The ring is set up with a red carpet and decked out with props for the coronation of Turmoil’s King. On either side of the ring features an empty suit of armor prop that shined with the lights on it, holding a flag with the OCW & Turmoil logos on it. 

A banquet table sits inside the ring with a lavish spread and is decorated with a variety of jewels. It is complete with a fat golden brown turkey on a giant silver platter, with those little fancy white paper booties on the feet of the turkey. Decorative garnishes and exotic flowers line the platter. 

The rest of the table features multiple appetizers and side dishes; meats and vegetables paired and sautéed with this and that, platters of food with fancy foreign names on them. 

And no banquet table fit for a king is complete without some exquisite desserts and fine wines. A few bottles of champagne with streamers tied around the tops sit at the end of the table. Golden spikes sit on each side of the table to complete the royal scene.

The time had finally come…

A portly fellow, (his name tag reading “Gustav”) wearing a golden robe stood in the center of the ring after placing two crowns at the end of the banquet table.

Portly fellow Gustav twists the end of his pencil thin moustache: Ladies and Gentleman of Turmoil, please rise mmm-yessss.

Portly fellow Gustav: 
All hail the King! Mmm-yesss!


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Malu makes his way down to ring Turmoil Championship in hand, walking like he’s trying to be first in line at a cookout. He looks as if someone took his lunch and knocks down the prop golden spikes setup for the crowning ceremony. Malu slides into the ring and takes a look at the fancy set up for the King of OCW.

Malu drops the Turmoil Championship on the ground and walks over to the banquet table. Lined with food, jewels and drink, fit for a king. Malu grabs a huge turkey leg set on the king’s plate and takes a huge bite. He then spits out the turkey in disgust and throws it into the crowd. The champion then takes the table picking it up and throwing it outside of the ring. This action sends food flying everywhere and most of the hired servants fleeing the ring. 

Malu then takes notice of the prop knight armor set up in the ring. Malu walks up to one of the pieces and taps it a little before knocking it over with a ferocious clothesline. He then goes to the other side of the ring and knocks down the other with a vicious kick. The ring is a complete mess. Food is everywhere and that is when Malu notices a male servant who has yet to flee the ring. 

Malu rushes the man picking him up by his collar with both hands. Malu smirks and tosses the man up and catches him in position for a samoan drop right in the center of the ring. Malu takes the servant who isn’t moving and tosses him out of the ring before calling for a mic and picking up his championship belt.

The crowd boos before he can even speak.

Malu: What you aren’t entertained?

Malu smiles as more boos ring down.

You see I heard there was going to be a little party tonight. And seeing how I am your champion now I assumed it would be for me. But when I walked through that curtain and I didn’t see the roast pig laid out on the table, and instead saw this garbage I knew I had to do something. Looking at this carnage around me I feel a hell of a lot better.

Malu:Just like I felt after doing away with Jackson on Sunday. The guy had the nerve to give me the finger right to my face! You don’t do that to a big as Samoan wreckingball like myself. I smacked him down and I didn’t stop. Beastmode was on and it didn’t turn off until the bell rang and the ref had to get me off of him. Jackson not only lost he gave up. He could have held on until he passed out but I made him give up. But I don’t blame him though and you shouldn’t either. He had 3 choices on Sunday, to tap, nap, or snap. He chose option number 1.

Malu:To the disdain of all you I’m your champion now! I don’t care what you all think, what the people in the back think, or what that damn tournament that I wasn’t in says, I am the King of Turmoil now! This belt says I am and the ass kickings I deliver will prove it.

Madison and Dennis walk out on to the stage to the sounds of mostly cheers. The jeers were for Madison, easy to assume. Her cheeks were almost as pink as her hair, not having bothered to change the coloring from her Team Rocket costume at the pay per view. The pair were dressed like a King and Queen, Dennis even had a scepter!

It didn't take long for her frustration to show. Madison shrieked loud enough to break glass. Luckily, there was none close by. After her tantrum, she lifted the mic to her lips.


She closed her eyes tightly.

 You fat...bastard!!! How dare you!

Madison points to the ring. 

Do you have any idea how much of his money I had to spend to make this happen?! Do you have any idea much time, effort, and detail I put into this?! I've been here since four in the morning getting this together and you...and you...ruined everything!

Dennis looked from Madison to Malu, wondering how insensitive she was about to get.

This is why no one likes you people. This crap right here.

The audience had a collective gasp and Madison immediately caught her mistake. 

 ...Fat people. Now then, your Queen would like to know what you're going to do to make this up to her. She is THOROUGHLY annoyed with you.

Malu:Well this fat man can that carriers the Turmoil Championship, who can bench 225 over 40 times, can think of a lot of ways to make it up to you. We could do those things in a lot of places too.

The crowd says "ooooohhhh" at the champ's response. Malu smiles but his face turns serious.

Even though the real king stands right here, how about I beat up that guy you were going to put a crown on before I decided to do some redecorating. You see he's run through just about everyone here but he hasn't gone through me.

Malu points to the Turmoil Championship and turns his attention to Dennis.

In all seriousness Dennis, you've been T.V. champion for a long time now and you've brought a lot of credibility to that belt. But man you've been sitting at the kiddie table. Until you step to me that's where you'll stay.

Madison frowned and offered Dennis the mic. The audience started to applaud his efforts from Sunday. He then tried to get them to settle down with a few waves from his free hand.

In all seriousness, Jackson was good for that belt you're disrespecting. You shocked our locker room with your victory. But I'm not impressed by his reign, and I'm certain I won't be by yours either.

Dennis paced back and forth while looking at Malu. 

Because as Television Champion, I've got a history of humbling Turmoil’s flavor of the month. And you, my friend. Are the next flavor in Turmoil’s stew. Some advice from a defending Champion to a new don't want me in the same ring as you. I slip once in awhile, and Parker bore the fruits of that on Sunday. I don't plan on losing again for some time. 

