OCWFED.com Presents Riot 350





Live from New Orleans Arena

New Orleans , Louisiana


Good Evening Ladies and Germs, and welcome to Louisiana for tonights Three Hundred and Fiftieth Episode of OCW Riot. I'm Charles Scaggs, ringside with my co-commentator Al Poling...

Great to be here Scaggs... and by great I mean terrible. Get it? Its called a bait and switch.

I get it partner... Tonight's festivities boast a Future Investment match, and no fewer than three title matches... but first - lets join our host, OCW Hall of Famer... Nate Ortiz





Nate plays to the crowd taking his the moments of his returns to what he calls his home away from home. It’s been a long time and Nate as well as the crowd appreciates the moment that is taking place. The ring announcer hands Nate a mic and he begins to speak but the cheers just get louder. Even if he had said a word it would have been inaudible because of the crowd noise.

Nate! Nate! Nate!

The OCW Hall of Famer just shakes his head in admiration of the crowd an motions for them to quite down. At first the ignore his please but eventually the thousands of fans in attendance settle into there seats, ready to hear what the Franchize has to say.

Welcome to Riot 350!

The crowd explodes in cheers and Nate has to motion for the crowd to quite down again. They take a moment before quieting down again.

350 episodes is a lot. This is the longest running show in all of OCW. It has outlasted Animosity, Asylum, Crisis, Turmoil, Sinful Saturday, and Ambition. Wrestlution is the biggest event we have to offer, but Riot is the heart beat that pushes us on to the big show and all of our pay-per views. Tonight is going to be a special night. We have a stacked card planned for you tonight. We have the Bombshells in action.

The men in the crowd cheers.

We have a few grudge matches taking place tonight that are sure to entertain you. You are also going to get some huge title matches tonight. I know you are all excited to see Jacob Trance (Boos ring down) take on Sean McGee (a mixture of boos and cheers ring down) will fight for the North American championship!

The crowd cheers and quiets down as Nate continues.

We also have the return of the Future Investment match. This match has launched the careers of Hall of Famers like RD Money, Mad Michael Morrison, and Leonheart who all went on to do great things after winning that brief case. If that doesn’t get you pumped for tonight we have an OCW Championship match. As Kid Ego Paul Pugh(crowd cheers) challenges Tiberius Dupree (boos rain down.)

Nate doesn’t stop the crowd as they boo the OCW Champion.

These matches tonight will only add to the rich history of Riot. A history that has seen friends become bitter enemies, championships change hands, and men make deals with devils. I can remember sitting at home and seeing Nick Kage defeating Sideshow the Klown in The Cell to win his first OCW championship. Or AJ Phoenix getting screwed out of the championship by Majin. I can look back at the first time I faced Guy Fausto for the OCW Championship in a best 2 out of 3 Falls match. Back when Guy was new to this company. It has been a long road to reach this milestone. Each episode has been part of a puzzle that still won’t be complete after the night is over.

The crowd claps at Nate comments.

Since I’m out here I guess I should address the man who created this show and this place. He refers to himself as “Our Hero”. Well he’s no hero of mine, but he is my father in-law. I’m disappointed that he’s in the situation he’s in not because of the history we have here. Lord knows all of the times he’s cheated me or stabbed me in the back. I’ve forgiven him for those past transgression. But I’m disappointed because I have to sit and explain to my daughter why pop pop hasn’t been over to see her. No man wants to explain that to his child. He is my family, but he has to pay for his sins. Every action has its consequence.

Nate: Speaking of consequences, I was watching last week and I heard everything that the OCW Champion has to say about myself and my wife. I’m go…

Nate is cut off as "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" by Fall Out Boy blasts over the PA system. The OCW World Champion, Tiberius Octavius Dupree and his intellectually imbalanced bodyguard Roofus Ruckusington The THOID appear on the entrance ramp. With a mic in his hand the World Champ walks and talks his way to the ring.

Your gonna what?!

The fans immediately start a brief 'WOT' chant.

Dupree: Your gonna do nothing, exactly like your doing now. OUR HERO, YOUR FATHER is...

Nate abruptly cuts him off.

He's not my father.

Roofus holds the ropes open for Tibby to climb through.

Dupree: By law he gave birth to you damnit, he's your father!

Nate: Are you slow or something?!

Behind Tibby we see Roofus give Nate an affirmative nod.

He's not my father, he's my FATHER IN LAW. Before you say something else stupid let me finish what I was saying before you rudely interrupted me.

Tibby and Nate stand face to face, Roofus is overly excited about the situation. Jumping up and down like a energetic cheerleader.

If you ever try to slander my wife’s name again I will kick your ass!

The crowd cheers at the thought of Nate beating up Tibby.

