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Madison Square Garden

The Arena Explodes in a cascade of Pyro technics as 10 Year 2014 Theme blares.

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The 10 Year 2014 Theme Song

The pyrotechnics kick off as OCWFED PRESENTS 10 Year 2014 gets underway.

The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

It doesn't feel like it's been 10 Years.

Looking at the winkles on your face says otherwise.

It's funny thats how I feel about looking at your ever expanding jowels.

That's hurtful.

As an electric buzz emanates from the crowd, eager in anticipation for the action the monumental 10 Year Anniversary Show will provide, the wail of guitar feedback brings all eyes and attention to the entrance way.

The opening riffs of Death From Above 1979’s foot stomper Trainwreck 1979 announces the One Man Revolution, Bobby Minio, to the arena. The crowd welcomes his appearance as he emerges from the curtain, dressed in his C4 ring gear with an open vest over his back, and a folded chair gripped firmly in his fist, Minio appears to be ready to get straight to work.

He makes his way toward the ring, wasting no time to interact much with the crowd along the entrance way. No, he is on a mission, he has a specific purpose, and it becomes clear when he enters the ring, unfolding and placing the chair in the middle of the ring facing the entrance ramp, before he gestures to ring side for a microphone.

He glances around ringside for just a moment before he plants himself in the chair, his legs comfortably outstretched, followed by his arms crossing his chest, with the mic resting in front of his face.

Bobby Minio: I’m going to start this off by apologizing ahead of time for any interruption I am about to cause the rest of the roster, the OCW, and the crowd, but I’m going to show you all something, and then I’m going to sit here until somebody gets their limey ass out here in this ring, for me to kick. Extreme measures lead to extreme responses, it is what it is. Roll the footage.

The screen begins to play the video from the brawl at the end of the previous episode of Riot. Some of the OCW locker room, led by Mugen, going toe to toe with The Family after they had beaten down Minio a moment after he had ambushed Jacob Trance.

As Mugen, K D’Angelo, Luke Fuentes and Lucky O’Donnell battle off The Family, Tigerman V helps Minio to his feet. Minio stops, stunned and stares at the man, seconds before Tigerman V points the C4 finger pistol in Minio’s face, boots him down low, and hooks his arms to lay him out in a specific move.

Bobby Minio: PAUSE.

The screen pauses, frozen on the move halfway as Minio’s body is airborn with Tigerman V riding him down to the mat. The fans have already realized what Minio is showing them. The specific move was a famous finishing move from the OCW, it was the Pughdegree.

Bobby Minio: Let me preface this by saying… I uh, I know Tigerman V. I knew immediately when I was looking at him that, the person there on screen, that was NOT Tigerman V. That is someone else entirely.

The OCW galaxy all shouts out the name in unison.

The Fans: PUGH!

Bobby Minio: Paul Pugh.

His eyes narrow on the big screen. He pauses, resting his forehead down on the mic before lifting his head back up to speak.

Bobby Minio: … and that brings us all to why I’m here right now. I’m sick of this game. It’s bad enough that so many of us have to watch over our shoulder for some Jim Jones jock rider to come out and give one us a Westboro Baptist boot party. I cannot go forward here in OCW as long as Paul Pugh will spend so much time and effort to derail me.

Bobby Minio: I have no problem admitting that. Pugh, you’ve done it, you’ve become the ultimate thorn in my side, and I will give you that credit where it is due… but I’m sure you’re just as tired of this charade as I am. I know you want to move on and be done with this place. We both have unfinished business. Is there a better time to finish this for good than tonight? The 10 Year Anniversary of OCW? Let’s do this once and for all, and be done with it. Get your ass down here, get your ass in this ring and let’s go to work mother****er!

Without delay, Extreme’s Kid Ego, the anthem of former OCW World Champion Paul Pugh, screams over the arena speakers. Minio’s face perks up, his body language shifts from a lazy slouch to a readied awareness. From behind the curtain, Tigerman V shoots out as if fired from a cannon, running at top speed down the ramp. Minio sighs, standing up and turning his back to the speeding man, folding the chair up with his head dropped low, walking back to the far side of the ring.

Tigerman V slides under the bottom rope, clearing just under half of the ring before popping up to his feet. Minio’s shoulders drop, and he spins, swinging the chair with all of his might into the face of Tigerman V.


A sickening sound rings through the arena, Kid Ego stops abruptly and the fans replace the music with a simultaneous “OOOHHHH” in shocked sympathy for the victim of the chairshot. Tigerman V’s body folds backwards and slides a few feet beyond the point where the Minio had made contact, the limp body rolling unnaturally onto his face, unmoving. Minio opens the chair up next to the what was left of the man, sitting back down with his arms crossed and the mic in front of his face.

