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As the music fades away, the 3 members of C4 settle down and give each other fist bumps. Mugen pulls a microphone out of the inside of his custom made Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band jacket and flashes a huge grin for the roaring crowd. 

Mugen: I know we look good. I DARE you to tell me that we don't look good. So the moment that our brother Pugh won the OCW World Championship, I called my guy in Singapore who makes custom clothing. I told him that C4 is the greatest force since the Beatles! And kudos to the guy, he ran with it to make these sweet outfits. 

Mugen paces around the ring for a second to pander the amazing outfits.

Mugen: At Devil's Night, my celebration was a bit short lived, I'll admit it. That idiot Drago wants to meddle in my business and that's fine because I.....ahem WE are the best at what we do. We are the 3 most important, 3 most influential, and 3 most powerful members of the OCW roster. 

Mugen points at his Northern Americas Grand Prix Championship, then he proceeds to point at the OCW World Championship around Paul Pugh's waist and finally ending on the EX Division Championship around Matsuda's waist.


Mugen flips the microphone towards Matsuda

Matsuda: Now I understand some of you are new here, so allow me to explain the three constants in life.

Crowd: Nani?!

Matsuda: Death.

Crowd: Nani?!

Matsuda: Taxes.

Crowd: Nani?!

Matsuda: And Matsuda holding the Ex Division Title.

The crowd cheers.

Matsuda: And because greatness should only associate itself with greatness, I have made sure to surround myself with belts so bright I can always wear shades.

Matsuda adjusts his sparkling new Carolina blue circle spectacles.

Matsuda: So allow me to be the one who puts the entire locker room on notice--C4 IS professional wrestling. And know that as you toil away at your mortal affairs, we stand above the clouds observing from our ivory towers. 

Matsuda: This is our world. You are just paying rent.

Mugen slides next to Matsuda and eagerly gestures for the microphone. Matsuda smirks as he hands it back to Mugen.

Mugen: GUESS WHAT SENSATION! YOU BEEN EVICTED! Your stupidity couldn't steer the show into the right direction but.....WE!

Mugen points at the C4 Champions one by one before he continues.

Mugen: WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT BETTER! AND before I get too HYPED, I'm gonna pass it off to the NEWWWWWWWWWWW, World Champ.

Mugen flips the microphone this time to the new OCW World Champion Paul Pugh. He grabs it and a huge grin comes across his face.

Pugh: ...naaaa.... na na NANANA.... NA NA NA NA.... HEY PUGH!

He tries to guide the fans in a chorus of Hey Jude, but nothing is doing...

 Fine... god. Allow me to reintroduce myself - I am the Greatest Professional Wrestler in this business. I am a first ballot hall of famer. I am the man. I am the myth. I'm bigger than Jesus, I'm bigger than God. I'm Immortal but most importantly than any of that.

He grabs the camera thats in his face and shoves it down towards his waist. The glistening World Championship fills the screen.

Pugh: I am the Champion of this company. The single most important role on this whole roster. See, let me remind you what a champion is - how he looks.

He lifts both of his thumbs and points to Matsuda and Mugen either side of him

Pugh: Drink us in. We are the start. The finish. We are a collection... a Family- of the finest... and tonight I'm putting OCW back on the straight and narrow. These three Championships will be defended against the best OCW has to offer. They'll be the subject of the three most important matches on any given card. The three of us are bringing wrestling back to how it used to be.

OCW - I am your Champion now... and you know what? I'm declaring it open season. You want some of this?

He lifts the title high above his head

Pugh: You better bring an army - because you're going to have to win a war.

The crowd pops big as the music starts up again. The 3 remaining members of C4 pose in the ring a little before we cut away to our next segment

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Bedlam swings his bat in the air in a bit of a maniacal celebration. He runs up the ramp laughing maniacally when suddenly:

'Kill me with a beat'

It's Nathan Carter! He allied himself with Rane at devils night, and it looks like it's happening again tonight! He chases Bedlam back down the ramp and towards a ferocious Silencer from the Rain man.

