This is a pre-recorded message. Sid Harrison and Austin Lee have been absent the last couple of weeks but now Sid along with Kassie are both getting ready to record a video for the viewers of Turmoil.

Sid Harrison: "A few weeks ago, my good friend Austin Lee suffered a concussion at the hands of a new group on the block called 5% Nation."

Kassie: "Austin was fine for a while but he was showing signs of a concussion so he had to take a few weeks off."

Sid Harrison: "It didn't feel right being on Turmoil without him so I decided to take some time off. I know you were all expecting Austin Lee to be in action tonight but he is not medically cleared."

Kassie: "Thank you everyone for all the get well messages that have been sent in for Austin. He really appreciates it."

Sid Harrison: "Austin will be medically cleared soon though, just in time for savage lands so 5% Nation? We're coming for you!"

Sid Harrison: "You and others may look at us as a joke but at savage lands the joke will be on you guys when we beat you. We will see you boys at Savage Lands."

The camera feed cuts out.





Sebastian Abbott was beet red and fuming while on the phone, the poor guy on the other end was baring the brunt of the Brits anger. The reasons behind his anger was after last weeks Turmoil he had found his car vandalised by an iced Frappuccino.

Seb: I don't care about the cost Gino! just clean my damned car, because it's what I'm paying you for.

Ginger the intern walked by and Seb grabbed him roughly by the shoulder.

Seb: Gingey boy hold up a minute.

The intern stopped and pulled out his recorder.

Ginger: What is it Mr Abbott?

Hanging up his phone Seb looked at the young man.

Seb: That damned woman vandalised my car by pouring an iced beverage on it. I would have thought being slammed through a table would have taught that wench some manners on respecting other peoples belongings.

Ginger: That's a bit insensitive, violence against women is wrong.

Seb: Did you have your car vandalised? No. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't hit her, it's not gentlemanly.

Ginger: So what are you going to do, have you any plans?

Seb: I'm going to give Dennis a ---

A loud ruckus could be heard behind them, turning Seb saw the clowns of the Orphanage pestering passer-by's. 

Seb stroked his moustache thinking.

Seb: Hmm they may be of use after all.

Ginger: I can see where you're going with this, you'll use Dennis' clique there to do your dirty work. Am I close?

Abbott slapped the intern up the back of the head, then pondered more for a moment.

Seb: Maybe you're right, it wouldn't hurt to see if they're willing to bite the hand that feeds them. So to speak.

Seb started towards them, the pair stopped their shenanigans when they saw him.

Seb: Fellas, a word if I may...

Scene ends






Big Ed vs. Jack E. Quinn

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The scene opens with the camera zooming in on the conclusion of a handshake between Dennis Black and Jacob Trance. There are claps from the audience as the camera zooms out. Dennis pulls his hand away awkwardly and looks to his manager, who seemed a bit more cheerful than the last time Trance saw her.

I’m glad we could be adults about this and agree that the Orphanage is becoming a serious problem for the locker room.

She looks to the Television title draped over Dennis’s shoulder and then eyes Trance cautiously. 

 But that begs the question...why offer to help us? Don't get me wrong, you seem more trustworthy than Loki.

Trance: It’s simple really, if you get hurt, I don’t get to tear the house down with you at any point, and, I want to be the one to end that title reign of yours.I have a habit of doing things like that. Oh, and I’m forever having match of the year contenders… I’m sure that’s something you’d like to pin up on your wall, right?

Dennis: Match of the year does sound good. It's something that only few have accomplished in the history of OCW. What do you think, Madison?

Madison: You two can have as many match of the year bouts as you please. But why does it have to be for the title? He just defended it a few weeks ago!

Madison frowned at Trance.

 I thought we told you what happened after your match was a misunderstanding.

Trance: And I think I asked Dennis a question, unless he’s suddenly became a lot more aesthetically pleasing then I don’t think I’ve heard what Dennis thinks on the matter… Although that can wait, what do we do against the Orphanage tonight… I mean, I’ve never teamed with you, I’ve wrestled you once, so I’m not exactly sure if this will work.

Dennis opened his mouth to speak, but shushed by Madison’s index finger placed on his lips. Her tone was a bit accusatory.

 It sounds like you're suggesting Dennis can't hold his own. We don't appreciate that, at all. 

Trance: We… It doesn’t seem like there’s a we, you’re quite literally speaking for him without any sort of consultation.

Jacob scratches the side of his face.

 Seems more like you’re the one that doesn’t think Dennis can hold his own, based on the fact you’re carrying his balls around in a purse. No offence.

Dennis removes her finger from his lips before poking his finger at Trance’s chest.

 How dare you?! I'll have you know my balls have never been in anything of hers! I can go toe to toe with anyone!

