Leather Daddy Jack!

WRESTLER NAME: Nathan Carter
HOMETOWN: Shreveport, Louisiana
HEIGHT: 6' 0'
WEIGHT: 225lbs
THEME SONG: "Curl of the Burl" Mastadon

Shadowbox (Suplex Backbreaker)
Glory Be (Empire Elbow) His father's finishing move.

The 401-KO (Curb Stomp 2)

Notable Fueds: Coming Soon Daddeh!

ACCOLADES: Just you wait!

Born under a bad sign, Nathan entered this world on October 3rd, 1987. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, while his parents fought to keep food on the table. His father, a Professional wrestler with his own list of accomplishments, taught Nathan at a young age how to fight. He fell in love with wrestling at the age of 6, claiming that his favorite was Chris Jericho.

Studying Jerichos' style, throughout middle school and high school, much to the dismay of his mother, he trained in the art of Professional Wrestling. It was in his blood, and he was a natural at it. His father was impressed, Nathan was happy, that was until his little brother started showing interest in the sport.

Immediately things started to change, for his brother also showed promise! Nate didn't like that he had to share his fathers wisdom with his brother. It angered him, because Nathan wants one thing; GOLD! And the last thing he wants in his way? His Brother. That quickly changed when the two were forced into a tag team once they both graduated.

Their father decided it was time for them to make their in ring debut, they were ready! Not great, but ready. The boys matched each others pace perfectly. They won their debut tag match, leaving two broken bodies in their wake! Calling themselves "Chaos Effect", they went on to dominate the indys in Georgia, and Louisiana. It was time to step their game up, so after a heartfelt goodbye, they moved to Japan.

Once there it was no secret that they meant business. Capturing 5 Tag Titles in 3 years time, they decided to move back home to the States. Nate starting getting jealous again by this time, so their first few months in their new home of iIPW (Farm league of RWF), were a bit rough.
Firstly, the tag division was overcrowded so the boys were immediately split up! Nathan, wasn't as effected as his brother was. Which would eventually lead to Nathan getting signed to the RWF first. With his big brothers shadow no longer an issue, he quickly filled the hole his brother left in iIPW.

Rumors quickly began to circle about the little brother's promotion to the RWF. Nathan was finally starting to establish himself as a singles competitor, so he was happy for his brother's success, yet he wasn't ready to let his brother get in his way! Little did he know...
The Comissioner of the RWF had done his homework and saw that the brothers, while mildly successful in singles, knew they were money when together. So in no time, they were forced back into a tag team, but due to the politics of the business, they had a much harder time working together!

Nathan would tire himself out on a nightly basis, rarely tagging in his brother. It came to a boiling point when it cost them the #1 Contedership for the RWF Tag Team Titles! Ready to fight each other, it was around then that they recieved a call from their mother that their father had passed. Devastated, not knowing what to do, they wrestled that night. And for the first time in 2 years, they worked together with grace. It was if they were back in the old gym, and their father was watching them. Maybe he was? Using grief to fuel their passion, they swept through almost the entire tag team division, and then the day came for another #1 Contendership match.

After an amazing match, and even better team work, they sealed the victory with a submission. The match was set; they were to take on the RWF Tag Team Champions at the biggest payperview of the year! Their opponents? The team that beat them for the #1 Contendership the first time. They couldnt't wait.
Dedicating the match to their father, the boys went in and had their greatest match of the year. The match was nomiated for "Match of the Year" but didn't win it. Doesn't take anything away from the fact that they EARNED that gold. From then on out, it was business as usual, they held the title for a year straight before an injury took Nathans brother out of action for over a year.

They were defending the titles against some promising up and comers in a No Holds Barred Match, and it was absolute mayhem! There were ladders, tables, guitars, crutches, everything was utilized in this match up. Nathan had a chair, and in a moment of desperation, he swung too late and hit his brother instead! His neck snapped back too hard, and he had trouble getting to his feet the rest of the match.

With his brother down, and Nathan the one responsible, he started taking his frustration out on both opponents. After dropping an elbow from the ladder to the outside of the ring, Nathan claimed the gold with a pin! It was hard to watch Nathan carry his brother up the ramp, but they had won.
As a result of both Champions not being able to compete, they were stripped of the titles.

Enraged, and blaming himself, Nathan went on to win the RWF Television Championship in a vicious bout! He only held it a month before the RWF was shut down without warning. The entire Region was shut down, and hundreds of atheletes lost their jobs. Disgusted, and already displeased over the Tag Title situation, Nathan walked away from the business.

That wasn't the end of the story, just the beginning. Nathan has returned to wrestling, letting his grudge go. He has set his sights on OCW, and he's not looking to play nice.