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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Savage Lands 2016 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Savage Lands 2016 gets underway.

The Camera pans to Scaggs and Big Al!

Welcome to OCW Newest Pay Per View! SAVAGE LANDS!!!!

The culture in OCW has shifted, its a dangerous place, a cruel place, a place where Savage rule is law!

And tonight blood will be shed as the fallout of Wrestlution 10 looms over us all!

We got stages of hell, last man standings, hardcore matches, cells, championships, its going to be a night to remember!

And in the vein of remeberance we give our thoughts to the Legend of Muhammad Ali. aka Cassius Clay


The Camera pans to the announce team!

A one of a kind person, who will never ever be replaced.

Respect to true greatness.

Previously Recorded FLASHBACK YALL!

Several arrests were made amid protests by the ‘Black Matches Matter’ group outside of Chicago’s Allstate Arena. Protesters moved their demonstration to Cibo Racconto Restaurant after organizers of the protest informed that their leader would be getting an interview by OCW, the first step of many for the Black Matches Matter movement to be satisfied. Dennis Black hushed the crowd, and most of them settled down. He then adjusted his tie before looking to Stacy.

Dennis Black: How do I look?

Stacey Clark: ...Good?

Dennis Black: Great! Take it easy on me, okay? I’m kind of shy on camera.

Stacey Clark: No problem.

Stacey and Dennis smile to the camera when given the cue that they were live.

Stacey Clark: We’re live outside of the Allstate Arena with Dennis Black and his...uh, Black movement? Can you give the fans of OCW a bit of information on what this movement is all about?

Dennis Black: Change. This is about change and giving opportunity to a man that eats, sleeps, and breaths wrestling.

Dennis Black: For months, my supporters and I have submitted video after video of my short time on the independent circuit.

Dennis Black: Forums over flooded, asking why this man was not given a chance. At least a developmental contract. Numerous letters have been sent in, but were never answered. And now…

Dennis Black looks over the crowd before returning his attention to Stacey.

Dennis Black: The combined voices of this movement have finally been heard. I will make my debut...tonight on Turmoil!

Protesters cheer.

Stacey Clark: This gathering seems very happy for you.

Dennis Black: There are three things I know to be true. The first, I'm walking into OCW as a no name. A nobody. I'm going to win a few. Lose a few. Pull a few upsets, and yea...get destroyed from time to time. Who knows, probably as soon as tonight. I've got an opponent with more experience. I'll do my damnedest to perform either way.

Dennis Black: The second, is that a year from now, people won't speak of Turmoil without thinking of me. I ‘will’ be a cornerstone.

Dennis Black: The third? Well that's simple...Black matches matter.

Dennis turns to face the crowd and cheers along with them. The camera scene fades to black.

The scene shifts back to present day OCW. Dennis and Madison are standing in the middle of the Savage Lands ring. With mics in hand, the two turned away from The X-Tron that showed Dennis’s proclamation from earlier in the year.

As usual, Madison was in possession of the Title and Dennis held a glass of iced tea in his free hand. The Television Title had an exceptional shine while draped over her shoulder as Madison waved to the audience. They replied with a resounding shower of boos.

Dennis raised the mic to his lips, but waited for the jeers to die down.

I lost that night by the way. In my defense, I was thrown off guard at the sight of a man wearing a skirt. I grew up sheltered...so...

Dennis shrugged as his comment elicited some laughs from the audience.

Dennis: January 21, 2016. Turmoil 107. Supporters on forums, YouTube channels, and podcasts helped me get noticed by OCW. I got my shot on Turmoil. Since joining, I have had my detractors.

Dennis: “He’s an Internet darling, nothing more.” Whatever that means.

Dennis: “Too much flippy dookieshoes” they said.

Dennis: “Too small. Not over. He’ll never make it. Too many holes in his strategy.” They said. It got even worse after I lost my first two matches.

Dennis turns to look across the ring at the grinning blonde who was holding the title high above her head. He then points to her.

