WRESTLER NAME: Jackson Montgomery
HEIGHT: 6'3"
THEME SONG: Mosey Down to Hell

Sig 1 - .50 CAL - Superkick
F-18 - Spear

A-Bomb - Fisherman Driver

NOTABLE FUEDS: Season 11 Rookie, Team Turmoil Founding Member

ACCOLADES (titles held, and date, Awards, etc) All-State High School, Two National Wrestling Titles in Texas A&M

Jackson Montgomery is what is known as a military brat. His father was in the military and was shipped all over the United States when he wasn't over seas. Jackson, shortly after winning his first national wrestling title at Texas A&M, lost his father to cancer. Jackson was 19 at the time and it sent him spiraling down. He got out of wrestling for a short period of time, shaved his head and shut himself out from the world.

After a year of avoiding people and doing his best to not trust or care for anyone, he came out of his "shell". He rejoined the wrestling team and won his second national title. Once graduated, he decided to honor his father by joining the military. Two times he was sent to Iraq and had some of the most horrible incidents one could survive. While patrolling one day, a roadside bomb was detonated, turning his Humvee completely upside down.

Of the four men inside, Jackson and one other survived. Jackson's comrade had a broken leg and couldn't pull himself away from the burning truck. While helping to do that, Jackson was attacked from behind by a man with a knife, giving him the scar on his right eye we see today. Jackson, using his military training, quickly dispatched the man with extreme prejudice.

After he retired from the military, Jackson picked up where he left off with his first love, wrestling. He would bounce around the indy circuits in Texas and Louisiana but due to his sometimes uncontrollable temper, not many people would work with him. He adopted the "American Outlaw" gimmick and has been using it ever since. The down home, southern country boy from Texas realized where he was supposed to be and that was inside a wrestling ring.