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A Scumbag Champion!
Los Angeles , California

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as End Games 2013 Theme blares.

This text will be replaced
The Official End Games 2013 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS End Games 2013 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and Welcome to End Games!


The Work of Future's Unlimited Conglomerate and OCW has been reaching a boiling point. As the acting Authority figure the Ruler of OCW The GODKING Guy Fausto, reign supreme!

All Hail THE KING!

Every championship is on the line tonight. It's all killer no filler as. The World Champion is set to face not 1 but 3 different opponents one of which is his best friend and tag partner Paul Pugh.

Guy Fausto has raised the stakes in OCW in an effort to clean this place up. And I for one love it!

One person we haven't really heard from is Mr.Sensation the CEO of the company. Ever since he was arrested he has gone radio silent.

You know why he has gone silent? Because he is a coward. He cannot accept that Guy Fausto was right all along!

Hitching your wagon to the Fausto Train aren't you?


Actually the reason we haven't heard much of anything from Our Hero, aka Mr.Sensation is because Guy Fausto has made it 100% clear that if any type of correspondence comes from Mr.Sensation it is to be thrown out immediatly.

GOOD! We don't need to read any of that sappy prison crap from the hand of an old crazy person!

Your digging deep aren't you!

I am not afraid of Mr.Sensation! he can't hurt me!

The camera pans to ringside where Matt Bloom stands with a microphone in his hand!

Ladies and Gentlemen please give a very warm welcome to 17 year old Tonya Jenkins of Oakland California!. She is part of the OCW Urban Outreach Program. Where OCW visits underprivileged youth in various parts of the country and gives them an opportunity to shine in the arts!

The Crowd Cheers!

A scrappy VERY tomboyish young lady appears on the ramp with a slight scowl and a microphone!

Matt: Tonya is here to read some Spoken word from, none other than the C.E.O Mr.Sensation!

The mixed crowd cheers, as they are confused by Spoken word.

Matt: Tonya the floor is yours take it away!

Tonya's scowl fades slightly as she tries to assert some confidence and speak!

The crowd cheers!

Tonya: This is from a man called Jaysin Sensation, he calls it "Locked Up Won't Let me Out".As days grow into weeks, and weeks grow into months....

As Tonya continues her microphone begins to malfunction, she continues to speak however.


Download The Match Here


Fausto picks up the mic and paces the ring a bit.

"That was very annoying of her, blocking up the entrance way with her garbage. What the hell is Spoken Word anyway? Rap or do poetry, make up your mind. I'm trying to run a show here...and tonight we will have a show."

He smiles as he leans against the ropes.

"Tonight we're going to put an end to the oligarchy of the Insiders and OMG. As gold hungry savages they are, they will tear one another limb from limb to take Parker's title.

Fausto: They say their going to hang onto their friendships, but when it comes time to make that pin, do you think Tibby is going to watch Dimmy win the belt, or vice versa? Do you think Parker really gives a damn if Pugh gets fired?

Fausto: He'll knockout Pugh just as fast as the other two."

Fausto: "It won't be more stagnancy.

Fausto: Tonight something will change in the landscape of this company, and under a mere month of my hand, unlike all of the sad attempts at Jay to change things.

Fausto:We will have a new champion or someone will be fired, all too simple. And even if Parker pulls out the miracle of surviving backstabbing and his rivals, I will do what Jay can't...end him.

Fausto: He doesn't want to be part of the solution by bowing before my reign, so he's part of the problem. This is what has to be done."

Fausto: "And that's what we want right? Change. Change we can believe in. Just in the past month, just look at all the positive changes Futures Unlimited Congregate has brought to OCW. The Catering tastes better, the air is cleaner, and the trains now run on time."

There's a pause.

"Okay, OCW doesn't have trains. But I assure you, if OCW had trains, Jay's trains would always be an hour late, smell like piss, and always have someone straddling four seats for himself when there's people standing, goddamnit.

Fausto: Versus my trains, where I put a little pine air fresheners all over the place, and I hired some guy to beat people who take too much room with a stick.

