Bill Ding is walking down the hallway loudly humming Joe Zhivago's entrance music (“Immigrant Song” by Led Zepplin) in between bites of his chicken salad sandwich. 

Ding: Ahh-ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhh-ah!!! So now you'd better stop, and rebuild all your ruins,
For peace and trust can win the day, despite of all your losing!!

Bill Ding starts playing air guitar using his sandwich as a prop. Ding is jamming out so hard that he doesn't realize he's blocked the way of Nightmare coming around the corner. 

Ding: Heyyy, Nightmare dude! Woahh you're kinda spooky lookin’! And tall!!

Nightmare stares down at him through his mask silently, obviously unamused.

Ding: Hmm.. Not a talker, Huh? No worries, man! Hey, b-t-dubs I'm super stoked for our match later.

Nightmare doesn't flinch. 

Ding: Ermmm.. Ok...(takes a bite of his sandwich and ponders for a moment) Aha! I will enchant him with my dance skills. 

Bill Ding begins doing the Charleston and is about to get down and breakdance when Nightmare growls loudly and grabs Ding by his Dingy beater.

Ding: Woah! Take it easy, man.. I'm just Lookin for a new pal ok?? Since my bud Dyl- (what? Oh I can't say that?) Oh ok.. Erm... Since my adventure buddy took off and hit the road, I've kinda just been floatin’ around lookin’ for good times. 

Nightmare tightens his grasp on Dings beater and snarls again.

Ding: This isn't a good time!!

Nightmare's face is just inches away from Ding's, so much that his breath can be heard heavily beneath the mask. He quickly releases Bill Ding with a force that makes him take a few steps backward. Bill Ding's pants pocket seem to get caught on a bent nail in the wall, causing them to rip loudly down the seam of his leg. Nightmare pays no mind to this. He instead leans close to Bill Ding and violently slaps the sandwich out of his hands. 

Nightmare: I'll see you in your sleep. 

Nightmare goes around the forlorn looking Bill Ding and continues his way out of sight. 

Ding looks down: What the hell? My pants!! I can't go out there looking like this? Like some kind of scrub!! Bill Ding wipes off some wayward crumbs from his beater.

Ding peers down the hall and notices the OCW seamstresses making some final adjustments to wrestlers attire. A light bulb seems to go off in his head and he makes a beeline towards them. 

Ding: Quick! You gotta give me a hand, man... You got any pants I can borrow? Please, do a guy a solid! I gotta match soon!

Seamstress: Um, for you?

The seamstress looks Bill up and down disapprovingly. She looks around and shuffles through a pile of clothes in a bin labeled "Irregular" until she finds a pair of brightly colored blue and black striped pants that she deems might fit Ding's derrière. 

Ding: Oh man- I mean ma'am- thanks so much!!

Bill Ding quickly steps out of the ripped pants much to the seamstresses dismay as they cover their eyes and look away. He pulls on the random pants over his "Deez Nutz" boxer shorts ( and does a little wiggle to see how they fit. 

Ding: Wow they fit!! You're a life saver!!! Heh, hey... I sure hope these are some lucky pants! Have you seen Nightmare?? At least they seem great for dancing!

Bill Ding high fives the seamstress, who does so reluctantly, and Bill makes his way out of the scene in his new ‘lucky’ pants.

Welcome to OCW Unleashed... We are live tonight from sunny... Well New York City. Again.

Right? Remember the good old days Rivers? REMEMBER WHEN WE WORKED FOR A REPUTABLE COMPANY?

Big Ed vs Dustin White
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Stacy Clark catches a glimpse of one third of Rhyme-a-fella and rushes over. Standing at the vending machine is "Flyboy" Buddy Burns getting some Cheetos.

Stacy Clark:
 I'm surprised I caught you without your counterpart, you guys are like attached at the hip. 

Before she can actually ask a question.

Buddy: Attach DEEZ!!

Stacy should have expected as much, she gives a slight frown.

Buddy:'s a reflex. You got some questions for the Flyboy I take it? Shoot!

Stacy: Is there an update on your recent legal troubles concerning the songs Rhyme Tyme released earlier this year? Will you guys ever make music again?

Buddy: Currently I cannot discuss any of our legal matters without counsel. Now that we have Sammy Silverstein neither me or Y.S.L. are worried one bit about the outcome, we got dis b.

Buddy: And of course we'll make music again Stacy, we never stooped. Whenever one of us step foot in that ring or on stage it's instant magic Stacy, INSTANT!

Buddy munches on a finger full of Cheetos, the orange cheese powder all over his face and hands.

