Live from the Barclays Center


The show opens with a view of Madison Cox standing in the center of the Turmoil ring. She holds the Turmoil Title over her shoulder as she stares straight ahead. Her face was covered by a black veil. The audience shouted chants of ‘Thank you, Drago’ and ‘Thank you, Trance’ for what felt like several minutes.

Madison ran a hand through her hair and allowed the chanting to continue. She'd get her silence one way or another.

 I've said it before to your King and I'll say it again, I can do this all night.

That received several boos from the front row. Eventually, those jeers died down.

 The world of sports witnessed a few injustices over the weekend. A season ending injury for my Patriots, the brown one winning a boxing match that costed way too much money to order ...and lastly, Summercide. 

Madison: Drago did in fact retain against a man who successfully defended his own Championship earlier in the evening.

Madison pats the Turmoil Titie.

 Drago did retain against a man who had a match earlier in the evening and was attacked by a stark raving lunatic that was twice his size.

Madison slowly paces around the ring.

 The Serbian did in fact retain after being pinned square in the center of the ring, having a ref screw us in a ladder match, leaving Drago to do nothing more than to climb a ladder after all of these things fell into in place for him. The conspiracy to halt the change Dennis and I have sought after was in full effect Sunday evening. Drago is truly a deserving Champion. Commendable indeed.

Madison: Don't get too happy, folks. The inevitable was merely delayed with a lot of luck. Dennis Black ‘pinned’ Drago, and there's nothing that anyone can say to change that. I will have those titles unified. It is simply a matter of ‘when’, not if. The when is very soon. 

Madison: As someone who has worked hard for everything she's had in life, I have to correct you degenerates. 

The audience boos loudly at Madison.

 You all, the people at home, and Drago have one person and person alone to thank for Drago for retaining….Bray.

The audience erupts at the mention of Bray.

 Bray delayed the inevitable. Bray stuck his nose where it did not belong. Bray stole from the Royal Family. Bray...must pay. 

Madison: But there is a way to avoid my wrath. There is a way to redeem yourself. Get out here and beg for forgiveness. Go on.

The camera pans to the stage for several second. The scene shifts back to Madison.


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Malu: Miss me?

Malu doesn’t wait for a reply and continues to speak. 

As the new man in charge I’m not here to play games. Just to make Turmoil the best it can be. And maybe making your life hell is the process. 

Madison looks as if she's seen a ghost.

Anyway, tonight I thought it’d be great if you fought another 300 pounder. Who just so happens to the current International Champion. Tonight your dear Dennis goes one on one with Bill Ding!

Looking as if she's about to faint. Madison reaches out for the ropes.

 Before you get your panties in a bunch even further, I wanted to let you know who you’ll be fighting at September 2 Remember. As much as I wish I could say it was me, I can’t. But Bray will be more than a suitable replacement.

Malu: I know things are going to be different for you now without that coked out fool doing whatever you wanted. But you don’t have to worry, I’ll be just as gentle with Dennis as I was every time we stood across the ring from him. 

Malu: If you want to thank someone for the new gig, you can send your regards to Tiffany Sensation-Ortiz, she says hello.


Deep beneath the Barclays Centre in a dirty dank smelling locker room sat Corey Ford and Little L, Corey didn't look too happy either.

Corey: Bro where were you on Sunday?

LL: I was in Orlando at the show.

Corey face palmed and shook his head in frustration.

Corey: You idiot. You were at that GFW indy show... Did it not click when no one you knew wrestled?

LL: Um but there were guys I knew, I saw Cactus.. He actually got me kicked out for throwing popcorn at him, I saw Dustin White, Captain of Ass and some other guy who kinda ripped off Bubba.

Corey rubbed some of his face paint off while massaging his eyes.

Corey: Dude look, Vincent unleashed a surprise at Summercide with the return of Lucas Crowe. What use will they need of two bumbling screw ups, one who doesn't show up when he's needed.

Little L sat there a little dumbstruck as his friend berated him.

Corey: I'm sorry for harshing your buzz, but something Vincent said on Sunday sent chills through me.

LL: What did he say?

Corey shuddered: In due course your wrongs will be amended.

A knock at the door made the pair stop their conversation.

Corey: What do you want?

The door opened and some OCW stage hand resembling Seb Abbott came in holding a note.

Stage hand: For either one of you, You got five minutes to get out there.

The door closed and both Corey and Little L looked at each other before looking at the note.

LL: Was that Abbott?

Corey opened the door to look at the retreating stage hand and stopped a he heard two people complaining while walking towards the clowns...

Feminine voice: That weasel! Can you believe this?! Ding? Tonight! Ugh... This isn't good. To make matters worse, Bray is no where to be found. Just hiding in the darkness somewhere no doubt. Which is easy! Being so...Dark.

Aggravated Dude: Who does Bray think he is, his ambush at Cide was the only reason Drago managed to cling to what is rightfully mine. Can this get any worse?

Femme Fatale: It will only get worse from here. Turmoil's new General Manager has it out for us.

Caramel Guy: What do we do? You've got a plan... Right?

Fake chested blonde: My king, I "Always" have a plan. I need to make some calls. For now focus on Ding. Bray will get his. They all will.

