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The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Certified Greatness 2016 Theme blares.

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The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Certified Greatness 2016 gets underway.

The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!

Welcome to Certified Greatness 2016, Live from Boston!

I parked my CAAAAA and im Ready for Riot, it's gonna be wicked awesome!

We have a great show for you tonight!

So lets get it on! With a special visit from none other than the..wait and see!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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Download The Match Here

The capacity Certified Greatness crowd is raucous as the former OCW World Heavyweight Champion stands before them. He soaks in the noise for a moment before beginning.

Pugh: Thanks to Big Al! for that sterling introduction… and good evening…

He looks at his hand

Pugh: Cleveland!

Boooooooooooooos bounce around the audience as Pugh looks confused. He looks down at his hand again and sees his mistake. He turns his hand upside down – some crazy double jointed exorcist business – and corrects himself

Pugh: Boston?!

He grins as the crowd pops Foley style

Pugh: It’s great to be back here in the land of the Rock n Roll… wait… The land of Peyton Mann… Tom Brady? TOM BRADY!

The crowd is not impressed this time

Pugh: Well goodness. Now that’s settled, onto business.

He holds out his left arm

Pugh: Fixed. As if by magic – as if it were never heinously broken by that giant oaf they’ve crowbarred into tonight’s main event… into MY main event. As if Sean McGee never succeeded in his attempts to maim every white man on the roster… guess what Sean? YOU CAN’T KILL ME!!!

He puts out both of his arms and winces in pain, trying to hide it from the camera

Pugh: I AM IMMORTAL SEAN! I AM STRONGER THAN DEATH. MY ARM IS… What on earth am I saying here?

Pugh: Rewind… OCW Fans tonight… is about redemption. The last time we were live on pirated internet streams a gross miscarriage of justice occurred… a pantomime, a Shakespearian tale of dishonesty, thievery and back stabbery… and for what?


He shakes his head

Pugh: Parkeet… Sean… tonight I must warn you boys… what happened at The Clash is nothing compared to what’s going to happen tonight…

Pugh: See, what we’ve learned from recent episodes of OCW Riot is that without The World’s Greatest Professional Wrestler… there is no main event. There’s no show. THERE’S NO EXCITEMENT! So tonight…

He turns around and points into a random skybox

Pugh: I’m going to bring it… LIVE FROM THAT VERY SKYBOX! See, as I wasn’t scheduled to be injury free, OCW offered me the opportunity to watch tonight’s proceedings up close and personal. Tonight, I see the battle of Cold Stone and Buffness themselves… LIVE IN TECHNICOLOR… HEY!!!

Pugh looks up at the skybox where a figure is skulking around behind the glass

Pugh: Get him the hell out of there… I see you up there Arnerd. You better not be touching my damn minibar! …frigging animals I swear…

He turns back to the hard camera

Pugh: So boys… rest assured there will be shenanigans in your title match, because it’d be rude to have a World Title Match without the real World Champion involved… you know what they say kids.

Pugh: Keep your friends close, but keep your wild animal opponents closer… TA TA TROOPS!

He runs the ropes twice, to show how well he’s healed before exiting the ring and jumping over the barrier. As he heads up towards the skybox, we waves at various members of the crowd, stopping for selfies and generally being a nice fella as the scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Former Champ is here!

I still don't like his face!

Up next we open things off with Shell Action as Bombshell New Comers Wanda and Pain do action!


Wanda vs PAIN

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Thats going in the highlight reel!



Xander and Tre are walking in the back when The #MarvelousOne walks up to them.

#Austin: Hey, what's up #Ragnajob? Mugen #trolled you guys hard on that one.

Xander and Tre look from Austin, to each other, to Austin, and then back to each other before breaking out in laughter.

Xander: Hold on a second there Austin, I don't think you're in the right state of mind after our match. For you of all people to be calling US jobbers? I hit your head a little too hard, ey bud?

Tre: Damn straight, I'd say the only people you haven't lost to are the ones you ain't face yet!

The two chuckle and shove their way past Austin, appreciating the good laugh he just gave them.

#Austin: *grinning*
y’know, it's #funny how I've lost to both of you, and yet the #fans still #love me more than they ever will either of you.

Xander: Yeah?

Tre: love you homie? Love is subjective, they cheer because they know you're still here, and that you're still getting that ass waxed, honestly brother they are quite blood thirsty. But don't worry about it tell Kassie to call me.

Golden slides a slip of paper with his number into Lee’s trunks, The Golden Wolf, and the Rain Wizard turn and walk away still laughing at Lee.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a jerk!

Don't be rude!