Ragnarath’s music started blaring through the arena he stepped on to the arena stage smiling as he looked out in to the crowd walking down the stage he would slap some of the fans hands before jumping up on to the apron then over the top rope landing in the ring he walked to the far corner grabbing the mic from one of the workers at ring side bringing the mic to his lips as he moved to the middle of the ring.

Ragnarath: Here we are back at the Barclays centre last time I was in this building I was left looking at the stars as I was left laying in the middle of the ring getting pinned for the one two and three now I hold no hate towards Corey he was the better competitor that night but it was my night to make an impact.

Ragnarath made his way to the ropes leaning against the rope looking out in to the crowd.

Ragnarath: Now did I make an impact? not the kind of impact I wished to but I never said I was unbeatable and let’s be honest I am going to win more then I lose but what I did do last week is I showed that I am one of the more athletically gifted wrestlers here and I will always give everything I have.

Ragnarath: Now to why I am out last week on riot there was an open challenge by a man named Wrex he has nothing to do at the next ppv well you know what neither do I so how about this? Me you one on one for no other reason than the fact we want to find out who the better man is so what do you say? Ball is in your court man up and come out here and show me you accept.

Wrex: So ladies and gentlemen we have our first claimant. A so called dragonman? by the name of Rage- Ragi- Rags!. Now listen Rags when I made that challenge I should of expected someone like you would probably step up and accept. Wasn't my intention though.. But listen I was just like you once and we all have to start somewhere, plus last week you were able to kinda hold your own against.. a clown. So here's what I'll, here's what we'll do. You have your match with whatever That stereotypical fat moboss is supposed to be, and I'll have a seat and watch. And if you manage to hold your own, if you manage by some miracle to win. Then maybe I'll think about accepting, because right at this moment. We all know who the better one is What's the answer?

Ragnarath: Let’s get a couple things clear I am not a “dragonman.” I was trained by my father who was trained by his and was given the nickname the dragon as was I and just to help you out I will say my name slowly so your small brain can comprehend my name so listen carefully Rag-nar-ath now as far as you sitting ring side during my match you do as you please but should you get involved well I will make you regret that decision.

Wrex: Ohh this dragon has some sharp teeth and a bit of a temper. I think I'm going to like you Rags, try to give a good show tonight. Don't want to bore your beloved crowd.

Ragnarath: Oh don't you worry you will see exactly what I am capable of later tonight.

Ragnarath dropped the mic walking to a corner of the ring closest to the ramp looking at Wrex as he taunted.


Bill Ding appears on the screen from backstage, with a mighty grin on his face as he greets the camera.

Wooooooo daddehs! Attention puhlease!! You too, babaydolls! 

Ding: I have just received some FANTASTICAL news. Seems there's been a lil’ change in plans. 

Ding: According to big daddeh Malu, I’ll be havin’ a little ‘reunion’ with the Entitled One, Dennis Black!! Tonight!! The Main Event!! 

Ding: Ooooh I can feel mahself salivatin’ at the thought. If mah noodle recalls correctlay, the last time he and I fought 1 on 1 was last year at the very beginnin’s of our careers. Just a couple of fresh faced marks tryna get our feet wet with the big daddehs. Oh how much things change with time! 

Ding: And if my explanation machine also serves me correctlay, that hussy Madison was the reason that I walked away with the L. 

Ding: Well Denny Daddeh, you are NOT gettin’ tha rub tonight, ‘Dry Rub Doug’!! Hate to tell ya, but you just a few rails short of a full track there, Denny-boy!!

Ding: No sir, tha International Champ is gettin’ all up in the Black and sendin’ you back packin’ to your whereabouts unknown! You about to feel a world o’ pain, daddeh! 

Ding: The OCW universe has spoken and ooooh they have been HEARD!! 

Ding picks up his nightstick from his toolbelt and starts tapping it in the palm of his other hand. 

Welcome to MAH city, daddeh. I’ll be seein’ ya ‘real’ soon.



The camera pans to the announce team.

Ding is ready!

Just like our next two competitors!


It's a Match!

Ragnioth vs Basil

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Game ball!


The scene starts off with Seb Abbott getting out of a stage hand uniform a sly grin played across his face.

As Abbott changed into his street clothes the locker room door opened and in walked Jim Black.

JB: Seb, harsh loss at Summercide. I saw how much that match meant to yo*

Seb: Can it Jim, I'll get my chance at Ding again some time in the future maybe I'll go bigger and hit Dennis. If he's still champ, but for now I need to prove I belong in that picture.

JB: Fair enough, I can't help but notice that uniform there is from Nicky the stage hand. How come you have it?

Seb: Well you see Jimbo, above me on the ladder to Gold is Austin Lee.

Jim nodded, not knowing where this was headed.

Seb: So I did a bit of digging into Lee's past, you know to get some deep psychological shit. And while I was watching IT and stalking his mum, it occurred to me. Clowns are f**king scary c*nts... For those that are weak willed.

JB: Interesting, are you saying Austin Lee is weak willed?

Seb: Well I didn't see him stick around to fight the clowns tonight, in fact I think the camera crew got footage of him running to his car and leaving the arena.

Jim stifled a laugh as Seb mentioned this.

JB: I did hear something about that earlier.

Seb: Well Jim I'd really love to stay and chat, but I have places to be like hiding out at Lee's pad dressed as a clown.

Jim looked puzzled as Seb walked passed him and into the corridor, the camera pans out to the announce team ending the segment...