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The Clash 2016


The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as The Clash 2016 Theme blares.

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THE OFFICIAL Clash 2016 Theme

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS The Clash 2016 gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!


OCW leaves the streets of NYC for the birthplace of Country!

We going Urban Country up in this piece!

We got a great show for you tonight every championship will be on the line!

In addition to crowning the first ever Turmoil Champion!

Cant wait lets get it started!

The Camera pans to the ramp!

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Smythe smiles as he paces around the ring, Nashville is raining down boos for the OCW Legend! The arena is still foggy as the smoke from Smythes elaborate and excessive pyrotechnics slowly dissipate

You see that pyro? It's great!, you see this suit? Johnny Cash wore one just like it!, It's Great!

The Crowd boos!

And you know why its great? Because I am great, just great!

The Crowd boos!

Nobodies and Rookies, can't afford that kind of entrance, why? because they aren't great, they aren't Legends, they aren't the hottest commodity in E-Wrestling today! They aren't Smythe D. Wonder!

Smythe paces around the ring, soaking up the discontent, wrapping himself in a blanket of positive vibes, they aren't booing Smythe they are just cheering him in a different octave!!! It's Great!

Smythe: You people love me, and you should, since I have come back business as picked up, look at the ratings, look at the numbers, Smythe arrives and OCW GETS PAID, it's great!!!!............but Smythe isn't getting paid!

The Crowd Cheers!

Smythe: This is now the 3rd Pay Per View in a Row, that I am not booked! Really? Are you Serious Sensation? How do you expect to double your take home? Smythe = Money , Smythe in the ring = double the money. But don't worry I'll open the show for you, Bossman!

Smythe I am the only active Legend on this roster. Let that sink in, I am the only Hall of Famer, still putting asses in seats!, and this is the thanks I get boss? For shame....on you...There isn't anyone that can touch me, I am on a streak, I am on fire. and NO ONE

In the lockeroom!

The Crowd boos

Smythe: Watching at home!

The Crowd Boos

Smythe: Around the world!!

The Crowd Boos

Smythe: Or in NASHVILLE!!!!!!!

The Crowd really lets him have it this time!

Smythe: Who can hold an candle to m.........

Smythe's mic is cut as a small series booms can be heard off camera!!!
The Camera pans to Smythe once more as they continue and he looks on!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!




Camera fading into the back as Jim Black is standing by.

Jim Black:
Good evening ladies and gentlemen I am here with Austin…

*Kassie Jacobs steps into frame, pulling her phone out and hitting a button causing “Marvelous Me” to play as #Marvelous Austin Lee walks in.

Austin holding his arms up in the air as he slowly walks back in forth in front of the camera. Kassie cutting the music off as Austin Stands next to Jim Black.*

#Marvelous Austin Lee:
I haven’t seen you around here lately so I am going to let that one slide Jim but when you introduce me I expect you to address me as
*takes a deep breath* #The Crown Jewel of New York, #The Bad Apple from the big Apple, #The Entertainment Factor #The most Marvelous Man in Sports Entertainment, #TheFranchise #TheDream #Marvelous Austin Lee….. *Looking at the camera* and #The Only Damn Reason any of the you people are here tonight or tuning in via PPV.

*Austin pauses as he looks at the camera listening to the crowd booing and chanting #Austin Sucks.*

Jim Black:
doesn’t sound like they agree with you on that.

#Marvelous Austin Lee: It doesn’t really matter what they think, tonight they paid to see me get in that ring and see another man try to punch me in this marvelous face.

The crowd chanting #YES at the idea of Austin being punched in the face.

Jim Black: That person being Tre Golden….

#Marvelous Austin Lee: This month it’s Tre Golden….. next month it will be another random want to be #quotation “wrestler”. That’s the beauty of #Sports Entertainment it is built around guys like me who can take a no body #cough “Tre Golden” and can still put assess in seats.

The chants of #Austin Sucks growing louder.

#Marvelous Austin Lee:
I proved tonight without even stepping in a ring why I am #TheFranchise of sports entertainment, thanks to each and everyone of you who cheer for someone hitting me and chant #Austin Sucks.

#Marvelous Austin Lee: all the pressure tonight is on Tre Golden, but here is the thing Tre Golden. #The Moment you strike me down in that ring tonight you are only going to make me stronger, as I continue to grow the sports entertainment industry as you become nothing and remain nothing.

#Marvelous Austin Lee: it’s already #Strike 3 Tre but not just for you, but for the wrestling industry. #Chaos is coming ladies and gentlemen you better learn to accept it.

The camera fading to black as Austin walks away toward the ring

The Camera pans to the announce team!

More Chaos!



Ragnarok vs Kassidy & A.C. Cobra

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He came up short on that.

I think he pulled a hamy along the way!


Seb walked around Nashville taking in the sights, when a familiar face stopped him. Stacey Clarke.

Stacey: Seb, I want to talk about the other night when you attacked Jimmy Henry.

Seb sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose and glared at Stacey.

Seb: Can't I be a tourist for at least an hour?

Stacey: Not when there is a scoop to be had, now Jimmy wanted to offer you an olive branch. Why did you do what you did?

Seb: It's a business and you don't get far by offering "Olive branches", He said it was in the best interest of the fans that we make peace and put on a great match.

Stacey cut Seb off.

Stacey: Well the fans buy merch which puts food on your table so treating them to a good match is something they deserve.

Seb shrugged and pulled out his phone and made a little beeping sound.

Seb pointing to his phone: I gotta take this, I'm guessing you'll hinder me later?

Stacey: Ah you made the phone sound with your mouth. Hello. Abbott you didn't answer my question.

Seb tucked his phone back into his pocket and walked off smiling leaving Stacey and her crew standing in the street confused.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

How rude!

Stacy is a pain!