Madison facepalms and mutters.

 ….This is why I do the talking.

Jacob snorts with laughter.

 Hey, he pretty much confirmed it… You care more about his title than his… You know… Do I finger poke you back Dennis, or do I finger poke Madison by the way? Just asking, on account of her doing all the talking.

Madison’s eyes widened. 

 That’s not true at all!

Dennis: Exactly! We agreed to reevaluate things after I won the EX - Ti-

Madison quickly interrupts.

 I never...I mean, wait. Trance! Out! We’ll see you for the match.

She points to the door, looking highly irritated.

 I didn’t know you were teaming with me tonight Madison.

Jacob doesn’t leave quite yet, picking up a bottle of water from the table. He opens it, takes a drink and sets it down again.

 Hydration is key, I’m sure Madison told you. Anyway!

Jacob turns and heads out the door, waving over his shoulder. Dennis responds with a dejected wave as well.

 See you later.

Dennis turns to face Madison after Trance exits.

 I told you I wouldn't be played for a fool like Ed. I'm not Ed.

Madison: ...Well obviously.

Dennis: So Trance -

Madison: Is playing mind games. That's what these vets do...he's trying to get in your head. Nothing more Look...can we discuss this later? I have a match.

Jacob pops his head back in through the still open door.

 Got your answer yet?

Dennis and Madison both look to the door before Madison screams and kicks the door closed in Trance’s face.

From the other side of the door Trance can be heard.

 I’ll let you two talk it over…

At that, he can be heard walking down the hall, leaving the two alone.





The X-tron flickers on and we see Joe Zhivago standing backstage with Stacy Clark.

 So Joe, are you ready to talk us this evening?

Joe: Aye Stacy, and I'm sorry about last time, I let my frustration get the better of me…

Stacy: Word is you have a different opponent tonight as Bray is tending his injuries after his last match and subsequent beating from the Orphanage.

Joe: That's right, although I don't know who yet. But with all these freaks and geeks appearing lately, it wouldn't really surprise me if I had to face a head on a skateboard...

Stacy: Things don't seem to be going your way. Last week you lost to Nightmare, in his debut match and then you interfered after Big Ed’s match and he left you broken in the ring next to Gentleman Jack.

Joe frowns at Stacy

 Aye, the bagman beat me, but if he thinks for one moment, I'm having nightmares about him, he's wrong. And aye, Big Ed got one up on me, but that won't happen again, I promise. 

Joe: Someone needs to take out Ed, for the sake of OCW. Dennis Black seems to think he's Batman, well the way I see it, Batman didn't finish what he started with Ed. Maybe it's time for the Punisher to take over.

Joe points his thumbs into his chest and then turns to face the camera.

 And Ed, when we finally meet in the ring at Savage Lands - you'll understand why the Romans had to build a wall in Scotland to stop us from killing them all, but no wall is going to protect you from me. The Prime Cut is coming for you Ed, your time is up.

Stacy: I thought you said you were the Punisher.

Joe frowns at Stacy again before turning and walking moodily down the corridor.

The camera fades





Corey Ford and Little L were on easy street, the idiot Brit gave them $300 to help with Dennis.

LL: Do we tell Vincent about the cash?

Corey: Yea, I don't really want to help that smarmy git.

LL: Do we at least get to keep the cash? Because that's my Gathering trip paid for.

Corey: Ok, ok we'll say he gave us fifty bucks. Then we pocket the rest and we get to go to the Gathering.

Corey looked over at Little L who was on his phone.

LL: Got 'em. We going to the Gathering ninja!

Corey laughed and cracked open a can of moon mist Faygo, sighing as he saw it was the last one.

Corey: It's your turn to find some Faygo dude. But maybe after we find Vincent.

Skolling the can and letting loose a loud belch, Corey jumped up and wandered towards the arena.

LL: Hey ninja wait up. Did you lock the Sandman??

Scene ends







Zeb Melrose vs. Joe Zhivago

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Loki looked at his reflection in the mirror. His face paint partially on. Half his face had a mask of emotion. The other half filled with rage. The Orphanage had continued to target him. They had continued to torment him. And yet management refused to allow him his opportunity at revenge. Tonight the clowns would face Dennis and Trance, yet what about Vincent, what of the leader? 

This Vincent had made Loki his target. They were a threat that needed to be sent back to whatever carnival they had stumbled away from. He didn’t know what they wanted, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted The Tv Title. He wanted it, he could taste. It was inches from his grasp. But he needed to destroy this...this...this collection of disturbing people. 

Loki heard the door to his locker room slam. 


Loki sighed. He had not talked to Axton since he had kidnapped those poor clowns. What an idiot. 

 In here! 

