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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as SEPTEMBER 2 REMEMBER 2017 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS SEPTEMBER 2 REMEMBER 2017 gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as Charles and Al come on down!

Xtron Flickers On!

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Welcome everyone to the final event of the season!


Not so fast! We got a banger for you tonight!

I know it gets old saying that OCW hangs in the balance, but just look at the card!

OCWFED and the lives of those in it will change tonight!

How will the this season play into next season!


Mexico City, Mexico. The sun is shining only partially through the clouds, of which there are many. The camera lowers to show Arena México, one of the most popular wrestling venues in the country, if not the most popular. We see a masked wrestler step out of the arena in a suit followed by an older looking gentleman, perhaps in his mid 40s, trying to keep up with him. The gentleman is arguing with the masked wrestler, who is having none of it.

The luchador is notably wearing a black suit with a gray tie. He walks toward the parking lot as several children crowd around him. He shoos away the children's hands before rushing to his limo and closing the passenger door. The man that was with him knocks on the window. The window slides open and he says something indiscernible to him, which just pisses the man off.

Why won't you just LISTEN to me?!?!?! Years ago you had everything, and now you want to throw it all away because of your greed!

The luchador waves him off as the window closes and the limo drives off. The man sighs and hangs his head in shame. We then see a man in a gray suit/dresspants walk up to him and pat him on the shoulder. The camera pans upward to reveal Drago. The man turns his head to look at him, and his jaw drops.

Oh s***......

Drago: The name is Garth, yes? Garth Jones?

Garth: I....It can't be.

Drago: Oh, but it is.

Garth: Why the hell are you here?

Drago: Here to, how you say, settle the score with your client. Years ago, I was on the hunt for you and your King Tyga. But unfortunately, he run away. Never see him again...Until now. How he doing? Not too good from what I'm saw.

Garth takes a deep breath.

He's a changed man. He used to be all about the kids, used to donate to the orphanages and the like. Then after the news broke out that he came back to Mexico with his tail between his legs....That's when he started getting into the cartels, building his way up the food chain. He figured if he had money and power, that people would finally respect him.

Drago: Can't bribe people for something like that.

Garth: That's what I've been telling him this whole time. But he's a fool. Damn idiot has a family that he hasn't spoken to in months because of this s***storm.

Drago: Do me a favor, would you? He has some kind of headquarters?

Garth: He's got a big real estate building he uses as a drug front. What do you need me to do?

Drago: Tell him to meet you on rooftop tonight, to offer apology, maybe join with him in cartel. You come up with something that convince him to be up there.

Garth: What the hell are you planning?

Drago: Need to teach him lesson. Not just for me.

Drago looks to his side to see several children being disappointed.

All right, just try not to hurt him too much. He may be my client, but we were good friends. I don't want that to be ruined.

Drago nods as he pats Garth on the shoulder again and walks toward his Testarossa.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He is the bubbah, the big bad bubbah!!!

The Bounty Hunter!

The Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Time flies!

It really does!


[Pre-recorded footage]

The scene opens with phone footage shot by someone in the TSA line at an airport. They shuffle from side to side trying to get a good view over the shoulders in front of them. Once it stabilizes you can see the massive frame of Big Ed in front of the metal detector. The detector is smaller than most.

TSA Agent:
Okay, sir, uh, maybe try and lean this way?

Ed awkwardly tries to crouch down and squeeze through the machine, but wedges in halfway through.


The TSA agent has clearly never had to deal with anything like this before. The camera sweeps around to show the line extending behind them... they've been at this for a while.

Just a little to the left. No, your other left.


Ed tries to get back out, but as he does he bangs his head on the top bar.


Agent: Sir please cal--

Ed grabs the top of the detector and rips the display off.


A group of the surrounding agents rush to restrain him.

Sir I'm sorry, but we can't let you fly if you can't go through the machine.

Ed: Bullsh*t! I'm not a flight risk unless the plane loses an engine! Why would I need to smuggle weapons? The only guns I need are THESE!

He bring his arms up and flexes, a smaller security guard holding on and being lifted off her feet.

Sir, if you do not calm down, I will have to taze you.

Ed just stares at him, murder in his eyes.

Go ahead. Give me superpowers.

The agent steps back a little, but Ed relents and stands off to the side.

… Next.

The next person in line approaches the now slightly bent machine. Judging by the outfit and buzz cut used to hide early-onset male baldness, it's Cort.

Cort steps casually into the detector. Within a second it lets out various angry buzzes. The agent beckons him off to the side.

Please come this way, sir.

He complies, calmly. The guard frisks him. Feeling down his baggy camo pants, the guard stops and grimaces uncomfortably.

