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Allstate Arena, Chicago

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Chill Faktor 2015 Theme blares.

The Chill Faktor 2015 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Chill Faktor 2015 gets underway.

The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, This is CHILL FAKTOR!

You ain't kidding, its freezing up in this piece!

We got a great action packed pay per view tonight!

So lets get it started!


The X-Tron Flickers on!


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Now that's what i'm talking about!

Oh he's ready tonight!


TJ Stevens paces in the ring, awaiting the arrival of his opponent General Justin Raze, minutes pass and still he doesn't appear. The crowd begin to grow restless, chanting about how Raze must have gotten lost or performed what has become known as a "flake."

Without music or fanfare the lights die entirely, causing the crowd to turn on the flash lights of their cell phones, still nothing happens and the house lights come back on. When they do, a cloaked figure has appeared on the stage, wearing a mask similar to doctors during the Black Plague. He crumples in a heap and from the cloth rises Jacob Trance prompting angry jeers.

Trance: So this is how you greet your God... This is how you greet the great redeemer...

Jacob chuckles.

Trance: But fear not, this isn't about me... This is about society, this is about you... This is about how people either come back a hero, decorated, glimmering with awards, or they don't come back at all, given a kings burial.... That's all fine and well...

Jacob coughs, looking forlorn.

Trance: But those that come back broken... You abandon them, put them on the scrap pile of life, left to fight with the demons in their head...

Jacob lifts his head, smiling.

Trance: And that's where I come in... One mans refuse is another mans treasure, I take the ruined and piece them together again, making them whole... Which is why... I have saved another, I have lifted him higher than he has previously been before, created a Demi-God of war... And with him I shall tear this world asunder...

At that, Jacob heads backstage without a further word of explanation.



T.J Stevens vs Raze

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh snap.



We are taken to the ring where the Australian woman, Amelia, is standing by with a microphone in hand.

The crowd starts to settle down as the woman begins to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen...For those of you with short term memory loss, my name is Amelia and I am here to introduce to you...your next champion. A man who has perfected the art of pure wrestling and has become the international symbol of perfection. He has been known as the Prince of Extreme, The Suplex King, The Nastiest Man alive and now, The Online Sensation. I introduce to you........The man, the myth, the legend...




The arena goes black as the crowd can be heard buzzing the in the background. The lights flicker gold and then back off constantly before going black.

The lights then come back on to show Amelia gone from the ring and D. Y. Nasty standing in the middle of the ring to a standing ovation.

D. Y. Nasty: Okay, okay, okay. Now before everyone flips their you know what, allow me to introduce myself for those who were not in attendance. Allow me to remind the world just who the hell I am and allow me to do this properly...eh hmmmm.

He massages his throat and signals for the roaring crowd to calm down.

D. Y. Nasty: As the beautiful Amelia has already pointed out, I've been known by a lot of names but there is one name I have yet to be known as....and that's World Heavyweight Champion. None of the accolades I've acquired in the past means anything because I was never the World Heavyweight Champion. They call me a high signing and big prospect but none of it matters to me until I am World Heavy Champion.

He pauses for a moment as his expression goes dark but the crowd still cheers the international star.

D. Y. Nasty: The admiration of you people means as much to me as trying to figure out how Kangaroos f***. You people don't determine anything. You people mean nothing to me anymore. You people have cheered me for years and what have I gotten for that? Match of the year twice and a congratulatory pat on the back.

D. Y. Nasty: Listen....and listen closely. I want my gold. I dream about gold. I eat gold. I sleep gold. I fantasize about gold. I wake up and see gold. I bleed gold and I am going to do whatever it takes to get the gold I desire.

D. Y. Nasty: It's not a want at this point, it's a lifestyle now. I'm tired of being overlooked because my match was prettier looking and the fans enjoyed it when Mr. 3 Moves of Doom over there gets title shot after title shot.

His expression is now a pissed off look as the crowd goes silent in confusion. Wondering why D. Y. Nasty isn't the fan favorite they thought he would be.