Axton came walking into the back, but Loki was not happy with what he saw. He dropped his head and then turned around to look at Axton. It was proof that Axton was not right in his mind. Standing before him Axton was wearing a bright red and yellow polka dot suit. His face was painted white and he had a wide, creepy smile painted across his face. His shoes were bright blue and shaped like racecars. It was...Axton. In all his glory. 

 Wha..what. Que paso?

Axton smiled, or well his painted on smile got wider. He pulled out a yellow rubber ducky from his pocket and gave it a squeek. 


Axton: No, bro. Listen to me. Like these clowns have been sneaking around and getting one up on us. It’s like they are always a step I figured, that in order to catch a clown, we got to think like a clown...huh?


Axton put both his hands up to keep the peace, which didn’t help because he was wearing giant yellow and black striped gloves: Um, of course not. I’m dressed like a clown. It should be easy now. 

Axton: Now, since I’m a clown where would I want to hide? 

Loki open his mouth to respond, but no words came out. He thought better of interrupting. 

 I already tried the carnival, and all that got me was a restraining order, what’s a restraining order by way?

Loki grabbed his hair and let out an exasperated sigh. 

 Nevermind. Anyways what do clowns like? That’s right, pie. 

Loki: I didn’t say anything…

Axton: Shh! I’m on a roll! Anyways, they especially like cream pie. Now, I Geegoled it…

Loki: You mean Googled?

Axton looked sideways at Loki: No I’m sure it’s Geegoled. Anyways. I found a local bakery that sells em’. I figured we go over there right now and ask him some questions! 

Loki was struck with a brilliant idea: You’re right! Yes! Yes! Go, Axton, right now. I will stay here and you make sure they don’t sneak back. Go!

Axton raced away. Loki could hear the toot of a horn with every step he took until it faded into the distant background. 

Loki looked up:
 What the hell did I ever do to you?





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Sophia drapes her belt over her shoulder and waves to the crowd. She then motions for the mic and is handed one by the ref.

Sophia: SO! It’s been quite an amazing last few weeks here on Turmoil. Buuut there’s been something kinda pressing on my mind…. Alex Robinson. Alex, weeks ago you came out of nowhere and weaseled your way into our tournament. You took advantage of the fact that Madison got pummeled by the behemoth Ed and is now walking around with permanent stroke face. *Sophia smirks* hehe…

Sophia: And then somehow, someway you got Brenda Starks to place you in a match with Jayde and beat her for your spot against me at Wrestlution. Oh Brenda, *shakes head*... I know you are a smart woman but that, my friend, was poor choices. Alex Robinson had been gone all that time just to come back for the top spot. 

Sophia: Luckily, we all know.. She didn't fare so well …(Sophia holds up belt and smiles, crowd pops) ...but her presence seems to have been all for naught. Where is she now? She hasn't been seen since Lution! My point is, Alex, why come for that fleeting moment. Alex, I just hope that for all of our sakes, and for yours, you are happy with the choices you have made. 

Sophia: On a more positive note, all I have to say is - Casey Paine. Casey freakin' Paine!! Now that is one hardcore bytch I was glad to see back in the fold of things last week. I will always look up to you as the one who set the “bytchmark” for Women’s wrestling. I'll admit I was surprised to see you on Turmoil instead of Riot but then again, why would you want to show up to Riot with Leonheart and Parker there, amirite? Might have flashbacks... (Sophia shakes her head and covers her left eye with her hand, as if to shield it). 

Sophia: And the ToP bytch has brought some family…. Willow! That is amazing… Let's give a hand to the very 1st, second generation of hardcore bytches!! I know you are going to make everyone proud. Now I thought I had big shoes to fill as the First Lady and “Queen” of Turmoil… You my dear have twice as much. Daughter of Majin, protege and ‘niece’ of Casey Paine... You will have to prove to yourself and everyone else out here that you can live up to their potential and carry on their legacy, and replicate their success. 

Sophia: I think of the saying “You don't know who you are if you know where you came from”....I’m sure your ‘auntie’ Casey has told you all about the trials and tribulations of being the ToP Bytch.. 

Sophia: I’m talking about pivotal moments in OCW history like Casey and her feuds with Sara Sykes, beating out Tryce Quinn and becoming the first OCW Women’s Champion, the formation of ToP and Se7en Deadly Sins, being a 3 time OCW Women’s Champion, AND the very first OCW Female Hall of Famer. These moments are cemented in history. Of course, with the good come the bad… what was that about with the time she supposedly gave Nate Ortiz crabs?

Sophia shudders, crowd reacts.

SophiaMemorable matches such as Red Sunday 2006 when you had the triple threat with Sykes and Gertrude aka "Grandma Death" for the Women's Championship! 

