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Baltimore, Maryland

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as Certified Greatness 2013 Theme blares.

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The Certified Greatness 2013 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS Certified Greatness 2013 gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome To Baltimore Maryland, WELCOME TO CERTIFIED GREATNESS 2013!

The House That Greatness Built!!! man that hurt to read that.

Um, I am getting word to cut to the Gorilla Position!

Good I didn't want to hear your mouth!


The Camera pans to the entrance ramp!

Download The Match Here

Leonheart is standing in the middle of the ring receiving mixed reactions from the crowd. There seems to be more cheers than boooos in the crowd tonight for our acting BOSS Leonheart.

Leonheart: “Tonight will be the end for one group here in OCW.”

The crowd shout “EH!!!”

Leonheart: “C4 and OMG have broken every rule I have made. They have not just disrespected me but they have disrespected OCW. That’s why tonight this has to happen.”

The crowd again shout “EH!!!”

Leonheart: “The rematch between C4’s OCW Champion Paul Pugh and OMG’s Monster, Patolomai will go ahead tonight and I promise there will be no more shenanigans and especially no ring collapsing.”

The fans now cheer.

Leonheart: “We saw the end to Cerberus last week, a group that I was once apart off before egos got in the way. Now tonight the time has come for The Son of God Cody Storm to do battle with Mr BUFFNESS Sean McGee. A match that everyone has been waiting to see, so you won’t want to miss that.”

Leonheart: “Now then, I have tried everything in my power to bring Baltimore’s Hero to Certified Greatness tonight.”

The fans stand up in excitement as the RD Money chants begin.

Leonheart: “I wasn’t able to do that.”

The crowd all let out a big roar of boooooos.

Leonheart: “Like I said, I did everything in my power to try and bring RD Money here tonight but RD Money as you know is incredibly busy in Hollywood. I did however manage to set up a satellite feed as that’s right.”

Leonheart: “Greatness, RD Money is live via a satellite!”

There are mixed reactions once again, the fans kind of seem disappointed along with Leon but the camera pans to the X-Tron where RD Money could be about… oh wait.

???: The F*** is this? Lord Alfred Hayesheart running down the matches tonight!?

The camera locks in on the swaggering World Champion Paul Pugh as he waltzes onto the stage dressed to wrestle

Pugh: I can say the F-Bomb right? We’re on PPV? Leon we already bought the fu***** show – these people haven’t paid $60 a piece to see you tell us what we’re gonna see. They wanna see somebody get their face rocked.

Pugh continues wandering towards the ring as Leon looks on

Pugh: Leon, since you’ve become "BOSS" of this company, you’ve whined, and you’ve complained, but you’ve yet to get your head around the real picture. You talk about disrespect while you stand out here disrespecting us. The talent.

The fans boo Pugh as he clambers into the ring, locking eyes with Leon.

Pugh: Granted, there’s only a handful of us… well. Four… but you get the gist. See, you’re out here, wasting valuable air time, banging on about some old cunt you couldn’t even tempt back to the Pay Per View we named after him… and why?

Leon shakes his head – furious at being hijacked again

Pugh: …because he probably watches Riot every week – from his home in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND… Where the hell did you hear he’s in Hollywood by the way? I digress, he’s watching Riot every week, watching us all run roughshod over OCW… while all the while you focus on the little people.

Pugh: The Cerberus’ of this world… you know why he didn’t show Leon? No respect for you. Just like us.

Pugh Nobody respects you… The only people who listen to you are people who don’t deserve to shine C4… or even OMG’s boots. They’re not on our level… not on my level… and that – my friend, is why RD Money didn’t show tonight.

The fans begin to chant GREATNESS GREATNESS

Pugh: There is, however, a shining light in all of this. Me coming out here has shut you up – and that can only be a good thing, especially given that in tonight’s Main Event, I will retain my World Championship…

He walks over to Leon’s face

Pugh: …and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it. See Leon – tonight. A battle for the ages. The Mainest of Main Events. The Greatest Match ever at Certified Greatness… hell – since he’s not here, lets rename it. Lets call tonight’s show Certified Ego.