Is that a gun in your pants?

Cort: No, sir. I'm just happy to see you.

Agent: That's what they all say. Except my wife.

Unconvinced, the guard orders Cort to remove anything he has on his person.

First, out comes the pistol in his underwear. Next, the M16 in his pantleg. Next... two live pineapple grenades. A spork. The Crocodile Dundee Official Merchandise “This is a knife!” Knife. C4 hidden under his left armpit. A copy of the King James Bible. The guard accepts all these with increasing disbelief.

Aaand that's all of it. I think.

The guard stares at him for a solid 5 seconds before opening the bible; pages are cut out to accommodate and old-school dueling revolver. Another agent comes across and gathers the assorted weaponry into evidence bags.

Thank you for your co-operation, but we're going to have to declare you and your friend as flight risks.

Cort protests.

What!? Those were just self-defence items that any pragmatic individual would carry. You think you're immune? You'll be wishing I was there to say “I told you so” when you're stranded in the trenches of Canada without a spork to save your sorry a$$!

The guard shakes his head.

No can do. Maybe if it was 1950.

Cort: I wish! Then we wouldn't have to be in the same line as those people.

Cort sticks his thumb back at an ethnic couple in line.

Speaking if ne'er-do-wells, you have to let us through! We have a match at the big Pay-Per-View! There's no way we'll make it there in time on the roads. Ed slows my truck down by at least 40 MPH.

The agent looks confused.

Pay per view?

Cort: Yes! The big fight! September to Remember... the Alamo! We need to go beat up some people of color folk on TV to prove a point!

The guard shakes his head in disgust.

Yeah, not happening. Get them out of here.

Cort pleads.

No, no, listen. Please. I can get you tickets! For your kids! If a fat, ugly hermaphrodite like you has any!

He's dragged back past the anonymous cameraman by security, still yelling.

You can't do this! This is an outrage! I am going to Altavista your information and leave a flaming bag of fruit bat poop on your front steps!

Ed: No. My poop.

Cort: Good idea. I saw what you did to that toilet in Amarillo.

As he and Ed are being removed from the premises, one of the guards notices the filming taking place and walks up to the cameraman, asking them to shut the phone off.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Why would you carry weapons....You know what...no..just no.

You shutup, I bet you sit down to pee you sissy! Cort is a god dam PATRIOT, and PATRIOTS have the right to defend themselves! even against Air rats!

We kick things off in grand fashion!

It's Bray its Dennis Black and it's the demonic structure known as the steel cage!


Turmoil Championship


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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh my!!!

I can't belive it!!!


The camera fades into a shot of the Las Vegas skyline. The sun is setting over the desert as the neon lights begin to glow welcoming the night to the city that never sleeps. Off in the distance an unfamiliar sight can be seen. It appears to be a man walking from the desert.

The wind is whipping at the tail of his coat flipping it violently. He continues forward as the desert heat radiates from the ground seeming to create shimmer in the air around him. With each step he draws nearer, more detail can be revealed through the shimmer in the air.

Footsteps can now be heard as the figure closes towards the camera. The echoes of them filling the silent void. The silence continues as the figure stops facing the camera.

The echoes fade slowly as the camera pans to the figure. The wind blows the tail of his jacket viciously as the camera pans up and we can see the figure before us is the man they call CJ O'Donnell.

The sand from the desert wind has blown up and deposited a small layer upon the side of CJ's face. The sand is covering the five o’clock shadow that graces the right side of his face. He brings a hand up and wipes some of the sand away from his cheek. His piercing deep blue, determined eyes glare into the camera's lens.

CJ O'Donnell:
There comes a time in a man’s life when he looks deep within his soul and analyzes his future and career alike. This time in my life stands before me here today.

He smirks to the camera as he licks his lips to get the much-needed moisture to them.

CJ O'Donnell:
I stand here before the fans and wrestlers alike of the OCW. I stand before you at the crossroads in my illustrious career.

CJ motions to the desert road before him as he brings his arms up and displays the three roads for all to see. He is standing directly in the fork, in the middle of the road.

Three roads branch off of this fork. One, the one to the right, is a small dirt road. It seems to look hardly traveled. The second is a small gravel road. This one lies to the far left and appears to be well traveled with ruts cut into and through the natural roadwork. The third, it is the one in the center. It is the concrete monster that travels throughout the land.

CJ O'Donnell:
Having torched the paths of the independent federations recently. I have fulfilled the goals I had set forth for myself. In doing so, I have been advised to look for a greater challenge. To look for an organization that is capable of pushing me to that next level of superstardom. I have been advised that the challenges that I seek may just lie within this very organization.

