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Columbus , Ohio

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Road 2 Glory 2014 Theme blares.

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The Road 2 Glory 2014 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Road 2 Glory 2014 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome to Road 2 Glory 2014.

WOOOOOOOOOOO, this is great!

It's time for the rookies to shine,

It's going to be a great show!


As the pay per view extravaganza begins we cut backstage to an extreme closeup of the OCW North American Championship. The camera pans out to reveal SuperEGO, the Lord of the Lariat and Big Mouth Bobby surrounding Jim Black. Jim nods as he’s told we’re live.

Jim Black: Tonight, we witness potentially one of the biggest matches in recent years as a veritable plethora of former Champions go to war against each other in the name of...

Pugh puts his finger to Jim Black’s lips and immediately snatches the microphone. He takes a huge breath and looks mighty confident as his charges join him in a shared smile.

Pugh: Jim. Tonight isn’t about past Championships. Its not about who has done what. Its about here. Now. Live in…

Confusion suddenly sweeps across his face as he looks around himself. He seems unsure, uncertain - a trait we’ve never witnessed in Kid Ego before. He puts his hand to his mouth as he seemingly tries to remember where they are tonight. Bobby Minio immediately sees his opportunity to launch into a tirade as C4’s leader stutters.

He pats Pugh on the shoulder and takes center stage. He reaches down off camera, lifting up a sixpack of Parker Blue Ribbons. Minio then hands Jim Black the microphone, before moving him by his shoulders so that he is positioned in front of Minio with the mic up to Minio’s face.

Bobby Minio: Jim Black! Tonight, here at Road 2 Glory, we make good on all of our promises! I told you, WE told you, that OMG was holding the OCW back, and tonight! Tonight we put a stop to their sophomoric shenanigans once! and! for! all! This right here!

Minio holds up the six pack of beers in front of Jim Black’s face.

Bobby Minio:
This right here is a visual example of tonight’s three on three tag match! These PBRs, they are the perfect representation of OMG and C4, facing off in the ring, and here is the game plan! Gentlemen?

He rips three beers off of one side of the six pack, handing one each to his C4 compatriots, saving one for himself. They look at each other and nod, before cracking the cans in unison, slamming them back simultaneously, before each man throws their respective can in a random direction off camera.

Bobby Minio:
Goodbye OMG! Now look, Jimbo, look at what’s left!

Minio holds up the remainder of the six pack, three beers on one side of the plastic vine, held triumphantly above a confused Jim Black.

Bobby Minio: All that’s left in the ring, the three amigos, the saviors of OCW, the TRUTH. C4! You get it, Jimmy?!

As he shouts into Jim Black’s face, Minio spins, his back to the camera, facing the backstage wall behind them. Jim Black looks on to the camera, his head shifting while he attempts to stutter out another question.

Bobby Minio:
After tonight, The North American Champion, the TRUE OCW World Champion, Paul Pugh, he leads C4 on it’s victory lap through the OCW Universe, as we begin to take back what is rightfully ours… EVERYTHING!

Bobby Minio: It all belongs to us! We’ve let OMG borrow the spotlight, we’ve let Cody Storm carry around Paul’s OCW World title, we’ve even allowed a marginal talent like Tobin Frost to have his fifteen minutes, and this is the two minute warning.

Bobby Minio: All of that comes to an end! After we are done dismantling OMG, if you want something in this company, if you want something in this industry, IF YOU WANT ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, YOU COME AND ASK US FOR PERMISSION! Or else you’ll get cracked like this here six pack! Mugen, lay this bumbling suck up here out with a verbal lariat!

He turns back around, again positioning a Jim Black that looks more like a deer in headlights than an interviewer, so that he’s holding the mic up to the Undisputed Lord of the Lariat.

Mugen: So…….the joke on us is that we are C4 and that theres 3 of us. BUT LOOK, it doesn’t matter, theres only three of them too!

Jim: But…...there’s 4 of them total….


Mugen kicks a propped up wall behind the group down in a fit of rage. He continues to stomp down on the wall prop as he is continuously yelling “3 OF THEM”. Mugen calms down…..sorta… for the moment and comes back to Jim Black.

Mugen: Tonight!

Mugen grabs one of the remaining beers from the 6 pack and opens it up.


Mugen downs half of the beer before throwing it off camera. We hear the shrieks of the seamstresses down the hall as there is beer everywhere backstage. Mugen runs off camera in another fit of rage yelling “C4 OVER EVERYTHING”. Pugh suddenly clicks back into action.

