Wrestler Name : Crossbones
HOMETOWN : Madrid, Spain
HEIGHT : 6' 0
WEIGHT : 215 lbs
THEME SONG : Hoist the colours

Dolittle Thumb (Samoan Thumb Strike)
All Hands (Double Jump Body Splash)

Release the Kraken! (The DDT)
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Sister Abigail 3)

NOTABLE FUEDS : Bobby Minio , The Great Hunt for the HMS Matsuda

ACCOLADES - Whale Lifting Champion, Humpback Class!

Biography :
Not much is known about mysterious figure formerly known as Cut-Throat , his past is shrouded in myth and legend.
The 4 facts that are known about him are that he is slightly mentally unstable, perhaps clinically insane, terrifyingly afraid of sharks , he refers to his opponents as ships , specifically the ones he sees as a big prize to be taken and plundered, HMS Matsuda and Booby Minnow [Little Fish] as an example, and that he genuinly believes he is the last remaining pirate king of Tortuga.
Making his OCW debut wearing a coat made of human skin, and carrying a bag of trophies from his captured jaunts, he proceeded to appear on OCW television 5 weeks before he actually had a match, each time revealing a 'fact' about his 'legend' to the OCW audience, ending each speech with the now classic tagline 'THE LEGEND CONTINUES....'

He revealed such things as 'He once ate part of his own foot to get out of a bar debt [his little toe]' , 'He held onto a bucking bronco for over 4 minutes using only his teeth' , 'As a grown man, he once sat down to pee..through his own choice' and 'He once watched the entire Godfather trilogy without a single bathroom break'.
Many more 'facts' of his exploits made their way into the light in the weeks that followed , with each week the legend continued to grow , and he began to crush his way through the OCW roster , and started the famous 'Hunt for the HMS Matsuda'.

He tried to 'take the gold' from the OCW Ex champion in any way he could, each time failing miserably, from dumping a ton of sushi and squid onto the head , then swinging drunkenly from the rafters and crashing into of Matsudas' female hair stylist [she had the exact same 'long flowing black sails' as Matsuda] to clearing an entire Japanese restaurant thanks to a massive panic attack because someone mentioned the word 'shark'.

Along his pursuit he get tangled in a feud with OCW mouthpeice Bobby Minio , who was determined to prove that Cut-Throat wasn't a real pirate , the feud which ensued was epic, and only built the legend to feverish heights, from a broom handle sword fight which took them around the entire arena , to the 'I Quit' match they had at Wrestlution.

Cut-Throat emerged victorious , he 'sank Booby Minnow' and continued to unsuccesfully hunt the HMS Matsuda , he finally caught up with his prey at the 10 year Anniversary edition of Riot, they proceeded to have an epic and bloody battle involving everything possible that wasn't nailed down, Matsuda won the match , and 'sailed off' with his 'belly full of gold' to quote C-T.

Cut-Throat would then leave OCW for a short time , after hearing rumors that his grandfather, the legendary pirate Crossbones , was still alive , the one man on this earth that Cut-Throat feared , he caught upto Crossbones and defeated him in battle, claiming the fabled 'Mask of Bones' as his own, and assuming the mantle of Crossbones , the greatest pirate that ever lived.
Only time will tell if the mask makes the man, or the man makes the mask....one thing is for sure though....THE LEGEND CONTINUES!!!!
Hoist the Colours!!