Dennis and Bill are spent, both having left everything they had in that match. Dennis is picking himself on the corner turnbuckle when a familiar theme hits the arena. The arena, excluding Dennis, is in joy as Bray appears on the ramp, looking somewhat crazier than usual. He has a mic in his left hand while his right arm is wrapped behind him for some reason.

Bray: Holy s*** that was something special, wasn’t it!? I gotta be honest with you, what a hell of a match between two future Hall of Famers! ...Well, a future Hall of Famer and the jackass of the millennium. But I gotta tell you this, as special as that was, what you two had in the ring right there…. NOTHING can ever top this.

He points to the Tron and it cuts to a clip of Summercide, where it shows Bray attacking Dennis backstage, putting him through a table. As the clip ends, Bray smiles and points at Dennis in the ring, who is less than amused.

Bray: How those ribs doing, Denny? Matter of fact, don’t answer that. Answer this: ...How did it feel when I Paranoia’d your baby feet ass through that table!? 

Dennis scowls in return, but Bray isn’t letting up yet. He motions to speak, but that crowd has begun a new chant. "Baby feet! Baby feet! Baby feet!" lights up the arena.

Bray: I got you your Season 12 nickname, bub. Get used to it. Or better, how did it feel when, in the main event, you lost your OCW Championship match and your chance at immortality to good ol’ Drago!?

At the mention of the OCW Champion's name, the fans fill Dennis's ears up with “Drago!” chants.

Bray: Hurts doesn’t it? Let me tell you this, Dennis. What you felt last Sunday is only a FRACTION of what I’m going to do to YOU and YOUR BITCH!

Bray: Because believe me, Dennis you don’t know the meaning of hurt! Because… when I saw my sister carried away in that ambulance, I was hurt. BrOkEn some might say! But, I dunno if Madison told you this, but, my sister has always sort of served as... an anchor to me. She was the one that always kept me from killing somebody on this show. And... now that's she's not here right now...

Bray reaches behind him and reveals a steel chair that he'd kept behind him. He picks it up above him in viewpoint of the ring combatants.

Bray: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Tanjila! She's not much of a talker but she packs a hell of a punch. And, for the next few weeks, me and Tanjila are gonna have a little fun with you and the OCW roster a little bit. All thanks to YOU Madison! ...My torment of you has only just begun. You know why?... Because not only did you piss me off for the last time, you’ve pissed on these fans for the last time!

Bray: Like them, we are SICK and TIRED of this… this Black Barrage that’s plaguing this once great show! That’s why I’m giving you this. A chance at redemption if you will.... You know where this is going, Dougie. You and me. One on one. For that title. At September 2 Remember!

The crowd cheers in approval of the idea. 

Bray: And, don’t get me wrong, I know our track record. I know I can’t see to pin your vanilla midget ass for the 1-2-3! BUT, like I told Ace a few weeks back, I’ll be damned if I don’t take you down with me. I’ll be damned if I don’t put it all on the line. And I’ll say this, Dennis,... if you refuse,... I’m coming for you two, starting with the bitch in blonde. And I promise you, I won’t stop like I did last Sunday. I won't stop until I DELETE you and your title reign from existence, once and for all.

Bray slams the mic onto the stage and forms a sinister grin on his face, closing up on his face just before the camera cuts to black.

That's all folks.

Until next time!