Pugh: Columbus Ohio… Are we in Columbus? You know what? Bugger it. I’m so confident that we cannot lose tonight that I will put this on the line.

He tears the NA title from around his waist and holds it aloft

Pugh: See, I know that in C4, dissention doesn’t exist. Greed does not exist. We are in sync, we are one… but OMG on the other hand? Matsuda is gold thirsty. Dupree is an egomaniac. Dimsmore is still running around with scrambled egg where his brain used to be. Can they actually work as a team? Can they overcome C4?

He smiles and shakes his head as further disturbances come from down the hall as Mugen has apparently started screaming at somebody.

Pugh: Tonight we stop talking and start doing. The Ambition era dies at our hands tonight… and theres not a damn thing you can do about it.

Pugh: You people need to have the blindfolds yanked down so your eyes can see what’s in front of your faces. OCW is sick. C4 is the cure… killing OMG’s brand of careless comedy wrestling is the first stage.

Pugh: We are C4. We are the next evolution of the professional wrestler. We are fast, agile, explosive, we are artists and the ring is our canvas and tonight we open your minds to what wrestling COULD be if you just embrace it. Embrace what we offer and refuse the same tired bullshit OMG, Cody Storm, Leonheart, KD’Angelo and whoever else you care to mention have been peddling for years.

Pugh: C4 over every damn night, every damn match, EVERY DAMN CHAMPION AND EVERY DAMN THING.

Pugh holds the title up with one hand and pats Bobby on the shoulder. With a rye smile, the two remaining members of C4 begin to leave the scene. As Jim Black struggles to wipe the beer from the lapel of his $75 suit, Minio steps back into frame, leaning in uncomfortably close to Jim Black’s face.

Bobby Minio:
Mic drop!

Jim Black jumps as he is startled, and in the same instant, Minio open hand slaps the microphone from Jim Black’s hand, sending it straight to the ground. He turns, leaving Jim Black in fear, as Jim Black looks around incredulously.

Jim Black: Why would you do that?!

Minio shouts back from off screen, his voice booming through the halls.

Bobby Minio:

The scene fades into the next segment


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Does that guy ever shut up?

You take that back BOBBY MINIO IS A SAINT!


The familiar small black car of Garth Jones pulls up just outside the stadium before a small camera cuts on inside the car to show Garth Jones in the driver seat and King Tyga beside him. Between them sits a clipboard with jumbled notes. The camera looks up to show the car pulling into the parking garage before Garth starts speaking.

Garth Jones : Tonight is a big night. The biggest import from Mexico going against someone who wants to take your place as the newest king of the jungle. But you can't let that stop you because this can be a big win. Keep your head together, stay cool, and keep focused. It won't be easy, but it won't be too much of a challenge.

King Tyga : Es siempre un desafío?

Garth Jones : Sometimes I wonder. Also, since its such a good night, I'm gonna let you take my car out there.

Garth takes the keys out of ignition and dangles them over King Tyga's lap.

King Tyga : Su coche? No necesito un coche para aparecer.

Garth Jones : Well, we need to waste as little time as possible because there are plans for tonight starting with picking your family up from the airport so we can't be late.

Garth drops the keys in Tyga's open hand before getting out of the car, finishing the small pep-talk with a small sentence before closing the door.

Garth Jones : Stay classy, but keep ready.

With that, the door is closed as King Tyga shakes his head, pondering what to do.

Meanwhile, another camera outside the car and just inside the garage cuts on to show none other than Drago Cesar crouching behind a small car. Drago checks his vest, and pulls out his coveted net to make sure he has it in his possession. He then puts it back into his vest pocket. He scouts the area before opening the trunk.

Drago Cesar : Tonight I will concoct my master plan! The King Tiger will be occupied with his match, not thinking about the Drago.....Then after the match, he will either be crying to Mama Tiger, or he will be jumping for joy.

Drago Cesar: Either way, that is the time when Drago Cesar will strike and capture the tiger! Then he will take the tiger to homeland, free to be with his own kind! I will be on all the newspapers, the headline will read : "Drago Cesar, local hero!" Now to get into this trunk and start this mission!

Drago opens the trunk and rolls in it, then closes it.

Drago Cesar : This trunk is nice and warm . . . Hmm, is a little hard to breathe in here . . .

With that, the car finally cuts on and begins to move, presumably to the stage.

The Camera pans to the announce team!