Live from the Barclays Center


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The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh my god!

What does that mean?

I don't know but I'm pumped!

And we have a face to face encounter between Nate Ortiz and Tiberius Dupree later tonight.

Turmoil 173 is gonna be hot.

What's next?


The scene opens with a shot of Gentleman Jack sitting in his office surrounded by women with the highest of cholesterol counts. He's retelling tales of his adventures with former General Manager Regan. 

One of the large women laughs so hard that her chair breaks. The group laughs loudly until the entrance to Jack’s office swings open. The laughter comes to a halt at as the camera pans to the greatest dual Champion in OCW history, Dennis Black.

 Hey buddy! Come and join us. I was just telling them about that time old Regan and I-

Dennis: Get out…now.

Jack sighs loudly and stands up loudly with two bottles in his hand.

 You heard em ladies, let's go pound sand.

Dennis steps aside as the train of obesity marches one by one out of the office. He then blocks the doorway as jack is about leave.

 Not you, them. 

Jack: Oh! Okay yea. That makes more sense.

Jack takes a big swig from both bottles on his way back to the desk. Dennis slams the office door by kicking it shut.

 Got a bone to pick. 

Jack: I just got finished burying mine. Hio!

Dennis stared blankly at Jack.


Dennis: You assured me you'd make sure I had Summercide off so that I could focus on my speech for when Sensation strips Drago and hands me the OCW title. Neither of those things happened. In fact…

Dennis: Jacob Trance won the tournament that you promised me he wouldn't, granting him a title shot at Summercide. The very same Summercide where you might fight be fighting Drago for the OCW title!

Jack: About that… you got any tips for me on how to beat Versus? 

Dennis closed his eyes and grinded his teeth.

 Hey Champ, minor setbacks happen.

Dennis: They didn't with her.

Jack: Yea until you decided not to pull out.

Dennis growled and kicked the General Manager’s desk.

 Hey man! Look, we’ll get this fixed. I'll go on to beat Versus next week and then Drago at Summercide. After that I'll just give you the belt. We’ll do a finger poke of doom or something.

Dennis: The hell is that, Jack? 

Jack: Something that will probably kill the business?

Dennis: How am I supposed to trust you to beat Versus AND Drago? The last time someone promised they’d win a match...Jacob Trance became the number one contender!

Dennis: I want that ladder match called off. You're a general manager, make it happen.

Jack: You got it man.

Dennis: Now what are you doing about Trance? It's far too late to get the title match called off. Unless...an injury befalls him.

Jack: Befalls? Who talks like that? Anyway. Let's throw Jett Draven at him. Perfect opportunity to scout someone smaller and more athletic against Trance while running the risk of Trance maybe blowing out a knee.

Dennis: Fine. Draven it is. This better work, Jack. And clean this place up. It smells like sweat and shame.

Dennis said before storming out of the office.

 No shame in my game! Now then, got some calls to make.

Jack picks calls in his receptionist. She saunters in with notepad in hand.

you look different.

The receptionist blinks. 

 How so?

Jack: You look less Jewish than last time I saw ya.

Receptionist: ….

Jack: Go tell Draven he's got a match with Trance tonight. Tell him to hurt Trance if possible. 

The receptionist flips through her notes before informing Jack jay Jett hasn't arrived to the arena yet. Jack looks to the ceiling and sighs loudly.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Well then...

Looks like the first match is up next!


It's a Match!

Kwan Watts vs Mo Cream

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The camera pans to the announce team.

1,2,3 and it's over.

Over and done.

As Turmoil came back from an ad break a video appeared on the tron it was showing what looked like a broken down gym with a guy in the ring practicing moves by himself as the camera moved towards the man a dragon tattoo can be seen along his back the man suddenly stopped beckoning the cameraman to come in to the ring once the cameraman was in the ring the wrestler moved and sat on the top turnbuckle.

Ragnarath: Welcome to my training gym now I am sure you at home are wondering what the hell is going on here? Well let me introduce you I am Ragnarath the dragon second generation wrestler what’s that you don’t know who I am? Have you been living under a rock I have wrestled all over the world Australia, Canada, Japan and now I am coming to the O.C.W to see if all the rumours are true

Ragnarath jumped back down to the mat smiling as he walked towards the cameraman before looking in to the camera Ragnarath began speaking next week Turmoil you will all see what a dragon is really capable of… pushing the camera away it would slowly fade to black.

The scene starts in a dank locker room deep in the Barclays Center with Corey Ford and Little L having a heated discussion.

Corey: No dude, Exar Kun is the best Sith lord ever.

LL: He's not canon man so it's Palagius the wise that's the best Sith.

Corey: That dude got iced by his apprentice who went on to become the Emperor. Besides Disney's Star Wars universe is crap. Give me the Legends universe any day.

From the shadows a shady Bubba grunted causing the clowns to stop their conversation.

Corey: You're right Bubs, we need to be thinking of our next target.

LL: But who do we go af-

The locker room door opened and two men in nicely tailored black suits walked in they had the air of mafia about them, they stopped talking as they saw the room was occupied.

Corey: Look at this L, a couple of lost. He looked them up and down. suits.

Suit1: Ha Gino a pair of clowns, Don Basil will get a kick out of this.

Suit2: You jabronis have to clear the garlic foccaccia outta 'ere before things get ugly.

The clowns looked at each other before speaking again.

Corey: This greasy wog just called us Jabronis. Don't think that was called for.

LL: What's a wog?

Corey: It's a greasy Italian or Greek that stinks like garlic and parmesan or fetta cheese.

The wogs' took offence and lunged at the clowns, Bubba being unseen this whole exchange slammed the door shut and grabbed suit1 chokeslamming him into the concrete floor.

Suit2 dropped to his knees upon seeing Bubba and started blubbering.

Suit2: I'm new to this deal, please don't hurt me.

Bubba grabbed the man and bent his head over a chair, holding him in place.

Corey: Who do you work for and why are you in our space?

Suit2: It's Basil Dello Russo. I work for him, please don't hur*

Corey nodded and Little L who had moved to stand next to Bubba, brought a steel chair down onto the back of the guy's head. He crumpled in a heap while Bubba held him in place, the big guy quickly dropped the man to the floor where he convulsed for a minute before dropping a duece in his tailored suit pants.

LL: We're not Jabronis, grease ball.

Little L spat at the unconscious G-man.

Corey: Well we have our man let's go pay him a visit, Bubba watch these two we'll be back later.

The scene ends with Corey and Little L walking towards the arena as Bubba got to work dragging the two suits towards the lockers and began stuffing them inside...