He hands the mic back to Madison.

You can use that Pay Per View check to pay for what you've ruined.

Malu:The check will be in the mail hot momma. 

Malu turns his attention to Dennis.

You stop with your advice, you speak to me like I haven't been in the position before. Like I don't know what waits for me every time I step in the ring as champion. I'm going to get everyone's best because they want what I got. You act like I haven't been in the ring with Hall of Famers, that despite all that you've accomplished these past few months, you still can't lace their boots. Dennis months, I've been doing this for years. 

Malu:But I do have some advice for you. You don't want me motivated to kick your ass. Like a pukka pie I feed off of that motivation. Jackson saw what happens and you will do if you keep it up. And Madison I won't be paying for his hospital bill when I'm done with him.

She tugged on Dennis’s arm as he started to walk down the ramp. The audience started to cheer. They pair stopped half way before Madison and Dennis headed back up the ramp as Malu watches them with the Turmoil Championship draped over his shoulder.




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Sugar Skull - Hola y buena tarde OCW. Soy Sugar Skull y estamos a Día de los Muertos. Algunos de ustedes se estarán preguntando por qué decidimos atacar OCW Womens Champion, Sophia y Casey Paine y Willow después de su partido en el King of OCW este pasado fin de semana. Bueno la respuesta es bastante simple. Porque podemos. Nos hemos dicho todos en la espalda que no estamos aquí para jugar y que no les importa si eres hombre o mujer. Y este fin de semana pasado mostramos todos ustedes eso. Estamos cansados de sentarse por que pasó por las oportunidades por lo que estamos tomando los asuntos en nuestras propias manos. Es inaceptable poner #1 y #2 en los partidos de Triple Threat para las eliminatorias en el torneo. ¿Temes realmente uno de nosotros ganar tanto? ¿Para una persona en Día de los Muertos para llevarse el título de "King"? 

Sugar Skull - Así que todos los cambios esta noche. Esta noche Skull Face #2 enfrenta a Sid Harrison. Un hombre que pensó que sería divertido hacer una burla de nosotros un par de semanas atrás. Quien quiere jugar a los juegos y nos llaman hacia fuera. Bien esta noche Sid Harrison obtendrá su deseo. Y después de esta noche debe tener más cuidado lo que deseas en el futuro. ¿Tú y tus amigos quieren hacer chistes sobre el Día de los Muertos? Vamos a ver a quién se está riendo después de esta noche.

Sugar Skull - Translation. You stupid, ungrateful people are not worthy of my translating any longer. We are tired of your ignorance.

Sugar Skull drops the microphone as the group exits the ring.





Cameras take us backstage with Stacy Clark as she flags down Bill Ding to get a few words from him regarding the DQ that removed him and Ed from the King of OCW tournament.

Stacy Clark:
 Heeere’s ‘The Builder of this city’ Bill Ding, and Bill, your fans welcome you back, sir.

Bill Ding: First of all, I would to thank the many, many fans throughout this country that wrote cards and letters to Bill Ding, The Builder, while I was down. Secondly, I want to thank OCW promotions for waitin’ and takin’ the time ‘cause I know how important it was, “King of OCW”. It is to the wrestling fans, it is to OCW, and ‘The Builder’ Bill Ding.

Bill Ding: I don’t have to say a whole lot more about the way I feel about Big Ed; no respect, no honor. There is no honor amongst thieves in the first place.

Bill Ding: He put hungry times on Bill Ding and his family. You don’t know what hungry times are, daddeh. Hungry times are when the Subway sandwich artists around this country are out of work, they got 4 or 5 kids and can’t pay their wages, can’t buy their food. 

Bill Ding: Hungry times are when the adult entertainment workers are out of work and they tell ‘em to go home. 

Bill Ding: And hungry times are when a man has worked at a job for thirty years, thirty years, and they give him a watch, kick him in the butt and say “hey a computer took your place, daddy”, that’s hungry times! That’s hungry times! 

Bill Ding: And Big Ed, you put hungry times on this country by takin’ Bill Ding out, breaking that ring and gettin’ us DQ’d from the tournament. That’s hungry times. 

Bill Ding: And we all had hungry times together, and I admit, I don’t look like the athlete of the day supposed to look. My belly’s just a lil’ big, my heiny’s a lil’ big, but brother, I am bad. And they know I’m bad.

Bill Ding: There were two bad people… One was Jared from Subway and he’s dead to me brother, and the other’s right here. Big Ed, breaker of rings, destroyer of opportunities, belongs to these people. I’mma reach out right now, I want you at home to know my hand is touchin’ your hand for the gathering of the biggest body of people in this country, in this universe, all over the world now, reachin’ out because the love that was given me and this time I will repay you now. Because I will be the next King of OCW on this hungry time blues. Bill Ding tour, ‘17.

Bill Ding: And Big Ed… Large Edward...Let me leave you with this. One way to hurt Big Ed, is to take what he cherishes more than anything in the world and that’s his spot in the OCW history books. I’m gon’ take it! This time when I take it daddy, I’m gon’ take it for you. (Bill points to the camera) Let’s gather for it. Don’t let me down now, ‘cause I came back for you, for that man upstairs that died 10-12 years ago and never got the opportunity to see a King. And I’m proud of you, thank god I have you, and I love you. I love you!






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Bray S. Spur: I guess this is the part where I say how devastated I am that I lost to Dennis Black at King of OCW, and that I learned from my speculations that Dennis hates my guts and how my loss pretty much acknowledges that I'm not the best that Turmoil has to offer? How Dennis Black is definitively better than I am? 

Bray looks around the ring to a moderate amount of cheers. He grins as he sees a sign that reads “Bray is MY King”. The fan waves fanatically at the screen.

Bray S. Spur: Boy I tell ya,... you can kiss my ass if you think that’s gonna happen. 