The pair rounded the corner to reveal OCW's Humblest of Heroes, the man with the Obsidian Knee. Dennis Black. A step behind him was his queen Madison Cox a look of disgust littered her face like a poop moustache

Madison: Can we hurry up and leave this squalled cesspit.

Corey quietly closed the locker door and clicked the lock, the voices on the other side died away as they continued down the hallway.

Corey: You seen Bray tonight?

LL: No man why? 

Corey: Dude messed up big time and jumped Dennis, whose blaming Bray for costing him the OCW world title.

LL: Would hate to be Bray right now hahahaha.

Corey made to grab the note while L laughed, but the guffawing clown pulled away opening the note and feigning a serious tone.

LL: Any way the note says: John Carter isn't around, one of you two can fight Austin Lee.

Corey got up and walked to the door.

Corey: Well then I guess I'll see you in a bit.

LL: Wait. I'll go, it's the least I can do for not being at Summercide.

Corey opened the door and allowed Little L to pass before following him out...

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well then...

Looks like there is more going on in the back


The scene starts off with the X-tron flaring up revealing Ginger, his eyes blackened and his nose bruised standing in the backstage interview area of the Barclays Center.

Ginger: Tonight I speak wid the Mawvelous One, Austin Lee..

There were mixed cheers and jeers for the man who just appeared on screen a look of meh coloured his features.

Ginger: Austin, Summercide was last weekend and one match dat made my night wad Ding vs Abbott. How did it feel to see the man who has been making snide remarks about your staying power lose to Ding?

#Austin: Don't say that name around me. 

#Austin shakes at the mention of Ding

#Austin: What's up with the eye?

Ginger: Ah I had a wun in with Seb Abbott at Summercide. Now tonight you face a wookie by the name of John Cawter. How do you think you'll fair?

#Austin: Simple have to get back to how things were going before I decided to pick a fight... with…. the one guy who we are not speaking of.

A stage hand(The same that gave the Clowns their note) ran up to Ginger mid interview and handed him a similar note, the intern read it before looking at Austin.

Ginger: Turns out Jack Cawter decided to quit. Your opponent for tonight is one of th*

???: It's going to be Little L

The camera panned to show Corey Ford and Little L walking towards Lee and Ginger.

LL: Yea you're facing me.

Corey face palmed as Austin turned a pallid shade of white as the two painted clowns glowered at him.

Ginger: Are you ok Austin?

Corey and L echoed Ginger's concern but Lee started shaking, then turned and started running the direction the clowns weren't while screaming over his shoulder.

#Austin: Nope! Out of the way!!! Nothing has ever good came out of being around so many clowns. 

#Austin gaining speed as he continues down the hallway as the camera tries to keep up yelling at #Austin that they aren't real.

#Austin: You deal with them then. mumbling to himself: I need better friends..

Lee vanished from sight leaving Ginger with Corey and Little L.

Corey: Who knew Blondie would be scared of clowns.

Ginger: Did that stage hand wook wike Seb Abbott?

LL: I said the same thing, don't think it was though. Oh hang on do I get to fight tonight?

Corey: Oh yea, Austin has gone running and Bray is in hiding. How about Little L vs Shepard? Both guys need opponents.

Ginger: Well I guess since Bray is MIA, Shepard will face Little L up next. Now with that said this waps up the interview, back to you Tom and Wandy. Damn this busted nose...

The scene starts to fade out to the announce team as the clowns started shoving Ginger, clearly wanting to talk about the Summercide match Corey was a part of and why L had to fight some sheep herder....

It's a Match!
Shepherd vs Little L

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The camera pans to the announce team.

And it's done

What a way to kick things off.

We transition to Drago's dojo, where we can see Johnny Law crossing his arms in front of the camera. Dragana is right behind his right shoulder, staring at the camera intently.

 Hell of a Summercide we had, eh? We got to see some amazing moments, the best one being the end of the streak. No, I'm not talking about Dupree's Summercide streak. I'm talking about the undefeated run that a certain Dennis Black had before he ran into the big Serbian roadblock. You definitely tried and got close, I'll give you that. Unfortunately your overconfidence was your own undoing. Now you have finally learned that there can be only one King of OCW; and his name is Drago Cesar.

He takes a deep breath as Dragana walks over to the other side of the camera's view.

 And don't think we've forgotten about a certain Queen's actions the night of the show, either. You accepted our challenge and yet you still backed down! How disappointing. I would've loved to have seen Dragana drop you on your head. 

Johnny clears his throat before proceeding.

 We're gonna be taking a bit of a break. As far as future plans, there have been some ancient treasures that my partner in crime has been wanting to discover; that crystal skull was just the beginning. 

Johnny turns to face Dragana.

 What do you think happened to that Somalian pirate anyways?

Dragana: ...

She shrugs. Johnny turns to face the camera.

 We've also gotta take care of the World's Greatest Hunter. Speaking of whom, he told me to tell you folks that he'll make an appearance on the next Riot. To do what? Tune in to find out. 

Johnny salutes the camera as he walks off with Dragana. 

 ...You know anything about the "lost" city of Shambala?

The feed fades to black.