Crowd reacts! 

Sophia: The 3 on 1 handicap match at Riot back in 2007 where you teamed up with Sykes and Gertrude to beat up Smythe DaWonder!

Crowd reacts!

Sophia: And I laugh whenever I remember watching the match of you and Sara Sykes for the OCW Sausage spokeswoman and model contract…. you ever so cleverly signed Sara’s name, forever dubbing her the “Weiner Girl”. (Sophia chuckles.)

Crowd pops!

Sophia: All jokes and good times aside… The question, Willow, is ‘when’. When will you be ready to show the world what you're made of? When will you lay the foundation for the first of the second generation of OCW stars? When will you prove yourself...(Sophia pats belt, gives it a kiss, and points to belt) ...

Sophia: TO ME?

Crowd cheers! Chant erupts *QUEEN OF TUR-MOIL!/ LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!*

Cameras fade out.





As we come back from commercial, Gentleman Jack is in the middle of the ring. As he moves around the ring you can see him visibly wince from pain. His arm is in a sling and his ribs are taped up He's clearly still in rough shape after last week's beating at the hands of Big Ed.

Jack: First of all, I just want to thank the production team here at Turmoil for giving me the opportunity to come out here and speak to you all tonight. I promise I'll try to keep this brief. If you don't know me, my name is Gentleman Jack, and I'm part of the rookie class here at Turmoil. 

The crowd is fairly dead, not impressed by the OCW rookie.

Jack: You know, the past few weeks have been pretty crazy for me. If you've been following my story, you know that “crazy” is probably a pretty big understatement. I offered to fellate a security guard on live, national television. I brought in a homeless man in tattered rags, fed him too many drugs, and tried to make him an OCW announcer. I watched a doctor overdose and die right in front of my eyes in an OCW locker room for god's sake!

Jack: But did any of it bother me? Hell no! I was getting to live my dream! I was getting to wrestle in an OCW ring!

A light “OCW” chant breaks out among the fans.

Jack: Now sure, in ring things maybe haven't gone over as well as I had hoped. While other rookies get to face Bill Ding for three weeks straight, I was given my first match against Bray freakin Spur. 

Jack stares straight into the camera and waves.

Jack: Hi Bray! 

The crowd voices its displeasure with the mention of the Mediteranean Adonis known as Bray Spur.

Jack: Now, I'm man enough to admit when I'm outclassed and beaten. Folks, let me tell you something: Bray S. Spur is a cut above. Is he a little crazy? Sure, we all are. But Bray busts his butt week in and week out to be the best. If nothing else, I respect the hell out of that. So even though I came up a little short in our match... Ok a lot short in our match... I want to thank you. You showed me what it means to be a pro and I'll never forget it. C'mon folks, let's have a round of applause for the Mediteranean Adonis himself, Bray S Spur!

There's a light smattering of cheers but the crowd is still booing, having none of Jack's crap.

Jack: Jesus, tough crowd tonight.

Jack adjusts his imaginary tie as the crowd continues to boo.

Jack: Now, other, lesser men would probably give up after having their bell rung by Mr. Spur. But not Gentleman Jack. Oh hell no, I took it in stride and eagerly awaited my next match. How was I to be rewarded for surviving the assault Bray laid on me? By being booked against the most dangerous, angry, fearsome, genetic freak on our roster, Big Ed.

The crowd begins a slight “You're a pussy” chant.

Jack: Now while Bray may have shown me what it meant to be a pro, Ed has done me a far greater service. Big Ed, you beautiful son of a bitch, you opened my eyes!

Jack: You see, right around the time my ribs were doing their rice crispy impersonation, I was finally gifted with total clarity. For the first time, I had direction. I knew what I needed to do. I knew what I had do. I had to stop. I had to give up. I had to take the 1-2-3 and live to fight another day. 

The “You're a pussy” chant is now gaining steam.

Jack: As the days since our match have worn on, the pain has started to subside, but the clarity... Oh everything is still crystal clear my friends. I know what I have to do moving forward. Ed, I want... no I need, to repay you.

Jack: Ed, ever since Wrestleution, you've been lost. You've been a rudderless ship adrift a sea of mediocrity. Do you want to come out here week in and week out, just to beat rookies? Look, I get it Ed. I'd wager beating me like a government mule has it moments. I bet you get a decent rush out of sending nobodies like Jack E Quinn back to where they came from.

The crowd yells, “Who?”

Jack: Ed, I get it. I understand! Being a bully is fun! I don't really agree with some of your racial views but otherwise we're kindred spirits! Well I don't get as many domestic violence calls to my house as you, but still! We're brothers Ed!