Fausto: Also, they run on time. This is why my rule over OCW is supreme, and so much superior to Jay's. How you would run a hypothetical train system should be the first thing you consider in a leader."

Fausto: "Futures Unlimited Conglomerate also wants to give back to the fans. The upcoming three hundred and fiftieth episode of Riot will have something so very special event. Keep watching fans, because the Fausto reign of terror will be the most terrific one ever!

Fausto: Enjoy the show and buy lots of overpriced t-shirts, DVDs, and new today, Sean McGee Bicep Bands! It'll be a worthy alternative to a belt for most of our fat fans!"

Fausto drops the mic, leaving the ring to a weird mixture chorus of boos, cheers, and a faint murmuring of 'Fausto Out'...


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Give me a freaking break!



Kat has been Queen of OCW since her crowning at Wrestlution, and tonight, she faces her toughest test yet... Anna Mosity - can she prevail in this Bombshell match?




Are you just going to keep saying "No" all night?






Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!

She's Done it!

Oh my!



Date: Saturday, July 27th
Time: 9:57 am
Location: 2 miles South of Mourning Wood, NY

We are inside of a large storage unit just a few miles from Mourning Wood Correctional Facility. Inside unit 254 is the alliance known as Overness Meets Greatness. Roofus Ruckusington the THIOD is wearing an orange DOC jumpsuit, Bob Barker's and holding some sort of mask. Odessa Ebony is dressed how's she's always dressed, just in cheaper fabric.

Jurai "The King" Lawler and "Good Ol' JR" Junchiro Ross, Matsuda's Japanese announcement team are both wearing mock NY State Trooper uniforms, complete with a tin badges and stage prop handguns. They continue to point them at Roofus, firing imaginary bullets at his face. Lacey Love and Minami try to comfort their respective hubbies, Matsuda is a tad more compliant, as Dims constantly smacks Lacey's hands away.

The Menace of Nesquehoning is wearing his lucky hoody, blue jeans, construction boots and black leather driving gloves. His Best Anger Friend, Hide Matsuda is dressed in all black lightweight stealth gear, complete with every gadget needed to infiltrate a government facilities. Tiberius Dupree's hair tied into a slicked pony tail, dawning a cheap gray polyester suit, a fake Ghandi like moustache and thick glasses.

Tibby pulls out two plastic NY State Health Inspector ID cards, hands one to Odessa, and pins the other onto his suit jacket. Matsuda then hands everyone a hidden communicator to fit inside thier ears. Dimsmore gathers everyone's attention, they form a small circle in the center of the storage unit. Matsuda and Dupree both try to take the lead, but after a few seconds of bickering, Dimsmore speaks first.

Listen we all know what we have to do, and what's at stake. We cannot let OUR HERO down!

Matsuda: Minions, locked and loaded?

Jurai/Junchiro: YES DEAR LEADER!

Dupree: Odessa, Roofus?

Odessa: Affirmative!

Ah um no...the mask is itchy mistah, Roothus no like.

Dupree: That mask is vital to our plan, you will wear it and you will like it, got it!

Reluctanly Roofus nods.

Dupree: This is phase one of Operation: Zanderbud. Tonight we free OUR HERO, tommorrow we capture the OCW World Championship. And finally phase three, the final and most important, we destroy the NERD!

Tibby, Dims and Nani all exchanged determined nods.

Matsuda: Watches synconized?!

All members of OMG sync their watches and await their final instructions.

Dupree: I know none of us have gotten any sleep on the long ride here, but we don't have any room for mistakes tonight, everyone has to be on their game. So let's do this!

They all exchanged the OMG patented handshake, Roofus has finally perfected it after yesterday's fiasco. They grab their gear, open the large storage door, and Dims hops in the driver's side of a white commercial van. Lacey takes shotgun, everyone else except Tibby and Odessa hop in the back. The two imposter inspectors get into a blue Ford Taurus, they all pull of in unison as we fade.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

They didn't......

OH NO!!!!! NO NO NO!!!!!