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Madison Square Garden, New York City

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as 9 Year 2013 Theme blares.

This text will be replaced
The Official 9 Year Anniversary Special Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS The 9 Year Anniversary Special gets underway.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

Welcome to the 9 Year OCW Anniversary!!

9 years? its been 9 years? I've been stuck with you for 9 years?

We have a great show for you tonight folks! including the the World Champion Paul Pugh taking on a mystery opponent!

The North American Champion Jacob Trance will be in action!

Tobin Frost and Tiberius Dupree go head to head tonight! in what looks to be a pier 6 brawl!

And much much more!


Stacy Clark: “Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while. But standing with me at this time is none other than OCW legend… Leonheart.”

The camera pans in on Leonheart. As always there are mixed reactions from the crowd but tonight there are certainly a lot more cheers than boo's for Leonheart.

Stacy Clark:
“Leon it’s great to have you here tonight. It has been a while since we have heard from you. The last time we saw you, we found out that you signed some papers that have given Cody and Sean McGee complete control over Cerberus. You now have to do everything they say.”

Leonheart looks annoyed about the situation.

Stacy Clark:
“Now Cerberus has been together for 10 months, the longest faction you have ever been a part of Leon. However, there are a lot of rumors going around that Cerberus could finally be coming to an end, and after everything that has happened Leon, everyone wants to know is this the end for Cerberus?”

Leonheart is about to speak but before he can say anything he is interrupted by a familiar voice.

Voice: “You should be asking me that question.”

Another Voice: “Typically you do ask the owners when you want the answer about an organization. Maybe she's not bright enough, bright blonde hair with dim wits; tragic.”

Sean McGee and Cody Storm come walking into the picture. They look at Leon and Stacy in disgust.

Cody Storm: “Where have you been Leon?”

There is an awkward silence for nearly a minute. That is until Stacy says something.

Stacy Clark: “Alright Sean…”

BUFFNESS: *Sean cuts Stacy off* “It’s BUFFNESS!!!”

Stacy Clark: “Ok then. BUFFNESS, there are a lot of rumors going around that this could be the end of Cerberus.”

BUFFNESS: “These rumors have been going around since the three of us became Cerberus and here we are still together, right?”

Cody Storm: “Is it possible her hair's eating her brain? I'm thinking it's gotta be, there's just no other answer.”

Stacy looks at Leonheart who is not really paying attention to anyone at the moment.

Stacy Clark:
“That’s true BUFFNESS, but Omar Gibbs made it very personal with Leon. Just when he was about to issue a challenge you told him he wasn’t able to do that and now you and Cody both have complete control over Cerberus. Where does Leon stand in all of this? In fact Leon…”

BUFFNESS once again cuts Stacy off as Leonheart looks a bit aloof.

“No you ask me the questions Stacy. I did what is best for Cerberus, Leonheart let his personal problems get in the way of Cerberus and this made us look weak. Cody saw this too and that’s why we did what we had to do.”

Cody Storm: “It wasn’t easy Leon but we had to do this. Not only did you cost us the OCW Tag Team titles, but you're lack of focus could have gotten us injured.”

Leon still is not really paying attention to what anyone is saying.

“Look at us when we are talking to you…”

Leon isn’t looking.


BUFFNESS looks like he is about to lose it but Cody manages to calm him down, positioning himself between the two men and turning to Leon.

Cody Storm: “Look Leon, you might be mad at us, but tonight BUFFNESS personally requested this match against Omar Gibbs. BUFFNESS wants to get redemption after everything Gibbs put you through. There's no reason you two should be fighting, he's just trying to help you as best he can, the only way he knows how to. By being better than everyone else!.”

BUFFNESS: “That’s right! And Leon, I want you out there with me when I beat him.”

Leonheart finally looks up and at BUFFNESS.

Cody Storm: “See I knew he'd like that.”

Leon turns to Cody with a really annoyed look on his face. Leonheart is about to say something but before he can BUFFNESS once again cuts him off.

BUFFNESS: “I will take Gibbs out and tonight this will be the end to everything, so let’s do this!”

Cody Storm: “Make sure you drop him on his head a time or two for me.”

Cody and BUFFNESS smile at the picture of Omar Gibbs sprawled out unconscious on the mat bleeding from one of BUFFNESS' nasty finishers.


Cody Storm, BUFFNESS and Stacy Clark all turn and look at Leon in shock.