A considerable amount of fans boo at this comment at the newly crowned King of OCW, however, others are cheering in opposition, much to Bray’s surprise.

Bray S. Spur: I mean, if he would’ve beat me straight up, I would’ve come out here and said. “Good match, Danny. Hopefully we’ll fight again in the long run-” SCREW THAT!! 

Bray S. Spur: If you can spare the time, allow me to tell you a bit of a story, since my “promos” themselves aren’t generally liked:....

Bray S. Spur: After I lost at Savage Lands, a little birdie told me that Dennis and a bunch of other “wrestlers” in the back, proceeded to... Quote-unquote “bury” me for being in that match..

Bray S. Spur: And let me tell you,... I was hurt. I was angry. How DARE that ignorant Dennis Black make remarks at my expense!? How in the HELL could you people cheer a person like that? A fake, questionable human being!

Bray S. Spur: I’ve beaten former world champions, legends of this company! I DESERVE RESPECT FROM SOMEONE LIKE HIM! See, the funny thing is, I’ve always liked him, that’s the killer. Ever since our first match, I’ve always considered him a good friend. ....How looks can deceive one so bold, yet so blind.

Bray S. Spur: After all the little quips, the little snide, disparaging remarks of how I was handed the number one contender match, how I was HANDED my spot in the tournament, after months of ignoring me, after weeks of countless people I considered friends burying me,... he pins me... with a roll up. Heh, if that shows anything, that shows that he’s the thirstiest mother hovers I’ve EVER seen in my damn life! Funny ain’t it? Every time I come out to wrestle, I seek to put on the BEST matches of my career! I want ACTION! THRILLS! DRAMA!

Bray S. Spur: And what did Dennis give me?.. Desperation, manipulation,... All the traits of a true BITCH!

The crowd “Oooos” as Bray walks over to the rope facing the entrance ramp.

Bray S. Spur: If Dennis Black had the BALLS to fight like a real man, he would’ve done it! If he wasn’t held back by Madison, he would come out here TONIGHT and fight me for that crown, but the fact is, he isn’t a real man, he’s a BITCH, being led around by a BITCH, being TREATED... LIKE A BITCH! 

Ace: [chuckling] I guess he is the Steph Curry of OCW. A WWCQB!

Bray S. Spur: .... What in the hell is that?


Bray S. Spur: GOT ‘EM!..

The siblings laugh hysterically as Ace pulls out her phone and tweets: “With the bro. Making fun of Mr. And Mrs. Hair Salon. General fun.”

Bray S. Spur: If I’m gonna apologize to anyone, I apologize to the fans who were robbed of a great back and forth match-up. I apologize to you because you all are gonna miss out on a great rivalry while Dennis does whatevathehell. I apologize to my mother and my sister for losing like a bitch.

Ace: And, if I may, apologize to the Turmoil roster to having a puppet for a king, and a wh-

Bray quickly covers up Ace’s mouth. He notices that she’s doing her best to get her final words out. After temptation, he releases his hand.


The camera pans to multiple children in the audience covering their ears, along with women covering their mouths in astonishment.

Bray S. Spur: I guess it’s back to square 1, huh? Weeks of meanlingless matches? No one wanting to work with me? No showing another pay per view? ...Hm, I get the feeling the boys in the back don’t like me.

Ace simply shrugs.

Ace: The fans like you, right?

Cheers emerge from a good portion of the audience.

Bray S. Spur: Should I give a damn if the fans like me?

Ace: Who knows? The only thing that matters is-

As Ace continues, her mic is suddenly cut off and the lights go out. Screams are heard from the audience and even Ace herself as Bray struggles to calm her. After a few seconds of immense darkness, the lights come back on.

Bray S. Spur: What the-.....


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Earlier in the day...
A phone was ringing somewhere in the darkened bar. Certain patrons threw nasty looks towards the booth that was lit up by the glow of said phone.

Bar fly1: Hey @ss*ole you wanna answer that?

Bar fly2: Yea shut it up before I break it.

Before bar fly2 could raise his glass to that threat the phone struck him square across the nose, breaking both bone and phone.

As bar fly1 turned he was met with a strong elbow across the jaw, he too fell to the floor unconscious.

Bar tender: Hey buddy! Whaddya think you're doing? Those were regulars.

The man stepped into the light and revealed an unkempt, unshaven Sebastian Abbott. Seb bent down and rifled through the pockets of bar fly2 procuring the downed mans wallet.

Seb: Hopefully this covers their tabs.

He threw a wad of bills he grabbed from the wallet onto the counter, then he dropped the empty wallet onto the ground.

A phone started to ring again, this time Seb pulled out a new phone and answered it. As he did he pointed at barfly2.

Seb: He's lucky that phone was already busted.

???: Hello Mr. Abbott?? We've been trying to reach you since the pay per view. My name is Barry by the way, I probably should have led with that... Anyway my associate has a proposition for you. When can we arrange a time to meet and talk this through?

Seb: Right-o, Barney right? Why didn't your "associate" call me himself? Aaand what's the catch?

Abbott looked down and saw barfly2 clawing at his shoes so Seb prodded him away before leaving the bar.

???: No catch, we just thought you'd benefit from having some friends. Anywho I have to flee. Please do let us know when you can meet.

The line went dead and Seb pocketed the phone before making his way towards the arena...





Jackson Montgomery. Just a few short days from being removed as Turmoil Heavyweight Champion. He’s shown up to the arena a little early tonight (a bit uncharacteristic) to get something off his chest. He storms the hallways looking for a door. A specific door. One he thought he’d never have to seek out but no is a good of a time than ever. Jackson wanted something and he wants it more than life itself. About halfway down the hallway that’s busy with crew, production men and women and of course Bill Ding by the catering table, Jackson finds the door he is seeking. He stops, takes a deep breath and then in one fell swoop, kicks the door open and makes his way inside. As the door swings open and back shut, the name on the door is Ashley Blain!

