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New York City

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Damnation 2014 Theme blares.

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The Damnation 2014 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Damnation 2014 gets underway.

The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome to Damnation 2014.

We have a great show for you tonight. The World Championship will be on the line with Jacob Trance taking on the World Champion Cody Storm!

We learned on OCWFED.COM that the bombshells will be in action. And we also learned that Mr.Sensation has a special announcment tonight that will change the Pay Per View!

The stars are shining tonight so lets get it....what the....


The X-Tron Flickers On!

Download The Match Here

He’s back.

As a huge partisan reaction hurtles down at him from the capacity Damnation crowd, the former OCW World Champion, Paul Pugh stands in the centre of the ring, huge grin on his face. He nods, removes his Stetson and carefully places it on the top left ringpost. The camera remains focussed on the hat as he takes centre stage.

Pugh: You know. They say home is where you lay your hat.

The crowd pops as he looks over at the hat before turning back towards the hard camera and sending an icy stare right down the lens.

Pugh: 20x20. 12 turnbuckles. 4 posts. 4 ropes. One King. One God.

He surveys the arena again as several of the smart marks start up their “Pugh” chants.

Pugh: Always will be. Always have been. But you know that. I’m not here to repeat myself. I’m here because I have an issue.

He tightens up the ponytail that his longer hair now sits in and moves his head side to side, stretching out his neck.

Pugh: No, its not the falling ratings. Its not the state of this card top to bottom tonight. Its not even the fact that you people are sitting idly by and LETTING the company that I busted my hump for fall into a state of chaos… no. I’m back for one reason. Aren’t I Bobby?

The fans pop for mention of the One Man Revolution.

Pugh: See, let me take you back, Riot two months ago - a full month after my contract had expired. I gave you people the best Wrestlution match in OCW history and I was on a roll - until my old buddies hit a little snag. See, Mugen got a little thirsty and decided that he wanted my title - which is fine, who doesn’t want to hold THE title. So we did our little deal, things were said, teeth were lost - backs were stabbed… and then… Bobby.

Pugh strokes his beard

Pugh: C4 was my creation. C4 was MY army. I was the King and Mugen. Mugen committed treason. Mugen had to be put down. At that moment, Bob, you knew what I expected of you. You knew what had to be done and still - you disobeyed your King.

The fans are beginning to turn on the returning Ego.

Pugh: Now Bobby. I don’t blame Mugen for what he did - we had become enemies. But you. You were supposed to be loyal to C4, loyal to me… and yet I found myself being left in the ring - my kingdom in tatters. My army destroyed… and why? Because some chump kid wants to make a name for himself off my back.

Pugh brushes off his shoulders and heads to the corner where his hat sits. He carefully removes the hat from the ringpost and expertly tosses it onto his head. He returns to centre stage again.

Pugh: Bobby Minio. Be careful what you wish for… I’ll see you real soon.

As the fans break into a rapture and Pugh’s music starts up again he spikes the mic - an action of microphone abuse normally only enjoyed by one man in OCW. Pugh casually hops between the ropes and flips the bird and some of his fans before walking up the ramp and out of this hell hole.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

I don't believe it!

He's back!

Buisness has defintaly picked up.

I'm still speechless!! what the hell does this even mean!


We are taken outside to a forest of sorts, and by forest we mean Long Island, as Johnny Law follows behind Drago Cesar.

Johnny Law: I know I ask this all the time Drago, and I really do apologize for it, but is this REALLY a good idea?

Drago Cesar: Johnny. The Big Luke Bear is vicious, aggressive and very powerful. In order to make it out of the Damnation alive, I must test my skills against a member of the bear species......

Drago walks along and suddenly stops. He points right in front of him to see a black bear sitting down, spacing out.

Drago Cesar: There! In order to test my abilities in battle and to prove that I'm ready for anything, I must defeat this bear!

Johnny Law: Oh no......

Drago slowly walks toward the bear, while it is still spacing out. Drago slowly creeps up behind it and after a long pause, jumps on the bear's back and gets it in a Full Bear Nelson! The bear snaps out of its dormant state and starts flopping around in anger!

Johnny Law: I knew this was a bad idea, I knew this was a bad idea, oh my God!!!!!!!

Johnny Law: I'm going to go get a Park Ranger!

Johnny runs off as Drago is still holding on for dear life as the bear spins around, trying to find out where his prey is. Drago looks to pull something out from his pocket, but then the bear grabs Drago and tosses him away. Drago is slammed into a tree and struggles to get up. He looks around and finds that Johnny is gone.

Drago Cesar: J-Johnny......Where.....Son of.......BITCH!!!

Drago barely manages to get to his feet as the bear stares him down. He starts egging on the beast.

Drago Cesar: Come on! BEAR! I'm....right here! Let's go!

The bear lunges its claw at Drago, and even though Drago bobs his head something out of Mohammed Ali's playbook, to try to avoid it, his face still gets a little scratched.

Drago now contemplates the situation, and comes up with a plan B. He runs off, and pulls out his Big Luke Bear whistle. He looks at it, shrugs, and sounds of "C'mon!" are pulsing through the ears of the bear, which angers it even more.

He starts getting into position and running at Drago! Drago looks around and starts running off. He makes several twists and turns whilst running through the forest, but still can't lose the bear.

After a while, he stops right behind a massive tree, and the blind rage of the bear doesn't allow it to stop immediately, which makes him crash into the tree face first! The bear slowly, but surely, falls down and passes out.

Drago lets out a deep sigh of relief as he takes out The Net from his vest pocket and tosses it at the bear's face. Then, Johnny Law runs in with the authorities and animal control services to assess the situation.

Johnny Law: Drago, you're ok! A little worse for wear, but....

Drago Cesar: It was......easy.....yes.....

One of the Park Rangers behind Johnny steps in and starts yelling at Drago.

Park Ranger : Excuse me sir, but this isn't Russia!!!!, we don't go around here wrestling bears! You could have hurt yourself, I am afraid I am going to have to take you into Custo.....

Drago reaches into his fanny pack and hands the Park Ranger a fist-full of Benjamins, which make the Rangers eyes widen.

Park Ranger : Uh, we'll turns out that bear escaped the zoo, yea don't worry we will handle everything else here. You're free to go, sir.

Drago Cesar: Thank you.

Drago limps off as Johnny is right beside him.

Johnny Law: Drago, how in the blue hell did you manage to beat that bear?

Drago points to his head.

Drago Cesar: With my MIND, Johnny! Bears are not very good at the mindgames! Now let's go, we can't be late thats bad, and I need some Icy Hot on my back, very painful......

The segment fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

One day he is going to get himself hurt!

But just not today!