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Seattle, Washington

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Chill Faktor 2014 Theme blares.

This text will be replaced
The Chill Faktor 2014 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Chill Faktor 2014 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome to Chill Faktor 2014. The Only OCW Pay Per View were the fates of the OCW Superstars are in the hands of you the fans!

This can only end poorly mark my words.

We have an amazing show for you today and as always every Championship will be on the line.

I hope everyone like the Seahawks next week, LOSE!!!!!!


The camera pans backstage where we see The Resident BOSS of OCW Leonheart in his command chair surrounded by all manner of staff and personel.

Leonheart: Today is a very special occassion, tonight is the culmination of my body of work. Tonight proves without a shadow of a doubt that I am meant to steer this company in the direction of my vision. And not because I want to but because I am right!

The everyone nods in agreement.

Leonheart: As you may have heard the old man IE Mr.Sensation he who shall not be named has gone silent once again. This could mean any number of things. It could mean he has been released and he is plotting to be here tonight. Or it could mean he got shanked in during shower time.

Leonheart: Frankly I don't know and I don't care, I want extra security at the door and only authorized personel will be allowed in the building tonight. I will not have that old fool potentially ruin my greatest night, and my greatest creation, CHILL FAKTOR!!!

A lone voice speaks up.

Voice: Sir wasn't Chill Faktor created by Mr.Sensation many years ago?

Leonheart ponders his response for a moment.

Leonheart: Please leave you are fired!

The voice goes silent as a tiny women walks out of the room almost sobbing.

Leonheart: Anymore questions?

Everyone remains silent as they look down at the floor.

Leonheart: Very well, lets go chop chop. Tonight is my big night!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Leonheart laying down the law. Could it be possible thou? Could Our Hero finally be free?

I hope not, we don't need some absentee father here.

We find ourself backstage in the luxurious office of one Dr. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. M.D., where we find the "besties" Molly and Jessica Jessie getting a pre-match pep talk from their dastardly master. Lindsay, calmly stirring a cup of her favorite Earl Grey tea, is sitting with a confident grin across her lips, so positive that her plans would come into fruition tonight at Chill Faktor.

Lindsay: So are you girls ready for your big pay-per-view match tonight? Just think! A bit over a month ago you ladies were sitting backstage twiddling your thumbs at the big shows! It only took a month under my tutelage for this division to make the main card! No need to thank me, my genius speaks for itself…

Molly: [muttering] I wasn't going to…

Lindsay: Excuse me?

Jessica: She said she wasn't--

Molly jumps up to cover the mouth of her false friend, finishing her sentence for her.

Molly: FEELING SO WELL! I said I wasn't feeling so well!

Lindsay: Ah, I hope that doesn't effect your performance tonight. You have a very important role in our plan… I am a doctor you know, I could prescribe you--

Molly: No… no… that won't be necessary! Just nerves I think…

Molly lies.

Lindsay: Very well then. Molly I trust you have your costume ready for the match. As for you, Jessica, I have a special costume for you.

Jessica: Oooo! A special one?

Lindsay: That's right. Because I'm building my division around you--

Jessica: I never learned long division…

Lindsay: What? Shut up. Because I'm building my division around you, I need you to get good and over with the fat slobbery neck beards who consider themselves smart marks. And what do disgusting obese nerd virgins love?

Lindsay hands Jessica a bag, containing her costume.

Lindsay: That's right, comic books!

Jessica: What does the "S" stand for?

Molly: [coughing] Slut!

Molly: I'm sorry! This chest cold! [fake coughs]

Jessica leaves the scene to try on her costume.

Molly: But more important than that stupid costume, how exactly do you expect that idiot to overcome these odds? Kat is the longest reigning Bombshell champion in history, and Anna is like… two dudes! I'm in their fighting by myself in there!

Lindsay seems to not be paying attention to Molly's pleas, her attention directed toward her watch. Suddenly, a member of her guard bursts in the room.

Lindsay: Her resume did say punctual!

Security: Dr. Ms. Lindsay Rothschild! Sorry to burst in, but we just found Kat unconscious backstage! The doctors say she may have fractured a rib!