Stacy: What do you think of the new regime, Mugen being in charge, The Purge of OCW, what's your thoughts?

Buddy: Honestly Stacy it doesn't matter, Jaysin Sensation couldn't out rhyme us, neither can Mugen, matter of fact it's safe to say no one in OCW can out rhyme Rhyme Tyme. At the end of the day that's the only thing that truly matters.

Somehow there's Cheeto dust is now all over Stacy's mic.

Stacy: Okaaaaaay. Tonight you face a member of the Purge in Bobby Minio, a veteran of the Ex-Division. Some say this match was booked to help revitalize a struggling division, how do you feel about that?

Buddy: The last guys to bring that hawt fiya to Ex-Division that wasn't named Matsuda or Illuminati was me and Y.S.L.. Nobody was talking about REVITALIZING the division then, you know why Stacy?

In fear of a well placed "Deez Nutz" joke she hesitantly answers.

Stacy: Why?

Buddy: Because the division ain't never needed revitalizing b. Look at how many Ex guys have been making an impact in OCW as of late, guys like Dennis Black taking down behemoths like Big Ed. Ryu Matsumoto taking on Dupree at WL10 or even the dastardly Bobby Minio taking on the legend Versus.

Buddy: The Ex-Division isn't about just flying high and rhyming fly,well most of it is... but its also about facing odds bigger than you are....about trying to reach heights of personal Excellence despite how many people tell you your too small to do never too small to do it Stacy...never!

Smally Biggs winks up at Stacy, who obviously isn't into phrasing.

Stacy: Thank you for the interview Buddy.

Buddy: Anytime Stacy, Cheeto?

Stacy smiles and shakes her head no as the camera fades.

The scene zooms out to show a visibly annoyed Madison Cox. On the monitor in front of her was the final moments of Big Ed's match against Dustin White. 

Madison: Meh...

Ginger: Worried, Ms. Cox?

The Ginger had practically snuck up on her, causing Madison to jump, scream, and drop her Frappuccino. 

Madison: F***!

Ginger: Sorry...

Madison: The hell do you want, Red?

Ginger: Just checking in. You seem a bit stressed out about Ed. 

Madison: I could give two Loki McGregors about Big Ed. Get it? Means I don't give a sh-

Ginger: Yes...but.

Madison: But what?

Ginger: A rematch is only inevitable as he continues to plow through people.


Ginger: You're an excellent talker, Madison Cox. You've got a rare gift of gab. Perhaps you should do more with that mouth of yours than prevent Dennis Black from competing in tag matches...

With that, the Ginger strolled away and left Madison's dressing room. Ever so wise. 

Madison: Stupid intern...

Madison pondered on the advice and called the intern back in. 

Madison: Jack ass, get back in here!

The intern returned with a folded napkin and handed it to the blonde. 

Ginger: I'm sure this is what you need. Nothing wrong with friends in high places, yea?

Madison looked down at the number belonging to OCW's top brass written on the napkin. She looked up to him and the two shared a smirk. 

Madison: Okay now get out, Ginger. I've got things to take care of. 

Madison waited until the intern left before dialing Mugen's office. She intended to protect both her and Dennis from anymore run ins with Ed if she could help it. Mugen was an excellent start...
Bill Ding vs Nightmare
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KD vs Xander Rane
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Ericka walks into the locker room to find Nightmare in the corner, sitting and staring at the ground. Lights are on and it's eerily quiet. 

Ericka Sands: It's ok. 

Nightmare doend't even acknowledge her presence in the room.

Ericka Sands: It's only a speed bump. People will still fall asleep next week. We need to refocus, you didn't finish the match when you had a chance. You didn't focus. But I have a solution. I am going to help you focus. 

Ericka walks over and grabs a chair, folds it up and walks closely to where Nightmare was sitting. 

Ericka Sands: Let's start lesson one tonight. 

Ericka crashes the chair into the side of Nightmares head. He barely moves, but she repeatedly smashes him, leaving a large dent in the side of the chair. 

Ericka Sands screams: You disappointed me. You didn't finish the match. You failed. 

Chair shots continue.

Ericka Sands: You allowed that meat tits slob to stay in the match and you failed. 

Nightmare, after 10 chair shots, is now folded over on the ground. 

Ericka Sands: You'll focus after this. I am going to help you focus. 

Ericka drops the chair, gathers herself, fixes her hair and dress which are visibly messed up from her raging chair shots. She turns to walk out of the locker room, but pauses before walking out. 

Ericka Sands: When you wake up, get yourself together and we will pick this lesson up at training.



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Bobby Minio vs Buddy Burns


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