The announcer stands in the center of the ring preparing the sold out crowd for some OCW wrestling action. The crowd is at a fever pitch in anticipation of what will unfold after the events of last week.

Announcer - ARE YOU READY?

Crowd - YES....YES...YES

Announcer - WELL LETS GET READY TO.....

Without warning BUFFNESS jumps the rail and gives the man a vicious forearm to the back of the scull rendering him unconscious. 

Snatching the mic off the canvas BUFFNESS paces the 4 corners of the ring before addressing the crowd.



McGee kicks the bottom rope as he yells some obscene words to the crowd. Palming his face Sean takes a deep breath as he attempts to speak again.

BUFFNESS - Last week I was robbed of my World title..... I say MY WORLD TITLE because I pinned Paul Pugh 1-2-3 in this very ring.

McGee walks over to the far corner of the ring.

BUFFNESS - You can still see the stain your greasy little "CHAMPION" made when he fell on his head right here.

BUFFNESS steps over the announcers lifeless body as he avoids the trash that is being tossed at him.

BUFFNESS - SENSATION..... I want you to bring your ass down to this ring and bring me my OCW World Heavyweight with you!!!!

Everyone looks to the entrance ramp with the hope a hyped up Mr. SENSATION bursts through the curtain to put BUFFNESS in his place. Unfortunately for both party's neither gets what they want.

BUFFNESS - I bet if this happened to Dupree we wouldn't have to go through all of this !!!

"THE FIRE " chants ring out through out the arena

BUFFNESS - Hell if his idiot son in law won the the damn F.I. he would just handed the belt to him!!!!

BUFFNESS - But I'm willing to bet there was never a damn contract in that briefcase to begin with.

The crowd begins to boo again.

BUFFNESS - Because everyone in the back knows how far "WE" can go....

BUFFNESS taps on his mic realizing it has been cut off.

The angry crowd roars it's approval as if on cue a swarm of security gaurds storm the ring to remove the problem.

BUFFNESS snatches away from the guards as if to tell them he can walk by himself. The mob surrounds McGee as he is escorted back up the ramp and through the curtain


Order is restored as the show cuts to commercial.


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We open inside the Pleasure Palace. Nathan is using some kind of electro shock massage machine on an attractive woman, who is naked except for her towels. Nathan is smooth and concise with each moment, sending shivers down her spine. She begins to moan softly as Nathan’s pressure increases! Nathan’s attention is stolen when he notices the camera…

Nathan Carter: “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you there.” He whispers as he snaps his fingers.

On his signal a familiar red head takes over his duties. He kisses the readhead and starts walking toward his Throne. It is beautiful chissled out of granite and covered in purple décor, it suits Nathan perfectly.

Nathan Carter: “Allow me to introduce you to the ‘Iron Bone Throne’, it is where The One True Satyr sits, when he needs to contemplate on recent events. Sometimes Future Events too. Rarely the Present though, I let my body do the talking in the Present.”

Nathan climbs upon the Throne and claps his hands twice. At that moment, two more servants clad in all leather, approach Nathan and begin tending to his needs. One rubs his temples, while the other takes off his shoes, and starts strapping on his boots.

Nathan Carter: “Tonight, there is much to think about. The Past, Present, and Future. Let us begin with the Past, shall we? Since making my debut here in OCW, I have taken nothing but shit from most of you! The fans, the other workers, the commentaters, everyone. Seems to be a running joke that I’m gay?” Nathan smiles, as one of his servants hands him a drink. He takes a sip before continuing.

Nathan: “I have yet to hear anything on the clever side. It’s as if you are all the ones with the personal issues here. I’m not Gay, I’m not Straight, I’m just DTF! I like to have fun, and yes at your expense! Does that mean you should start a HATE CAMPAIGN?! I get it, jealousy is a funny thing. I may be green here in OCW, but the more the vets and fellow rooks watch me, the greener they get…with Envy. ”

Nathan:” But that’s okay, it’s human nature to crave what others have. Especially when they make it look as good as I do. Like it or not, pukes, my path here is lit, and I’m going to follow it until I reach my destination! But we will get to my destination later, now I’d like to address the past, in the form of Jook Marley.” He toasts and then takes another drink, as if in celebration.