The crowd chants “He hits women”

Jack: Ed, over the coming days, you're going to have to do some soul searching. You're going to have to take a long, hard look at your life. You're going to have to ask yourself some very serious questions friend. You need to find out what you want in life. What do you want Ed? Do you want to come out here, week after week, and beat these nobodies? Or do you want to be the best?

Jack: Ed, you can keep coming out here and collecting an easy pay check. You can clock in, beat a scrub, and go back to that bar of yours with your pick of the ring rats. Hell Ed, compared to the ass kickings I've been given the last few weeks, I kinda envy your life. But I'm willing to bet that deep, deep, down inside, you want more. 

The crowd chants “We love ring rats”

Jack: Ed, I can help you get more. If you're lucky, you may be back at the front of the line for the TV title by SummerCide. With the influx of talent we both know it'll take that long to get back just for a shot at Dennis. If you're content with waiting, just beating garbage for months on end, then I'll leave you to it and apologize for wasting your time.

Jack: If however, you were to want more, I can help. Ed, I give you my word that if we team up, you won't be fighting rookies and jobbers. You'll be fighting champions. No, scratch that, you'll be dominating champions.

Jack pauses to let that sink in.

Jack: Let's be honest Ed, in the ring I'm sub par at best. I get it, I accept it. But Ed, I have more charisma in one curly, little, ball hair than the rest of the Turmoil roster combined. Let's be honest buddy, you're many things, but charming isn't one of them. We need each other.

A “You can't wrestle” chant is beginning

Jack: The tides are changing around here. People need friends, allies, somebody to watch their back. I don't mind admitting it. I need your help. Without you, I'm not long for this company. All the charisma in the world can't mask my sucktitude forever. One more match with a monster like you and I may very well die in the middle of the ring.

A dueling “You can't wrestle” and “Sucktitude” chant break out.

Jack: The cold, hard truth though is that you need me just as much as I need you. You're just running in place Ed. You're the baddest man on the roster yet you get about the same level of respect that I do. Alone, you're decent and I'm entertaining. Whoopity f*ck Ed. The pages of history aren't full of decent and kinda entertaining. They're packed with greatness. That's what we can be together Ed, greatness.

Jack: Think about it, greatness. I'm not just talking about the TV title, oh no our destiny lies in things far greater than that. Sure, we'll take it and we'll punish those that wronged you along the way, but that's just the start. I'm talking bigger, I'm talking the Turmoil Championship. It can be yours Ed. All you have to do is shake my hand.

Jack: You think about it. I'll see you next week right here in the middle of the ring. You can either shake my hand and go for greatness or you can kill me. Without you, that's probably my destiny anyway so let's just get it over with before I waste any more of these gracious folk's time. See you next week Ed.

The scene quickly cuts to a commercial for Shake Weight for men.





Madison sipped her frappuccino in one of the many hallways of Terminal Five while watching her Champion stretch on the ground in preparation for the tag match against The Orphanage. Sebastian Abbot’s favorite intern, ‘Ginger’ approached the duo and informed them Dennis's match was up in ten minutes. 

Dennis jumped up and nodded to the intern. 

Dennis: Thank you, Gin….

Dennis: Um, Stephen.

Madison tossed her now empty cup at the Intern. When Ginger caught it, she waved him away with one of her hands.

Madison: Yeah, Thanks.

Dennis raised both hands above his head and continued to stretch.

Dennis: I'm tense. I ‘never’ get tense. 

Madison: What's up?

Dennis: I've got a bad feeling about this match. The Orphanage is bad enough. You wrestled Pyra earlier, but Trance still has doubts he can rely on me. What if he's just setting me up? 

Madison: Meh. Ignore him.

Dennis: Then there's all that stuff he said earlier. 

Madison: He's in your head. We cannot play mind games with a veteran. We both know what he used to be. Don't be caught off guard by this happy go lucky demeanor of his.

Dennis: I guess.

Dennis stops stretching and leans against the wall. The pair stopped talking as staff walked between them.

Dennis: Savage Lands is around the corner. I've got Abbot next week for his moustache. Meanwhile he's telling people I’m working with The Orphanage. I just feel... off.

Madison rolled her eyes and sighed loudly.

Madison: Okay...I've got something that will make you feel much better. Come on, let's go.

She takes Dennis by his waistband and tugs him towards their dressing room.

Dennis: wha?... Where are we going? Huh? We’ve got to get to the Gorilla position in five!

Madison: Shh, just trust me. 

She pulls him into their dressing room and the door closes. We hear unzipping and rustling followed by "Um…h-hey...oh…”

Six minutes pass and the door opens again. Dennis Black’s theme could be heard in the distance. Madison walks out, licking the corner of her mouth and wiping her bottom lip with her thumb before sucking on it. She winks to the camera before she turns and heads for the Gorilla position...