D. Y. Nasty: You people and these people in the back have mocked me long enough. I now understand....it's not about how many people carry signs with your name or how much they chant your name....it's about taking matters into your own hands and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to break people. I'm going to destroy people. I'm going to be the single most destructive force in OCW history until I get my gold.

D. Y. Nasty: And if you get in my way.....pray...because it's gonna take the strength of God almighty to stop me if you stand in my way. So we can do this the easy way and just give me the title shot or....we can do this the hard way, but I must warn you all....you all wanted me here. You asked me to come here and now...

D. Y. Nasty: I'm here and it's too late to regret it because if you should choose the hard way....I am not to be held responsible for my actions but I will send you a "get well soon" card when it's all said and done.

The crowd seems uneasy as D. Y. Nasty has a dark look in his eyes.

D. Y. Nasty: Take this warning. Run. Hide. Doesn't matter...you can't run away from this. Because in the final moment, the story will be over before it begins. This is a battle, you're not going to win. This isn't the beginning of the Dynasty known as D. Y. Nasty. Ladies and gentlemen....welcome....to the end.

D. Y. Nasty: Welcome to the end of crowd admiration and the beginning of a dark day. Welcome to a world wear darkness and hatred rules the world. Welcome.....to.....my world and here, I am king and my crown....is gold. I get my gold or I destroy everyone in my path....the choice is yours.

The lights flicker off and back on to show D. Y. Nasty gone with just the microphone left in the ring. The crowd is silent and in awe at what they just witnessed as we move to his opponents entrance.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Kid's pumped!

He better be he's about to go to war!




Steel Cage Match

D.Y Nasty vs K.D Angelo

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Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!

I don't belive it!

He looks like a caged animal! Ready to unleash hell!

The scene opens up backstage in the corridors of the All State Arena in Chicago where Mugen is preparing himself for tonight's match against Djesus in the North American Championship finals. He looks serious as always during his shadowboxing and shadowlariating a punching bag. Without even looking at the camera, Mugen starts speaking.

Mugen: Djesus.........The Family.........you do not know of what I am capable of when I have my eyes on the prize. The lure of becoming the Triple Crown North American Champion tonight will take me to another level. ANOTHER LEVEL OF VIOLENCE AND DESTRUCTION.

Mugen kicks the punching bag as hard as he can.

Mugen: Achieving that goal would be great, BUT defeating you would make it ALL that much sweeter.

Mugen kicks the punching bag again and this time it actually breaks and hits the floor with a huge thud.


Mugen starts stomping on the prone punching bag and proceeds to jump on it while throwing elbows.


Mugen continues yelling as he walks away from the camera.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in the!




Sean McGee vs Pugh

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

On the one hand Baxter is back!

On the other hand Baxter is back!

We join the world heavyweight champion, pacing back and forth, thoughts flying through his head as he marches up and down, his Family nowhere to be scene, this moment is to be his alone.

Trance: Have you ever given any thought to the fate of your chosen? Have you ever considered the consequences of the path you set them upon?

Trance slams his forearm into the wall, screaming something incomprehensible.

Trance: You have not... That's our difference. I look after my children but you... You would prefer they were emancipated, cut off from love and light... Devoid of warmth.

Jacob chuckles darkly.

Trance: If your truth cannot withstand the flames then it deserves to perish in the fire. Your legacy deserves to burn, your memories deserve to be wiped clean and every last trace of your existence will be incinerated...

Jacob punches the wall again and again, until his hand begins to bleed. He holds his bloodied palm to the camera for all to see.

Trance: Tonight... Tonight I am mortal, for what sport is a contest between a God and a mere man? There is none, but I look forward to showing your precious fireflies that you are too low on the mountain to speak with God. I am the Old One and madness shall rage like a forest fire, but not a false flame like yours Dupree... A fire that will cleanse the world, bringing the White back.

Blood begins to drip now onto the floor.

Trance: I feel no hunger, no pain, no sorrow... And tonight I walk through your fire and I will come out in another world, unscathed.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

All these dang riddles!

I love it!