Nathan: ”Here’s to you my friend! Best of luck running your mouth to people like KD! I’d like to remind you that, me, a man a quarter the size of KD, put your ass in the ground, not once, but twice! Now, I could make D’Angelo eat grapes out of a straw for the next six months, but the man has yet to give me a reason to…I digress…” Nathan finishes the drink this time, and it is immediately refilled to his pleasure.

Nathan: “Jook, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You are a three time OCW EX Division Champion! I couldn’t ask for a better way to prove myself in this division, I was able to prove to the world that I’m going to claim that title, barely breaking a sweat! You see, Jook, we had our fun, but it has come to an end. You did just fine, you did exactly what Leather Daddy needed you to do, just lay down. You threaten me with murder, and other ludacris ideas…next time bring that to the ring. Sadly, unless there’s an act of a nonexistant diety, that will not happen. I am moving my sights to something bigger, much, much bigger.” The two servants, and Nathan all look down at Nathan’s crotch, the camera pans down, but Nathan stops it. “No, not that, silly.”

Nathan takes a deep breath before continuing on...

Nathan: “Last week we were all subjected to the worst opening in the entirey of OCW’s eleven year history! I thought it was Michael Bay’s remake of Grumpy Old Men. It litereally made me sick, I’d rather watch my Mother in a bukkake video. Listen, pukes, C4 ‘exploded’ a long time ago, and now we are just witnessing the ashes settle, atop fading embers. Frankly, if you want to watch old people jerk each other off, I’ll give you a few websites, and it’ll take a fraction of the time!” He takes another big gulp from his drink as his servants giggle.

Nathan: “I also dig the irony of your love of The Beatles. Both groups have soooo much in common; both are old, washed up, and COMPLETELY OVERRATED! Seriously…all of you are Yoko! There is a new group on the rise boys, and guess what? We are right behind you!” Nathan finishes his drink and stands up, dismissing the servants.

Nathan: “ Do I have your attention now, Matsuda?” Nathan’s devilish grin slowly forms. “I hope so, because if the past is any indication, your future is going to be rough once I’m in it. And when I get in things, I go all the way in, baby! I don’t have much to say about your commrades, I have no interest in either of them. Not really into old dudes. But you, Matsuda, I have had the biggest crush on you for quite sometime.”

Nathan begins to pace back and forth, in front of the Throne.

Nathan: “Netflix and Chill? No? How about Ex Divison Title and Chill! I know I am new here, but, that’s all the more reason for you to say yes. If anything, it would be an honor for me. An absolute honor! To whip that ass...” Nathan is handed a microphone, and his angelic singing voice echoes through the arena! “ACROSS THE UNIVERRRRRRRRSSSEEE!!!!!”

Nathan drops the mic, and grabs the camera bringing it inches from his face! 

Nathan: “As for tonight, live, here on Riot… A.C. Cobra! Tonight you feel my wrath! Tonight you will be a mere catalyst in my journey towards the Ex Divison Championship! Tonight the whole world will be watching when I put you under, one more time! And when it’s all said and done, it’ll be clear, YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN DTF!!!!!!!!!”

Nathan pushes the camera away and turns back to the woman chained up, awaiting the rest of her massage…

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Smythe and Blue are standing in the interview room with Stacy Clark as she prepares to grill them on OCW's recent happenings. Botj Smythe and Blue looked annoyed at having to do the interview and look to get Stacy out of their hair as fast as possible.

Stacy: Smythe D. Wonder and Blue Diamond. The hottest duo is OCW. Thanks for taking the time to do this with us here tonight.

Blue: This has to go faster, you have questions you need to start asking.

Stacy: Then I'll start with the big one. C4 has all of the Gold after Paul Pugh beat Jacob Trance to become the OCW world champion. What is the legend thinking after you threw your spot in the tournament away. I mean that could have been you.

Smythe: The million dollar question. What does the Alpha Heel think of C4 and the new champ Paul Pugh. It's really cute what they've done. running around in stupid suits with faulty business plans and whatever the hell NANI is. C4 is the opposite of what wrestling is supposed to be. Which is why Buffness took that title from Pugh last week on Riot and he will beat him when the time comes as well as Drago will take his title back as soon possible. 

Blue: Which is funny because all 3 of them are actually fantastic wrestlers.

