D Wonder

WRESTLER NAME: Smythe D. Wonder
HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
THEME SONG: I can't Hear You - The Dead Weather

The Alpha Heel - Harlem Side Kick
The Stargazer - Spear

FINISHERS(S): The SDW - Flapjack 2, Dawonderful Dream - Reality Check

NOTABLE FUEDS: Vic Vimes, Gut Fausto, Nate Ortiz, Mr. Sensation,

ACCOLADES: North American Champion, Tag Team Champion, OCW Champion*, Member of the SWO, Leader of the Bloodline, Leader of the Darkside, Main Event Wrestlution 4, Main Event Wrestlution 6,

: Smythe D. Wonder is a hand picked OCW Hall of Famer. Recruited by Mr. Sensation for his mic ability and his uncanny knack for drawing heat, Smythe was key in launching the Riot revolution with his entertaining curtain jerking antics. He went on to become one of the biggest draws in OCW history, becoming the first OCW superstar to main event 2 Wrestlutions.

Smythe began his career as the S Bomber in a small indy wrestling establishment where he won over crowds with great mic skills and equally impressive in ring talent. An expert specialty match talent Smythe gained the attention of Mr. Sensation when he packed a stadium and became a champion after a grueling ladder match.

Sensation Inked Smythe to a developmental contract that same night and Smythe left his grass roots federation to burn showing his lack of loyalty compared to his thirst for the almighty dollar.

Smythe would become an excellent draw for OCW with his over the top antics, his showboat wrestling style and a ridiculous lack of compassion as he turned on all allies and forged enemy after enemy.

As Smythe became more and more reckless, he was better and better for business and was rewarded with hefty bonuses and raises for injuring superstars under the wing of co Hall of Famers Leonheart and Parker Stevens. To stop this movement Smythe was given a chance to join Mr. Sensations world order and be one of his hand picked champions to which of course Smythe agreed turning on his comrades.

From that moment on Smythe became a favourite of the boss. Spending company money and being loyal to the cause even helping Mr. Sensation win the OCW championship, He became known as the Alpha-Heel. Smythe would do anything for the ratings, which usually came at the expense of anyone who wasn't at his side.

To be aligned with Smythe D. Wonder was to be aligned with company initiatives. Which was the reason the Bloodline became so popular. It meant bigger paychecks, higher royalty checks and more opportunities. Smythe became so big that he unsuccessfully attempted to take the company from Mr. Sensation. The very man who created him.

In the past few years Smythe has made sporadic appearances to boost ratings for OCW when needed. He's still in top condition and health despite his time in the ring. With him returning for season 11 there is honestly no telling what can happen.