Xander looks up from Bedlams body to Nathan. They both raise their hands in the same sign as last night and bump fists before entering the ring together.

 Bet y'all didnt see this comin did ya?

A cascade of boos falls upon them as Rane looks to the sky before turning back to the crowd and grinning.

 Now hold on guys, I haven't turned my back on any of you. I'm still here, in O C fucking W for no other reason than to become a champion y'all can be proud of. I want to shut all these assholes up and expose them for who they really are. I started that last Sunday with raze didn't I? I proved he's not protected by trance, the "god" of OCW. 

At this point, the crowd started to turn back towards their rain wizard, remembering the storm he brought down on the family's prodigal son at the payperview.

 But that's just the thing about gods isn't it? They're just cocky motherfuckers that think they're better than us. Unfortunately, that's become a bit of a plague here in OCW. A bunch of washed up narcissists who think they're untouchable gods. There's an event prophecized by the Norse, ragnarok, the time when the wolf will eat Odin. And end of days for the god of all gods, but I like to think of it as less an apocalypse and more of a new beginning, because maybe that's exactly what OCW needs.

He looks at Nathan and grins, said man blowing a kiss at him.

 A couple of hungry wolves.

We can hear a disturbance before we see it, the camera returns showing a stand off between security guards and Lucas Crowe and Eli who stand, blocking the door to Our Hero's office. Shouting and swearing can be heard inside, followed by a loud crunching of plaster and wallboard. 

Security: Stand aside!

Eli and Crowe look at one another, the latter laughing, simply shaking his head before the pair fold their arms. The security back off, getting on the radio.

Security: We need a camera in Mr. Sensations office, we need to know what's going on in there.

The screen fills with snow before cutting over to grainy, grey scaled footage with terrible audio quality. In the wall, a chair seems to have been embedded, various office objects are scattered across the room, including a memorial Lord Shark action figure. Behind the desk sits Our Hero, in front of him is a livid, wild eyed Jacob Trance.

Trance: Judas!

Our Hero: Jaysin.

Trance: JUDAS!

Trance kicks the back of the desk, driving his foot through the wood, pointing an accusing finger.

Trance: Listen to me Escariot, you... You delivered the kiss of death to deceive the world...

Sensation rubs his temples.

Trance: You cannot accept, cannot comprehend that there is something more powerful than you, that I... That I am a God King! THAT I CANNOT LOSE!

Our Hero looks up.

Sensation: And yet... Here we are.

Trance: NO. HERE. YOU. ARE. You saw it with your own blasphemous eyes Judas. I did not lose, I am still the God King. You sent one of your own heathen disciples to serve your unholy means. I implore you to do what is right, to turn back from your sinful path.

Jacob spreads his arms, glowering down at Our Hero.

Our Hero: So let me guess, you want me to reverse the decision am I right?

Trance: Finally some sense!

Our Hero: But I won't!


Our Hero: Because it's simple, I don't reverse referee decisions, or rather lets be clear I won't reverse a referee decision for someone I don't like. Let's face facts my bearded sociopath, for the past year you have touted that the World Championship is merely a trinket. You have time and time disrespected the legacy of those who have fought clawed and bled for that championship.

Our Hero: And now in your darkest hour you want JUSTICE? you want Retribution? You want me to do whats right? HAH! The fact is if I had to choose between You and that tan stretched goof that beat you last night I would go with that goof every time.

Our Hero: You lost!!

Our Hero: Deal with it!

Trance is reaching nuclear levels of anger.

Our Hero: But....in the interest of fairness, I'll make you a deal. You're the god King right? Everyone is beneath you right? Hell technically you didn't lose to Paul Pugh right? So prove it, prove it to me, prove it to those sycophants you call fans, and prove it to yourself. 

Our Hero: All's you got to do is simple. You just have to beat K.D Angelo.

Trance: Simple!

Our Hero: And the North American Champion, Mugen

Trance: Child's Play!

Our Hero: And the Future Investment Winner, Sean McGee

Trance: A paltry challenge.

Our Hero: Do that and you get Pugh!. Now leave my office is starting to smell like PBR and Patoulli, and I don't like it.