Jackson Montgomery:
 Blain! Tell me you saw what happened at King of OCW! Malu cheated! I was in the ropes! The ref wasn’t seeing clearly. I WANT MY GD REMATCH TONIGHT!

Jackson slams his fist on the desk. Ashley hasn’t moved an inch since the door swung open. She felt something like was going to happen. She looks up from her computer at Jackson but doesn’t stop typing. Jackson is getting more and more furious and when she doesn’t stop to talk to him, he clears the desk of everything but the computer she’s working on. Everything crashes to floor.

Jackson Montgomery:
 Damnit woman. ANSWER ME!

Ashley stands up and suddenly throws the computer off the desk to join the pile residing on the floor. 

Jackson looks surprised. 

She looks intently at him and then opens her arms and motions at the desk. 

 That’s what you’ve got left! Nothing. Not a thing! Blank!

She walks around from behind her desk and points a finger into Jackson’s chest: You lost it. Just you. And now....what do you have left Jackson? 

She waits for an answer but doesn’t receive one so she drops her hands to her hips and continues: Do you realize all the burned bridges you have piled up behind you? You threw away your friendship with B. You threw away your sanity by refusing help. And then you underestimated Malu. Now...No title. Tell me, Jack, what is it you want me to do for you that you just won’t throw away again?

Jackson Montgomery: Who are you to talk to me about throwing away friendships? You did the exact same thing to B that I did. You rode him to the top. You and me and are EXACTLY the same. Now I want my rematch! Damnit. 

Ashley burst out laughing: You want a rematch? After what Malu just did to want a rematch. Tell me how that’s good for business?

Ashley: Let’s look at how our FORMER champion has handled himself this past month. Just last night, tapped to Malu, like a bitch. Two weeks before that, destroyed by Dennis Black. Not long before that, beaten by Big Ed. 

Ashley: And you think you deserve an immediate rematch?

Jackson Montgomery: You’re goddamn right! After the big wigs of Turmoil played hot potato with the title for months, I'm the only one that brought it any credibility! Me! Now, we have yet to see eye to eye on anything but under the OCW bylaws, the former champion has the right to a rematch and by God, I'll get one!

Jackson slams his fist down again on the desk and once again, Ashley doesn't flinch. Trying to use intimidation to get what he wants from Ashely clearly isn't working. 

Jackson Montgomery:
 You obviously have something in mind for me so out with it. I want my rematch, but what do you want?

She tapped her fingers on the desk briefly while she contemplates her next words. 

 And as for honoring rematches...I don’t recall Trance getting his rematch against Pugh. So don’t act like OCW is going to owe you anything...but I’m fair. 

Jackson looked dubious. 

 I will honor your contract, but only if you can find your winning ways. 

She held up three fingers. 

 Three matches, Jackson. You need to win three matches. Three matches for the ones you lost. Win those and then we will talk again. Until then, stay the hell out of my office! 

Jackson Montgomery: You want three wins? You'll get them. And by the way, don't you ever put your hands on me again. Next time I won't let it slide.

Jackson stares a hole through Ashley before turning his back and leaving the office for Ashley to clean up.









Ace vs. Alexia Setrakian

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Scene opens with a live feed from Sophia’s hotel room, where she has been resting and recuperating following her big win at King of OCW, and vicious attack at the hands of the Skull Faces.

 It's like every other week I get attacked… The painful price to pay when you have a target on your back. And now, the Skull Faces? Men assaulting women on live tv? 

Sophia: Madison…

Sophia: Alex… 

Sophia: I swear to god, if you two are behind this again there will be hell to pay. Especially you, Madison. “Queen of Turmoil.”. The hell? Did you not see me on Sunday? Putting my title AND my body on the line, beating Casey and then Willow in consecutive matches. Have you forgotten about the “Queen of Turmoil” Tournament we had a few months ago? 

Sophia: You didn't even make it into the last round. “Queen of Turmoil”. I don't see the name ‘Black’ at the end of your name. You're only ‘Queen’ by association. And we all know damn well you are just teasing dennis with the notion of getting some. 

Sophia: You have not had to fight as I have to earn title of “Queen”. To be the best I had to beat the best, the ‘original queen’, Casey Paine- as well as her protege, Willow. By unifying those belts, I bring the present into the future. You cannot be Queen of Turmoil without being a leader for the Women's division.

Sophia: And what kind of leader are you? Parading around in slutty costumes? This isn't cosplay. This isn't comicon. 

Sophia: You have zero respect for yourself.

Sophia: You have zero respect for the division.

Sophia: You have zero respect for the people and the fans of OCW. You are so far up your own ass that you have yet to see the light . This is just the beginning. A new dawn for the Women's division. Now that the two brands have been merged together for the ladies, this brings new opportunity. 

Sophia: Just be prepared to be left in the dust like the trash you are… 



In the depths of a secluded forest it is rumored that a tribe of barbarian cannibals live. With Axton Bravo’s body missing the worst is feared. However, there is hope. One man and his many alter personalities search valiantly for any sign of the elusive devils. 

We rejoin our English/Chinese/Irish/Russian/Hobbit adventurer as he nears what he believes to be the cannibals sinister sanctuary. 

Loki: Wilson! Keep up!

Loki-Wilson: I thought you were calling me Watson?

Loki: Yeah, I had just finished reading Sherlock Holmes...and, yeah. One thing just led to another. 

Loki-Wilson: Why Wilson? 

Loki: Quiet! Who's making that noise...oh it’s me. 

Loki quickly took cover behind a large fern. He peered around it. 50 yards away stood a wooden wall. It’s planks showed the walls longevity. Moss had begun to creep over the boards. A tower stood next to an open gate large enough for a truck to pass through. 

