HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada
HEIGHT: 5'11
WEIGHT: 210 lb's
THEME SONG: Deadman Wonderland by One Reason

COBRAAAA- Running Enziguri,
Wario World-Avalanche Flip Bottom

Game Over- Twist Of Fate,
Shooting StarFox-Shooting Star Press

NOTABLE FUEDS: Blacklist,Drago Cesar

ACCOLADES:Best Attire Never Worn, Dangit Sandra!


Canada Wrestling School (2011-2013)

AC Cobra started at the local Canda Wrestling School. His feud with Cam McGraw would last for 6 months over the CWS Pride championship. Cobra would lose the belt due to an foot injury. After taking 3 months off to heal AC would return to the ring. CWS 731 marked the return of AC and he would beat his foe McGraw in an Iron Man match. After, he would return Cobra had some heartbreaking news. OCW contacted AC about joining the company and he accepted the deal.

Online Championship Wrestling(2013-2014)

AC Cobra would make his debut on RIOT vs Lucky O'Donnell. Lucky would get the best of AC for the next few weeks before Cobra turned his tone. Following, a loss at The Clash vs Lucky Cobra grew weary and frustrated. Lucky, would get stomped out by AC and Luke Funetes would join the action. Luke and Cobra formed a tag team called "Rebelution" and spent weeks hyping the reveal of Commander Cobra.

Commander Cobra was soon to be revealed as Jacob Trance. Trance, Luke, AC, & Eli would form "The Family". Trance guidance led AC to a dark path and even cutting his signature long blonde hair. The Family would battle for months vs Cody Storm and The Blacklist. Frustrating continued to grow leading Luke leaving the faction. Following Luke leaving AC would switch to more of an singles career still under The Family guidance.

Drago Cesar attempted to capture AC Cobra stating he was the most valuable creature. Drago and Cobra would spend a few weeks into an mini feud. Drago would beat AC and sending him into his last match.

Retirement (2014-2015)

Cobra being the youngest member on OCW (21) decided to take a break. On Minio's Mic Check AC stated he wanted to something he loved. "Personally, I love wrestling I really do but video gaming is my passion. You don't get that thrill or rush from anywhere else." Cobra, would spend the next year hosting G4TV flagship show X-Play. Cobra became an instant fan favorite on the show. Cobra would soon reveal he would be returning to the ring and signed a new contract with OCW.

Online Championship Wrestling(2015-Present)

AC Cobra was spotted at an local house with a new gimmick. AC told the crowd how much he missed the ring, along with what he's been doing in his spare time. An local wrestler named Aaron Chung would interrupt him and stated he had no business here. AC return match would feature a new finishing move Game Over(Twist Of Fate). Also, with him having a heavily video game influenced attire and look.