Trance exits as you can audibly hear him shouting down the hall about Sensation being Charalamange.

We turn to the backstage area, where the recently returned Drago Cesar is standing in front of the camera, with Johnny Law behind the camera. Drago crosses his arms.

Drago Cesar: I understand that many of you have question. Some of you want to know why I come back to OCW. Some of you also have no idea who I am. So first, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Drago Cesar. Military veteran, inventor, pursuer of American dream.....

Johnny Law: Don't forget madman, zoo raider, furry humbler....

Drago Cesar: And most important, professional animal hunter! You see, there are so much specimen running wild in the OCW! And I feel it is my duty to educate the people about these creatures, to have them better understand what make these critters tick! 

Drago then starts pacing around the room.

Drago Cesar: Now, onto other matter.....Last night, I came back to send message to every creature in locker room, most importantly, the Mugen! The last time I was here, I successfully defeat him to become the new North American Champion! It was a great moment for my career, but then....I got injury. I was hunting something that perhaps was too much for me, and I broke my ass. It was hard to walk, and it was so very painful to sit down. I had to leave to let my injury recover. Meanwhile, I see that slippy creature take back the North American Championship while I was sitting at home, not able to do anything. It was terrible. It has been a solid year since then. Watching you talk about how our match never happen, and how you "beat" me to get North American Championship, it made me little upset. So I felt like the Devil's Night was proper time to remind you that me and you still have unfinish business! The clock is ticking, my friend, and you do not have so much time to escape the jungle! As for rest of roster......

Drago pulls out The Net from his vest pocket, looks at it for a few seconds, and then looks at the camera.

Drago Cesar: DON'T GET CAUGHT!

The camera feed fades to black.


The scene opens up as Jookie Marley is in his Locker room getting his bruised ribs bandaged from his Table match at Devils Night. The crowd starts to chant "WE WANT TABLES" as the Doctor finishes wrapping his ribs.

Doctor: All right, you are all set now.

Marley attempts to stand up but the pain is too much to bare. He drops back down in his chair. You can see the pain in his face as he grabs his ribs. 

Doctor: Marley you need to try and stay off of your feet for a couple days. Do not over exert yourself in any strenuous activities until I give you clearance to do so.

The Doctor picks up his bags and makes his way out of Marley’s Locker room. Marley waits for the Doc to leave and pulls out a blunt and a Zippo. The Doctor re-enters the Locker room when he hears the lighter flick.

Doctor: I thought we agreed to you not smoking anymore. It’s been almost five months that you’ve been Marijuana free. Why’d you start again?

Marley takes a pull from his blunt and starts to choke. He immediately grabs his ribs in pain.

Marley: I got some advice from a Doctor back home in Jamaica. He said “don’t listen to dem bloodclat Doctors in the U.S. Burn your bloodclat ganja. Herb is the healing of a nation.”

Doctor: OK, if you say so Mr. Marley.

Marley: Yes, I do say so. Now get the hell out.

The Doctor exits the Locker room as Marley continues to smoke in pain. Marley begins to mumble

Marley: Well I guess I have to talk to the Jah Army from back here since I can barely walk.

Half of the sold out crowd chants “WE ARE SOLJAHHSSS” as the other half finishes the line, “IN JAH ARMMYYY.” Marley motions for the Cameraman to get closer.

Marley: Before I mention what went down on Sunday at Devils Night, I have to mention a very big man whose career hasn’t gone anywhere since I left and came back to OCW. A man who took it upon himself to mention my name on Riot. That very big man is none other than KD Angelo.

The crowd starts to boo.

Marley: I feel the same way you guys feel. Just like Kobe, this guy’s time is up. You’ve been here longer than me, but I seem to have the better career. So far the only highlight of your career is when you we’re a member of Darkside. It’s time for you to go. You like to talk about your garden, but it doesn’t look like you’re having any luck with that either. You do know that a garden needs water to grow, right? That garden you showed last week is just like your career, dry and dead. You need some new hobbies big guy. May I suggest knitting, or maybe even sewing? Leave this wrestling thing to us younger guys and go join a book club.

