sorry miss. Mistah not havin' good day.

Dupree: She knows something...I can see it in her eye! Her third eye!

The women retreats to the corner of the elevator, nudging the elderly man.

Roofus: Stop it mistah, your scaring the lady.

Dupree: She should be scared, everyone should be scared....

Tibby finally lets up from verbally assaulting the woman, and turns his attention to the older gentleman.

Dupree: You look like you were in the Golden Era...

Tibby gets closer to the man.

Dupree: Are you texting him right now?! Your warning him aren't you!

The old man doesn't pay Tibby no mind as he continues to attack.

Dupree: Don't ignore me, you cannot ignore BETTERNESS, let me see that!

Tibby snatches the blackberry from the old man's hands, he fiddles with it for a few seconds to tosses it back and gives the old man a disgusting look.

Dupree: That's just horrid, disgustingly horrid, you should be ashamed of yourself. Those poor baby gerbils, you sicken my betterness!

Dupree begins to dry heave grabs the old man by the collar and coughs in his face repeatedly. The old man struggles free just as the doors open for his floor. The young woman also flees out the elevator leaving only Tibby and Roofus.

Roofus: Mistah you need to calm down, we gun get in trouble.

Dupree: We're already in trouble genius, just look at the situation... OUR HERO has to defend his pudding on a daily basis. OUR Villian is starving to death in a dungeon somewhere. Worst of all...worst of all...

Tibby immediately bursts out in tears and stumbles backward to the corner of the elevator. Through his tears he murmurs...

Dupree: my precioussssss...

Roofus pulls out his Nate Ortiz custom embroidered hankercheif and hands it to Tibby. He blows snot and tears all over it then hands it back to Roofus.

Dupree: my precioussssss....

Roofus: It'll be okay mistah, we're almost there.

The camera fades just as the elevator doors open.