Smythe: It's like we share the same brain sometimes. Isn't that amazing Stacy??? doesn't matter. What's going to happen is eventually someone has got to teach C4 what it means to be great. If that's what they want. Cause shiny suits and the beatles is the reason this place got shut down.

Stacy: Your going to be the one to teach them about greatness.

Blue: Who better than the greatest superstar in OCW history?

Smythe starts stomping around in a circle in approval of Blue's Comment

Smythe: Ain't she great!!!

Stacy: Sure... What about the newly formed team of the Wreslter of the Month Nathan Carter and Xander Rane.

Smythe: Ahh the Bi and the Brute... Match made in heaven. They might have a bright future. Or not, depends on their next steps and how far they are away from my next steps.

Stacy: Are you saying the new guys have to stay out of your way.

Blue: Everyone has to stay our of our way. The better they follow that simple rule the better chance they having of making something of their careers...

Smythe can't believe how much awesome is coming from Blues mouth he's jumping up and down and pointing at Stacy.

Smythe: And that's why your still single Stacy. Cause you can't be that awesome. I'm going to go fight a pirate. You go work on bettering yourself!!!!

Smythe walks off the set leaving the ladies there.

Stacy: Seriously, how do you put up with that guy.

Blue: He's everything a girl could ask for. A big black man with an endless bank account. He deserves only the best most rare gem in all wrestling. That's why i'm the blue diamond the most rare it gets. You need to step your game up sweetie, this gig is getting stale. Even for you!!!

Blue winks at Stacy and walks off the set leaving Stacy in disgust.
OCW Employee: Are you Buddy Burns?

The OCW Employee a generic six foot average joe who eyes Buddy Burns with amusement because at this moment Buddy resembles a chocolate sized Frodo standing barefoot in front of the locker room door.

Buddy: Yeah...what's this...

The OCW gopher is holding a oddly labeled cassette tape and a clip board.

OCW Employee: Please sign this.

While Buddy signs the clip board a Average Joe thinks about a black Barney Rubble and smiles to himself. He hands Buddy the cassette tape.

Buddy: Does my height amuse you slick?

Average Joe employee just shakes his head and walks away smiling. Buddy slams the door shut and examines the cassette tape wondering who the hell uses these anymore. Chinese or Japanese like characters (they all look the same to him) label the tape. Buddy sits on the bench places the tape down and starts to put on his Converse as the camera fades.

The camera pans to the backstage area where the scene appears to be set for the return of The Clark Effect. Or, maybe not.....

Stacy Clark:
 I WILL NOT be doing this interview. That..... that thing! That thing is a lunatic. He's been taking out armed guards.... his own family. I don't care what my contract says, this is suicide!

One of the RushTV execs is standing by Stacy's side, trying to coax a change of heart.

 Stacy, this interview could make your career. We know NOTHING about this man. Think about it, this could be your big breaking story.... 

Stacy Clark: My life is worth a thousand times more than any story Tina. How dare you try to....

Before Stacy can finish her statement all of the lighting in the backstage hallway goes out. The gravely voice that could only belong to one individual comes from the shadows. 

The Monster: 
My apologies Ms. Clark. I would have been here sooner, but I was halfway to Hoboken when I was alerted to this..... situation we find ourselves in. 

A loud thud comes from the far corner. Then another, closer, only a few feet away from our camera man and in the direction of Stacy's last known location. The lights come back up and with them the apparent sources of the noise: Tina is unconscious lying on the ground, though clearly still breathing, and the lone security guard the understaffed company had watching Stacy is also down near the entrance to the hallway. 

Standing right next to Stacy is The Monster. He's motionless, his hands grasped together behind his back. Stacy takes a few steps back, stunned.

The Monster: 
What is all of this?

The Monster gestures around himself, taking in the now partially destroyed set of the Clark Effect.

Stacy Clark:
 My.... my... set....

The Monster closes the distance between them.

The Monster:
 Yes.... well, clearly it's in no condition to host anything, let alone this "big, breaking, story." 

The Monster grabs Stacy by her arm, dragging her with him down the hallway. Stacy tries to pull away, but her resistance does her no good. The Monster shoves open a backdoor exit to the arena leads her down the block. 

The camera man follows behind them unnoticed, doing the professional, immoral, thing of being the captor of a story and not part of the story himself. 