Marley takes another pull from his blunt, and once again chokes in pain. He uses all of his strength to stand up.

Marley: But enough of Grandmama, lets talk about Caitlym Jenner and her boyfriend. At Devils Night you came away with a win but it wasn’t the outcome of the match that pissed me off. IT WAS WHAT HAPPENED AFTER. Caitlyn hired herself a bodyguard to set me up. Rane you’re supposed to be the man in your relationship but your actions at the PPV made you look like a little BITCH! Since both of you are an item now and its almost Christmas, I have a holiday question that everyone wants answered. WHO’S GIVING THE GIFT AND WHO’S RECEIVING IT? 

The crowd burst out into “WE WANT ANSWERS” chants.


Marley grabs his ribs and drops back down in the chair as the scene fades.

Meanwhile in Smythe's locker room Blue Diamond has Smythe on a massage table where Smythe is receiving a back massage after a grueling battle with K'Dangelo. Ron is again patiently watching the show from the lounge in a comfy chair. Getting overly frustrated with not being booked in a match.

Ron: Can't believe another week and I'm not in a match. How am I supposed to raise my star power when I can't even get int he ring. 

Smythe: You'll get your chance. But you have to bring something special to the table. You've looked ok in the ring. you need to look better, be better. Like me.

Ron: You got slammed on your back so many times you can't even walk. 

Smythe: What do you think I pay her for?

Blue: Hey!!!

Ron: Point is you already have everything and they keep you in the spotlight, I need a chance to show what I can do.

Smythe: Ron,I get booked because people pay to see me walk down to the ring and do what I do. They pay to see the Alpha-Heel... they pay to see the Stargazer,Dawonderful Dream, the SDW... They know what they're going to get when I walk down to that ring. They pay to see the bad guy...

Blue: Speaking of which Papa Bear. I think it's time you stop being the wrestler everyone expects you to be and you start being the Alpha-Heel everyone comes to expect. It's time to start doing bad guy stuff.

Smythe: She's right Ron. It's time to start being the me everyone's been talking about. I hope you're ready Ron.

Ron: For what?

Smythe: To get your hands dirty.... really dirty!!!


The crowd is buzzing, not only was Devil's Night on point, but Riot so far has been a blast! Everyone is excited about all the new happenings here in OCW, and the looks on the faces of the crowd says it all: AWESOME! All of that quickly dissipates when a unfamiliar, creepy sound comes over the P.A. system.

The lights in the arena go blood red, the titan-tron starts to distort and static. Quick shots recapping the match between Jook and Nathan Carter eerily dance across the screen. Finally, a shot of Nathan landing on top of Jook and putting him through a table to claim the victory. Then the distortion goes away and the screen gains a red hue, just like the lights in the arena.

The sound changes, now even more intense and odd. Shots of Xander Rane and Nathan Carter teaming up and chokeslamming Jook on the chair. The tron abruptly cuts to black. The crowd is well aware of what is about to happen and doesn't like it one bit. The boo's from the crowd are almost enough to drown out the voice that speaks up...

Voice: "Kill me with a beat."

"Do You Call My Name" by Ra erupts from the speakers, completely drowning out the boo's of the useless. Wasting no time, Nathan Carter and Xander Rane take the stage. Xander sporting a new attire and hair, Nathan, still perverted. Nathan's energy carries the two men down the ramp and Xander stays silent and slow, all the while looking at the ceiling.

Nathan is pointing and laughing at members of the crowd as they show their disdain, these two men couldn't really be anymore opposite. Nathan slides in the ring, as Rane climbs in. They both stand in the middle of the ring staring at each other, then they both throw up the hand sign they have been using since last night. The music dies down, but it's as if the boo's get louder. Nathan grabs a mic and uses his presence to demand silence.

Nathan Carter: "You can go ahead and boo all you want, it doesn't change the fact that 'THAT GUY' couldn't cut it, not once, but TWICE! AHAHAHA" The crowd boo's even louder, and you can hear a lot of sad children screaming at Nathan.