CJ smirks as his piercing blue eyes gaze into the camera.

CJ O'Donnell:
OCW, a talent filled roster of men and women that are respected throughout the wrestling industry. Some of these competitors claim to be the greatest professionals to ever grace the squared circle. They are legends in their time but a new breed of wrestlers want a chance to shine.

CJ begins to walk forward a few steps as he never loses his eye contact with the camera. CJ raises his arms and crosses them across his thick chest. He glares confidently into the camera.

CJ O'Donnell:
For upon my signing, a look of concern has crossed the faces of the many men who consider themselves legends. It would seem as if their lives are about to change.

O'Donnell pauses for a moment.

CJ O'Donnell:
Do they fear the newcomer?

He looks to the camera with a confident gaze.

CJ O'Donnell:
Probably not...but soon they will!

CJ brushes his hair back and wipes the side of his face. He starts walking down the paved road and stops as he passes the cameraman. He looks to the camera as it gets a tight shot of him.

CJ O'Donnell:
For I have chosen the path for which I shall travel. The path that is traveled by very few because everyone wants to be the badass. Quite a daring feat to say the least but I am up for the challenge.

CJ shoots that familiar to some, and soon to be familiar to you, infamous smirk towards the camera as he gazes intently into the lens before he continues.

CJ O'Donnell:
That golden strap that everyone cherishes so much. It is the ultimate prize yet the biggest bullseye and target around no matter who is wearing it. Being the champion you are the man of the moment, the man to beat. Granted, I know what my reputation says about me. I choke in the big matches. I hesitate. I second guess myself.

CJ pauses to add some suspense to his comments.

CJ O'Donnell:
However, in the weeks to come … you need to keep your eyes upon me. I will change the face of OCW. You are going to have a hero to finally cheer for and be proud of.

CJ laughs confidently into the camera as he hopes the wrestlers and fans of the OCW are listening intently.

CJ O'Donnell:
Will you boys of the OCW be ready for my challenge?

He smiles for the viewing audience.

CJ O'Donnell:
Cause I will be ready for yours...

CJ stops walking down the concrete road. He turns towards to face the camera with a sheer look of determination.

CJ O'Donnell:
I shall take my journey through OCW one-day at a time. One step at a time. One match at a time. Never looking to far down the road because when you do you get comfortable. That is when you take it easy and make your mistakes. You don't push yourself.

Dust from the wind begins to pick up and start blowing heavily. CJ has to raise his voice to be heard from the loud sounds of the wind howling in the background. Off in the distance, beyond CJ's right shoulder.

Storm clouds begin to roll into view. The unmistakable crack of lightning can be seen over his right shoulder as the storms grows nearer.

CJ O'Donnell:
You see boys, my journey here begins in less than one month. I know no one thinks I have a shot. That I am just blowing smoke up your arse. I believe and that is all that matters.

CJ smirks.

CJ O'Donnell:
You see I have tasted success and failure. Success is an ever so sweet taste and failure … Well failure is very bitter and heart wrenching. And yet I have persevered!

CJ points to the camera to get his point across.

CJ O'Donnell:
Be on the lookout boys, cause I'm coming! CJ O'Donnell will rise to the top of the OCW just like every good Irishman does! You can always count on an irishman as his word is his bond!

Fade to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Kids locked stocked and ready to rock!

Takes more then a big mouth to make it here! Check the resume, the OCW Trail of Rookie Tears is at least 425 names long!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in the hell!


The scene begins with Wrex standing outside the arena, a drink in one hand and a smoke in the other.

Jim Black Seems you got what you wanted from him.

Wrex Yep.

Jim Black Don't seem so happy about it.

Wrex I got the fight outta him Jim, just cause I got what I wanted doesn't change the fact that finally losing to another rookie sucks.

Jim Black Fair enough. So what now?

Wrex Now, I'm gonna finish this s**t and watch the rest of the show.

Jim Black I mean for next season.

Wrex Oh. Not a clue, can't exactly predict whats gonna happen in this place. Probably get the final match out of Rags.

Jim Black Final match? Didn't you just have it?

Wrex One-One Jimmy, who the hell finishes on a draw? I'll see him some point next season. You know unless he ducks and runs, happened too many times to hold faith. And there is always the case, wherever I left it.

Music can be heard coming from inside the arena out of the pried open door.

Wrex Guess it's showtime. Let's see how the rest holds. Oh and Jim

Jim Black Yes?

The empty bottle is hurled at Jim, just avoiding him and smashing somewhere in the darkness.

Jim Black What the hell?

Wrex That's for being a pain in the ass for a year. Annoying pr*ck.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He ready!

He better be!