When the camera man has caught up, lagging behind slightly as to go unnoticed, The Monster is taking Stacy up a slightly sloped entryway into The I. M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless. 

The Center proclaims itself a shelter for the downtrodden, but there's no one else around. Instead the inside is pitch black. The only light coming from the line of televisions strung up around the large center room. The televisions appear to be capturing live feeds from just about every part of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. 

Stacy Clark:
 What is going on here? Where are all of the people this place helps? Why are all of these cameras here?

The Monster finally releases Stacy. The look of wonder on her face a sign that the investigative journalist inside her has overcome the fear; curiosity killed the cat and such.

The Monster says nothing, one can presume for the neighborhood homeless and the center's staff. Instead he simply wanders off in the direction of what appears to be an office, who knows what he has converted it into.

Stacy Clark: 
So this is how you've been tailing people. This is how you knew when Peter was on duty alone in the parking lot a month ago. It's how you knew when Chris and Rodney were heading out on their own. You're spying on everyone.

The Monster responds from the other room.

The Monster: 
You don't have to have magic foresight if you're willing to put in a little extra effort Ms. Clark. 

From the other room a song starts playing.

You've got me falling in love with what's next.... The Personality's a casualty but I'm impressed....

Stacy ignores the background music, instead walking the center room looking at all of the individual feeds. 

Stacy Clark:
 So now I know how. But why? Why are you doing this? 

Is it just me or does this routine ever get inside your head? And tell you all the little things you wish had been said?

The Monster comes out of the back office, his hair is no longer in his face. Instead, his identity is now obscured by metallic mask of bright white.

With words slurred, I confess: This smile isn't based on your subtle wit but the cut of your dress.

The Monster starts walking slowly towards Stacy. His eyes perhaps a tad brighter than usual, and the only other part of his face that's visible, his mouth, fixed with an eerie smile. 

The Monster:
 Poor Ms. Clark. I'm so sorry that OCW would task you with such impossibility. I'm not revealing anything early. Everything is to be done on my time. But I'm sure we can find something else to do with your time here.....

These late nights are getting old. There are better ways to your knees.

The Monster is now inches away from Stacy who is backing up as quickly and non-threateningly as she possibly can. However, the jig is up when her back hits the wall and The Monster is still coming forward.

He starts pulling the shoulder sleeve of her blouse down and she moves to scream, but he covers her mouth. But then quickly his eyes dart up towards the monitors and he lets go of Stacy entirely. She quickly pulls the blouse shoulder back up to its appropriate position. The Monster turns his back on her and begins walking back out the way they came.

The Monster:
 You want some answers? I suggest you follow me.....

With that The Monster walks briskly past the camera man and back in the direction of the arena. Sirens can be heard stirring in the distance. Bright blue and red flashing lights seen getting closer. 

The Monster steps out into the middle of the otherwise deserted street. The police car coming from the arena come speeding towards The Monster, but swerve out of the way to avoid hitting an 'innocent' civilian. 

The Monster seizes this opportunity. He quickly strides over to the back door of the police car and tears it off its hinges releasing one Sean McGee from its confines. The Monster breaks the links holding the McGee's cuffs and Sean goes to his back pocket taking out a piece of paper and a pen. He writes something quickly on the paper and hands it to The Monster....

The police, likely dazed from the swerve of the car up onto the curb/sidewalk, open their doors with their guns drawn. But before either can react The Monster has the one on the passenger side in a choke hold daring his partner to shoot. 

The free cop stands there, paralyzed with indecision, as The Monster takes control of the situation for himself, drawing closer to the free cop. He thrusts the officer in his grasp into his partner effectively sending them both sprawling to the floor and sending the gun skittering away. 

The Monster steps over the two police officers grasping each by the throat. He pulls them up and over towards their car. With a dark laugh he lifts each man up high into the air and brings them crashing swiftly back down onto the hood of the car. The two officers roll limp onto the concrete next to the car. 

McGee hands The Monster the scrap of paper that he had let fall to the ground. The Monster takes it with a smile, stoops down to one of the officers faces, and dabs his finger at the bit of blood pooled in the corner of the officer's mouth. With that he crosses out "Police" and tosses the paper onto the crumpled human pile....