She felt differently

Dennis points to himself.

“I” felt differently. But more importantly…”

Dennis pointed toward the audience several times while spinning around slowly.

Chicago felt differently. The people that got arrested while wearing my shirts and holding my signs felt differently. I promised the people of Chicago that within a year I would be a cornerstone of Turmoil.

Dennis: To keep that promise I've proudly had weeks where I felt I carried the brand on my back. Even if the only ones that were ever given credit for Turmoil having a good episode are the Turmoil five. The very same five men that ruined Turmoil’s heavyweight scene to begin with...But that's none of my business.

Dennis takes a sip of his ever so refreshing iced tea. He was thirsty, after all. Madison took over and raised her own mic.

Good point, Dennis. In the NFL, the best two teams meet in the Super Bowl. MLB...the top two teams bore us to tears with a best of seven series. NBA is usually the same. Though I'm certain Golden State ends things in six. Shout out to Steph Curry, the Dennis Black of the NBA.

She winked at the camera.

I remained confident that Turmoil would endure while the OCW’s hand picked ‘stars’ of Turmoil damaged our heavyweight title and made our show lesser than what it could and should be. The sabotage of Turmoil was apparent. We’re just small cogs in the machine, so we just kept our mouths shut and chugged along for the most part.

Madison: So I gave up on the Turmoil Title. I told Dennis it was pointless. Why not make sure our title was the more prestigious of the two? With the line of challengers waiting, I say we accomplished it.

Madison: Rather than be disappointed that Dennis was being held down so the chosen few could play hot potato with the other title, I gave you a wrestler and a Championship to believe in when OCW continuously force fed you the same crap! The same guys, over and over again. A seemingly endless carousel of Transitional Champions on Turmoil..

Madison: When it seemed as if OCW was purposely trying to kill Turmoil before it even had chance to take its second breath, he was a beacon of light that continued to shine while OCW would have simply let Turmoil die in darkness.

Madison: But the new Overlord of OCW...our future OCW Champion, is a businessman above all else. He will ensure that all three of our programs thrive, not just one. The tides have changed.

Madison paused to let audience drink in her words. She motioned for Dennis to take things home. Dennis gave her a disapproving look before speaking.

Dennis: To add on to what Madison was saying...I've done my best to give the fans of Turmoil a reason to not be embarrassed by the product. Love me, hate me, or indifferent. If you're watching, my statement is something that cannot be denied.

Dennis: I may not have gone to your schools, or spent much time in your establishments, but I feel deeply embedded in this city. I made my OCW debut in this arena. You cheered me as I entered, and cheered for me even louder as I exited. Months later I return to this city as a Champion. Turmoil’s true Champion. ‘Dennis Black’ was born here!

This caused the mixed reactions to meld into unanimous cheers for the duo.

Dennis sat on the nearest turnbuckle feeling rather proud of himself. The audience was practically eating from his hands.

The big match tonight may be Pugh and Mugen or Kassidy and Jackson. But Chicago knows this is ‘my’ homecoming. That this is ‘our’ night. To repay you for what you've done for me, I will give you all everything I've got in this ring tonight.

The fans continued to cheer.

But Jacob Trance has other plans...

The rowdy Chicago crowd started to boo Trance's name. Dennis raised his hand to quiet the masses.

Dennis: Don't get me wrong, we have had our differences as of late, but I respect the man. He’ll certainly be a Hall of Famer one day. Not many men can walk into a hostile arena where he won’t have any support, and beat the hometown guy. And I have no intention of allowing Trance to be one of the few.

Dennis: Everything I do tonight is to ensure this Dennis Black homecoming party lasts all night. Enjoy the show!

Dennis leaves the mic in the center of the ring and exits with Madison.

Scene end

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Dennis Black showing some of that fire!

But will his words fall on deaf ears? He is fighting the former world champion, that is no small feat!

The lights go out and when they come back on, a giant stands in the middle of the ring, ignoring the chorus of boos and 7 Footer grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

My name is Elijah...