Madison Cox vs. Pyra

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Camera cuts backstage where all we see is a pair of hands flipping through a book. As the camera focuses a little better, by the looks of them, the hands belong to a female, and its not a book that shes flipping through, but a photo album. As the camera pans down to the photo on the page the viewer is looking at, we see a small girl, probably around 8 or 9. Shes smiling from ear to ear, and has light brown hair pulled up into 2 braided pigtails on each side of her head. Shes wearing a leather jacket with a 'Powerpuff Girls' T-shirt underneath, a pair of faded blue jeans with a hole ripped out in one knee, and a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse. The young girl is standing in front of a huge glass double revolving door, with a sign above it that reads 'OCW Headquarters'. At the bottom of the photo someone has written 'Jan. 2006'.

The hands then turn the page, where this time we see the same young girl, hair pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a pair of jean shorts, Chuck Taylors, and a 'ToP' T-shirt. She appears to be in a lockerroom. Shes standing behind OCW Legend and Hall of Famer, Guy Fausto. The young girl is laughing as she holds Guy in a Chinlock, as Fausto appears to be screaming in fear of his life. 'May 2006' is wrote at the bottom of this picture.

The page turns. In this photo, same young girl. Again, the picture seems to have been taken in a lockerroom. We see the girl, with her hair hanging over her shoulder from underneath a 'ToP' baseball hat. Shes wearing a plain black tank top, cut off jean shorts and a pair of black Doc Martens. Shes smiling, wearing the OCW Womens Championship belt as her and Casey Paine are embraced in a hug. 'July 2006'.

An index finger flips the page. In this photo the young girl is seen sitting inside of a huge sack, with just her head poking out of the top. She has at least 20-30 neck ties of various colors hanging loosely around and over her head. Dozens of shoes of all shapes and colors surround the bag. In the background, we see former OCW Wrestler and ToP member Poison. He seems to be looking around nervously, making sure noone is looking as hes stuffing a black stuffed teddy bear up his shirt. 'Aug. 2006'.

The page turns. In this photo the young girl is seen with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a 'Rev. Inc.' T-shirt. Shes sitting on the lap of a younger looking Nate Ortiz. The young girl and Nate appear to be looking at a book together and laughing. 'Nov. 2006'.

The fingers flip the page. In this photo we see the young girl. Her hair is curled and shes wearing a red and white dress with a Christmas Tree on the front of it. Shes sitting on the shoulders of a much, much more younger looking Jaysin Sensation, whos wearing a goofy looking Santa Claus hat and white fluffy beard, handing a wrapped present up to the young girl on his shoulders as the 2 laugh. 'Dec. 2006'.

The page turns. In the next photo, we see the young girl. Shes wearing a black 'ToP' beanie, a pair of cut off, ripped blue jean shorts, a pair of black and white striped stockings, black Doc Martens, and a T-shirt that reads 'Daddys Girl'. She has The OCW Ex. Division Title around her waist, the OCW Hardcore Title over one shoulder, and one of the OCW World Tag Team Titles over her other shoulder. Shes standing in front of a man, as she points both her fingers to the sky. The man behind the young girl is standing in the exact same pose. Both the young girl and the man are staring up to the sky, but the young girl is staring more at the man behind her. And you can see the love in the girls eyes as she stares at him, smiling. A look that only a daughter can give her father. The man standing behind the young girl is Majin. 'Jan. 2007'.

The hands then close the photo album. As the camera starts to move up the females arm, we see a tattoo on her inner left forearm of a heart wrapped in barbwire, with 'DADDY' wrote across it. The camera then continues to pan up to the womans face, and we see that its Turmoils newest signed talent, OCWs very first second generation wrestler, Willow. Willow leans down to lay the photo album on the floor then turns to face the camera. She smiles as she begins to speak.

 "People always talk about the 'Golden Era' of OCW. What it must have been like to be around in that golden moment in time. To be around the people that made this company great back in the day. People that helped shape this company into what it is this very day. People wonder what it was really like backstage behind the scenes. Things that might have went on that people didnt know about."

Willow smiles.

 "Me? I dont need or have to wonder. I was there. I was there when my dad won his very first Title, the Hardcore Championship, against Tommy Crass. I was there when him and Uncle Steve won the Tag Titles from Rev. Inc. the very first time. I was there when he climbed the ladder and became the OCW Ex. Division Champion, beating Chris Baxter, Malu and Sean Strider.

I was there when my Aunt Casey became the very first OCW Womens Champion, defeating Tryce Quinn at Wrestlution 1. And I was there each time she won it again. I was there for the wins and the losses.