Whatever issues you have had with my wife are done. I’m here. You can say whatever you like about me. Talk about me turning my back on Jaysin. He turned his back on me years ago when I held that piece of gold that you hold right now. You want to call yourself the true Son of Senation go for it. Because I am the true Son of OCW! I help build this place standing under these bright lights mopping the floor with chumps like you.

Tibby isn't really listening, instead he's flirting with his OCW Championship. He then realizes Nate's finished and stands alert.

Whatever, NATHAN, it is Nathan isn't it?

He doesn't wait for a reply and begins to strut slowly around the ring.

Dupree: OUR HERO, was framed by Guy Fausto and Future Unlimited. Do you seriously think a Hispanic millionare could go one day without paying taxes in this overrun piss pot you call a country? I think not, therefore he was framed...

Dupree: You really don't get it do you. This is a conspiracy against my Betterness, your father's Sensationalness, even Matsuda's Overness. This goes deeper than the vagina of a Parkersaurus, this is monumental stuff Nathan, monumental!

Nate: You just as delusional and crazy as he is. Are you going to make a point, we don't have all night.

Dupree: Figures you say something like that. It's a shame my genius...excuse me...my BETTERNESS is often misunderstood by those lacking in the intelligent department, this includes yourself.

Dupree: And we do have all night, this is the 350th episode of Riot, my Betterness has a infinite timeline, respect it!

Nate gets directly in Tibby's face.

Respect is earned not given. You can shout respect it all you want. I’ll tell you right now I don’t. I don’t recognize this Betterness, Buffness, Awesomeness crap that you guys are spewing out every week. I do respect Greatness…

The crowd pops at the mention of RD Money.

You are talking to the most decorated OCW Champion in the history of this company. I am the torchbearer for the Golden Era. I am the host of Riot 350 so respect that mutt.

The crowd pops again at the use of one of RD Money’s old catchphrases.

Mutt? cute...Why are you the host anyway, I should be the host. I'm the one who hasn't missed a Riot in nearly three years, I'm the one who ushered in a new era and saved OCW from falling into obscurity, most of all I'm the one that holds the most precious possession in the world...the OCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tibby holds up the OCW Championship for all to see. Nate sarcastically claps. He then holds his hand in Tibby’s face showing his OCW Hall of Fame ring.

I have this, this says that I sit in the hallowed halls of the OCW Hall of Fame. That means I’ve earned the right to host this historic show. Make no mistake tonight is my show. You know it puzzles me Tiberius, you keep talking and it seems like each time you speak you forget who you are talking to. You are talking to the man who’s, not afraid to sweat, not afraid to bleed, Mr. OCW, the Golden Boy, The Franchize, Nate Ortiz!

That ring means nothing till I'm inducted damnit, and I'll tell you exactly why...You can be the most boring man alive and get one those rings, you can be a complete scumbag to every person you came across and get one of those. You could even be the most overrated stoner to ever lace up a pair of boots and get one of those...

Tibby pauses for a few seconds.

I used to have respect for you and all your glorious accomplishments but then...Then you turned your back on your family, abandoned the man that made you the OCW's Golden Boy! I have more respect for Smythe DaWonder than you, at least he's Canadian. So until they induct someone like me, or OUR HERO himself in the Hall of Fame, your little ring holds no weight against my supreme betterness.

Dupree: And the truth of the matter is next week you'll be somewhere pushing paperwork making small talk by the water cooler. While me and my BETTERNESS will continue to carry this comp...

HEY KID EGO reverberates around the New Orleans arena as the crowd all clamber to their feet, letting out cheers for the interuption. Tiberius Dupree looks on, shaking his head as Paul Pugh casually wanders onto the stage, and begins to appeal to the fans to get louder.

In response, the arena erupts with cheers as Pugh lets a huge smile break his face. He then starts to slap hands with fans as he heads towards the ring. Nate gives Dupree a knowing nod, and a little grin as Pugh hauls himself over the top rope and into the ring, immediately offering a hand to Nate Ortiz. Nate accepts, shaking the challengers hand to a huge reaction from the crowd. Dupree slaps both men's hands in order to break the handshake

Dupree: No... Not again. Every time! EVERY DAMN TIME. YOU'RE NOT RUINING MY MOMENT

Pugh gives his hand a quick dust off and pulls a microphone from his pocket

Pugh: Hey Betty...

He waves in Dupree's face, as Dupree stamps his foot.

Pugh: Betty... Betty... Betty. Why are you even out here? This isn't about you. This is about OCW - It's about a legend regaling us with tales of times gone by...

Dupree: Legend? LEGEND? Paula what do you know about Legends? You'll never be a legend, just like you'll never be Great... excuse me. You'll never be Betterness... Me Paula... I'm Betterness. This...

He points to the World Title

Dupree: is Betterness... Now excuse me, grown folks are talking.