The fans boo Pugh’s ad-hoc name changes. Leon takes in a deep breath and tilts his head to the side, thinking for a moment.

Leonheart: Well… Since you’re so confident about it – why don’t we up the stakes?

Pugh shrugs his shoulders

Pugh: Go on.

Leonheart: Since I don’t trust you – you’ll find some backwards way to sneak out of this building with that title… lets make it No DQ…

The fans pop for No DQ as Pugh shakes his head and looks as pissed off as we’ve ever seen him

Leonheart: What… no witty retort? No attitude?

Pugh: Plenty… but neither you, nor these people are worth my time. I’ll see you when I walk back through that curtain STILL your World Champion.

Pugh holds the World Title high above his head as his music begins to play.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Boss just dropped a Bomb Shell on the Champion!

NO DQ? Is Leonheart crazy, Patolomai is a monster this isn't how you protect talent. Leonheart has lost his god damned mind! this is awful Terrible even!

Well cheer up it's now time for the 9th Annual Rookie Rush! Tonight we have making there Pay Per View debutes, Luke Fuentes, and Bobby Minio.

So a cholo takes on a Minnow? Great!



Rookie Rush

Bobby Minio vs. Luke Fuentes

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a match, that is sure to get the people talking!

These kids ain't bad!


Yesterday mid morning the coalition of Ambition's Finest weren't in the gym, nor were they training for their big matches here at Certified Greatness. Instead Overness Meets Greatness were giving back to the world they previously vowed to conquer.

The camera pans to the busy Arundel Mills Mall located just South of Baltimore in Handover, MD. Nearly 200 shops, various restaurants, even a live casino occupy the massive shopping center. Despite it only being 10:17 am the mall is full of determined shoppers.

No area is more populated than the Santa's Toy Land section located near the center of the mall. A huge Christmas Tree stretches passed the second floor, fake snow and various large toys surround it.

Across from the tree is a makeshift house with more elaborate Christmas decorations. In front of that house is a massive chair, nearly larger than the house itself. The man sitting in the throne is no other than a Samoan Santa Claus, Patolomai. All his tribal tattoos hidden under his custom tailored Santa Suit.

To his left stands Hideto Matsuda, dressed like Santa's top elf, dawning a santa type outfit of his own except with curled boots and bells. He holds a large candy cane like a Singapore slung over his shoulder. By his side is his Japanese pop star girlfriend Minami looking like his female counterpart.

On Pato's right is Tiberius Dupree sporting a tight blue and silver outfit with a ridiculously curved hat. Obviously Canada's version of Jack Frost, farther off to Tibby's right stands the Grinch of Christmas himself.

The Menace from Nesquehoning Dimsmore, is wearing a green version of santa's outfit with cut sleaves showing his tattoos. Most of all the grimace across his face isn't for show. Beside him OMG's #1 Freak Lacey Love dressed like Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.

A long line with tons of parents and kids waiting to take pictures with Santa and his friends. With it being incredibly loud, the members of OMG use transmission ear peices to communicate between each other somewhat unaware to the people around them.

Dupree: I want my cane back Nani, how can I control my powers without my cane?

Matsuda: I must defend Santa from the forces of evil, I can't do that with a stupid plastic toy hammer. Your powers suck anyway...

Dupree: How you figure I'm the Wintery King of Betterness...

Their constant talking is drawing a few stares from parents and children, they still rant on.

Matsuda: You cause the death of all vegetation, forcing people to die from hypothermia and starvation.

Dupree: I do not!

Tibby and Nani move in closer for a picture, quickly dawning smiles from a small family of three.

Dupree: I bring snowball fights and sleigh rides, and missile toes and Christmas trees. You wouldn't even have a job if it wasn't for winter, you wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for winter..

Matsuda: I am not the Cunt4 of Christmas!

Patolomai: Gentleman.

Pato's voice is smooth and calm as he intercepts the conversation.

He started it.

They all pose for another picture as the camera fades for the time being.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Looks like OMG is in the Spirit of Giving!

Yea giving me a damned Headache!