He began to crawl. As two percent Asian Ninja, he moved two percent more stealthier than the average person, but as 30 percent Hobbit he was able to move steadily and quietly through the bush. Unfortunately he was also 10 percent White which caused him to lose 20 percent of his ability to not complain about his surroundings. Complied with his five percent Hispanic heritage he also had to fight his overwhelming urge to speak loudly at inappropriate times. But all of this was completely outdone by the fact that he was eight percent Irish and therefore 100 percent slightly buzzed at all times.

So...Somewhat quietly he crept to the wall. 

Loki: Wilson, do you hear anything?

Loki-Wilson: Yeah, I do. You keep speaking English, where is the Sputnik? 

Loki whispered back: Marketing got back to us, numbers show that we lose 18 percent viewership when I speak in an Irish accent…

Loki-Wilson: Damn. 

Loki followed the wall, careful not to create any extra noise. As he neared the gate he could hear the low murmur of voices coming from the opening. 

He came to the gate and gingerly looked in. Unfortunately a wee little boy chose that exact moment to come barreling out of the gate and right into the face of Loki. 

Loki howled in rage and pain. The kid screamed in fear and ran back the way he came. Forgetting the element of stealth, Loki lept out and confronted two large men who were half naked, luckily the part that should be covered was covered. They stared at him. 

Loki: You two. I seek a disportionately sized individual. He may be a bit crispy at this moment, he was involved in a car crash a few miles away from here. 

The two men looked at each other. Suddenly they ran to a nearby truck and grabbed two long guns. They opened fire at the exposed Loki. 

Loki put his two percent Asian Ninja to the test and dogged quickly behind the gate again. A soft pitter patter met his ears as whatever they were shooting thud against the wood. 

Loki-Wilson: They don’t appear to be shooting bullets. 

Loki: Yeah...what the hell. He stepped out from behind his cover. 

He looked at the two men before one raised his gun again and shot. 

Loki: AHHHH. MOTHER------DAMN…..They’re shooting freaking paintballs! Loki had been plastered right between the eyes with a green paintball. He hopped on the spot but that proved to be a poor idea. The two men continued to pummel him with paintball. He continued to dance around in pain until he took off running through the nearby trees. The thunk of the paintballs on the trees could be heard all around him as he ran. 

He ran, and ran, and ran until he could no longer hear the pursuing men. He was covered in welts. 

Loki: Those heartless Bastards! They must have Axton, right Wilson?

Loki: Wilson? 

Loki looked around to find (obviously) no sign of Wilson. 

Loki dropped to one knee: WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!

After his brief moment of grieving was over he stood again: Watson!


Loki: We need a hero…



Nightmare vs. Bill Ding

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Dennis Black was enjoying a few brief moments free of Madison. It wouldn’t last long. She had gone to complain that their locker room had not been properly stocked. No sparkling water was the final straw for her. 

So Dennis did what made the most sense and fell exhausted onto the couch. He was worn out. Damn near rode to death. He had been pulling extra duty for the past few weeks. His fatigue was mounting and Madison’s demands kept piling. 

He heard the door open, but did not open his eyes. 

Dennis: Did they not have your Fuji water? Or was it Fiji? I forget. 

He sounded overly sarcastic. 

Ashley Blain: When I furnished your room personally all I could think was, what would cause Madison the most suffering? I assumed that the lack of caviar would have caused the most ruckus. Or maybe the lack of Egyptian cotton towels would do it. But, the little princess was just thirsty... 

Dennis’s eyes shot open at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. He quickly sat up and looked the newcomer up and down. 

Dennis: I also wasn't aware you and Madison had issues…? But then again, she tends to rub people the wrong way.

Ashley walked in and stood across from Dennis: Problem? No. No problem. Personally I find her, er, treatment of you entertaining. Nope, no problem. I just wanted to speak you with personally, sweetie. She smiled kindly: I figured she would send you to do the complaining. 

Dennis: Me? Just me? Just the two of us?

Dennis looked a bit uncomfortable without Madison near by. He looked over Ashley’s shoulder in hopes of a rescue from his companion.

Dennis: So...what can I do for you?

Ashley quickly went from kindly smile to her trademark wicked look. She moved delicately around the table and closed the distance between her and Black. Slowly she sat down next to Dennis and placed her hand on his thigh. Dennis looked further uncomfortable: I just wanted to talk with the reigning, defending, TV Champion of Turmoil. Thee Dennis Black. 

Dennis smiled. Compliments from women had become his weakness. 

Dennis: Will you be joining us for the crowning ceremony?

Ashley: Well that comes later. But I recently got a job promotion. I am now the Head Booker, here on Turmoil...and I wanted to start...with a bang...She looked Dennis directly in the eyes.

Dennis: You wanted to bang? Me?! I...we hardly know each other...and Madison says I should wait.

Ashley flipped her hair back and laughed: Honey, I’m flattered...But I was thinking of something that would get the crowd more involved. Something that would get them excited...are you the best Dennis? I’ve seen you beat Jackson Montgomery. You’ve beaten Bray, haven’t you? And of course, Kassidy Hayes. 

Ashley: Because I need the best…

Dennis: I'm the best.

Ashley: And you would never lose that title, right?

Dennis rubbed the back of his neck and looked away from her. 

Dennis: Never. I did just defend it…

Ashley brought her hand further up his thigh. Dennis’s eyes widened. 

Ashley: Then if you really are the best. And you would never let anyone take that big, beautiful title away from you. You wouldn’t mind defending it tonight? Just to get the fans talking about the greatest TV Champion to grace OCW. 

Dennis: ...I’ll make it happen, for you.

Ashley abruptly sat up. Dennis looked shocked: Great. I’ve got just the match, and the guy to make this a night to remember. 

Dennis: Huh, who??

Ashley strode to the door and turned to look at Dennis before exiting: I don’t want to spoil it, but I will give you a clue for being such a good sport. He has beat you before….




Sid Harrison vs. Skull Face #2

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The camera goes backstage to show a wounded Bray S. Spur limping his way to the medical room, with Ace clutching him tightly. He sits down on the bed as Ace holds his head.