I was there when Nick Kage would beat my dad senseless and leave him a bloody mess. I was there to see the wars that my dad and Nate went through for months. I was there when my dad almost ended Nates career.

Good and bad,...I was there.

Willow pauses as if thinking back.

 "But regardless of what happened, at the end of the day, we were all still family. Thats what made that time in history so magical. Even though i was only 8 years old when my dad came to OCW, I knew even then that there wasnt any other place like OCW. I had been with my dad and Aunt when they were going through other promotions before they signed with OCW, and I just never got that feeling from anywhere else they had been. I loved this place. This company. And everyone in it."

Willow again pauses.

 "But I dont want to follow in my dads and my Aunts footsteps. Im not here to ride on anyones coattails. Im not going to live in anyones shadow. I dont want anyone to think that Im just going to have things handed to me simply because of who I am. You see, thats what brought me to Turmoil. While it was nice briefly being on Riot with my dad and my family, I thought about it and decided that I needed to do this on my own. And even though I was advised against it, here I am."

Willow looks into the camera.

 "Im not here for any handouts. I have no problem what so ever proving my worth here. I know who and what I am, and I know what Im capable of. Sophia, I dont expect you to give me a Title shot right off the bat. But just know this, it will happen. And when that time comes, I hate to break it to ya, but I will be the Turmoil Womens Champion."

Willow smiles a sweet innocent smile.

 "I hope you understand that this isnt anything personal. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and what youve done here on Turmoil and with the Womens Division. But just know,...just keep this in the back of your mind,...I am coming. And when the time comes for us to cross paths,...well,...Im afraid you wont be the Womens Champion for very much longer."

The camera then begins to fade as Willow leans over, picks up her photo album, stands and starts to walk away.




Dennis Black & Jacob Trance vs. Corey Ford & Lil' L

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Carlos Cruz vs. Matt Sheldon

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Malu motions for the cameraman to come a little closer as the scene fades in. The giant Samoan is seen sitting on a steel chair in the lockerroom.

Malu: Looks like someone is ready to go to pee pee pants city. I ain’t gon hurt you boy. I save those beating for the ring as Jackson and Kassidy can attest to. I may not have won, but Nathan Gaines also beat me in CCW no one saw that coming either. I’m Turmoil’s wrecking ball I may not hit my target straight on but you bet I’ll be breaking things down.

Malu: I asked you to come here so I can talk about this Savage Lands thing they got going on now. I hate to sound like an old man but I remember End Games and Damnation as being the destinations after Wrestlution. I’m sure Seth Irving remembers these thing too. But if he doesn’t I’ll be sure to remind him because the games are going to end and he will be facing his damnation.

Malu punches his fist and laughs.

Man did that sound corny. (Shaking his head) Fact of the matter is an opportunity at the Turmoil Championship isn’t something that I take lightly. It’s not lost on me that there might be other men that “deserve” this chance. But I don’t give a damn. I got the shot and I’m taking it. 

 Those who want this chance can boo hoo all they want or come see me about it.

Malu rises from his seat.

 Fact is at Savage Lands I don’t have to feel bad about what I do to Seth. Savage is defined as fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. When the bell rings that’s what he’s going to get.

Malu smiles thinking about all the pain he intends to inflict as the scene fades.





Matt Sheldon is backstage in the locker room, Matt has just had a shower and is all dressed up as he is about to go out to a party. Matt leaves the locker room and makes his way into the hallway, Matt gets out his phone as he starts texting. 

Matt makes his way around the corner where he bumps into Bill Ding, who is happily chowing down on a chicken salad sandwich and slurping a Big Gulp cherry soda. Bill doesn't see Matt and spills the giant soda all over his clean shirt and phone. The sandwich gets smashed in between them and the Big Gulp cup falls crumpled to the floor. Matt looks down at his soaked shirt and becomes furious.

Matt Sheldon: "SERIOUSLY?"

Bill Ding: "Uhh.. oh. I am so sorry my dude."


Bill Ding: “Totally sorry dude. I suppose I was just lost in this here delicious sandwich. Here, uhhh, I can fix you right up!!”

Bill Ding grabs his cup and then grabs a hold of Matt’s shirt. He then tries to wring the soda back into his cup but instead rips his shirt and makes even more of a mess.

Matt Sheldon: 

BIll Ding:
 "Hey man, my mom always told me it's what is on the inside that counts!"

Matt Sheldon: "Look at my hair? I just washed this, I am supposed to be going to a party but now I can't. Do you know the hair treatment I am going to need to get rid of this grease?"

Bill Ding now grabs Matt's hair, in an attempt to help ‘clean’ him up further. Bill is still trying to rinse all the soda into his cup. Matt snaps and pushes Bill's hand away.


