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The hottest Event of the summer!
San Diego, California

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Summercide 2013 Theme blares.

This text will be replaced
The Official Summercide 2013 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Summercide 2013 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

It's time for the hottest event of the Summer!

Well technically its September 1st!

And it's 90 Degrees outside so it's still summer till Labor Day!

Good point!

We have a great show for you tonight every championship will be defended tonight with the exception of the EX-Division Championship. And in the Main Event. Legend vs Icon!

It's going to be agreat night but lets take it to ringside as we have a Hall of Famer in wait!


Nate stands in the ring and unlike his previous appearance at Riot 350 he isn’t taking in the adoration of the Summercide crowd. The Hall of Famer is all business.

Nate: Can I have you guys quiet down for minute I have some things that I need to get off my chest.

The crowd obliges and quiets to a calm hush.

Nate: Tonight is Summercide, the second biggest night on the OCW calendar. It’s also a night that holds a special significance to me.

Nate: The first three Summercides I battled a list of Hall of Famers for the OCW Championship: RD Money, Versus, Mayhem, Guy, AJ, Leonheart.

Nate:I was thrown off of a cherry picker by Majin. You may have to ask yourself the question, what does this have to do with my match with Tiberius Dupree tonight?

Nate pauses briefly.

Nate: And I will say it has everything to do with my match tonight. Because tonight isn’t just about me getting my hands on the man who disrespected my family, tonight is about something more.

Nate: It is a battle of eras. Those names I mentioned are names from what has been termed the “Golden Era” of OCW. Tonight I fight not only for my family, but to represent that group of guys and everything that they helped build.

Before Nate can continue Tiberius Dupree makes his way down to the ring to an array of boos and jeers. Roofus reluctantly follows behind him.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Golden Era this, Golden Era that. You so called Legends always come back preaching about the Good Ol' Days, like anyone remotely cares. You go on and on about how you built this company, how you made what it is today, blah blah blah.

Tibby climbs into the ring standing face to face with Mr. OCW.

Dupree: You may have helped build the vessel known as Online Championship Wrestling, but guys like me, Pato, Nani and Dims kept that same ship from sinking into obscurity 3 years ago. Before we came on the scene, those same guys you mentioned left this company to die a slow miserable death.

Dupree: We had douchebags carving up devils, flakes robbing banks, bowl cut champions, all kinds of non sense once your so called "Golden Era" died. If it was so golden, it wouldn't have left a sour taste in everyone's mouth. While the Ambition Era, the true GOLDEN ERA, is still going strong and will never die, because it simply has pure betterness as it's poster boy.

Tibby poses, throwing up 4 fingers signifying the Ambition 4. Nate is not impressed by any means whatsoever, he firmly replies...

Nate: Those same douchebags were here when myself and the Hall of Famers ran the yard. I’m a firm believer in the best rising to the top when given a chance. The Hall of Famers didn’t leave OCW high and dry, we stepped aside to let the other guys get a chance to stand in the sun.

Nate: Yes some failed miserably, and I’ll give credit to you guys who came together to keep this ship sailing.

Nate: But there is a reason we are the “Golden Era” and you are what you are, because we are still the benchmark for what it means to be great.

Nate:We are the measuring stick, everything that any of you guys do is still put up against the stuff that we did. Because as much as you want to think you are forging your own path the truth is that all you’re trying to do be what we once were.

Nate points at Tibby and then back to himself.

Nate: And you… you continue to preach this betterness. This idea, this way of living, this thing that is nothing but a lie. Because the truth is, your just trying to be measure up to me Tiberius. You can deny it all you want but deep down inside you want to be held up there with me.

Nate: It’s something that many men have tried to do and they have all failed to do. You too will fail at it. It’s not about all the titles I’ve won, you still have a while to go by the way.

Nate: It comes down to my heart and what I put into this place. There was a time when you had it. I can remember sitting back with Tiffany and saying that you were the next me. I saw it in you.

Nate: For the first time since I hung up my boots I saw someone I could trust to hold up the OCW banner like I did. But then you threw it all away. Now you preach this betterness crap. When you already threw away the thing that defines the best of the best. You threw away your heart. Because of that you will never be what I am. You will never be a Legend Tiberius.

Tibby goes livid, ripping off his sports jacket and throwing it in Roofus's face.

Dupree: My betterness is my heart, and my heart is my betterness! Nobody wants to be the next you, definitely not me, my besticles are far too large to fit into your golden girl panties! Oh and I'll be freaking legendary alright, legendary for being the man that crippled the Ortiz Express!

Nate and Tibby are basically nose to nose.

Dupree: Tonight I'll show you exactly what the Ambition Era thinks of your precious Golden Era. And just because your it's poster boy, here's a free sample!

Tibby pretends to turn away, just to bitch slap Nate clean across the face. Tibby immediately tries to flee, but Nate grabs him by the back of the collar.

He then tries to lift him for the Express, but Tibby reverses and gives him an eye poke when he spins around.

Tibby then bounces off the rope coming in for a swift lariat, but Nate does a hip toss reversal of his own.

Nate then gets Tibby in full mounted punches. Tibby wrestles out of the ground and pound, trying to grab Nate's arm for a modified Kimura lock.

Finally security makes their way to the ring in droves, they break up the scuffle immediately. We see Tibby kicking his feet and spitting on security as escort the two superstars to the back through opposite exits.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a way to start the show.

These two just dont hate each other, they despise each other.

Kicking things off The Ladies of OCW turn it up with the current Queen Kat takes on A-Team's Face. Kat has gone undefeated for the past 4 months, will face be the one to take the crown?



OCW Queen's Crown

KAT (C) vs. Face

Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a manuver!



The X-Tron Flickers on!


Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!


Straight lock!