The camera pans to the announce team.

We have the hall of famer Betterness up next!

What will he look like after Summercide?

Stands before you is an entity, a being so golden even a blind man with a blindfold could name his light. He is, “Your Beloved Kneesus Christ”, OCW Lightheavyweight Champion, Tiberius Octavian Dupree. 


It’s over. Not over like Overness Meets Greatness, not over like a maple syrup turnover, but over as in gone, finished kaput. The Summercide Streak has ended, so what does that mean? Well listen up Turmoil and the rest of OCW.

BETTERNESS: Can we get a slow clap for Nathaniel Lopez Rodriguez Punta Ortiz?! 

Insert your favorite slow clap meme.

BETTERNESS: He did it ladies and gentlemen he ended the Summericide Streak once and for all. He can now get it up for Tiffany and sleep sound at night knowing he’s accomplish what he couldn’t 4 years ago.

BETTERNESS: The truth of the matter is the streak meant more to him than it ever did to me. I know I own the summer regardless of my win loss record, which still happens to be the best in OCW History.

BETTERNESS: There isn’t anything on this earth that a man can take from me...that includes this….

The camera pans into to show the OCW Lightheavyweight Championship with a nature boy fold resting in his right arm.

BETTERNESS: With that said, tonight I face the world’s most boring vampire hunter and a kid that reminds me a lot of my younger self when I didn’t know any better.

BETTERNESS: Kass and Harvey you’re the youth that OCW so greatly kneeds, but I’m the living legend it so greatly has.

BETTERNESS: This is no showdown with the S-Bomber as you already know Kass, and you will soon find out Harvey. This is for the most prestigious championship in this company, I repeat just in case I wasn’t clear to some particular individuals….the most prestigious championship in this company!

Yes he’s looking through the camera directly at you with his classic half smile.

BETTERNESS: I will always and forever own the summer just like I will always and forever own the OCW Lightheavyweight Championship.

The screen fades as a hype video starts for the triple threat match featuring its top lightheavyweights.

Didn't expect that.

Neither did I, but lets see how it translates in this one.

It's a Match!
H20 vs Kassidy Hayes vs

Tiberius Dupree

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The camera pans to the announce team.



* Kat is seen in back packing up her gear, Jim Black walks up *

Jim Black:
Hey Kat sorry about your loss and we all here hate to see you go. If there is anything we can do for you?

* Kat looks back with an evil glare*

Jim Black:
Look I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers I'm trying to be a helping hand.

* Kat shakes her head in disgust *

Jim Black:
I mean if you need a helping hand. *putting his hand on Kat's butt*

* Kat smiles then eyes turn blood red. She then grabs Jim around the throat and slams him against the wall. *

You think because I said I was tired I'm going to retire? I'm not hard up for this!
*grabs Jim by his groins *

Kat: I'm not like these thots Sophia and Madison, I'm a future hall of famer. I'm a original and greatest bombshell that ever laced boots in this company. More important I'm a damn lady!

* She releases him and grabs her bags. Jim gasping for tries to speak *

Jim Black:
Kat I'm sorry .....

Kat: Don't be sorry just get up come to fire. I'm burning the old me and starting new. By the way Kat is gone it's Katherine!