OCW Legend Parker

HOMETOWN: Manchester , England
THEME SONG: Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough , Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses
NICKNAMES : 'Jurassic Parker' , Scumbag , The King of Snake Mountain
RIVALS: Tiberius Dupree , Mr. Sensation , Leonheart

Solar Eclipse - Fame-asser
Tampon Rocket - Shattered Dreams
Neck Brace - Top Rope stomp onto opponent with chair round their neck

The Overdose DDT - Double Arm DDT
The Star Destroyer Elbow Drop - Macho Man Elbow Drop
The Truth Siren - Stone Cold Stunner

Notable Fueds:
Vincent Valmont
Guy Fausto
Tiberius Dupree

NA Champion
TV Champion
Pride Champion
Hardcore Champion
F.I Winner
First OCW Elimination Chamber Winner
Feud of the year 2012 vs Leonheart
MOTN at Wrestlution 7 vs Leonheart
Sweetest finisher 2008 & 2013
Best Faction 2013 -Team OCW
Feud of the Year 2013 - Team OCW vs Lotus
Wrestler of the year 2013
Best Wrestler 2013

Parker Stevens virtually did it all in his 9 year career in OCW, remembered for being one of the most violent, controversial and outspoken superstars in OCW history, from his questionable debut match in 2007 as Parker 'The Stallion' Stevens vs a female wrestler, to facepainted , hardcore icon, to scar faced, cigar smoking loudmouth. His career panned 2 iconic phases, the painted faced, long haired hardcore innovater, which led to such alliances as 'The Mad Men' with fellow brother in paint 'Mad' Michael Morrison , and then the Casey Payne inspired , bald headed anti-authority figure.
The foundations of controversy were there at the early stages after he got into a backstage argument with grizzled veteran, and OCW Hall of Famer Nick Kage, after not even being in OCW for 8 weeks.

Early Years :
Parker's first few months were filled with inconsistency, as he tried to find his place in OCW, he won his first 7 matches, and even took the scalp of future Hall of Famer Ma'jin, in the process, and the week after, partnered with Vega, he defeated the team of Ma'jin and Kage in a hardcore tornado tag match, which led to the backstage altercation with Kage.
he almost beat Kage in only his 4th match in the company, pushing the vet to the limit, and the only thing that separated the two was a last second finisher reversal by Kage.

With a few wins under his belt, he felt like he wasn't being noticed enough, his 'look' was too plain, the bald head, and Union Jack hammer pants, so he re-invented himself, showing up the next week with his face painted, a new entrance, and new attire.

The move seemed to work, and not 3 weeks later, he was booked against the OCW legend Nate Ortiz.
Ortiz was in his prime and gave Parker a wrestling lesson, proving that whilst Kage and Ma'jin were Main Event players, Ortiz was on a completely different level.
Parker took the loss, and focused on fighting people more at his level of low card and mid card.

Late 2007 Parker gained his first title shot in OCW, a shot at the Hardcore title, a weekly defended title, which was held by Kang James.
He defeated James in a hard fought match, and went on to make OCW history with a title run that still stands to this day, 19 consecutive defenses , defeating such people as Tyro Kraven, Carlos Cruz , Chris Baxter, Ed Reed, Smythe DaWonder, Vincent Valmont, Eddie Mace, Josiah Cross, Dj Chino, Anthony Martin and Paul Pugh along the way, his match against Pugh was especially brutal as he powerbombed Pugh through a flaming table mid match.

During this run, he also became a double champion when he defeated North American champion Dj Chino is a title vs title match, the match was a car crash to the eyes, and caused 'roller gate' , which saw Dj Chino fined for his part in the match.

At Wrestlution 3, Parker fought Vincent Valmont in what some critics voted as sleeper MOTN, with both men destroying each other with brutal spots, particularly 'crutch-icution', in which Parker tried to decapitate Valmont with a crutch as he was draped over the barricade.

After the match, a victorious Parker did something unheard of in OCW, and a move which most of the roster thought would get him fired and banned, he vacated the OCW Hardcore title, after believing he had 'taken the division as far as he could take it'.
The move drew wide criticism from his peers, and he was shunned by the booking staff.

After floating around for a few months, he continued to pick up the wins and slowly began to gain favor again with staff, and found himself winning the Hardcore title for the 2nd time, and again went on another impressive run, picking up 12 consecutive title defenses before he was defeated at Black Sunday by Vincent Valmont, in the 8 times Parker and Valmont have fought, this was the only time Valmont had tasted victory, and after the match, a gleeful Mr.Sensation made his way to ringside, and with a huge grin on his face, fired Parker as punishment for what he saw as disgracing the Hardcore title by vacating it on his first title run...planting the seeds for the deep filled hatred between the two, which is still evident to this day.

2009 :
In early 2009 Parker was re-hired by acting General Manager Guy Fausto , much to the displeasement of CEO Mr.Sensation.
He would almost immediately win the OCW Pride title by winning a fatal 4 way elimination match after pinning Brandon Hostile.
He then entered into a brutal feud with Guy Fausto, who was in full 'hobo' gimmick mode, resulting in another match that was a MOTN contender at Wrestlution 4, Parker lost the match, and the title to Guy, Parker suffered a concussion in the match, and had temporary amnesia, causing him to believe he was a successful male model called Billy LeBeau,
he continued in this state for a few months before he was 'shocked' out of his confused state by Wesley Adams Poe, upon return, Parker continued his feud with Guy Fausto, which resulted in another brutal match, Last Man Standing ...which again, Fausto emerged victorious.

Saw Parker returning from elbow surgery, and riding high as the TV Champion, a title which he lost to Chris Baxter, and was assaulted after the match by Baxter and Djack, resulting in him again going on the injured list, making a shock return at Wrestlution 5 to join Leonheart, Mayhem and Smythe DaWonder in the faction 'The Doomsday Theory', by replacing The Air, and ending his career in the procces, via placing a chair around the Air's neck, and then jumping off the top rope and stomping on it, breaking Air's neck, a move which Parker trademarked and used on multiple OCW superstars including OCW Hall of Famer Versus.