WRESTLER NAME: Ryu Matsumoto AKA Pink Spider AKA Illuminati AKA Black Spider AKA SPIDER AKA ‘Spider’ Matsumoto
HOMETOWN: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
HEIGHT: 5’ 9"
THEME SONG: Pink Spider by HIDE, Illuminati by Wise Intelligent, OBSCURE by Dir En Grey, GAMAGOORI Theme

Spider Kick, Roundhouse Kick with Theatrics
Spider Special #1, Standing Moonsault followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press
Spider Special #2, Lionsault followed by a Standing Shooting Star Press
Spider-Bomb, Tiger-Bomb
BOMAYE, Running Knee
Pink Mist

H-Edge, Sideslam Uranage
Spider-Splash, Corkscrew 450 Splash
Tarantula Clutch

Notable Feuds:
vs Dimsmore (2010)
vs Matsuda (2011)
vs Jookie Marley w/Table and Ladder (2011)
vs Everyone w/LOTUS (2012)
vs Paul Pugh (2012)
vs Matsuda (2013)

1x OCW Ex Division Champion (2011)
Co-GM of Riot (2012)


Early life
Ryu Matsumoto was born on May 23, 1989 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture to a working class Japanese Family. While in senior high school Matsumoto would establish himself as a gifted Amateur Wrestler, ultimately going on to train at the famous Chosu Amateur Wrestling Dojo. However, rather than continuing as a trainer at the Dojo Matsumoto would try out for Osaka All Pro Wrestling to try an emulate one of his childhood heroes Hayabusa.


Osaka All Pro Wrestling (2004-2005)

After graduating from the Osaka All Pro Dojo, Matsumoto made his debut on locally broadcast television with Hideto Matsuda as a fan-favorite Tag-Team called the Sendai Drinking Boys. The team would go on to be one of the biggest stars in Osaka Pro.

Pro Wrestling Japan All-Stars (2005-2010)
As the Sendai Drinking Boys gained popularity on the independent scene, the duo of Matusda and Matsumoto garnered looks from the major promotion in Japan, PWJAS. The promotion's owners saw great potential in the tag team, viewing both young lions as the future of puro. The Sendai Drinking Boys were soon repackaged as the Young Spiders, and put under the tutliage of the legendary deathmatch wrestler, Tarantula Mishima. During this time, Matsuda also fought in singles matches as Tigerman III.

The Young Spiders would go on to win numerous tag team titles. In June, 2007, management decided that it was time to push both Matsumoto and Matsuda as singles stars. Mishima, nearing retirement, announced that he would pass his name down to the best of his students, thus begining the Spider Wars.

Spider Wars (2007-2010)
The Spider War was the unofficial name given to the two year long feud between Hideto Matuda and Ryu Matsumoto. Sparked after Matsuda was given the title of Tarantula by their mentor, Tarantula Mishima, the feud would result in numerous deathmatches held throughout the country. Matsumoto would eventually take the name Pink Spider, a mockery to his former team's legacy. After two years of violence, the feud came to a violent end when Matsumoto put Matsuda out of commission for six months after a botched sunset flip through a flaming barbed wire table. Spider would then go on to win the Company’s most prestigious title, the UWGP World Heavyweight Championship and be featured prominently as a main-eventer.

Coming to America OCW (2010)
After recommendations from his former Tag-team partner Matsuda, OCW would sign Ryu Matsumoto to a contract. He would travel to America. Before debuting in OCW Matsumoto would begin working with OCW Legend Will “The Skill Pepperton” to hone his craft and better adapt to the OCW Style. During this time Matsumoto would eventually become a trainer at the infamous Pepperton Dungeon.

OCW AMBITION (2010-2011)
Not wanting to confuse American fans by having two Japanese stars with similar names, gimmicks, and pedigrees OCW would opt to debut Matsumoto under the masked gimmick of Illuminati. The working plan was for the Illuminati gimmick to be temporary, with Ryu unmasking to reveal himself as Matsuda’s rival and to join the Anti-Lotus Faction. However, after impressing fans and veterans alike with his unorthodox mic-work the Illuminati character was made a mainstay and integral part of the Lotus faction.

OCW RIOT (2011)
Upon debuting on Riot Ryu would ‘unmask’ and reveal his identity as the masked wrestler Black Spider. After a short feud with Matsuda Ryu would be given the opportunity at the Ex Division Championship in a 6 Man Scramble. Although he lost the match, a previous victory over the winner in a Tables Match would thrust him into the Number 1 Contender position. He would ultimately win the Belt at Wrestlution.

Hiatus, MMA Career (2011)

Ryu would take a short sabbatical to try his hand at Mixed Martial Arts joining the upstart Japanese company called AVARICE. Ryu would win several high profile matches before deciding that Pro-Wrestling was still his true calling.

Return to OCW (2012-present)
Ryu would return to OCW with a gimmick reminiscent to his Illuminati gimmick but was simply known as SPIDER. Mr. Sensation made the surprise announcement declaring Spider Co-GM of Riot along with Birdie, in an effort to wrest control of OCW back from his daughter. Spider would go on to be an integral part of the second coming of Lotus.

After a botched moonsault at a house-show Ryu would take some time off to recover. The doctors gave him three options, keep going the way you are and seriously injure yourself, Retire, or tone down your wrestling style. Ryu would opt for the third option, retiring his famous Spider-Splash and integrating many of his MMA techniques into his move-set. In addition, Ryu would take on more of a backstage role helping to start the Bombshell Division and acting as a road-agent for the second incarnation of Ambition.

Ryu would take another hiatus to start a band in Japan called FUZZY. After a moderately successful tour in Japan Ryu would return to OCW to be a part of his friend, Tiberius Dupree’s final feud.