Bobby Minio: Nice try, but this ain’t Pugh. It sure as hell ain’t Tigerman V either. I could tell you the second this fella hit the ramp that it wasn’t Pugh. So… let’s see who Kid Ego himself sent out as a proxy.

Minio leans down, ripping the mask most of the way from the man’s face. He holds the mask, which holds the man’s head up, as chunks of multicolored, dyed hair drops into his face. The man is none of than the OCW’s podcast host, Stephen Hailowe.

Bobby Minio: This guy? Really Paul?

As if summoned, Pugh appears on the screen, in front of a camera somewhere backstage.

Paul Pugh: I legitimately have no idea who that person even is.

Minio’s head quickly snaps to attention toward the screen, dropping Hailowe’s head which lands face down on the mat with a muffled thump.

Bobby Minio: Cut the crap, Pugh.

Paul Pugh: Calm yourself, kiddo. Lest we forget, I made you, therefore it is my right to destroy you.

Bobby Minio: So come down here and do it already. I’m tired of waiting.

Paul Pugh: You know, I’m tired of chasing. Maybe I will come down there right now!

With a quick crack of the knuckles, Pugh turns to walk off camera, taking a step toward the edge of the frame, before shifting his weight back to his original position with a big grin.

Paul Pugh: Nahhh! Bobby, I’m a legend, I don’t wrestle impromptu, unsanctioned matches, and, it’s so much more fun watching you work for it!

The frustration is now visible on Minio, as if it weren’t when he attempted to decapitate the previous imposter with a swing that would make Mark Mcguire feel physically inadequate.

Bobby Minio: Paul…

Paul Pugh: Bobby! … Show me how much you care and make this happen. I’m certainly not coming to you, partner.

There is a short moment of hesitation while Minio stares down at a snoring Hailowe, before hopping up to his feet.

Bobby Minio: See you soon, Pugh.

Paul Pugh: Don’t leave me waiting.

A determined Minio quickly slides out of the ring, marching his way up the ramp while the crowd reacts to the events of the last few minutes. The camera holds on the body of Hailowe for a moment before the screen fades to the next segment.


The Camera pans to OCWFED Commentators Charles Scaggs and "Big" Al Poling.

What a way to start the show.

Bobby wants to murder Pugh and Pugh will have none of it!

We kick things off with the Queen of OCW. Alice Malice takes on Eerie Sunshine, in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Queen of OCW.

These 2 are going to go to the limit, what a way to start the show.



Queen of OCW

2 out of 3 Falls

Alice Malice vs Eerie Sunshine

Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What A Manuver!



-The scene opens in the MSG arena parking lot as the sound of a charged engine is heard as what appears to be Baxter's former boatmobile only the top ripped off and detailed with skulls with flesh falling off on the side with flames on the side.

-The Crowd cheers- as Baxter is about to leave his vehicle a couple in a mustang pulls up and cuts baxter off as the pull into the parking spot-

Man: Nice car Loser

-Man and Woman Laugh-

Girl: Halloween is over asshole -continues laughing-

-Baxter pulls a lever in his console a harpoon comes out the side and shoots out piercing the car-

Man: What the ####!?! do you know how much this..

-Baxter jumps down from the former boatmobile wearing a pirate hat and a black denim jacket holding a kendo stick in handlanding in the back seat-

Baxter: Ahoy mates how ye be?.. you think that scallywag..-shakes his head- fucking hell i cant do this crap anymore -Throws hat to the ground-puts arms around both of them- how are ya doing? .. whats your name? .. going to the show?

-Both of them dont say anything-

Baxter: Greeeat. -smiles- so .. who you hoping is going to win the Main Event tonight

Girl .. get lost butt-pirate..

Baxter: PIRATE!! -Holds head- no.. no.. NO! .. that man is dead!!! .. that baxter is long and burried .. and you know what.. -Cracks both of them in the head with the kendo stick- you both are stupid

-Baxter then pulls out a cell phone and takes some various selfies with his unconcious victims-

Baxter with a sick grin: that is SO going on twitter. -looks at the camera- By the way follow me at #theBaxeffect

Baxter hops out of the car and begins to beat up the car with the kendo stick:
********.. HATE.. MUSTANGS!!

Baxter: Oh dang .. my stupid stupid temper -laughs- better pay for these damages

-Baxter pulls out a button from his coat and presses it. shot is heard as a chest is launched from his vehicle landing on the trunk with coins scattering everywhere-

Baxter: -spinning in circles laughing and singing- I want to be a part of it .. New York .. New York.

-Baxter throws the kendo stick aside as the scene fades to black-


The Camera pans to the announce team!

On the one hand Baxter is back!

On the other hand Baxter is back!