The Boos continue to ring out!

Elijah: Dean! You know the guy that put Jookie Marley on the shelf!!!!!

The boos get even louder!

Elijah: Who needs a JAH ARMY, when you have a DEAN NATION!!!!

Elijah outstretches his massive wingspan as the hate continues to rain down!

Elijah: I don't need fancy music, or an elaborate introduction, you have all seen just what I am about! This is OCW, we take whElijah:at we want here! IT IS THE OCW WAY!!!!!!

Elijah: So tonight I make my debut!!!!!

So I know we have an opening, and you know how I know? we have an opening? Because I said so! So Drake Dauer, bring yourself out here so I can finish what I started and you can join Jookie in tandem hospital beds drinking through a straw!

Elijah Dean vs Drake Dauer

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got all of it!

Word up!


Xander Rane has dealt with many things throughout his life. He's been fed doodoo from the gods for a majority of his life and smiled through it asking for seconds. Why then, was a puppy able to get the best of him?

Argos please, I need that for my match later. Don't play around right now.

Said puppy merely looked up at Rane for a second before going back to chewing on his boot. Growing in frustration as he saw on the monitor his match was drawing near, the Rain Man walks over and rips his boot out of the Mastiff's mouth, glaring at him as he looks up in surprise.

Xander: You're a damn mutt, y'know that?

Heading out the door after putting his boot on, he looks back in curiosity as he feels Argos attempting to pull him back into the room by the bottom of his pants.

You're not usually this clingy, what's up with you?

Leaning down to scratch the puppy's ears, he gets a whimper and lick on the hand as a response. Realizing what was going on, Rane smiles at the little guy and picks him up.

You don't want me to go out there do you? You're worried.

Staring into the puppy dog eyes that gave him his answer immediately, Xander puts Argos back down and sighs, wondering when he'd gotten so soft.

Come on now, you don't have to worry about me! If anything I should be worried your dumb*ss is gonna tear this room apart while I'm out there. Seriously, no matter how hurt Cobra or I get out there, it's for the best. We can finally leave this all behind us tonight, and move on for the better.

Seemingly pleased with that answer, Argos begins scampering up his leg. licking his hand. With a chuckle, Rane pats him on the head and heads out the door.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I ain't buying it, Xanders a dick!

How rude, anyone who likes dogs isn't a bad person. You're just a racist.


Joe Zhivago vs Big Ed

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Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!

An emphatic statement!

Good grief!

The camera pans backstage where the two former World Heavyweight Champions, known collectively as Savage U, are preparing for their match later in the night by loading up on Buff Blaster. It only takes a few seconds for their ritual to be interrupted as their "partner" The Monster slowly makes his way into the room.

Sean McGee:
Just the man I wanted to see.

Monster, who had been walking with his head down now brings it up to eye level, but otherwise does not move to respond. Tobin stands still next to his brother.

Sean McGee:
Quite the streak you've got goin' on there. Starting to get some people talking.

The Monster stands quiet, likely already knowing where this is going.

Sean McGee:
They're saying maybe you're not quite as intimidating as you look. Maybe you've lost it. Just like you lost to Xander..... and Tobin.... and Drago.... and Leon. And I'm thinking maybe it's time that we lose something too as a group. My arms starting to get a little heavy carrying yo' ass. I didn't bring you back here to lose.

The Monster's eyes lighten a shade as his blank face twitches into a sadistic smirk. He remains silent, and lets his actions speak for themselves instead. He lifts his left arm up, looking at his palm, repeatedly making a fist and releasing the hold. Then he holds his arm out in front of BUFFNESS with a nod.

McGee looks a bit tense for a second, but then loosens up with a chuckle and walks past The Monster.

Sean McGee: You're one sick ####.

Tobin moves to follow his brother, deliberately shouldering past The Monster as he goes, the tension there obviously not entirely dissipated by a murky joining of forces. The brothers exit as the scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Has The Monster lost a step?

I guess we will find out tonight!