Lindsay feigns a concerned gasp, and stands to her feet, leaving with the security guard, while shooting a sly grin back at Molly.

Lindsay: I have to go make sure she's okay. Good luck in your match tonight, Ms. Molly!

Molly: [concerned] Th-thanks…?

Molly is left with a concerned look on her face as the scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Wait so does that mean it's going to be a triple threat?

And a Costume Brawl!, WOOOOO, I had a feeling these monkeys wouldn't fail so bad!



Anna Mosity vs. Molly vs. Jessica Jessie (C)

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!


I've never seen anything like that!


* K.Dangelo steps out of his car with a definite smile on his face . Before he goes inside he starts signing autographs .A couple of fans walk up and ask some questions *

Fan 1 : Hi Big K.D you gonna have a sermon tonight ?

K.Dangelo : Well I didn't plan on it but ...........

* Crowd chants Preach ! Preach ! Preach ! *

K.Dangelo :
Well sometimes you have to give testimonies .Gotta tell your own story .I have been under achieving my entire career .Title opportunities and chances to move into the main event I've squandered .

K.Dangelo :Tonight though ,my fate like others was left up to you guys the OcW fans .I mean I could be in street fight which wouldn't be good cause I'm a good ole country boy .Country boys love to fight !

K.Dangelo : Then a inferno match (laughs) .You mean to tell me they gonna put some in the ring with me and their only way out is to be set on fire .Lord help the children .

K.Dangelo : And the last pick for the fans and the unfortunate individual is a backstage brawl .Its allot of stuff back there if I got my hands on I could really truly end someones career .I've already ended careers without weapons then you put some at my disposal .

Fan 2: K.D why would you end someone's career ?

K.Dangelo : Because Fan 2...THATS WHAT I DO!!!!!!!.

Fan 1 : So after this what's next ?

K.Dangelo : Who knows but I plan on giving the OCW fans my all .It was good talking to you guys .Hope y'all enjoy the show .

The Camera pans to the announce team!

K.D is fired up as always.

Yea but who is he facing and in what kind of match?

(Previously Recorded Thursday-Friday Morning)

A man's first night behind bars is the hardest. Especially if your the Canadian Dragon of Unparallelled Betterness Tiberius Dupree who is accustomed to spreading his wings in constant flight.

All because that scoundrel Mugen of C4 orchestrated his incarceration, by stealing his wallet and reporting him to INS on last week's Riot. This whole situation would have been resolved immediately, had the INS servers not mysteriously crashed upon his Dupree's arrival.

After a brutal bad cop, good cop interrogation from two paranoid INS agents, Tibby was transported to Multnomah County Inverness Jail. Realizing he may miss the Chill Faktor, and quite possibly get deported, he soaks in a baron corner.

His pastel purple hair quickly draws the attention of inmates inside the community cell, thinking he's easy pickings. One man approaches Tibby and tries to pull him to his feet, Tibby shoves him back.

Dupree: I've had a very long day, so can you please just let me be.

Ugly Inmate: I'll let you be my bitch, how's that sound.

Another inmate from across the room gets up off his bench and walks towards the situation.

Tattooed Inmate: No lie Butch, he sure is prettier than half the skanks I've seen in Portland.

Dupree: Either of you happened to be related to Parker Stevens?

Ugly Inmate: He's got a mouth on him too...

The two men grunt and rush Tibby, who quickly reacts by delivering a swift knee to Butch's prized package. Butch's buddy lunges a second later and catches a nano-thumb to the eye. With Butch laying on the floor in agony, Tibby snaps the tattooed inmate in a stiff hammerlock.

Dupree: I don't want to break your wrist, but I will. I'm sure we've all had a bad day, otherwise we wouldn't be here. So please just respect my betterness and I'll respect yours.

The camera fades as the situation slowly diffuses. To be continued...

The Camera pans to the announce team!

How degrading.

If its good enough for Our Hero it's good enough for betterness. What is with people in OCW and Prison. THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW PEOPLE!