Nathan Carter: "Xander spoke earlier, now it's my turn. How did this happen? How could two people, with differences like ours, join forces? I mean, Xander, you're the only one here in OCW that has beat me!" This is met with cheers from the audience, as it's clear, the crowd wants Xander to do it again!

Nathan Carter: "It's pretty damn simple... we have been in this together from the beginning!" Now the crowd is clearly showing hate for both! "I have the greatest mind in this business today, and anyone with a good head on their shoulders, always has back up. And speaking of 'good head', Jook, rest well my friend. I'm sure you'll want revenge for me outing you, like the bitch you are!"

If you thought the crowd was hateful and loud before, this time it's almost shaking dust from the rafters! Nathan continues to pace the ring, while Xander leans on a turnbuckle.

Nathan Carter: "I mean you are a THREE TIME OCW EX DIVISION CHAMPION! You put up more of a fight than last time, but it still wasn't enough. And to make sure you got the point this time, we decided it was time to initiate our idea.

Nathan Carter: "It's a time for new beginnings here in OCW, and what are you are looking at right now is opportunity being capitalized on in its grandest form! You all witness history last night, you are able to say 'Wow! I was there!' Everyone will tell all their friends how awesome it was when Ragnarok was born!"

Nathan and Xander immediately throw up the hand sign again, which looks oddly like a wolf. The crowd isn't pleased, lots of thumbs downs and raspberries! Nathan takes back to the mic, this time more intense than ever!

Nathan Carter: "And mark my words; this is only a glimpse into the Future. There are more of us, aaaaaaaaand they are already here! Who are they? Where are they? You wont know until we let you know. What we have here is an idea, and for you so called "Veterans of the business", you should be the ones who are most afraid."

Nathan Carter: "Listen to what we are saying, we aren't going to 'DESTROY THIS PLACE AND EAT THE WORLD AND HAVE ALL THE CHEESEBURGERS!' What we are here to do is simple, take this place over, and make a whole new world out of the ashes of your old one! And you’re going to thank us when it’s all said an done.”

Nathan Carter: "It started with Jook, then it moved to Bedlam, whoever the hell that is, and next? Who knows? I'll tell you this though, EX Division beware, because Nathan Carter is getting all up in ya! And I don't need any outside help to claim what, inevitably, will be mine soon anyway. Here's lookin at you, Champ.”

And with that Nathan drops the mic, and he and Xander throw up the sign one more time. With the boo’s getting louder, they decide to take their leave. Knowing that OCW just isn’t ready for what they’re bringing to the table…
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The camera fades into Donovan Mercers wrestling room once again, looking around at the seemingly empty room, until a large wrestling ring is seen. Donovan is preparing for his match with Mike Sawyer. His head trainer walks up to the ring and calls Mercer over to him.

Head Trainer: 
Your match with Sawyer fell through.

Donovan Mercer responds very angrily, showing his frustration.

Donovan Mercer:
 WHAT! why?!

Head Trainer: They didn't give me a reason, unfortunately.

Donovan Mercer: You've gotta be kidding me...

Head Trainer: Don't worry, they have an opponent set for you on Riot 414.

Donovan Mercer: Oh really? against who?

Head Trainer: Justin Raze

Donovan Mercer: Any info on this guy? how he wrestles? where he's from?

Head Trainer: Nope, nothing on this guy.

Donovan Mercer: Just how I like it.

The head trainer gives him a nod and walks away, Donovan resumes his drilling,The camera fades out.

We find ourselves in a Hibachi/Hookah/Hooters Bar in the center of downtown Los Angeles called Triple H. The one and only Y.S.L is sitting down with his entourage discussing their plans for world domination of both the wrestling and music world. Y.S.L fresh off an amazing studio session with producers like Diplo and Timbaland is now looking to relax and unwind away.

Y.S.L: I think signing with Hideto Matsuda's record label, Bom Ba Ye Productions, was the best move I could have made for my career.

The entourage nods in agreement.

Y.S.L: Look at the people I've been able to work with and look at all the amazing things I've been able to do since I signed.

Y.S.L pulls his phone out and begins to look for something.