“I don’t need you fighting my battles for me. If you think requesting this match is supposed to be doing me a favour it isn’t. Sean you call yourself BUFFNESS, you think you are the big deal? So you can go beat Omar on your own! Knock yourself out kid, you are on your own!.”

Leonheart is about to leave.

Cody Storm:
“Leon you can’t do this.”

Leon continues to walk.

BUFFNESS: “Leon you have to come out to that ring with me. It’s an order.”

Cody Storm: “You don't seem to get it. I literally meant 'you CAN'T do that.' If you walk out Leon then you are out of Cerberus.”

Leon stops as he looks back to both BUFFNESS and Cody Storm.

“That’s right, you want to walk then walk but you are done with us and you are done with Cerberus if you do. We can't afford to think we can trust you if we can't”

Leonheart turns around and walks back up to BUFFNESS and Cody.

Leonheart: “Tonight Stacy you asked if the rumours are true about this being it for Cerberus?”

Stacy Clark: “I did.”

Leonheart: “The answer is… I'm not going to give you an answer.”

Cody Storm and BUFFNESS have smiles on their faces.

“This might be the end of Cerberus as we know it.”

You can see BUFFNESS and Cody Storm becoming really frustrated with Leon.

Leonheart has a huge smirk on his face.

“SEAN, I will come out to that ring with you tonight. and Stacy.

Stacy Clark: “Yes???”

Leonheart: “You will get an answer by the end of that match! Tonight you will find out if I am with Cerberus…”

Leonheart: Or if I walk out FROM CERBERUS AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT I STILL HAVE PETROL LEFT IN THE TANK. That I can still be OCW Champion of the world and have one more run on my own!!!”

Leonheart gets right into BUFFNESS’s face.

Leonheart: “Who knows, history will repeat itself and ill kick both of your asses?”

Cody's eyes start to get an angry twitch thing going on.

Cody Storm: “You…”

Leonheart: *Cuts Cody off* “Just shut up!!”

Cody Storm is livid he walks off to the right in order to avoid doing something he may regret.

Leonheart: “I’ll be waiting by the stage when you’re ready SEAN!…”

Leonheart makes his exit leaving everyone confused.

Stacy Clark:
“What do you think Leon’s choice will be?”

At this Cody walks back up, seeming to have regained at least some of his composure.

BUFFNESS: “Leon has made a lot of bad choices in his career. But tonight, if he does try to repeat what he did to me last year, it won’t end well for him.”

Cody Storm: “If he thinks he's going to derail my train again, he's just one false step away from a hospital bed. If he tries anything tonight, if we find we can't trust him, don't worry. I still have your back.”

With that the two men head out to get ready for the rest of their night.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Trouble in Paradise

That man has no respect for the youth generation!

Up next folks our first match of the night. The Queen of OCW Kat is in action.

At this moment Kat has gone undefeated. Will that change tonight?



Queen of OCW

KAT vs. Lacey

Download The Match Here


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Right in the gullet!



As the scene fades in, we see the OCW parking lot. After a long deserved break, a orange Mini Cooper pulls into the parking lot. The car sets idol for a few moments, the camera focusing on the car as it continues to run. Finally, the lights on the car shut off and the car shuts off as well.

The door to the driver's side opens slowly and a lone figure steps out with their back to the camera. The figure turns and the random figure is revealed to be Justin Raze, OCW superstar. As Justin sees the camera pointed at him, he scowls in disgust and then reaches into his car and pulls out a gym bag, shuts the door, and makes his way to the to the arena entrance.

As he's about to enter the arena, a random OCW interviewer stops Justin and tries to get a few words.

Interviewer: Justin, you have been on a short break, think that's going to effect your performance in the ring tonight?

Justin Raze: Don't know, guess we will have to see.

Interviewer: Er...well...okay, lets move on. Coming back, whats your focus now, what path are you planning to take?

Justin Raze: Redemption, OCW needs redemption. I have come back to bring this much needed redemption to OCW.

Interviewer: Redemption? What do you mean...redemption?

Justin looks at the interviewer, looking him in the eyes and beyond that into his soul.

Justin Raze: When I bring OCW redemption, you will understand.

Justin then picks up his bag and makes his way into the arena, leaving the confused OCW interviewer outside, a perplexed looks across his face as the scene fades out.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Raze is here and he is ready to bring OCW Redemption!

I don't even know what that means!


The Xtron Flickers on

Download The Match Here