Dupree turns back to Nate and puts the microphone to his face, only for Pugh to snatch it out of his hand and toss it into the crowd

Pugh: Now... before you rudely interupted me. Riot 350 is about history sure, its about celebrating the longest running wrestling show in ....e-wrestling show in the world... but its also about justice. Justice for the man you injured. Justice for the man who can't be here tonight because of you... my fellow Insider... Parker Stevens

The crowd pops at the mention of the former World Champion. Dupree tries to snatch the microphone from Pugh, but Pugh resists and continues

Pugh: See tonight... that beautiful little thing on your shoulder... it comes back to the Inside. Where it belongs. I'm not going to waste my time telling you how much I know I can beat you - we've been fighting each other for nine months... that's redundant. What I will say is this. Enjoy the next two hours... because it'll be the last two hours you ever get to call yourself OCW World Champion.

Dupree shakes his head and begins to tantrum as the fans start a "Yes, Yes, Yes" chant.

Pugh: Nate... everybody... Thank you for your time. I've been Kid Ego... and I'm the next OCW Champion.

Pugh starts to head towards the ropes and is blocked off by a furious looking Roofus. Rather than entertain him, Pugh just strikes him in the head with the microphone, sending him through the ropes to the floor below. Pugh then climbs out of the ring, and lands on top of Roofus' chest as the scene fades on Tiberius Dupree giving Nate Ortiz the stink eye of Betterness.


The camera pans to the announce team.


An explosive confrontation there to kick off tonight...

Betterness always prevails Scaggs... you'll do well to remember that. Can we get on with the show now?

Lets do it!

Jim Black knocks on the Queen of OcW's dressing room door

Kat : 
Come in !

Jim Black walks in slowly but doesn't see Kat

Jim Black : 
Uhm Kat ?

Kat : Yeah I'm about to come out of the shower. Just have a seat and I'll be out in a sec.

Kat walks out butt booty bone naked . The camera man drops the camera and it's only showing Kat's feet .

Kat : 
Hi Jim would you be a doll and hand me that towel .

Jim Black just sits there shaking his head yes and not moving.Kat reaches across him and starts drying herself off

Kat : 
You silly boy .Well it seems the cat has your tongue ,so I'll leave you with this . 
Tonight the most dominant woman in OcW's history turns Molly into kuang pao chicken. I walk away with my crown, title and chinese take out !

Kat walks away as the camera catches her feet walk away ,the towel is thrown over the lens


The cameras start backstage with the PLUR Bombshell Molly dancing away in the Rising Sons locker room. Matsumoto is seen in the corner of the room drinking as usual from his bottle of sake. 

Molly: Come on buddy! Cheer up! Who's gonna win tonight?!

Matsumoto looks at her blankly and then proceeds to drink without speaking a word.

Molly: Come on! I'm heeeeeeeeere for youuuuuu! Give me a hug, come on come on come on.

Molly gives Matsumoto a big hug but he seems to be in another world of his own right now.

Molly: You are no fun. I knew I shouldn't have given you some of that other stuff I got this week from my friend Juan Pedro. You are in some kind of stupid zone right now.


Molly: BECAUSE THATS WHAT I DOOOOOOOO! Now come on tell me! Who's gonna win tonight?

Matsumoto: You....

Molly: Louderrrrrrrrr


Molly: Yayyyy thats all I wanted to hear! Now back to pre-match party! And get ready for the post-match party too buddy!

The scene fades to black as Molly goes back to her dancing and Matsumoto goes back to his drinking.




KAT vs Molly



The scene opens as Sean McGee sits in his locker room with Stacey Clarke as he begins to prepare for his match with Jacob Trance .

Clarke - BUFFNESS after that attack at the PPV are you prepared to step in the ring with Jacob Trance .

BUFFNESS - Stacey it takes more than two washed up men and their fruity ass manager to stop BUFFNESS !!! Trance should just be glad Im allowing him the chance to step in the ring with me !!!

Clarke - You've been staying away from doing interviews and promos lately ... why is that ?

BUFFNESS - Because BUFFNESS is a busy man that's why .... BUFFNESS has BUFFBLASTER commercials to shoot , BUFFNESS has cerleberty events to attend with important people ... But most importantly Stacey BUFFNESS does what he wants to do !!!

Clarke - BUFFNESS did you know right now even though you are one of the most hated wrestlers in OCW you are also one of the highest grossing wrestlers as far as apparel .

BUFFNESS - Yes Stacey I do know ... But if you want a free CERBERUS shirt just ask .... better yet here .

McGee reaches into his bag and removes his black card from his wallet .

BUFFNESS - Go down to the merch area and get your self and your new born something nice !!!

Stacey - thanks but I don't have any kids !!!

BUFFNESS looks Stacey up and down and decides to take the card back .

BUFFNESS - Good day Miss Clarke !!!

Stacey Clarke leaves the room a little hurt as the scene fades to black.