Doctor: What happened?

Ace: You can’t be serious,... He got friggin jumped, dude! Ali, are you okay!? Say somethin!

Bray S. Spur: ... [slurring] ....batman v superman still sucks..... W-What? The hell just happened?!?

Ace: He’s fine, thanks for asking.

Ace shoos the doctor away and tends to her brother. While the doctor is going through his medical supplies, Stacy Clark arrives on the scene. 

Stacy Clark: Bray, a moment if it’s not too much?

Bray S. Spur: Anything for you, my dear Aunt Sally....

Stacy Clark: What?

Bray shakes his head back and forth.

Bray S. Spur: Nevermind that. You just saw me get jumped, the hell kinda questions you have!?

Stacy Clark: Well, for starters, are you going to still be able to compete tonight against Jacob Trance?

Bray rises from the bed and puts his arm around Stacy.

Bray S. Spur: Clarky Marky, you should know...... That the Broken Spirit of OCW never says no to a match, even when he’s hurt.

Stacy Clark: Really? Then how about when you and Loki got jumped by-

Bray S. Spur: Nobody remembers that. Point is, I’m fine. Little scarred, but fine.

Stacy Clark: Back to the point, Bray, who was that out there?!?

Bray S. Spur: That.... was me.

Ace and Stacy look at each other with concern and return their gaze to Bray.

Ace: What do you mean, YOU?

Bray S. Spur: .... It... It doesn’t matter. Let’s just-

Ace: To hell with that! You just got Undertaker’d by a dude in a friggin mask! You just said that was YOU out there, which is complete BS! You know who it was judging from the look on your face!

Bray takes a deep breath and returns to the bed.

Bray S. Spur: A while back, in a different company, I got fired.

Ace: Big shock.

Bray S. Spur: But not long after, I came back, but I was a wittle bit...... 

Ace: Retarded?

Bray S. Spur: No...

Ace: Fatter?

Bray S. Spur: No......

Ace: Gay!?

Bray S. Spur: Not funny,... I was different, alright smartass? Different! Acted different! Wrestled different! All that jazz.

Ace: And when you came back, you wore a black and silver sex toy-like suit complete with mask and boots to match?

Bray S. Spur: .... In a non-perverted way, yes I did.

Ace: ..... And what the hell were you doing?

Bray S. Spur: Another story for another time... I called myself Mystique.

Ace: The X-Men villain?

Bray S. Spur: Mis-TIC! I made people believe I was my damn brother. And they fell for it!

Ace: Shocking...well, who you think is under that mask?

Bray S. Spur: I don’t know... The line before the camera went off said.. “End his suffering”.. So it’s gotta be someone that likes me, but doesn’t........

He slaps his head and jumps out of the bed with a look of rage on his face.

Bray S. Spur: That son of a bitch....

Ace: Who is it!?

Bray S. Spur: Get my chair. After I fight jail-boy, we’re going hunting.... Thanks for your time, Stacy Keibler... KEEP HIM FRESH FOR ME JACKSON!!

Bray bum rushes out of the medical room, followed by a panicked Ace and leaving a puzzled Stacy Clark motioning for the camera to cut.




We now go outside the arena where a special education school bus, better known as the short bus, has just pulled up. As the doors swing open, out step two scantily clad Polynesian ladies, followed by a dirty looking priest smoking a cigar and creepily holding an innocent little boy's hand. Next, we see the driver of the bus, Turmoil's newest Gentleman, Cactus Gauge!

Cactus: Hear that? It’s the sound of proper english and manners. Finally - it’s good to be back home at Turmoil. 

As Cactus steps to the side of the bus, he begins to operate the wheelchair lift that is slowly bringing down Turmoil's most physically dominant superstar, Big Ed. However, Ed is still in very rough shape from his encounter with Bill Ding and subsequent vacation to an island paradise with the rest of the Gentlemen's Club. He appears to still mostly be a vegetable with random outbursts of nonsensical, child like behavior.

While Cactus continues to fumble with the controls, Gentleman Jack finally steps out of the front of the bus with a cell phone to his ear. Jack pauses the phone conversation to check in on the progress of Cactus and Ed who aren't doing so hot. For reasons none of these grown men can figure out, the lift is simply going up and down. At least the ride is making Ed giggle, a sight that surely warms all of our viewer's hearts.

Although Ed is enjoying his ride, the other two members of the club are becoming very annoyed at the situation. The two men shout at each other, both flail their arms about dramatically, while the giant just continues his low rent amusement park ride on the chair lift. Before the two men come to physical blows however, the dirty priest stops them both with what appears to be an idea. He quickly scurries inside the bus, only to come out moments later with a small bar set and all the trimmings to make the perfect Old Fashioned.

Cactus: I think the smog has clouded our judgement, Jack. A drink is just what we need to figure this out. Plus, just look how happy he is right now - we’ve got time. Here, I know just the twist to this.

Cactus quickly fixes 2 Old Fashions in small plastic coffee cups, with a third placed into a child’s sippy cup and laid on Big Ed’s lap. With the drinks now prepared, the men enjoy a delightful cocktail with the Holy Father as Big Ed just continues his ride. The young boy, sensing his chance, tries to escape from the clutches of the priest but is quickly caught by Cactus. Jack gets in the little boys face and waves his finger in a tsk, tsk manner as all the men just laugh at the plight of this poor child.

As this scene unfolds, the camera zooms out a bit to show that the Polynesian ladies have set up a makeshift bbq area to the side of the bus. What should have been a simple building entrance is quickly escalating to a tailgate party. A football is even thrown from off camera and hits Ed in the face, who simply laughs at the pretty ball.


The three men laugh vigorously as they clink their glasses together. Before the scene can escalate any more, a random OCW production assistant approaches the bus.

PA: What are you guys doing? Don't you know The Club has a match with The Rogue Convoy tonight?

