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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as SAVAGE LANDS 2017 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS SAVAGE LANDS 2017 gets underway.

Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and the show begins!

Welcome everyone to SAVAGE LANDS!

We bout to tear it up in New Orleans!

Every Championship is on the line tonight!!

And we are being are also being broadcasted on the OCW Network as well as Twitch.TV!

A history making show is about to take place!

Strap in!

Heather walks the streets of New Orleans looking for a nice diner to have a nice tasty water roll and some OJ. It's hard to find any diners here that looks even remotely close to being clean and appealing.

Her cellphone rings and it's H2O. He's been calling her nonstop since her recent hospital visit to his father. She quickly answers and then hangs up.

You're not even worth taking up space in my voicemails. Scrub.

Heather starts to ignore her incoming text messaging threats from H2O. While she's paying attention to her phone a dark cloaked man with a towel over his head is standing with one foot up against the brick wall.

He finishes playing with the toothpick in his mouth and takes it.


Heather freezes in place like a spiritual ghost just went thru her. She turns around slowly but still stunned that her father's presence is her in New Orleans. She walks to the ally casually.

What the hell are you doing here?

Blackout: Same question I should be asking you. Aren't you supposed to be in at a Savage PPV.

Heather: I'm not booked.

Blackout: It wasn't a question! I know you're not booked little girl. You're not pushing yourself enough to reach your goal.

Blackout: Although you established an impressive victory over that Bunny. You still need my assistance to achieve greatness this upcoming year. You're still green. Green makes me sick.

Heather: How much more ruthless do you want me to be? I tricked a man that I once loved. He thinks his father is dead. I'm trying to mentally crushing him.

Blackout: Well he isn't dead. That drug you gave him just paralyzed his all the muscles in his body temporarily. I must admit it was…. Clever.

Blackout: My concern is… Is this the work of those men you're associate with or is this my daughters work?

Heather steps up to her father looks underneath the veil searching for his eyes.


Blackout: (Grunts). Smart. I see what you're doing. What I've been instilling inside your beautiful mind is starting to take notice from those of the most ruthless. But there's more things that I revealed to you that you've yet displayed.

Heather: Dad, I can't.

Blackout pushes off the wall with his foot and presses up against Heather; backing her to the wall.


His voice echoes thru the alley as the stray cats scurry away and tourists that walk by look down the alleyway. They both ignore the rubber necks.

That last match wasn't even noticed on the richter scale. That ol’ Catwoman look alike stood in your way and had the nerve to call you a chickenhead!

Blackout: That other… just buried any momentum you thought you had.

Heather eyes is filling with tears of pure rage as she grits her teeth.

Show me! Show me MORE!, I'm sorry!

Blackout lifts his head just enough to see his eyes under the towel. He grins.

Ahhh, there it is. The fire! (no pun intended) You are half Latina. That means you possess a spice the animals in this fed won't and WILL NOT handle.

Heather: Teach me to bend the life out of these...animals, Dad.

Blackout: In due time my dear. For now get back with Black and Jack. They need their…Angel.

Blackout takes a few steps back and walks away from Heather. Leaving her in the alley so angry and so much hatred in her soul. She can't even breathe. Nothing but negative thoughts run her mind.

How does he do it? How does he get into my mind? Why do I let him in? I hate him. But I why do I love him? He was never there. But he's here now at the right time. Why???

Heather gathers herself immediately even though she felt like she was deep in thought for a long time. She fixes her hair real quick and proceeds to look for a place with food water rolls like nothing ever happened.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a malignant human being!

That is rude of you to say. A man who cares for his daughter you call him a monster?

We kick things off in grand fashion as Dennis Black puts his Television Championship on the line against H20!

H20 has a lot to prove and vengence on his mind!



TV Championship




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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got all of it!


We fade in to what appears to be a large arena, although one without a wrestling ring. Rather, this one looked to be a bull ring, and there's nobody to be found in the audience.

We see the World Heavyweight Champion, Drago Cesar, and his eternal companion Bubba enter. Bubba looks rather anxious and groans. Drago raises a hand.

Don't worry Bubba. If Versus is the real and so is the positive energy, then this will be no problem.

Bubba awkwardly steps out of view as Drago sits in a cross-legged position, closing his eyes. He takes multiple deep breaths and moves his arms around very slowly, meditating. After the positive energy starts coursing through his veins, he snaps his fingers.

This prompts one of the gates to open, containing a very large, very pissed off bull. Bubba nervously gulps as the bull snorts and grinds his hooves against the ground. The bull then starts charging at Drago, emitting a grunt that would even have the toughest man shaking in his boots. The bull gets closer to him as Drago is still meditating.

The bull gets about 10 feet in front of the hunter when it comes to a complete stop. Confused, it tries to rush towards Drago again, but it can't do so, almost as if there's a force field or blockade stopping him. Drago lets out another deep breath as he stands up.

There be no reason to be upset.

The bull tilts his head. Drago slowly walks up to him, and the bull starts whimpering. Drago then reaches out and pats the bull on his head, which causes him to relax completely. The bull then wraps his hooves around Drago. The hunter then pats the bull on the back.

There, there. Everything is ok.

Bubba is in disbelief at what has just happened. Drago releases the hug and the bull sits on the ground. Drago turns to Bubba.

See Bubba? The Savage Lands don't have to be rule by savages. When I'm face off against the Versus, we gonna show him who has strongest positive energy!

Drago: And prove to whole of OCW that world champion does not have to be taken over by negative energy! Power of friendship will prevail over all!

Drago raises his arms in victory as we fade to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was amazing!!

HAH, I call BULL, that BULL was obviously a shill for Soros!