Live from the Barclays Center


The scene opens with Malu entering the General Manager’s office. He looked around the office that had now been renovated with memorabilia from his storied career. The stench of Gentleman Jack had been washed away by the Samoan star.

He raised a brow at the sight of an envelope on his desk. As he got closer, he noticed Madison’s logo on the envelope. His eyes widened at the contents of envelope. Malu sat and dialed for Tiffany. After a few rings, Tiffany is placed on speaker phone when she answers. 

 Malu? Everything okay?

Malu: Yea boss. But, I got something for you. An envelope left on my desk.

Tiffany: For me? Why do you have it?

Malu: Guess she didn't know how to reach you.

Tiffany: She?

Malu and Tiffany: The bitch.

Tiffany: What does it say?

Malu: Whole lot of lawyer mumbo jumbo. Way above my pay grade. This is something you, your Father and Nate need to have a look at. But even I can see nothing good will come of this. 

Tiffany: I’m on the road to the arena. Give me the important part, please?

Malu: Both your family and OCW are being sued for your actions last week against Madison Cox. 

The sound of Tiffany briefly driving into oncoming traffic can be heard. She’s beeped at and she returns the honking in return. 


Tiffany: Sued?!

Tiffany: Damnit...okay, give it to my husband. I’ll be there soon. 

Scene closes with Malu sighing and slapping the envelope down on the desk. The camera zooms in on Madison’s logo.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That's not good.

Not at all...

The scene starts off in the backstage interview area with Ginger who had a worried look on his face, next to him was Seb Abbott just staring off down the empty corridor with a contempt look.

Ginger: L-l-last week you weren’t present, was that some sort of head game with Austin?

Seb closed his eyes as he looked down at Ginger.

Seb: Did it work?

Ginger: No, Austin got himself back into the winners circle. Which is great for him.

Seb: Ah I knew I should’ve been here, instead of between the legs of a fine lady of the night.

Ginger: Nothing fine about the women you get with… Anyway tonight you had something to tell Austin, care to share that with us before him?

Seb: Ah how about nooo, I’ll say this though. Austin, meet me in the ring tonight, I have a proposition for you. Wear your best suit, I’ll sure be in my finest garb.

A stage hand hurried up to Ginger and Seb and handed a note to the Brit.

Seb: Da fuqs this? It's not even for me you moron.

Seb slapped the stage hand, while Ginger took the sealed envelope Abbott handed him and looked dumbstruck as the Brit took off. Before leaving the stage hand urged Ginger to open the note.

Ginger: Are you sure? I’m wrestling? Well then our next match is Wrex vs ah Me… Back to you Tom and Randy. Not sure what I've done to deserve this, but I reckon Jim Black is behind this...

The scene ends with Ginger hurriedly dashing off to get ready for his third ever OCW match….

Well then...

Look who's up next.


It's a Match!
Wrex vs Ginger

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The camera pans to the announce team.

And it's over.

Game ball Tom!


We cut to last weeks “Keeping Track of the Trances” graphic before we are introduced to Jacobs wife, Melissa and of course, Jacob himself. The scene opens with a severely frustrated Jacob assembling a flat pack wardrobe. Around him lay various pieces of wood, a hammer, a selection of screw drivers and a step ladder.

Jacob grunts as he turns the screwdriver, hard at work on the interior drawers of the wardrobe. With a triumphant grin he steps back, it looks perfect. His wife pops her head in as we cut to an interview style inserted segment with just Melissa talking.

He looked so happy, I didn't have the heart to tell him that tens of thousands of Americans successfully assembled furniture every day, I figured I'd let him have this one.

We cut back to the live action as Melissa nods her approval.

 It looks good honey, hopefully you do the same job with the chest of drawers.

Jacob laughs.

 Piece of cake, go relax and I'll shout on you when it's done.

Melissa smiles, and blows her husband a kiss before disappearing off of camera. With gusto, Jacob begins to tear open the cardboard box to prepare his next big task. We cut back to Melissa preparing for a nap.

 Hopefully that's as easy as the last.

We come back to Jacob now who is red in the face, seemingly struggling to balance a half drawer on a wooden slat whilst trying to hold a plastic peg which needs to be hammered into a blind hole. He missed a strikes his hand but before he can let out a torrent of foul language he bites his tongue, not wanting to wake his wife.

He mutters under his breath and continues to work, slowly a montage bleeds into the regular footage indicating the passing of time. We get a split screen now of Melissa rising and what looks like a picture perfect chest of drawers. The camera pans out, revealing it to be Jacob holding the instruction manual.

 Why the hell doesn't mine look like that?

The manual drops and the chest of drawers looks like it's been assembled by a two year old. He attempts to straighten some of it up and a part drops off, smashing into his toe. This time he swears as the split screen shows his wife edging closer. Blinded by rage, he opens out the step ladder and begins climbing. 

 Honey… I…

Melissa pops her head in and her sentence is stopped as Jacob leaps off of the step-ladder, performing a frog splash through the chest of drawers which simply explodes. A brief “technical difficulties” banner shows before the credits rolls and we return to the announce team.


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