Jack: Duh, why do you think we brought the priest?

PA: But you're drinking before the match! Did you see what these guys did to Dunn a few weeks ago? They did that to somebody they like, what are they going to do to you guys?

Jack: Us? Oh we aren't fighting. We're just here for the cookout.

Cactus: Preach the gospel of the Club to this young man Jack!

PA: But the card clearly states Gentleman's Club vs Rogue Convoy!

Jack: Don't get your panties in a wad, we got this. Don't we Cactus?

Cactus: You seem to need a drink young man - nothing releases stress quicker than a Polynesian woman, but since you can’t have ours, we can fix you a drink.

PA: So who are you sending?

Jack: Who am I sending? Who am I sending? WHO AM I SENDING????

Cactus quickly pats Jack on the back.

Cactus: Go easy on the young troll, Jack.

Jack: I'll tell you who I'm sending. I'm sending in one of the hottest young superstars today. I'm sending a man whose many accomplishments include a clean pinfall victory over the current Turmoil Heavyweight Champion! I'm sending a man that is the very definition of excitement! I'm sending in.... wait for it now... DUSTIN WHITE!

Everyone begins to applaud wildly as the next generation of Turmoil, Dustin White, steps out from behind the bus. As he rounds the corner, he locks eyes with his rival Cactus Gauge. The two men stand eye to eye for a second as Jack feigns a frightened look on his face. Just as the two men are about to knock each other’s heads off, they embrace in a warm bro hug.

This display of raw emotion is just too much, as Jack begins to weep openly and clap vigorously for the his newest edition. The dirty priest is overcome with emotion as well, no wait, that’s lust, as he begins to rub the poor child in a purely disgusting fashion.

Jack: Dustin, show the good father here what we do to pious, hypocritical, pieces of human filth will you?

Dustin White simply smiles and delivers a vicious kick to the side of the priest’s head, crumpling the old pervert into a pile at his feet. This elicits a round of cheers from Jack, Cactus, the Polynesian ladies, and especially the little boy.

Cactus: Go now, you're free! Don’t come back to this place - EVER!

Without missing a beat, the child runs into the night as fast as his little legs will take him.

Jack: One religious nut case down, four to go. 

The two Club members and one production crew now clink their glasses together in a cheer for what just unfolded. The Club continues to enjoy their cookout in the back parking lot with Cactus entertaining Big Ed on the lift as Jack prepares Dustin White to do battle with the forces of hypocrisy later tonight.




Jackson Montgomery vs. ???

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The sound of a vault opening reverberates for several seconds as the arena falls into blackness and all the lights are killed. A low humming bass sound rumbles in the arena until his theme song "RHCP - Give it Away" blasts over the speakers.

Jordan makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. The crowd is a certain level of timid as they do not recognize this new face. He is whistled and jeered a little as he enters the ring. 

Jordan wears a pair of loc's shades, a white overcoat with gold trimming and faux fair with green and white trunks on.

Jordan Jax: First thing I'd like to say is thank you to all of you guys and thank you to the OCW for giving me the opportunity to be here, yo! 

Jordan Jax: Without you guys the show doesn't happen, so without you guys I'm on my ass or flippin' burgers in Mickey D's right now. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Jordan Jax: My name is Jordan Jax and I used to be a certified bum.

Jordan plays off the popular Enzo Amore catchphrase and receives a mixed reaction. Cheers pop for the Enzo reference as much as there is jeering for his sheer corniness.

Jordan Jax: This time last month I was a freakin janitor for crying out loud. 

Jordan Jax: Last week I received not one, but two calls that changed my life for EV-ER.

Jordan Jax: There I was, another day at work, another however many bucks earned. Same shit different toilet. Ev-er-y freakin day!

Jordan Jax: I come home, sit back, tune into Turmoil, the only Wrestling show in the world worth watching I'ma add.

Jordan Jax: I relax, open a few beers and enjoy my night as everybody else in the world does after a long day at work.

Jordan paces around the ring with his head down, taking his time not to slur any words or stutter on his OCW debut promo. 

He looks up at the crowd and motions a slim female body with his hands as he speaks;

Jordan Jax: What's that crazy hot broad's name, Madison? She here tonight? Anyway, she comes on screen, yadda yadda yadda.

Jordan grimaces, emphasizing his crush on Madison.

Jordan Jax: My pants are all the way unzipped at this point, bro. You all get me right?!

He stops and cracks a wry grin, allowing the crowd time to laugh along with him. Jordan speaks confidently into the microphone. He ruffles his hair and looks down momentarily in pretend embarrassment. 

Jordan Jax: All the way unzipped, bro! Adrien Broner would be proud, bro.

Jordan Jax: Bro I worked on Wall Street for six god-damn years, granted as a god-damn cleaner, but she's really somethin' else...

Jordan Jax: Anyway, where was I. Adrien Broner is about to hit a knockout and I get a freakin' call.

At this point Jordan brings out his phone, he dials his voicemail and plays it into the microphone.

Voicemail: "Hey Jordan, this is Billy from the office. Just calling to say your contract won't be renewed this week and we'll be letting you go."

Jordan simply looks at the floor, shaking his head and chuckling slightly into the microphone.

Jordan Jax: Adrien falls flat on his face and I'm steaming pissed, bro. Pissed! Nobody got time for that!

Jordan Jax: You ever been sat there with your pants around your knees with a chick in leather on the screen, the moment you just get laid off?

Jordan Jax: That's a freakin low point! I've been as low as anybody, bro!

He gives the crowd time to either laugh or in some sections shout "WHAT!".

Jordan Jax: At this point I'm at my lowest, I have a few promo auditions and shoot footage circulating around to a couple of indy feds...

Jordan Jax: I could have jumped off a freakin bridge that night bro. The night I get the call from the OCW I'm half way passed out in a bar.

Jordan Jax: I thought it was one of my boys pullin a rib on me!