The camera pans up from a pair of red Converse Chuck Taylors as the tranverse the hallways. The hairy feet inside those chucks belong to "Fly Boy" Buddy Burns who is asking every person he sees if they've seen a "hipster".

 Are you a hipster?

Buddy: What about you have a walkman? Boombox, something to play this damn thing.

He practically shoves the cassette tape up the guys nose, of course Buddy is on his tippy toes as he talks to the man. The man is wearing a throwback Michael Jordan jersey and penniless penny loafers.

Unfashionable Hipster: Man vinyl is where it's at...cassettes are so....

Before he can finish his sentence Buddy is already onto the next person. After several unsuccessful attempts he finally makes his way to the arena parking lot. Which has replaced the "vending machine" as OCW's most popular backstage area unlike past seasons.

Buddy searches the parking lot for anything and anyone. Oddly enough he spots a 83' silver DeLorean DMC-12 with plates that read "Muuse". But the car is playing Tupac's "Hit Em Up" from the early '90s, Buddy knocks on the passenger side window. The window slowly winds down, a man of middle eastern descent no taller than Buddy sits in the driver's seat.

Buddy: Please tell me you have a tape deck?!

Buddy waves the tape in front of him.

Hipsterist Muuse: Sure do, that's how I roll hoot.

Buddy: Can you play this for me, I've been on the mean hipster hunt all night?

Hipsterist Muuse: Hop in hoot, we'll fire that sucker up.

Buddy opens the door, vertically which catches him off guard, he also has trouble closing the door because of his height. After the struggle, he hands Muuse the tape.

Hipsterist Muuse: "Lie Boy Schbuddy Schburns" by YSL featuring YSL

Buddy: You can read Japanese?

Hipsterist Muuse: No...but I can read Chinese.

He ejects his tape and injects Buddy's strange cassette. The most horrible of sounds resonates from the sound system as "To Be Continued" flashes across the screen before we fade.



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It's been a week since Our Hero laid down a gauntlet for Jacob Trance, publicly stating his undying hatred for the former OCW champion. We join the latter in a locker room, staring blankly at the wall. In the background Crowe and Eli can be seen looking on with concern. Jacob twitches every now and again before rising, pointing a finger at Lucas.

Trance: You too! 

He points to Eli.

 And you! You are all forsaking me, Judas, everywhere, with your kiss.

Trance grabs his beard and tugs at it, strands coming away in his hands.

Trance: That little... What does he...

Jacob bellows with utter rage before rising and hammering the lockers with his fists.

Trance: Jumping through hoops... Nay, not for the God King, all true immortals are tested...

Jacob turns, an eerie smile crossing his face.

Trance: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil... For although this world has become lost, I will bring forth another, ushering in the second great age. Sleep tight... We must go now, but we will return.

Jacob motions towards the Family who leave for the night, despite Eli having a match. He doesn't seem to pleased, pausing for a moment before leaving with the rest of the Family.

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We cut backstage where OCW World Heavyweight Champion Paul Pugh is sitting on a bench, clutching the Championship belt and looking at the ground. He shakes his head and begins addressing the camera, looking away as he does so.

Pugh: Sean McGee.

Last week. You didn't just cross a line. You hurtled yourself face first over it. You wandered into my country and you started a war. Sean you have no comprehension of what you've started. You wanna crack me from behind? Cool. But let me tell you this Sean - FI briefcase or no - this isn't over. Next week... I'll meet you in that ring. Face to face. Man to man. Centre of the ring to open the show... You want to challenge me? You want to test me? Bring everything you've got, because I'm coming ready to go.

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(The scene opens to Stacey Carter hustling to catch Tre Golden as he exits the arena after his first career victory, his straps from his singlet are around his waist, his Fro drenched with sweat, he smiles as He sees Stacey approach him.)

Stacey Carter: Tre after you first official match in OCW, how do you feel?

Tre Golden: I feel alive Stacy, alive, it's been so long since I've competed, so long since I've heard the crowd roar as two men put everything on the line, I miss putting on a show for amazing fans. I've missed it.

Carter: Are you setting sights on the World Title?

Tre: No..... we both seen it tonight Stacey, I am a realist, I'm no where near ready for the likes of Sean McGee, K.D'Angelo, Pugh. I need more time in the ring, bring back my aggression, bring back my body awareness. I know I'm athletic, I know I have every tool to be the best. But it's gonna take time.