Bill just looks at Matt Sheldon with a solemn expression on his face as he raises up the cup slowly and goes to drink out of his cup with a big slurp. Matt looks on at Bill in disgust.

Matt Sheldon: "You are the most disgusting, vile creature I have ever met in my entire life."

Bill Ding spots a wayward piece of soggy lettuce on Matt’s shirt and goes to peel it off. He shows it to Matt while laughing and then eats it. Matt is close to vomiting.

Matt Sheldon: "I don't know how people as DISGUSTING as you get a job here. I mean do we even have a manager?"

Bill Ding reaches down on the ground and retrieves the squished chicken sandwich. He holds it up and offers it to Matt.

Bill Ding: “So sorry my dude…. Here. You can have the rest of my sandwich if you want!! Best stuff in town!!”

Matt Sheldon: "I... I can't handle this..."

Matt who is nearly sick makes a run back to his locker room. The camera zooms in on Bill Ding who takes a bite out of the messy, chicken sandwich.

Bill Ding messy chewing away with his mouth full: 
“What the heck got into ‘that’ guy? Some people just can't live!!”




Ashley watched B-17 as he sat back into his locker. His eyes were closed and his head was nodding as System of a Down filled the room. He looked nervous. Something she wasn’t happy to see. 

Ashley: You’ve faced him before. 

B-17 opened his eyes and winked at her but continued to nod his head. 

Ashley: You haven’t talked all night. 

B-17 leaned forward and motioned with his hand for Ashley to come to him. She walked over and took his hand. He pulled her hand to his lips and let them brush gently in a kiss, but then he returned to his stupor and leaned back again. 

Still holding his hand she kneeled down in front of him so she could look him in the eyes. 

 There is no one else, just you and I. Forget The Purge, forget Jackson. They are the past. You are the future. We are the future....Since you’ve walked into my bar, every day has been hopeful, every day has been...ours. 

B-17 smiled at her before leaning in for a kiss. She quickly moved away with a stern look. 

 No. You don’t understand. I’m yours and your are mine. Jackson isn’t your friend anymore. He betrayed you. He left you. You need to let him go. I can see the anger, I can feel it, but I know you still love him. I know you still think he is your brother, but you need to let it all go tonight. You need to destroy him. 

B-17 allowed a tear to fall down his cheek. Ashley wiped it away. She looked into his teary eyes before leaning in to kiss him. 

: You can’t hesitate anymore. You can’t stop to think, you can’t consider how, or why, or how. You just need to do it. Drive through him. No remorse. 

She embraced him again. As she pulled away he followed her lips. Grasping her hair he pulled her away and looked at her curiously. 

She stood slowly and pulled him up with her: You are a king. The throne is yours, time to take it. Because When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. 





Carlos Cruz is sitting in the locker room with Sever getting checked over by the OCW Medical staff after his in ring return. Despite losing Cruz still seems to be upbeat about his match.

Cruz: Did you see that? Man I looked great out there. What a way to kick off my return with a victory.

Sever: Did...did you get a concussion already? You lost.

Cruz: What are you talking about? Did you not see that finish. He went down for the 1,2,3.

Sever: No, you got kicked in the head and you were laid out of the mat for ages. They had to come and carry you out because you wouldn't move. I'm surprised you're even conscious now.

Cruz: Hey, don't put me down on my in ring return. I dominated that match against Mike...err Martin....Oh Mitch Stanley. He put up one hell of a fight but he just didn't have enough juice in the tank. I'm telling you, I'm changing the landscape of Turmoil back one match at a time and tonight was just the Appetizer.

The Doctor stops examining Cruz and walk towards Sever.

Doc: Miss we're going to have to take him into the hospital just to run a few test but it seems he has suffered a mild concussion.

Sever sighs

Sever: I thought as much. I'll go and grab his things

Sever walks over to Cruzs locker and begins to pack up his belongings

Doc: Right Mr Cruz. We're taking you into the hospital just to run a few test, nothing to be concerned about it's just as a precaution.

Cruz: Doc don't worry about it. I'm fine I've never felt any better, I mean, err was the room always spinning? Wow Doc, I... I didn't know you had a twin, he's the spitting image of you.

Carlos tries to stand up from the bench but suddenly drops to one knee

Doc: Ok, let's get him on the wheelchair and take him in.

The medical staff lift Carlos onto the wheelchair, he then begins to rub the side of his head with his hand.

Cruz: My head hurts Doc. 

Doctor: That's normal for this type of injury but once we get you into the Hospital all will be fine. Miss do you have his things.

Sever: Yep all here.

Sever hands Carlos's duffel bag to one of the medical staff as they begin the cart Carlos out of the locker room.





Jackson Montgomery vs. B-17

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Macho Man? Whyyyyyy?!??!?!