Jordan Jax: First thing I did was ran back home, pack my shit up, pull down my NATE ORTIZ poster-

He stops to let the crowd pop at the mention of a fan favourite in Nate Ortiz.

Jordan Jax: And get my ass over for training!

Jordan Jax: I never, EEEVER, gave in on my dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and neither should you!

Jordan Jax: And I still fight for my god-damn future!

Jordan Jax: I've been bruised, beaten down, caught with my pants down-

Jordan mumbles with a chuckle.

Jordan Jax: Literally...

Jordan Jax: But I still got to this point!

He throws JORDAN JAX WAS HERE t-shirts out to the crowd. He tosses his glasses and glossy white overcoat towards a front row disabled kid. 

Jordan hops out of the ring and goes over to the disabled kid, signing the overcoat with a sharpie.

Jordan shakes the disabled kid and his mother's hands. He leaves ringside clapping hands with everybody as he runs back up the ramp.

He takes the microphone once more as he reaches the top of the ramp.

Jordan Jax: Oh and my phone number, direct, is 212-448-8913! Jordan Jax was here!

He drops the microphone, does the Johnny Manziel money sign and returns backstage through the curtain covered in sweat.





Sebastian Abbott still looked unkempt as he walked the backstage area of Terminal Five. He had barely walked a dozen steps before he bumped into Ginger the intern turned wrestler.

Ginger: Hey get over here!

The intern waved his camera guy over but the man stood there shaking his head, refusing to get any closer.

Seb: He has the right idea Gingey, if I were you I'd follow his lead and f*** off.

Ginger's jaw dropped and he took a step backwards.

Ginger: But your match at King of OCW didn't end how you wanted, what went wro-

For the second time that day Seb had to elbow someone in the face, this one however didn't feel as good as the first.

As Ginger lay on the floor Seb leaned over him to speak.

Seb: Why can't people just bugger off when asked? If you can talk after this then seek me out for my thoughts on my loss at the pay per view, for now I need to find some bloke called Barney.

Stepping over the downed intern Seb continued on down the corridor, stopping to inform the camera man to turn Ginger on his side before walking into the catering area.

Seb: Oi, anyone here know a Barney?

The only two blokes in the area were Bill Ding and an older, squat and poorly dressed man with receding white hair.

The older gentleman spoke and in the nick of time, Bill was about to spray food everywhere trying to get a joke out.

???: It's Barry not Barney. Oh and that'll be me. Please let's go to my office and have a chat.

He gestured to the parking lot and a beat up Cadillac.

Barry: It's just past that beat up Cadillac.

Seb: Your office is in the parking lot? Well it's better than sitting here and watching Ding devour the buffet. 

Barry stood up and tossed his plate into the trash before leading Seb to the parking lot.

Seb: You better not try anything old man, I'm not batty.

Barry: No funny business.

With that the scene ends.



Bray S. Spur vs. Jacob Trance

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Jakub De'Relic, Jason Williams and Matt Mercer stand in the ring, eying Gentleman Jack, Dustin White and Cactus Gauge.

De'Relic:'re the ones I keep hearing about. The infamous Gentleman Jack and his band of fools, supposedly taking Turmoil with your juvenility... I...I really don't get it. How is it...that a group of self-proclaimed scumbags can capture the people's attention the way that you have? On one hand, the masses hate you...yet on the other hand...when Gentleman Jack speaks...people listen. People listen...because they live through you vicariously. You, Jack, you are sin incarnate, sin that took form in the flesh of a man, with your adultery and your slaughtering of innocents at an AA meeting, simply trying to better their really can resist everything but temptation, can't you? It's disgusting that you...YOU and your entire 'Gentleman's Club', how fitting a name for something so full of disease, by the's disgusting just how much power you carry, and how much you can captivate these people, more than any of them realize! But no matter...last week I stated a simple mission of the Rogue Convoy, to find and destroy ever false idol, every Golden Calf that OCW has to offer...and tonight, the rains of cleansing are going to flood the Gentleman's Club...

De'Relic drops his microphone and Jason Williams steps up front. Jack looks Williams up and down, before motioning for Dustin White to step up.



Dustin White vs. Jason Williams



As Williams is sent out of the ring, and White is able to catch a breather, someone is seen jumping the barricade. A refocus of the camera shows that it is Nate Dunn, dressed in jeans and a jacket, running up behind Gentleman Jack at ringside and catching him with a knee to the back. Upon seeing the intruder, the referee immediately calls for the bell, and Cactus Gauge attempts to intervene, but is instead caught by a massive clothesline from Matt Mercer, who has run over from the other side of the ring. In the ring, Dustin White tries to exit the ring, but is instead caught with The Blindside by De'Relic, before he can try to help his comrades.
Mercer and Dunn pull White from the ring, and begin to wail on him with elbows and knees, before Mercer tosses him over the announce desk. Mercer then takes Cactus overhead in a Military Press, before launching him into the crowd, knocking over a row of fans 5 rows back. At ringside, Gentleman Jack begins to stir and upon seeing the carnage, tries to get to his feet and scurry away, but Dunn quickly grabs hold of him, throwing him into the ring. Jack raises his hands in an attempt to call a truce, but Dunn, grabs him by the wrists, delivering several repeating curb stomps to Jack's chest. De'Relic signals to Dunn to pick Jack up, and he does so, getting Jack in a Wheelbarrow position, while De'Relic runs in to deliver an Inverted Lungblower. As Jack lays motionless in the ring, the rest of the Convoy re-enter the ring, and surround Dunn, before De'Relic embraces him, the words "He has risen!" being heard. De'Relic then turns and drops to a knee next to the unconscious Gentleman Jack, the rest of the Convoy surrounding the limp body, De'Relic lifting Jack's head for a moment, a twisted smile on his face, before dropping it to the mat, and leading his group to exit the ring.

Fade to next segment.






Dennis Black vs. ???

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This is much more like it