Y.S.L: Seriously, guys. How gorgeous do I look in this photoshoot for GQ Magazine?

Y.S.L turns his phone towards the rest of the entourage who are going wild and clapping in approval. 

Gianni: It's amazing! WE have to get shots to celebrate!

As Gianni turns to go to the bar, a tall Asian female in a power suit comes over to their table. 

Gianni: Who are you?

Ayano: My name is Ayano and I've come with a message from the overlord, Hideto Matsuda. 

Y.S.L: Oh? What does the big boss guy have for me?

Ayano hands over a black envelope to Y.S.L who promptly rips it open. As he is reading the letter his eyes start to change from his calm demeanor to one of anger.


Gianni: What happened? Who are you talking about?


The Entourage: Ohhhhhhh nooooooo


The scene fades as Y.S.L walks towards the exit with the rest of the entourage.


We live in a very self-absorbed society. Selfies, social media, personal blogs. It's really no surprise that when the tron in the arena cuts on for the crowd to see it appears to be a personal video recording. 

The camera holder pans to an apparent companion. The second man is dressed in sweats and is drinking greedily from a sports bottle as if he were currently in California and not North Carolina. To the loyal OCW follower this person may look vaguely familiar, but for everyone else he hardly matters much. He has finally quenched his thirst and begins to address the amateur camera man. 

Man, that was some hike, huh Rod? I love the mountains, I'm glad we could get the morning off before the show tonight to take a trip on out here.

Rodney: Yeah, I'm happy you dragged me out here Chris, I needed some fresh air. We're always cooped up on those buses. 

Chris: Speaking of buses, do you remember where the bus stop is? We should probably get going or we're going to be late. We may not be the stars of the show, but without us, who'll keep those rowdy fans in line?

Rodney: I keep waiting for one to try and jump the barricade, ya know, show the wrestlers we can actually go. May make some of them think twice about trying us, make situations like last show a little easier. I thought that man was going to try to tear us apart right where we stood, he was so angry. 

Chris: And probably on steroids. But enough about that, focus Rodney, where's the bus stop?

Rodney: Oh... yeah, sorry. Alright. I think it's this way.

The camera pans as Rodney turns towards the south. The two men start walking down the trail and as they turn around the bend the camera spots a bus bench. 

 There we go. I don't remember exactly when the next pickup is though. Hopefully soon. 

They approach the bus bench and find the schedule posted up on the bench weather-shelter wall. Chris runs his finger down the schedule, finding the next pickup time.

 Alright, it looks like we've got here just in time. It should be here in the next few minutes. 

As he finishes that sentence a yellow cab pulls up near the bus stop, a car from the local Star Taxi fleet. A heavily tinted front window rolls down. 

Taxi Driver:
 Are you all waiting for the bus? 

Chris and Rodney both stand up from their seated positions on the bench. 

 Yeah, trying to get back into town for the wrestling show tonight. 

Taxi Driver: Glad I found you. Your bus ran into a little engine trouble on the way here and it's not going to make it. The company hired me to come out here and pick you up for them. Said they didn't want to risk the wrath of a Mr. Sensation.... I don't know. Either way, the ride's on the house.

Chris shrugs his shoulders and starts walking towards the cab, opening the door.

As long as we get there, I could really care less how.

Rodney follows suit, and the two men situate themselves inside the cab. The inside is pretty usual for a cab: A single stretched out backseat for three, a glass divider between the front and back, two seats up front, and a meter, currently turned off, positioned perfectly for every occupant to see. The driver sits up front, any distinctive qualities or features about himself are out of view of the men and the camera. There's someone sitting in the passenger seat, but they've been silent so far.

Taxi Driver:
 I hope you all will excuse Matilda. She's new here. Pretty shy. She's just doing a few ride-alongs with me for the day to get a hang of the job. Not that there's a whole lot to get a hang of.

Matilda doesn't make any move to acknowledge her new passengers, but the two OCW employees don't seem to take any offense.

Taxi Driver: 
So how was the hike boys? This mountain's pretty popular with the tourists.