(Golden pauses, takes a deep breath and continues)

So with that, I'm going to announce that this will be my last appearance on Riot for awhile. I've signed a contract and I will now be on Turmoil.

Carter: Wow your yet another new face to move to that show, creating almost an new brand in OCW!

Tre: To be honest we all have talent to even overcome the veterans, B-17, we have Hayes making waves, Montgomery, and I can't wait to see who else is singed after me. Turmoil won't be a "B" show, trust me.

Carter: Thanks for your time Tre!

Tre: Thank you Stacey, and stay Golden!

(He gives her a wink and exits off screen as the screen fades to black)

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Crossbones storms in to view, interrupting Stacey Clarke, who is shooting some backstage footage for an OCW online special, flipping over the refreshments table, ripping down the cheaply branded 'OCW' curtain hanging in the back of the shot, he snatches the mic from her hand

Crossbones - Did ye see that? Tell me lassie, did ye see that? Tell me it wasn't just me?

Stacey shrugs her shoulders

Crossbones - I all but sank the H.M.S Whoopie, destroyed her I did , she was taking on water, ready to see Davey Jones himself, but then....

Stacey - But then what?

Crossbones - VOODOO MAGIC!!

Crossbones - I had her in me sights, cannon locked an loaded , I stood over her broken bow, waiting for her to raise her strangely dreaded main sail, about to release the Kraken on her , when suddenly , by some kind of black magic, some kind of voodoo shenanigans, instead of releasing the Kraken on her, I inexplicably performed a neck breaker!!!!

Crossbones - This must be a sign!! A sign I tells thee.

*He pulls some turtle bones out of his pocket, shakes them in his hands and then trows them onto the upturned table , he mutters something to himself and then spits on the bones*

Stacey - What in the....

Crossbones - Fear not lassie, the bones be kind on this fair day, they give me a sign...the strange ship with the ashy stern thinks she be sinking me? ME? Crossbones?? The greatest pirate that ever lived???? The man who once milked a cat!

Stacey - What kind of sign?

Crossbones - ........Revenge.......

Crossbones - The legend continues!! HOIST THE COLOURS!!!

Stacey is left confused as Crossbones vanishes from the scene as quickly as he appears.

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The resident animal hunter, Drago Cesar, looks around and nods in approval of the fans getting behind him. A mic is tossed to him by an official and with a smile on his face, he begins.

Drago Cesar: It is little obvious that someone has been ignore me for a while! I drop a net on the Mugen, and he tell me I'm gonna pay. Next thing I know, he call me an idiot, and he shrug me off. The Mugen, out of all species I have study, from lion to zebra, you are definitely either the most ignorant or the most cowardly! You see, that net should have been sign that I am coming to get you sooner or late. But instead of accepting my challenge, you go and run away behind your friends, and act like you are best, when you are not! If you were real champion, you would accept my challenge in heartbeat! So if you are a brave creature as you make yourself out to be, come on out here!

Drago leans against the ropes, awaiting the arrival of the Mugen. After a minute, Drago gets restless and speaks again.

Drago Cesar: I can wait here all night my friend, we can do this the easy way or the Drago way!

Drago sits on top of the turnbuckle, crossing his arms.

The X-tron suddenly flashes the C4 Logo before it shows an image of Mugen backstage.

Mugen: Knock, knock, who's there? Oh that's right the Northern Americas Grand Prix Champion thats who. Got another question for ya Drago. Guess who's a lunatic hunter guy who thinks he's better than me. I'll wait.

Mugen's looks off camera as he taps his face with his index finger to express his sarcastic waiting.

Mugen: Oh that's right, Drago Cesar. You see.... you think you can call me out, you think you can put a net on me to get me mad.....but.....seriously. You are just another fish in the sea of contenders that I will eventually destroy. 

Mugen uses his free hand to simulate fish swimming.

Mugen: Tonight, I happen to have a big fish to fry in K'Dangelo. So if you will excuse me, I'm going to focus on him and not on you buddy. Au revoir hunter guy

The screen flashes again as it goes back to the original feed of the ring. Drago just smirks as he gets off the turnbuckle and rolls out of the ring. He heads towards the commentary booth just in time for the North American Title match.
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