Chris: Like a breath of fresh air. It's not often we get to do something like this with all of the travel. 

The taxi starts moving on down the road, the auto locks on the vehicle can be heard clicking into place.

Taxi Driver:
 Must have been quite relaxing then. 

The road ahead looks clear. They keep driving and through the windshield you can see the road is coming to a fork. The taxi begins to slow some, obviously the driver is just a cautious man coming to a stop a bit prematurely.

Taxi Driver:
 I'm glad you all could do something like this, a fine memory to carry you through what are sure to be a rough couple of months coming up. 

The taxi comes to stop a good quarter of a mile short of the stop sign. The driver steps out of the car, and the rattling from his exit causes Matilda to lean over in her seat. Her eyes are shut, but it's pretty obvious that she's unconscious. Drugged, or knocked out, either way the result is the same.

Rodney: I'm sorry....?

The guards understandably become flustered and start prying at the locks on the doors, but they don't budge. They've been tampered with. 

Taxi Driver: Don't bother. These doors aren't going to be pried open by anything short of the jaws of life. And the windows are the industrial strength taxi standard. Same with the divider. 


The driver responds calmly, showing no emotion at all.

Taxi Driver: 
Absolutely nothing. You simply present a potential obstacle. And I'd much rather remove said obstacle than find it turn itself into a definite problem. With less security around the arenas in the coming weeks, I'll have an easier time of things. You understand I'm sure....

The driver takes out a scrap of paper and a pen and scratches a few things out, then quickly scribbles something onto the paper. 

Taxi Driver:
 Don't forget your receipt boys. 

The Driver tapes the scrap paper onto the glass divider. At the top it says "$0.00." Then below are the names "Chris" and "Rodney" scratched out and the initials "T.M." written in sloppy red ink beside them. 

The Monster reaches back into the vehicle and pulls something from under his seat. It's a brick. He places it on the pedal of the taxi and steps away from the vehicle as it starts quickly accelerating. Rodney points the camera towards the window as he starts slamming his fists against it in futility. The camera picks up the faint red tint on The Monster's hair as the car goes speeding by.

The scene around the camera is thrown into disarray, as the loud crunch of impact is heard. The screen cracks as it falls to the floor of the cab and then the video ends altogether.

Tyson comes rushing into the door of the Chairmans office and kicks it open

Tyson Carter:Boss I'm not here to start trouble but I'm here to make a name for myself! To prove to my fans that I am my own person! How am I suppose to do that if I'm not on the card?

Tyson Carter starts pacing back and forth

Tyson Carter:I want to show the world that Tyson Carter is afraid of no man. Tyson Carter will fight a rookie a mid carder a main eventer a legend hell I will fight the wrestling gods in order to entertain The Riot! (Fans)

Tyson Carter:The Riot must be contained and for the riot to be contained the Riot wants to see Tyson Carter in a match with with anyone now I have one question for you boss will you contain the Riot or will you let it break loose?

Tyson Carter:I trust you'll make the right decision, hear from you later boss

Tyson starts walking away looking at the door he kicked in when he was enraged and shuts it quietly and walks off



The scene opens up again with Y.S.L's entourage in the studio. Y.S.L can be seen behind the window in the recording booth pacing as he is still visibly fuming over the supposed diss track from Buddy Burns. Donnie, the studio engineer from the entourage re-enters the room rolling a cart with two large machines that look like they were made in 1977. 

Gianni: What is that Donnie?

Donnie: Our boy wanted to get that vintage feel so he wanted to record his diss track reply on casette.

Gianni: Casette?! That's amazing! It's gonna be like Nas VC Jay-Z, like KRS-One VS MC Shan, like Biggie & Tupac.

Donnie: Yup!

Donnie is hooking up the vintage equipment as Y.S.L can be seen shadowboxing now in the background trying to hype himself up. Donnie looks up and flashes a thumbs up to Y.S.L. Donnie sits down at the controls as Y.S.L puts his headphones on.

Donnie: You ready?

Y.S.L nods. Donnie hits the record button as Y.S.L delivers his hot rhymes.


The audio cuts out as the scene fades to black.

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